Jim picked Joan up from the bar entrance at 1 AM. She had grabbed her phone, put on a pair of pants and a T-shirt with no underwear, and was wearing her bar uniform shoes (red stilettos). He kissed her warmly after she seated herself, then drove them back to his apartment. After he parked in his assigned space, he had to tell her, “Let’s not touch each other until we get inside the apartment — OK?” She laughed.

Once they were inside and he had locked the door, he sat on the couch and she dropped into his lap and kissed him as if she hadn’t seen him in a month. He held her in his arms and hugged her until she said, “Uhhhh…. I still have to breathe.”

He relaxed. They sat for a while, enjoying each others presence, and he finally said, “I’d like to talk about something. It’s kind of hard for me, so please, just let me get started.”

She held her breath. She was dreading that he was tired of a sexual affair with a slave that couldn’t go anywhere. “I love having you here. I love you. I am in lust with you. I could fuck you continually for the rest of my life. I’ve heard that women don’t like to be told about the physical attraction along with affection and love, but I have all of them. Love. Affection. Lust. When I send you back to that bar, I feel pain. But I have other things to talk to you about. I’ve tied you up for sex every time we’ve been together for two weeks now. I get insane when I do that. The last time, when you went into the bedroom ahead of me and handcuffed yourself to the headboard – I went nuts. I’ve never felt so out of control. I fucked you so hard that later I was afraid that I’d hurt you.”

He paused. She could see that discussing feelings was difficult for him, as it seemed to be for most men. She thought he was worried about having hurt her physically. “I don’t think I could handle that every night, but every once in a while, oooohhhhh. I loved it. I love you, too. Don’t worry about saying that you love me and that you want to fuck me. They aren’t exclusive. They go together well. I want to fuck you too. And I love you.” She hugged him so tight that he finally said, “I still have to breathe.”

She laughed and loosed her grip a bit. “Is that what has you bothered?”

“Not all of it.” She tensed as she waited for bad news.

“I’ve been tying you up a lot. I get a kick out of it. I told you it was a fantasy. I didn’t want to do it with a slave who couldn’t say no. Then I found you, who could say no, and didn’t, and invited me to do it. I’ve been going nuts doing it ever since. It has been a physical orgy of sex, with me in charge and restraining you, or you doing it for me. I’ve found that I like being in charge, dominant, in control. I’m afraid that it may become the dominant force in our relationship, and it might grow old for you and you would want to break it off with me. I don’t want that.”

She cuddled up to him. “Don’t worry. I was thinking that I’ve been cuffed more in the last weeks than I was since the beginning of my suck training, where I was cuffed all the time for sucks in the bar. I wondered why it didn’t bother me, until I realized that it was because it made you so happy. I figure that after it becomes a bit more routine, we will find a balance.”

“That’s nice. But I’m worried that I’m becoming addicted to it. I found that I like being in control of women, physically. The times you went off with your owner and you gave me those other two – I really loved locking them up, fucking them when they were restrained, ordering them around, being in charge. I don’t want to drive you away by being too crazy about that.”

She regarded him. “You are worried that your wanting me is a problem for me?”

“No, that my wanting you tied up all the time is a problem for you.”

“You don’t tie me up all the time. When you do restrain me, it’s for sex. At the end of the sex, you let me loose. You just told me that you love me and that you lust for me. That’s my dream come true. How can I begrudge you wanting to tie me during the sex?”

He regarded her. “I don’t want to go too far. I can see myself locking you more, and more, and more… It delights me. I don’t want to lose you over my overindulging in my fantasies.”

She laughed. “The simple fact that you are aware of it and are worried about it makes it plain that you won’t go too far. If I ask you to tone it down, will you?”

“Yes. I also worry that I want to dominate you too much. I really loved dominating those other two. I started having fantasies about buying you, then buying them, and having you be chief slave over my harem.”

She looked at him again. “You think I would be mad that you liked that I gave those two to you? I expected you would like it. I could tell that you were going to take to sexual mastery like a duck to water, or for a better analogy, a cock to cunt. I wondered about selling myself to you at the end of my contract, but I have a better thing to do that would protect me better, especially since slaves, even slave wives, are property to attach and take away as far as the legal system is concerned. As far as those other two, you couldn’t afford them, and one isn’t my owner’s to sell. I wouldn’t mind having a household slave or two, though, as long as I can be head slave.”

He gaped at her. He had only dreamed of owning her, and she was telling him that she had thought about it. And she said she wouldn’t mind having household slaves! “So you would like to have a household with me?”

“I’d like to be your wife.”

“I’d like to be your husband. But how can we do that if the bar owns you?”

“I can have a trust set up to own me after I get released from the contract I have now. I’d make you trustee. Can I trust you as trustee?”

“You can trust me. I will do anything to have you. And control you. And love you. And fuck you. As often as possible.”

“Then tie me up and fuck me immediately!”