George Johnson walked into his house and into the kitchen. As he expected, his house slave, Penelope, was waiting there for him. She was wearing a nice dress, as he had requested. He hadn’t seen it on her before, but that wasn’t surprising, as he hadn’t ever had occasion for her to be dressed well before. It must have been a dress he got from her ex-husband when he acquired her.

He asked, “Ready to go?” She jumped up, nodding, and followed him to the garage. “Get in.”

He drove them to a restaurant, the same one he had taken Joan to before he took her dancing. After they were seated, she looked around and said, “This is a really nice place. It’s been a long time since I’ve been anywhere like this.”

George decided not to tell her that most of the other patrons were there with their slaves. He was doing this because she had been a good slave and deserved a little reward. In any case, it was one of his favorite places. “What kind of drink do you want before dinner?”

“I … haven’t had a drink in a long time. You’ll get me one?”

He smiled. “We are here to relax and have a good time. Of course you can have a drink.” When the waitress came, he ordered a drink, and she hesitantly ordered a glass of wine.

After that little drama, she relaxed and was a good dinner companion. They sat and made small talk through the meal, then lingered over desert.

He asked, “You haven’t had a drink? I have wine and liquor at the house, and you handle it for me.”

“I don’t want to make you mad, so I refrain.”

“There is some special stuff in the cabinet, and you know what it is. Don’t drink it. Aside from that, don’t be a drunk.”

Penelope started to feel better. She had lived in fear since her enslavement, and although she was still afraid, she felt a little less apprehensive.

After desert, they went to the place where he and Joan had danced. Penelope was rusty, but got into the swing of things and had a good time. When they left, he stopped her on the sidewalk and asked her, “What do you think I want you to do now?”

Penelope swallowed hard. “You want me to strip naked?”


“I don’t know what you want. I couldn’t tell what my husband wanted, either. Please tell me.”

He smiled. “I want you to walk with me and hold my hand. A kiss would be nice.” She obliged him.

They returned to his home and he got a chilled bottle of wine out. “I’ll open this. Do you have a pretty nightgown?”

“Yes, a very nice one.”

“Go put it on and come back down.”

Five minutes later, Penelope came back into the living room in a lacy nightgown that was just a little longer than a micro-miniskirt. She did look fetching in it, thought George. He had gone to his room and put on his pajama bottoms. He handed her a glass of wine and led her to sit on the couch. “Why do you think I took you to dinner and dancing?”

“To be nice to me, I think.”

“Yes. It doesn’t mean I plan on romancing you. You have been doing good work and have been loyal and hard working. I thought you might appreciate a reward of a nice night. Did you like it?”

“Yes, very much. Thank you. Why did you have me put on this nightgown?”

“I plan on taking you to my bed. I’m always around totally nude women, and I thought it would be nice to have someone wear a little something just once.” He sipped wine, as did she. “Do you like it when I bed you?”

“Yes, I do. You don’t do it very often, so I thought you didn’t like me in bed.”

“You are fine in bed. You aren’t my physical type, but you know what you are doing. I plan to continue to bring slaves home, especially the last three you’ve seen here. I may get a specially-trained slave, but I’m beginning to think I’ll promote from within. However, I can’t have them here all the time right now. I used to use others at the bar, but that has started to wear thin. I’ll probably be here more, and I’ll probably be using you more. How does that sound?”

“Please do. I’m horny. What should I do?”

“What you have been doing. I’ll probably be chaining you for sex more often than not; I like chaining women for sex. Have you ever been in a pillory?”

“Only once, at the slave dealer.”

“Well, I’m getting more equipment in here soon, and that will be one thing I get. When I have multiple women here, I’ll probably be sending one off to be with you. You seemed to appreciate that.”

“I did like it.”

“You asked what to do. I have a few things for you to work on. Show me your pussy.”

She hiked up her nightgown and displayed her pudenda. He said, “Yes. You need to shave your labia. You can leave some hair above your slit, if you like.”

“You mean, like a landing strip?”

“Yes, or a V. I like the labia bare.”

“I’ll get right on it.” She started to leave, and he had her stop. “Not tonight. You keep your underarms and legs shaved, right? Good. Have you been using the Electric Kegel? Very good. I’ll arrange for you to use the suck trainer at the bar.”

“I can suck.”

“Most women think they can. Most don’t do well. I’ll have you try it as a prelude tonight. Now, let’s go over a few things that have caused troubles for other men. Do you know what you are and what your role is?”

“I am your slave, and my role is to do what you tell me.”

“Correct. Some house slaves that get more sexual attention forget that. Don’t. Do you understand what you are asking me to do?”

“Have you make me your backup sex slave.”

“Again, correct. Did you enjoy this evening so far?”

“Yes, but I understand that it isn’t romance, but a nice reward for a good slave.”

“Excellent. Do you like the wine?”

The change of direction startled her, but she said, “Yes.”

“Good. Pleasant socializing and comfortable surroundings are important. I like to keep a good relationship with my slaves.”

They spent some time drinking and talking about less weighty matters. When the bottle was empty, George rose and took Penelope’s hand and led her to his bedroom. “Suck me.” She dropped to her knees and lowered his pajamas, took him into her mouth, and started trying to please him. As he expected, she really didn’t know what she was doing, but she got him hard.

“Take off your nightgown and lie down.” As she complied, he pulled up chains and leather cuffs from all four corners of the bed. When she was in position, he fastened her down into a spread eagle position, then tested her pussy. It was sopping wet, so he skipped the foreplay and jumped right in. She struggled against the bonds to push back and participate in the sex. She managed an orgasm just about the same time he came. He rested on top of her afterwards, then slid off. “That was an impressive effort you just made, and very good sex. I’m tired now.” He released her bonds, pulled up the blanket, and fell asleep.

She lay there, full of uncertainty. He hadn’t told her to go back to her room, and he had covered her up, so she supposed she was to stay. He also hadn’t cuddled her after the sex, like she had hoped, but she thought that might be connected to the you’re-still-my-slave speech he had given her. She sighed, and then thought, smiling, that the sex really had been good. She relaxed and fell asleep.