The next morning, Penelope and Delia woke up when the sun came in the window. Instead of rising immediately, Delia asked Penelope, “Why were you masturbating with a punishment dildo?”

“Punishment dildo? That was my Electric Kegel. It’s meant to tighten up the cunt muscles, like the Kegel exercises. I like the way the electricity makes my cunt spasm, like an orgasm.”

“Can I try it?”

Penelope got the device and dialed down the intensity control. “I like it turned up. We’ll start you at a lower setting.” She slid it inside Delia and turned it on.

Delia immediately started squirming. “It … feels … good .. and a .. little .. painful.”

“Tell you what. You leave it in and we’ll go to the bathroom and take a shower. Don’t let it drop out.”

After a long, hot shower, Delia asked if she could remove the device. “Sure, give it to me,” said Penelope, who turned it up and put it inside herself. “Lets go make breakfast.”

It was a humorous sight, thought Penelope, as the two chained-together women tried to make coffee without knocking everything in the kitchen over. Penelope started getting the things for breakfast out. Her breath was coming faster and faster as the stimulation worked on her. She finally braced herself against the counter and shook as a massive orgasm overtook her.

“Delia, pull it out of me and turn it off, please.” Delia did so, and stood there with the dripping device as Penelope gathered herself together. “Wrap it in paper towels and put it at the end of the counter out of sight, then wash your hands.” This time, Penelope trailed Delia rather than Delia being towed by Penelope.

After a break for drinking some coffee, Penelope said, “Let’s start the bacon and hope it wakes one of them up.” About ten minutes later a tousled Louise came down and told them that Mr. Johnson would be down in a while.

“I hope you don’t mind that I had to chain you together last night,” said Louise, drinking some coffee.

“Of course not, dear. You were following instructions. We’ve enjoyed it, actually, even though it makes breakfast preparations more challenging. How do you like your eggs?”

Quite a while later, the lord and master of the house came downstairs wearing his suit. “Come here, you two.” They came and stood in front of him. Delia was nervous, wondering what was about to happen. He smiled at her and unlocked the cuffs. “Penelope, you can put these back in my closet later on.”

Penelope served him breakfast and again stood by his side, nude. He said, “Sorry, Penelope, not this morning. I have to get to work. Don’t worry, I remember your effort yesterday, and I appreciated it. Did you like getting Delia for the night?”

“Yes. I did. She told me you told her to attend to my pleasure, and she did. Apparently we disturbed you; sorry about that.”

“Oh, the cuffs. No, I wasn’t disturbed. I thought it was fun listening, and it got me going again. The cuffs were just a whim, a joke if you will. I hope it wasn’t too inconvenient.”

“No, they were fine. It led to some fun this morning.” Penelope smiled at Delia, recalling the shower, with Delia squirming from the Kegel device.

After he was done with breakfast and Penelope had started to straighten things up, he told her, “Cuff and leash these two and get them buckled in the back seat of my car. The cuffs and leashes are on the end table in the living room. I’ll be there shortly.”

Penelope herded them into the living room and set about her task. After she had them both cuffed and leashed, she took both leashes in one hand and caressed both sets of labia with her other hand. “It was fun having you two here. I’m looking forward to more visits.” She led them off to the garage.

After she was done buckling them into the car, Delia asked, “Did you enjoy cuffing us?”

Penelope blushed a little and admitted, “Yes, I liked it. Somehow, having control over other women makes me wet.”

Delia nodded. “I think it would with me, too. I’m sure it does with you, Louise.”

Louise didn’t blush. She admitted it outright. “Yes, I found out that having control over you is a rush and a big turn-on. I understand why men like having slaves around a lot more now. When we are back at the bar I’ll enjoy being in charge of you again.”

Penelope waited with the bound women until Mr. Johnson got into the car. She closed the rear door and told her owner, “Goodbye, sir. Thank you for the gift of Delia last night.”

He grinned at her. “Like I said, it got me going again. I should thank you.” He spoke in a lower voice, “I won’t be bringing any slaves home tonight. About 8 PM, have a nice dress on.” He backed the car out without any further instructions and drove off. Penelope stood in the open garage with a dripping pussy, watching him drive away.