Louise led Delia into the Fuck Room. The frame that Delia had been on for anal sex was again on the bed. Louise took off Delia’s cuffs and had her mount the frame, then secured Delia to it with straps. When Delia was firmly and inescapably attached, Louise gagged Delia with a ball gag and pulled a head bag over Delia’s head. Delia felt herself being lubricated both vaginally and anally, then she heard Louise leave and close the door. Delia was surprised and scared. Louise had always been there when Delia was bound and fucked. What if the man who came in wanted to hurt her? Well, there was nothing that Delia could do about it now.

After what seemed like hours, Delia heard the door open and close, and various muffled noises that she assumed was the man she was being given to taking off his clothes. Shortly, she felt hands on her body, exploring her breasts and pussy, stroking her clitoris, and probing her pussy. It felt good, but a little creepy somehow. After a while, the hands left her, and she felt someone get on the bed and get into position behind her. A penis invaded her vagina, a penis covered in rubber. The sex took a long time; it was gentle and smooth. She felt a hand fondling her breasts, then rubbing her clitoris again. Almost against her will, she climaxed, and the man sped up. He climaxed shortly afterward. He remained inside her, still, for a little while, then withdrew and got off the bed. After some more muffled sounds, she felt her bottom being rubbed and her pussy being probed briefly, then the door opening and closing.

She waited for more seeming hours, then the door opened again. The head bag came off, and Delia saw Louise. Louise ungagged Delia and asked, “Are you OK?”

“Yes, I’m fine. It wasn’t bad sex. I was surprised when you didn’t stay. I guess Joan’s boyfriend didn’t want you in here this time.”

“I don’t know who it was, but it wasn’t Joan’s boyfriend. I saw her leave the bar with him just after I left you here. If you are OK, I’m to leave you in that setup so that Mr. Johnson can use you.”

“Yes, I can take another one. I wonder who it was. It was better than any of the customer-fucks that they made me do.”

“I’ll get you lubed up again. Do you need something to drink?”

“No, or I’ll pee all over Mr. Johnson if I come.”

“That would not be a good idea. At least, I don’t think it would be a good idea — some guys like it.”

“Please stay with me, at least until he gets here.”

“I will.” Louise started stroking Delia’s clitoris with short, light strokes, just enough to get her started.

Just about the time Delia really started to get hot and bothered and begging for Louise to send her over the edge, Mr. Johnson came in. He undressed after motioning Louise to keep going. When he got behind Delia, Louise stopped rubbing Delia and guided Mr. Johnson’s rubber-clad johnson into Delia. She decided that Delia enjoyed the experience, based on the moans and grunts produced. After a while, Mr. Johnson slammed into her hard and quivered. So did Delia. Mr Johnson withdrew and lay down. Louise removed the condom and disposed of it, then looked to Mr. Johnson for instructions.

“Get Delia off that thing and let her clean up. Did either of you get dinner?”

“No,” replied Louise.

“OK. Get leashed and I’ll take you to that little restaurant I took you to before.” Louise took care of all of her assigned tasks, and the girls presented their nude, leashed selves to Mr. Johnson in a few minutes.

“I think something extra this time, though.” He got handcuffs and cuffed them both behind their backs, then connected the loops of the leashes with a padlock. He led them out of the Fuck Room, through the backstage area, and out across the bar floor, getting admiring glances from various patrons. Both Delia and Louise knew some of the customers as regular clients. Mr. Johnson led them on, out the front door and down the street to the restaurant. When he took them inside, they noticed that almost all of the women eating in the place were nude.

The same waitress that had served them breakfast a few days before met them and took them to a table. “I like the way these are dressed better than that one you brought in last time. She was pretty but had way too many clothes on. Do you need dog bowls?”

Delia and Louise looked at each other, fearfully. It would be even more humiliating than being suckers to have to eat out of a dog bowl in public.

“No, I’ll take off the cuffs for dinner. I just like the way they look walking down the street, cuffed.”

“OK. I like them cuffed myself, but doggy-eating makes a big mess most of the time.”

She took their orders and went on to wait on her other customers. Mr Johnson’s two slaves noticed two tables of four women, all of whom were nude. He noticed their interest. “Those are downtown store slaves. They get some money for entertainment. I’m surprised that they make them go out nude, though.”

The waitress heard him and came over. She said, softly, “Dad has agreements with some owners and slaves, the pretty ones. If they come in to dinner in groups, nude, he gives them a price break. It brings in the men to watch. Some of them bring beautiful nude slaves with them and watch the other slaves. Weird, but it is good for business and tips.”

Mr. Johnson laughed. “He is good at this business, isn’t he?”

The three sat and waited for their food, sipping drinks (two of them through straws). When Mr. Johnson saw the waitress signal him, he rose and uncuffed his two dinner companions. They ate a nice meal and enjoyed each other’s company. Louise was having some trouble, though. She had been a slave for a year. She spent her days sucking cocks and controlling other women. But right now, she was eating a nice meal and drinking good wine. Yes, she was nude and wore a leash, but it was jarring to her internal identity as a slave.

After the meal, Mr. Johnson paid for the meal, cuffed his slaves again, and led them from the restaurant. Instead of going back to the bar, he took them further down the street into a parking lot, then had them sit in a nice car and fastened seat belts over them. He got in, started the car, and drove off. He pressed a button on the dash, got a prompt of “Who to?” and said, “Bar.”

Soon the front desk at the bar answered and he instructed the duty slave that he was keeping the two slaves he had with him for the night and to log it. He ended the call and told his slaves, “I’m going to take a day or two off, and you will be my companions. You’ll probably get callouses in your vaginas.”

Louise smiled and said, “I hope so.”

At about the same time, John entered his home and yelled out, “Present Vagina!”

His wife ran out, nude, lay on the floor, and grabbed her ankles. “I hope this isn’t a drill.”

“No, it’s a drilling.” He undressed and mounted her. It was a long, pounding fuck. Mona enjoyed it, even though it wasn’t his usual slow, gentle style. He lasted a lot longer than Mona expected, and when he came, it wasn’t a large ejaculation. He remained on top of her for a long while, breathing heavily.

She asked him, “Are you OK?”

“Yes, it was just more difficult than usual.”

She smiled. “It was good for me. I suspect that you drilled Julia or Rebecca and that made it harder for you to come this time. Thank them for me.”

“It wasn’t one of those two. It was another of my slaves.”