After giving Penelope a nipple tweak, George Johnson walked out of the living room, picking up his robe on the way. He said, “Louise, come with me. Delia, when you are done with the dishes, give Penelope pleasure.”

Louise followed him back to the master bedroom, where he laid down and told her to clean his cock with her tongue. She did so immediately and thoroughly, but with a strange look on her face. Her ministrations didn’t get him hard again, and he finally told her to stop and lie next to him. She continued to look at him quizzically.

He finally took pity on her and said, “Go ahead and ask the questions that you obviously have.”

She hesitated, then said, “Why… No, I know why you fucked her. You wanted to. But why did you offer her that odd choice? And why did she make that decision? Whippings are rare at the bar. Do you like to do them here?”

“You are right, I fucked her because I wanted to. I wanted to because she was obviously trying to get some attention and was acting jealous. I gave her that choice because I wanted to know what she would do. She made that choice because she thought it was the choice that would make me happy and get her more attention.”

“Did her choice make you happy?”

“Yes, but not because I really wanted to whip her. It was because she would choose a whipping in order to have a chance at more attention. I enjoy dominating women and the submission of women. I think you already knew that.”

Louise did know that. “Are you really going to whip her?”

“I said I would, and it would be poor form to go back on it. I think one stripe across her butt will be sufficient — a symbolic whipping. Would you accept that for more attention?”

Louise looked scared. She had never been whipped, but she was enjoying the sex that Mr. Johnson had with her, and she would hate to lose it. “Yes.”

“Would you like to get one stripe across the butt after Penelope?”

“Not really, but I like sex more than I dislike the thought of one stripe.”

“So that’s a yes?”

She finally said, “Yes.”

He laughed. “That’s OK, I’m not planning on whipping you. I really don’t get much out of whipping and inflicting pain. I’m only doing it to Penelope as a result of her choice.”

There was silence for a while, and Louise finally asked in a low voice, “Do you find her more attractive than Delia or me?”

“No. Physically, she’s not bad. You’re better in that regard, and your sex skills are better. However, she desperately wants sex and is extremely enthusiastic about it. That is attractive. How do you feel about it? If I were to stop having you sent to me, what would that do to you?”

Louise replied, “I’d miss it terribly. I missed it for a year. I try to give you the best sex I can in order to get more.”

“I know. You are quite eager and very tight. You need to keep up your Kegel exercises.”

A while later, she asked, quietly, showing her nervousness, “How do I rate compared to your other favorites?”

“You want to know how you compare to Joan, don’t you?”

Louise admitted it with a blush.

“She’s better than you. She’s in top shape. She works out with her pussy muscles to keep them strong and tight. She has studied sex and pleasing men. She finds out what I want and provides it. She’s good at picking up nuances and how I feel, and caters to what I want. She’s a very good sex slave. She’s also a lot more than that.”

“Is there any way I can be more than a good sex slave?”

He turned and looked at her. “What business skills do you have? How good a leader are you? Can you keep the suckers sucking and pleasing the customers?”

She sighed. “I don’t have any of those skills. I don’t have any way to get them.”

“Wrong. Joan can teach you. We can get you training. You can read. You just have to want to be more useful. Even though you’re a slave, you can influence your destiny.”

Louise was quiet for a while, then said, “You just told me that you like dominating women. Now you tell me to deal with my future. How do you believe in both?”

“I like dominating. I also like women who deal with problems and get things done, and still submit to me.”