After a while, Mr. Johnson woke from his doze and woke Delia, who had fallen asleep with him. “Go unchain Louise. The two of you can get cleaned up and then look through the kitchen to see what you can make for dinner.” As she left him, she saw that he was getting himself a drink.

Delia found Louise spread-eagle on the bed, completely exposed, and sound asleep. Louise roused when Delia disconnected the arm chains, then the leg chains. “Take off the cuffs. We’re supposed to clean ourselves up, then see what there is to make for dinner.” They went into the bathroom and showered together. They spent a little while pleasing each other, but decided that they should get on with their orders. They got out, dried off, and used the makeup they found in the bathroom to make themselves more attractive. They then went on to the kitchen.

“Well, it looks like most of what’s here is frozen and can’t be defrosted on time without making it less tasty. The rest is pasta, but without the fresh ingredients to make the pasta dishes I know how to make, that would be a really boring dinner.” That was Delia’s assessment. Louise agreed. The went and reported their findings to Mr. Johnson.

“There’s a grocery store three blocks north of here. I have an account there that Penelope uses. I’ll give you the account code. Go and get what you need to make what you are good at making.” He stopped. “The way is kind of rough, and you don’t have any shoes. Hold on.” He walked upstairs and came back a little later carrying two pairs of tennis shoes and some athletic socks. “Try these and see how they fit.” The girls tried them, then switched, and found that with the socks, they could get a reasonable fit for a moderate-length walk. “OK. The code is on this note card. Go out front and turn left, then three blocks.”

Delia hesitated, and said, “These new collars aren’t going to blow our heads off when we get too far away from here, are they?”

He laughed. “No, that would be too expensive. The radio in them has the range to contact you at the store, I think. Go ahead.”

They left his home. Neither one of them was used to being nude in public, even though they had been to the restaurant twice. Somehow being nude in the bar wasn’t as bad, perhaps because of all of the other nude females. Nevertheless, they continued on toward the store in the summer afternoon delightful weather, giving the local boys (and men) something to look at. They were surprised that they didn’t get comments or men attempting to touch them, but Delia finally said, “Do you think that naked girls are noticed less now because they are all over the place?”

Louise said, “That’s probably it. Let’s get this over with. What can you cook?”

They agreed on steaks with fresh vegetables and salad, and a nice dessert. They would look over the produce to see what to buy.

They entered the market, got a cart, and looked around for the meat section. They walked toward it, noticing that half the women in the store were nude or topless. They relaxed a bit because they weren’t as out of place as they had feared. They chose steaks from the prime counter. The counter attendant hardly noticed, it seemed, that the women asking for the meat were nude. They stopped at another case when Delia said, “Let’s make sure there is bacon and eggs for breakfast, too.”

They walked through the store, picking up vegetables and potatoes, salad makings, and a cake. The checkout attendant didn’t pay much attention to them either. Louise got the impression somehow that the woman was a slave too, just not kept naked. She accepted the account code and allowed them to be on their way with their groceries.

As they left the market’s parking lot, Delia spoke softly to Louise. “We’re being followed. I think I recognize the guy from college.” The slaves continued toward Mr. Johnson’s home, walking faster than they had on the way to the store. The boy caught up with them about a block and a half away from their destination.

“Hello, Delia. I’d heard that you got enslaved. I want you to come with me so I can fuck you.”

“No. I am under orders and must continue.”

“You can’t tell me no.” He grabbed her arm and almost caused her to drop the bag of groceries.

Louise had noticed a button on the collars. She pressed it, hoping it would call for help. Almost immediately, Mr. Johnson’s voice came from her collar. “Yes, Louise, do you need something?”

“We have a man who is trying to drag Delia off for sex. We are about a block and a half from your home on the street you told us to take.”

“I’ll be there right away.”

Louise saw that Delia was backing away from the boy, saying, “Yes, I can say no. You are not my owner.” The boy wasn’t paying any attention.

Louise looked down the street and saw her owner come out of his house wearing shorts and a T shirt. He saw them and started jogging toward them. He covered the ground quickly, and about two houses away, he slowed to a walk and said, loudly, “Corey, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Just trying to get this slave home so I can fuck her,” he said, glancing at Mr. Johnson.

“Well, that would be my slave and I don’t want you fucking her or bothering her. Would you drag my car or lawnmower off to your house without my permission?”

The boy stopped and turned to him. “I knew her before, and I just wanted to have some fun.”

“That’s an eight-year-old’s argument. You know better than to mess with other people’s stuff. A slave is off-limits if it isn’t yours. I think I’ll have a conversation with your father.”

The boy looked concerned, but tried to bluff his way out. “My dad won’t care if I tried to fuck a slave.”

“He will care that you interfered with someone else’s property. Now leave them alone.” The boy gave up and walked away sullenly.

“Are you both OK?”

“Yes, sir,” said Louise. “I hope it was OK for me to use the button.”

He looked at her and said, “I’m surprised you thought of it. I didn’t tell you about that function. And it was fine. You were following instructions and he was interfering with you. Come on, let’s go.”

Shortly after that, they arrived at his home. They went to the kitchen and put things away and started preparations to cook the food. Delia was quiet, and Louise finally asked her, “Are you OK?”

“Physically, yes. This is the first negative slave experience I’ve had that I wasn’t expecting. Do all men think they can fuck any slave they see? If they finally let me go back to school, will any man try to fuck me even if I have clothes on?” She looked close to crying.

Louise told her, “No, most don’t try that. That kid was probably lusting after you before you got enslaved. Most guys know that they shouldn’t bother other people’s slaves. Clothed slaves don’t get as much of that as nude slaves do.”

They went on about their business. They could hear Mr. Johnson on the phone, telling someone about the incident. He was laughing with the person on the other end, and finally hung up. He came in to the kitchen and saw their preparations, and said, “Good. We’ll eat when you are ready. Delia, that kid is in trouble with his father. He doesn’t appreciate him interfering with my slaves. He also remembers you and was sad to hear that you had been enslaved, especially to a suck bar. I told him you were on loan to me personally to get him to stop asking to buy you.”

That cheered Delia up a little bit. An hour later, they served Mr. Johnson his dinner. He told them to bring their food to the table and sit with him to eat. He got two bottles of a nice wine and let them drink it with him. After they cleaned up, he had them sit with him and watch television, then took them to bed with him. Once they were in bed with him, he said, “Delia, you’re first. Are you lubricated?” She was, but not enough. “Louise, lubricate her.” Louise took the bottle of lube and slicked her up, then played with her. Finally, he climbed onto her and entered her and lay there, not moving except for occasional small thrusts. Delia thought, Oh, good, another slow fuck. She hoped it would last an hour.

It almost did.