Mr. Johnson drove up to a large rambler and parked the car in the garage. He closed the garage door, then got out of the car to unlock the door into the house. He returned to the car and opened the back door, reached in, and unfastened both seat belts. He stood back and said, “OK, you can get out now.”

Delia and Louise inched over the seat and clumsily got out of the car. It wasn’t easy, as they were still cuffed behind. When they were both out, he closed the car door, took up their joined leashes, and led them into the house.

It was a nice house, Delia decided, with good furniture in the living room. She expected to be taken to a bedroom, but Mr. Johnson led them into the living room and had them sit on a couch. “Wait here,” he told them, and went into another room. When he returned he was carrying two metal collars and two sets of funny-looking handcuffs. Both girls finally recognized the cuffs as similar to the cuffs used at the suck training machine on Louise, the cuffs that unlocked automatically at the end of a suck-training session.

He sat between them. “This is an experiment. I’m trying these on well-behaved slaves first.” He got out a key and unlocked Louise’s white collar and removed it. He then locked one of the metal collars onto Louise’s neck, then unlocked her leash from her old collar and locked it to the metal collar. He repeated the process on Delia. He told Louise to stand up and turn her back to him. She did, and he removed her cuffs and replaced them with a set of the cuffs he had brought with the new collars. He told Louise to sit back down, and repeated the cuff exchange with Delia.

“How do the new collars and cuffs feel?” he asked them.

Louise responded, “Not bad. The collar is smooth and not too tight, and the cuffs are wider and spread out the pressure.” Delia agreed with that assessment.

“Good. They are electronic collars and cuffs. They don’t have the cell phones that some collars have now, but they do have short-range radios for communicating with and locating slaves. The cuffs are paired with the collars, and receive commands from the collar. Let’s try it.” Mr. Johnson picked up a small black box that looked a little like a cell phone. “Louise, you are number 51, and Delia is number 52.” He pressed a few buttons, and Louise’s collar beeped twice; a few more buttons, and Delia’s collar beeped twice. He played with the controller a little more, raised it to his mouth, and whispered into it. Louise’s collar produced Mr. Johnson’s voice: “Louise, stand up.” Louise rose. He pressed a few more buttons, and Louise’s cuffs clicked and became loose. He said, “Go ahead and remove your cuffs, Louise.” He spoke through Delia’s collar next, and had her stand up, and unlocked Delia’s cuffs. “Remove your cuffs, too, Delia.”

Both women were standing, backs to the couch, when he pressed several more buttons and the leashes fell off the front of both collars. He put the control in his pocket and said, “OK, sit down next to me.” The girls sat as he spread his arms; he pulled them to him gently as they sat next to him. He sat quietly for a while with his arms around the girls. Louise leaned into him a little, and she received a gentle squeeze of assurance. Delia noticed this, relaxed somewhat, and also leaned against him. He squeezed her gently, too. “Comfortable, you two?”

“Yes,” said Delia. “Yes,” said Louise. “Good,” Mr. Johnson continued. “Both of you are my slaves, and both of you are nude and collared. Try to leave that out of your thoughts for the next couple of days, as much as you can. I’m trying to relax a little. Both of you have been pleasant and cooperative in our encounters, and I like to reward that. I also like to relax and have fun in the company of pleasant and cooperative women. The fun will include the kind of fun you’ve shared with me at the bar, but also the kind of fun that we shared at the restaurant, and other kinds of non-sexual fun. Are you up for that?”

Louise spoke first. “Yes. I would like that very much. I like the sex. I like eating with you. You’ve been good to me and to Delia. I like you putting me in that desk of yours. I missed sex with men.”

Delia spoke after a while. “Yes. I like sex better than sucking, and I like the company. I know I can’t choose sex acts or partners, or much of anything else, now that I’m a slave, but what you make me do is enjoyable.”