John Thompson walked into the kitchen of the newly-remodeled slave apartment and found four nude women sitting at the table drinking coffee. Roberta and Willow started to stand up, but he waved them back into their seats and got himself some coffee, then sat down. “Is this the new dress code up here? I like it.”

Julia laughed and responded, “Willow is staying here tonight. She is under orders to be nude, so we joined her.” Willow smiled wanly. John thought she was beginning to look less depressed.

“How did the remodelling turn out? I haven’t been up here since it was finished.”

“Come along for a tour.” Julia rose and led him to the old bedroom. “This will be the cook and housekeeper’s room, when we acquire one.” She went on to the old play room. “This is the pantry now.” They walked into the living room, which had been expanded and redecorated. John looked at the room approvingly. Julia continued, “We got a bigger TV set and a video game setup.”

She led him down the new corridor. “There are eight slave rooms in the new section. This is the new bathroom.” She ushered him in. There were two toilets, two sinks, and two showers, both big enough for two. John noticed that there were slave-restraint points scattered about, unobtrusively included in the fixtures.

“Very nice. Nice tile on the floor. Did you get the floor heater too?”

“Yes, there is an electrical floor heating system to keep it comfortable.”

Julia led him on to another room. “This is the play room now.” She opened the door and let him go in before her. John looked at the new setup. The old equipment was in there, along with a second pillory, a whipping post, and three large cages along the back wall.

“What’s with the whipping post?” asked John, who had never been into that.

“There was a request for it, and it was cheap. I’ll let the requester tell you about why in private.”

John motioned to the cages. “Why cages?”

Julia answered, “Partly because you want to expand the slave workforce, and we’ll be getting new slaves in that we won’t get much of a chance to check out first.”

“You mean like you and Rebecca?”

Julia laughed and said, “Exactly. You know how much trouble we were.”

“Still are.” John smiled.

“Well, I got them in case there was a need for discipline. They’ve turned out to be fun, too, keeping someone in there watching others having fun. We have more small equipment too, in those cabinets.”

She led him back out into the corridor and to another room. “This is a typical slave bedroom, furnished but not occupied yet.” John examined the room. There was a double bed, a desk, a telephone, a closet, two chairs, and a dresser.

“It’s a little sterile. There isn’t any decoration.”

“We’ll leave that to the occupant. You’ll notice that there are plenty of slave restraint points.” John, looking closer, noticed that there were quite a few small holes that hooks could be fastened into. “I’ll show you our rooms.”

Julia led him to a room that was larger than the first bedroom. It had a desk with a computer and phone, a queen-size bed, a dresser, a chest of drawers, two closets, a bookcase, and a large easy chair with a floor lamp. “Nice. Two closets?”

Julia opened one door and he saw that he had been mistaken. It was a private bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower. “This is my room. I’m head slave. I’m also always trying to get you into bed, so I thought this would be nice for you.”

John nodded approvingly. “I like it already. Let’s see the rest.”

Julia pouted. “Even though we are all alone here in my new boudoir with me naked and ready?”

John considered. “I’d like to see the rest. I also was thinking that the fucking I gave Willow at her owner’s request was a bit unfriendly and I’m wondering if I should try to make it up to her.”

Julia replied, smiling, “She understood. She’s been fucked enough by enough people that she’s not really looking forward to more right now. If you want to fuck her nicely, I suggest waiting a few weeks. You haven’t fucked Roberta yet.”

“I didn’t get the impression that she wanted fucked.”

“Not a lot, but you can do it anyway.”

“True, but I have three women I’m fucking already and that’s about all I can handle. I’ll wait.”

“Good. You can fuck me. I do want to be fucked.”

“What about Rebecca?”

“You did her last. It’s my turn.”

He grinned. “Oh, very well. The things I have to do to keep the staff happy.” He started to undress.

“Wait. Why don’t you do me in the pillory? I always like that. The others can each have a cage and watch.”

John liked the sound of that. “Go get the others in the cages.”

A few minutes later John walked into the play room wearing the robe he had kept in Julia’s room before; he found it in her rather large walk-in closet. The three slaves he didn’t plan on fucking were in the cages. Rebecca was smiling and obviously enjoying it. Willow looked nervous. Roberta looked both nervous and interested. Julia was standing by the new pillory. It had a different design than the first one, which was a low classical-style pillory that made the occupant bend at the hip and keep the upper body parallel to the floor. The new one had the wooden closure for the head and wrists nearer the floor and angled so that the occupant put her head down, bending not quite double. There was a support for the lower torso and adjustable leg restraints that could lift the ankles up and out, allowing the legs to be vertical to horizontal. Julia bent down over the support and put her neck and wrists onto the pillory’s lower binding board. John swung the top board closed and locked her in it with a padlock that hung on the board. He checked her wrists and found that the pillory had adjustable pads that allowed the pillory to be made secure on almost any sized wrist. It was already set at the appropriate size for Julia. He went on to fasten the strap on the support around her, then fastened her ankles to the leg stanchions. He then raised her legs up about halfway to the level of her hips and made them very wide apart. “Comfy, Julia?”

