Penelope stood in the living room, hands above her head, handcuffed, held up by a dangling chain. She knew it would become uncomfortable, but she had chosen the position herself to get her owner’s attention. After the clinking of dish washing ended in the kitchen, one of the young sex slaves her owner had brought home came out and knelt in front of Penelope. Penelope spread her legs and accepted the pleasuring. The young slave kept at it. Penelope realized that Mr. Johnson hadn’t told her to stop after any specific length of time, so she was just going to keep on at it. It was fine by Penelope, but she would like some attention on her breasts. Finally, the younger slave realized that there was something else to tongue and rose to kiss breasts. She still gave Penelope’s pudenda attention with her fingers.

After hours, literally, Mr. Johnson came back in with the other slave and a spreader bar. He had the slave he had taken with him back to the bedroom take the bar and attach it between Penelope’s ankles. This stretched Penelope more than the original chaining, but she remained silent. Her owner sat and watched Penelope.

He finally told his other two slaves to lower the chain suspending her wrists and remove her handcuffs. When they had done that, he told them to get Penelope on her back on the floor with her hands cuffed behind her, and to use cords to keep her legs bent up towards her head, spreading her open. He sat and watched her for quite a while after that.

“Louise, Delia did her turn. You pleasure Penelope.”

Louise awkwardly approached the older slave spread wide on the floor. She had done her share of pussy-licking, but all with slaves her age. She liked having Delia in her charge so she could make Delia do her. She was a little apprehensive about doing Penelope, but that didn’t stop her. She wanted to keep her owner happy. She knelt and started long, slow laps.

Penelope enjoyed the stimulation, but she had been getting it for hours now, and her present bondage was a strain. Nevertheless, she remained silent except for gasps and moans. Finally, to both Penelope’s and Louise’s relief, Mr. Johnson said, “It’s almost noon. Get her back into her first position, with the spreader attached.”

Louise and Delia soon had Penelope standing with her hands stretched above her. Mr. Johnson left the scene and returned with a quirt that Delia recognized as the same kind that had been used on her. He walked over to Penelope, fondled her clitoris, and said, “Are you ready?”

She nodded, suddenly looking apprehensive. He walked around behind her and gave her one moderate stroke with the quirt directly across her butt. She gasped and tensed for the next stroke, but then he walked back in front of her and said, “All done. Let her down.”

When she was released, she craned her neck to see the stripe and found that it was a pink line, not the angry red welt she had expected. “Thank you for the whipping, sir.”

“You mean for making it short?”

“No, for giving it to me, for the consideration. And for making it short.”

“OK, Penelope, I told you before — take the day off.”

“Thank you, sir.” She walked to her room, looking a little disappointed.

After she left, Mr. Johnson spoke to the two younger slaves. “I have a raging erection. I’m going to have a contest to see who gets to take care of it. If one of you volunteers to take a stripe like she did, I’ll use the stripe-taker. If you both volunteer, then you can bid the number of strokes that you will take, and the winner gets used. After the auction, the winner gets the number of stripes that she bid, and then the loser gets the number of stripes she bid, and then gets left in the position while the winner and I fuck.”

Louise and Delia looked at each other in surprise. This was a new one. Both wanted the sex, but neither wanted the stripes. Delia recalled her recent whipping with too much clarity to be willing to accept a whipping just for sex, she thought. When Louise said, “I’ll take a stripe,” Delia was shocked to hear herself say, “I’ll take two,” as she started to get wet. After a pause, Louise said, “I’ll take three.”

After some silence, their owner said, “Going … going … going … Gone! Louise gets three stripes and fucked! Delia gets two stripes! Delia, get her hooked up.”

After considerable fumbling, Delia had Louise strung up and spread. Mr. Johnson stepped around behind Louise and let fly with a stripe across her butt — one much harder than he had given Penelope. She screamed. He said, “I didn’t say how hard I’d hit.” He waited for her to quiet down, then in quick succession gave her two more stripes, softer ones, like the one Penelope had gotten. “OK, Delia, get her down. Louise, get Delia hooked up.”

