Penelope parked the car in the garage and went into the house. She went to her room and went to bed. She didn’t hear any activity in the master bedroom, so she assumed the festivities were over.

She took out the electric Kegel device, put it inside her, and turned it on. She had it on a rather strong setting, one that most women considered painful, but Penelope got vaginal contractions from that setting that were almost an orgasm. She lay back and started a long, slow clitoral rubbing.

A few minutes later, she noticed that the young blonde slave, Delia, she thought was the name, was looking at her through the half-open door. “Excuse me, but we heard what we thought was you in pain. Are you all right?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

Delia entered the room and approached the bed. “Mr. Johnson told me to attend to your pleasure.” Delia climbed onto the bed, put her face to Penelope’s pubis, and started licking her clitoris.

Penelope closed her eyes and moaned softly. She reached orgasm faster than if she had fingered herself, and grabbed Delia’s head and pressed it to her. After she relaxed, she said, “Do you have to go back?”

“No, I can stay.”

“Please cuddle up.” Penelope helped her arrange herself, then covered them both, and closed her eyes to sleep.

She found it hard to sleep, though, and thought about her old life and her old friends, and how many of them had fallen into slavery. Several had been disposed of in the first months. Others went, one by one, in the succeeding years. Some were kept as slave wives. Others were dumped, as she was. A few were taken other ways. She thought of her neighbor, Ingrid, a close friend, who was framed for drunkenness and enslaved in a media frenzy. Penelope hadn’t heard anything about her since; was she still alive? Several other friends of hers had just disappeared. She doubted that any of them were still alive. Penelope considered it a miracle that she was still alive, what with all the maniacs that wanted to eat women rather than fuck them.

Ah, well, here she was with a beautiful girl who hadn’t gotten eaten, and who had satisfied her. Her owner had even fucked her today. She figured it had to do with her obviously wanting him rather than superior attractiveness, but it worked. She was hoping she could coax sex from him more often, but if she could only get the gift of other girls, she would take it.

Delia was also having trouble sleeping. It was a combination of the stripe on her butt, the attraction she felt for the older woman she was sleeping with, and the long, slow fuck she had just enjoyed. She was surprised by the attraction to the woman. She was upset with herself for enjoying the fucking. She was upset with herself for wanting more of the fucking. She was still upset about her boyfriend wanting to enslave her, her needing to be enslaved by her father to avoid that, and her loan to the suck bar. She still hadn’t sorted all of it out in her head. And she was still feeling uneasy about the sex she had received before Mr. Johnson had her last in the Fuck Room. That anonymous, unseen fuck disturbed her, and she didn’t know why.

Eventually they both wiggled enough to make it obvious that neither was about to sleep. Delia finally said, “69?”

Without speaking, Penelope reversed position and climbed on top of Delia.

Mr. Johnson was dozing. He woke to a series of low moans from outside his room. Louise was asleep with her hand on his cock. She showed promise. He listened to the sounds, then smiled as he recognized the sounds of the two other women satisfying each other. As the moans intensified, he found his cock growing rigid. He wiggled against Louise’s hand, and she woke. She caught on quickly, and massaged his cock gently. He finally said, “Climb aboard.” She did a good woman-on-top, and he had done enough vigorous fucking today. She responded enthusiastically and did an excellent job of giving him pleasure. When she came, he had already climaxed, and he held her down so that she enclosed his cock until it deflated. After he had cuddled with her for a while, he told her, “Get a set of leg irons out of the closet. Go into Penelope’s bedroom and cuff those two together, wrist-to-wrist.”

When Louise went into the other bedroom, she found them awake and holding each other. They were rather sweaty, and there was no doubt about what they had been up to. “Mr. Johnson’s instructions,” she said, and quickly fastened them together. She expected a negative reaction, but received only small smiles and a “Good night” from Delia as she withdrew from the room.

“How did they take it?” he asked as Louise returned.

“They smiled.” She got into the bed and cleaned him off. She had learned quickly that he appreciated being cleaned with her mouth without him ordering her to. She said, “May I go to the bathroom, Master?”

He nodded assent and followed her in. She cleaned off the remnants of the sex and finished her business as he watched her.

Later, as he lay waiting for sleep to come, he considered that life was good. He had a successful business, plenty of money, two happy and prosperous daughters, and three women in his house, all of whom he controlled completely and all of whom he had fucked with great joy that very day. He fell asleep a happy man, with Louise holding his cock.