“It’s actually not bad. Please fuck me.”

“Soon. First, toys for the spectators.” He went to the cabinets and looked through them, and took out three vibrators. He handed a vibrator to each caged woman, making the two new slaves look surprised. They all immediately turned on the vibrators and started using them.

John took off the robe, uncovering an almost-painfully erect penis. Roberta looked at it with wide eyes. Willow had felt it in her, but hadn’t seen it; she too was impressed. “Are you wet, Julia?”

“Yes! Please fuck me!”

John felt her and confirmed that she didn’t need any lubrication. He stroked her clitoris slowly, making her gasp. He rubbed slowly and deliberately, arousing her more and frustrating her even more. Finally he moved in behind her and thrust inside and started a slow fucking. He kept fucking slowly for quite a while, then sped up and climaxed. Julia was panting and moaning and had obviously come hard. John stood there for several minutes catching his breath and holding onto Julia. He finally backed away from Julia. Rebecca called to him, “Come over here.” He walked over and she dropped to her knees and opened her mouth, inviting him to allow her to clean him off. He stepped close to the cage bars and let her do it. He noticed that both Willow and Roberta were staring at Rebecca.

When she had him clean, he went back to Julia and asked her, “Doing all right in that thing?”

“Yes, I’m fine. The best thing about this one is that there isn’t much pressure on the throat and you can relax your neck more. Thank you for a really good fuck.”

“Thank you, Julia. This is a great sex toy. I like looking at you in it.”

“Then sit and look. I’m happy in here.”

Willow was agog. She apparently didn’t believe that a woman would want to be in a bondage device, much less like sex in it. Rebecca said, “I get the next turn in that thing.” Willow looked even more perplexed. Roberta had relaxed, apparently concluding that both Julia and Rebecca enjoyed the bondage sex.

John sat and looked at Julia for a while, then walked over and moved his head under hers, lying on the floor. She looked at him in surprise. He kissed her. She kissed back. He stood and ran his hands over her, caressing her breasts, then playing with her pussy and clitoris. She started moaning again. He brought her to another climax, then unlocked her restraints and helped her stand. She hugged him tight and said, “Thanks for that. I needed it.”

“Glad to oblige. We could have done it in your bed.”

“I’d rather have sex in bondage. Thank you for agreeing to it.”

“No problem. My pleasure.” He turned to the caged women. “How long will you leave them in the cages?”

She smiled and said, “How about a week?”

“No, they need to work. You could leave them in there overnight, though.”

Rebecca laughed and said, “She won’t. If she did, she would have to make dinner and there wouldn’t be anyone to lick her tonight.”

“You’re right.” Julia unlocked each cage and released the other slaves. “Go get dinner going.” Roberta and Willow obediently went off toward the kitchen. Rebecca stood next to him, hugged him, and caressed his cock, but couldn’t coax it to erection. “Ah darn.”

John went to Julia’s room and dressed, then looked through the rest of the rooms. Rebecca’s was obvious, with its multiple computers and bookcases full of books. Roberta’s was nice, not as big as the other two, but pleasant. All the other rooms were furnished but unoccupied. Willow didn’t have anything here but the clothes she had worn today and those she had for tomorrow, so if she was using one of the rooms, it wouldn’t be obvious.

John took his leave of the slaves, kissed his two senior slaves warmly, and went home.

Willow asked Julia, “You like to be tied up and fucked? You actually asked him to put you in that thing when he was willing to do it in your bed?”

“Yes, I do like it. You saw how he fucked me. It was slow and wonderful. It would have been fine unbound, but I like the pillory, and I know he likes sex with bound women, and that makes me happy too.”

Roberta said, “I’ve been thinking that maybe I do want him to do that with me. He’s much nicer than any of the men the Slave Store made me fuck. Is he always that nice?”

Rebecca said, “Yes. Remember, I get him next.”

Willow shook her head. “It looked like you were having a good time, but I can’t believe that I would like it.”

“Your owner doesn’t treat you very well, does he? Were you ever in bondage before your enslavement?”

“No, he hasn’t been very nice. I never let anyone tie me up before.”

“Well, John is nice, and he makes sure that the woman likes it too. It may be unusual in a slave owner, but he does.”