After even more fumbling, Delia was trussed up and ready. Mr. Johnson walked behind her and gave her a stripe just like Louise’s first stripe. Delia still wasn’t used to being a slave, and was far more vocal in her screaming, but didn’t use any words — she just howled. He waited until she was quiet, then gave her a softer stroke — on her breasts. She screamed again.

“OK, Louise, we’re going upstairs. The living room floor is not where I want sex this time. Delia, we’ll be back.”

Half an hour later Penelope, now fully dressed walked through the living room on her way out. She saw Delia in her display position with two stripes, and asked, “What did you do to get those?”

“He had an auction for the next fuck. The bidding was the number of stripes you would take. I bid two. Louise bid three and won. They’re upstairs now.”

“Poor dear.” Penelope did feel sorry for the girl, getting two strokes and no sex, so she went to her and rubbed the stripes to comfort Delia. She also fingered Delia and kissed her nipples, which gave Delia enough pleasure to blunt the pain a little.

Delia asked, “Why did you take the stripe rather than the day off?”

Penelope kept fingering and said, “I don’t get a lot of attention, sex, that is, around here. You two, among others, are too distracting. I was hoping that taking the whipping option was what he wanted me to do, and that it will result in more attention. I can hope. You should understand that, because you volunteered for two in order to get more sex, and you were wet when I first touched you.”

“Yes, I do. I just wish I was getting what Louise is getting, and what you got.”

“You got some last night, didn’t you?”

“Yes. I want more.”

“Don’t we all.”

Penelope left the young slave, who was suffering far less now, and left to have a relaxing day elsewhere.

Up in the bedroom, he told Louise, “There are chains at each corner of the bed. Get them up on the bed.” As she did that, he got four leather cuffs out and put them on the bed. When she had finished the first task, he told her, “Put on the cuffs.” She did, as fast as she could. “Hook your legs to the chains at the foot of the bed.” She used the snap hooks on the cuffs to do his bidding. “Lie down, hands to the upper corners of the bed.” She complied.

Mr. Johnson went to the head of the bed and attached a chain to one wrist. He then reached across the bed and lay on top of her and attached her other wrist to the last chain. He stood and considered her, then adjusted the tension on the two leg chains, stretching her taut. Then he climbed on the bed atop her and aimed his rock-hard cock into her pussy. He pressed in, finding her well-lubricated, and bottomed out, then just lay there, enjoying the heat and tightness around his cock. Louise was always wet and tight and eager to please him. He was beginning to feel real affection for her. He also had begun to enjoy hurting her, a little. It didn’t seem to be a contradiction to him. He started kissing her hard, and she responded eagerly. He also started plunging into her, slowly, feeling her response, matching his rhythm, pressing back hard and eagerly. She moaned into his kiss, goading him to speed up and pound into her bound body. She matched him, slam for slam, with an eagerness that astounded him. His sexual efforts last night, and this morning with Penelope, slowed his climax considerably, and he rode Louise for a long time. It seemed to him that she had come several times, but didn’t slow in her enthusiasm. He finally came, causing another orgasm for Louise. He laid atop her for a long time, still lip-locked with her, but not actively kissing. When his softening member fell out, he got off and left the bedroom, leaving her stretched and sweaty.

Delia had been waiting, chained and stretched, ever since Mr. Johnson and Louise had left her. Even the brief interaction with Penelope, as pleasant as it was, wasn’t enough to override her disappointment at not getting fucked after the two strokes. Mr. Johnson finally came down, naked and alone, and released her from all her bonds. He sat in a chair and told her to clean his cock. She immediately knelt and took him in her mouth and cleaned him to the best of her ability.

When he had enough of her mouth, he told her to stop and stand. To her surprise, his next order was to sit on his lap. He wrapped her in his arms, hugged her tightly, and fell asleep cuddling her.