Al showed up at Kevin’s apartment, and Kevin let him in. Kevin was wearing a bathrobe and looked rather sweaty, which Al thought was rather odd. “I took the day off. I have a new toy that I think you’ll appreciate. I’ve been playing with it. Come with me and meet it.”

Meet a toy? Al was confused. Kevin led him into the apartment’s bedroom, where a nude woman lay on the bed, spread-eagle, wearing a gag and a blindfold. “Here, meet my toy. I’ll give her a toy, then continue the introductions.” Kevin took a vibrator dildo, turned it on, and inserted it into her. It was apparent that there were plenty of juices present, because it slipped in easily. The woman moaned and wiggled her hips.

Kevin then reached up and removed the blindfold. There was immediate recognition in the face of both the woman and Al. “Sara! How did you get her? Why is she like this?”

“I bought her from the suck bar that was about to snuff her. She’s like this because this is the way I wanted her. You’ll notice that the restraints on her are from that set you gave me. I’ll leave you two alone for an hour or so. Feel free to remove her gag. Don’t hurt her, but have as much sex as you feel like. I won’t unlock her.” Kevin took some clothes and left the room, closing the door behind him.

Al stood with his mouth wide open, staring at Sara. He finally went to her and removed the gag, and before she could speak, kissed her deeply and for a long time. “Hello, Sara. It’s been a long time.” He noticed the whip marks on her body, and asked, “Are you OK? What happened?”

She spoke. “As part of the swap deal to get me, he had to agree that I got a public whipping. It doesn’t hurt as much as it did, but it does hurt. Now, I’m my brother’s sex toy instead of a sucker in a suck bar. I think that means that I’m not in danger of getting snuffed, but I’m going to get a lot more cock than I got for the last year. It’s been a long time, Al. I’m a little sore down there, but I’d like you to be inside me again.”

Al kissed her again, then stripped, pulled out the vibrator, and started playing with her. “He keeps you chained up?”

“All last night, and leg-chained to make lunch before putting me in this. Oh, that’s good, right there.” She arched her back to his touch.

Al continued his playing, then mounted her and fucked her slowly. He finally couldn’t hold it any longer and climaxed. Afterwards, he just lay there, on top of her, kissing her and touching her. When he finally rolled off, he asked her, “Why do you think he let me fuck you?”

“He knew we were in love. He told me you were going to enslave me. Is that true?”

“Yes, and I should have done it when I first got the ring, rather than waiting a week. That way I would have had you rather than that bar. A lot of couples are doing it now, making the wife the husband’s slave as part of the marriage. I had a nice ring. I was going to ask you to marry me and be my slave wife. I had these restraints for our private times; I wasn’t going to make you wear them in public or run around nude.”

Sara paused, and said, “Yes, you should have asked me right away. Kevin mentioned the possibility of selling me to you. Would you buy me?”

Al immediately said, “Yes! I’ll offer to buy you as soon as he comes back. In the meantime, tell me about what happened to you this last year.” He lay next to her, stroking her body, and listened to her story.