Kevin ushered his parents into the small church. His father asked again, “Why are we here?”

“You’ll see shortly. And thanks for being sober, like I asked.”

There were several other people in the chapel. Kevin knew they were all friends of him, Sara, and Al. Shortly after they had seated themselves, Al walked into the room and Kevin rose and stood next to him near the front. The wedding march played, and two women walked into the chapel, followed by Sara in a simple wedding gown. Kevin smiled, knowing that the high collar concealed the cell-phone collar that Al had locked onto Sara “permanently”. His parents were surprised to see their daughter that they had sold out for booze money, but for once kept their mouths shut. Sara grimaced at seeing them. She hadn’t wanted them there, but Kevin insisted. He compromised by not telling them why they were there.

The ceremony was short, but joyful. Kevin reflected that there had been some confusion about marriage with a slave. They finally got a marriage license anyway. The pastor had known Kevin, Al, and Sara for most of their lives, but was reluctant to marry Sara and Al if Sara was a slave. They had convinced him finally that it was going to be a real marriage, with her slavery to protect her. The pastor knew why she was a slave, and had preached a rather strong sermon last year against selling daughters off. Kevin and Al didn’t tell him about the rather unorthodox ownership arrangement or the other complications in the relationship.

After the ceremony, they all went to a restaurant for a wedding celebration. Much to the bride’s parent’s consternation, it was a place that didn’t serve alcohol. His father finally asked, “How did he find her?”

Kevin said, “He didn’t. I did. She was about to get snuffed, and I arranged to buy her. I sold her to Al. He married her.” To his surprise, they didn’t complain that he hadn’t given her back to them to sell again. Perhaps they had some remorse for their selling her, or maybe they had gotten enough grief from family and friends to stay away from it.

Kevin sat at the head table. Later in the evening, he rose to give a toast to the newlyweds. “They have overcome hardship and great obstacles to be together, and it was my privilege to be able to help them.” (And take advantage of my sister in the process.) “Theirs will be an unconventional marriage, but I have no doubt a long and happy one.” (At least in part because the wife can’t divorce him.) “Let us all wish them the best and let them get on their way to their honeymoon.”

The guests applauded, the groom made few almost incomprehensible remarks, and the couple left the hall. The rest of the guests sat and conversed and let the evening come to a slow end.

Kevin reflected that as part owner, he could have insisted on being in on the honeymoon, but he wanted them to be a married couple and to have a good life. The honeymoon was necessary. He’d get his two nights a week after they got back. They would spend a week at a resort down on the Gulf coast. Sara didn’t know that she would be getting a week with a slave trainer about a week after they got back home, to make her into a good slave wife.

Late that night, the newlyweds checked in to the resort. Their room was spacious, with a queen-size bed, and, to Sara’s horror, a bondage table and a pillory. “Hop on,” said Al, gesturing to the bondage table.

“Please, no… Let’s consummate this like a regular married couple.”

Al smiled. He had intended to leave her unbound, but wanted to give her a little motivation. It worked. She worked very hard to make sure he enjoyed their first married coupling, and her first unbound fuck in over a year. She decided that every unbound fuck would receive her utmost effort to please him, to encourage him to use her that way.

After that, the week proceeded like most honeymoons. They took in the sights, ate wonderful meals, played in the surf, and fucked like there was no tomorrow.

She was getting used to the collar he had put on her, a collar that he told her would stay on permanently. She thought she could wheedle him out of that, but decided not to try for now. She didn’t know that it really was permanent, because it would take the agreement of both her owners to remove it. She also didn’t know about all the things it could do. Al would have fun teaching her about them.