After more cuddling and sex, they finally separated when Kevin knocked on the door. Al pulled on his pants and shirt and said, “Come in.”

Kevin entered, dressed this time, and said, “So, Al, did you enjoy your reunion?”

“Yes, I did, and so did Sara. Thank you. I’d like to buy her from you.”

“I thought you would. I need to get some of the money I spent for her back, too. However, I have some concerns, and some desires.”

“What? You won’t sell me to Al?” Sara blurted.

“I will, sort of. If a slave has one owner, and that owner has trouble, like bankruptcy, the slave can get sold off. On top of that, I want to keep part of her, so I get to have fun too. That’s right β€” I like owning my sister and I like using her. So, I’ll sell a half interest in Sara to you, Al. She stays at your place, you can be husband and wife, but I get her two nights a week and she cleans my apartment.”

“That’s sick!” exclaimed Sara.

“No, it is fair. He did save you, and you are his slave. If he hadn’t done what he did, I wouldn’t have any part of you. It’s a deal, Kevin.”

“Hey! Wait!” said Sara.

Kevin broke in. “Quiet, Sara, and obey your other owner, or I’ll make you get married to Al in the nude.”

Sara quit yelling.

“OK, Al, it’s a deal. Let’s shake hands and both screw her to seal the deal.”

“That sounds like a good plan, Kevin. You first.”