The next morning, George Johnson woke up to find Penelope beside him. They had kicked most of the sheets off of them through the night, so she was shown in her full nude, if not glory, at least attractiveness, with her legs spread. He went to the bathroom, then returned with a tube of lubricant. He lubed himself, then mounted her. It woke her up right away. She looked a little disoriented, but realized quickly what had happened and put her arms around him and her feet at the back of his knees.

He didn’t linger. It was a fast fuck. She seemed to enjoy it, but he couldn’t tell if she climaxed. He did, however, and that was his goal. When he got his breath back, he climbed off. “That’s what you get in my bed if you spread your legs.”

She smiled and rose, and said, “I’ll be in here every night with my legs spread wide.”

He had her wash him in the shower, as he had taken to doing with the young slaves he brought home occasionally. He told her not to dress afterwards. She made breakfast while he dressed for work.

He ate with her, then told her, “Put on some tennis shoes. I’m taking you to the bar to use the suck trainer. I’ll be taking you there the same way I took the other two yesterday.”

She understood what he meant. She put on some shoes, then retrieved a collar, a leash, and a pair of handcuffs from his bondage supplies and went to meet him in the kitchen.

“Excellent. Put on the collar and leash.” She did so, and George cuffed her. He led her to the car, seated her, and buckled her in.

When he arrived at his parking space, he got her out of the car and walked with her toward the bar. He didn’t hold her leash, and she stayed quite close to him. He hadn’t made her work or travel about nude since he bought her. She realized that it was because in this role, she was a sex slave, not a domestic, and sex slaves were nude. It would have bothered her previously, but the long lack of sex and the prospect of more sex in the future had mellowed her.

Shortly before they reached the bar, a woman passed them on the sidewalk, then turned suddenly and said, “Penelope!”

George and Penelope both stopped and turned. The woman was about the same age as Penelope, well-dressed, and looked astounded. Penelope said, “Hello, Beatrice.”

George looked between them and recognized a resemblance, and thought to himself, Oh, great. Another slave meets a family member and I get blamed for the slave being a slave.

Penelope broke the awkward silence by saying, “Mr. Johnson, this is my sister Beatrice. Beatrice, this is my owner, Mr. Johnson. I’m his housekeeper, and this isn’t my usual mode of dress.”

Beatrice embraced Penelope and said, “We haven’t heard anything about you for over two years! Your husband…” She trailed off and glowered. “The family made a great deal of trouble for him and for his employer.”

Penelope said, “That’s good to hear. I don’t want to hold up my owner, though…”

Mr. Johnson said, “It would be very poor manners to keep two sisters from talking, but I do need to get to work, and I have something for Penelope to do. If you would like to speak more with her, come into the bar at noon and ask for me at the front desk.”

Beatrice looked at him seemingly for the first time, looked like she was about to say something, then didn’t. She had realized that her sister was a slave and being in any way antagonistic might make her life harder. She had been offered a chance to talk to her sister, so she was going to accept it.

“Thank you, I will.”

Mr. Johnson and Penelope entered the bar as Beatrice watched. After he had locked the door behind them, she said, “Mr. Johnson, I’m sorry that I delayed you. That was a strange coincidence.”

He just looked at her and said, “You’ve been in my house for two years and didn’t call your family?”

“No. The trainers made it very clear that we should not do that or even ask.”

He shook his head. “Well, that’s not my policy. I give you evenings off, let you dress, have you run errands. I didn’t mean to completely separate you from your old life.”

“You do with the slaves in your bar.”

“You are right, for a lot of them, anyway. However, you have a different role. I understand why the trainers and some owners would discourage contact with family and friends, but for you, and for the bar slaves that are anything other than suckers, I don’t mind it. It makes them happier and less despondent. I’ve only had a few problems with slaves talking to outsiders, and that has come from the outsiders. Go ahead and call people and see them on your time off. That’s why I give you time off. In any case, she will be back at noon. I’ll hand you over to Louise for suck training.”

He led her to the suck trainer, where Delia was hard at work on a suck training program that the display said was “intermediate to advanced.” Louise was standing behind Delia, waiting for the end of the program. Mr. Johnson told Louise, “Put Penelope on a beginner training program. Keep her on it until a little before noon, and then deliver her to my office before noon. You don’t need to keep her cuffed, and don’t cuff her before bringing her to my office. This afternoon, I want you to obtain some tennis shoes for yourself. See the business office duty slave on how to do that. After that, call Delia’s father and ask him if we can get a pair of her tennis shoes. By the way, get socks, too. If he wants you to pick up the shoes at his business, you can walk over there. Delia stays here. If he wants to fuck you, let him.”

Louise responded, “I understand. Delia is almost done on this program, and Penelope can use the rest of the time this morning on the suck trainer. There aren’t many users of this machine.”

“That bothers me. I spent good money on it and you two are the only regular users. What gives?”

“Most of the white collars that are trusted to move on their own have completed the minimum requirement and aren’t motivated to continue. The upper-level slaves have mostly completed higher-level training and only come back for refreshers. I am at that stage myself.”

“So it has been used, but the white collar slaves aren’t taking additional training. I can fix that. Do you think it has helped you? I know that your customer satisfaction ratings, and Delia’s, are very high.”

“It has helped with technique. What it didn’t help with was what the customer wanted. The trainer emphasizes continuous changes of technique, which is what a lot of men want. Some just want a bobber, some want deep-throats, some want to just be held in the mouth and tongued, and some other specialties. A lot of them will tell the suck slave what they want if it isn’t the standard. Some just fail to respond or complain. When you recognize what moves make the customer happy, by how he shifts his body, thrusts at you, groans, that kind of thing, you can abandon the moves that don’t work and go back to the ones that do. That can’t be done on the machine. I think a lot of the slaves with lower satisfaction ratings aren’t looking for or recognizing what the customer is telling them. Or maybe they just don’t care.”

The bar owner looked thoughtful. “I’m going to think about that for a little while. Maybe I’ll call a meeting of the good suckers and ask for training ideas. In any case, you are doing great. Keep it up. By the way, you’re an asset slave now.”

Louise beamed. “Thank you, Mr. Johnson!” She wrapped him up in a big hug, then stepped back quickly. “Sorry about that, I got carried away.”

He smiled. “That was fine, Louise. I like to get good reactions to good news. I rather enjoyed it.” He turned and left Louise standing with the still-cuffed Penelope. Shortly after that, the machine reeled Delia in for the ending deep-throat and then released her. She had been bound into the machine with the cuffs that unlocked at the end of the program, so she rose, unbound, and greeted Penelope.

“Hi. You came here to see how the sex-slave side lives?”

Penelope shook her head. “It seems that I can’t suck. He wants me to learn how. By the way, whats a bobber?”

Louise said, “That’s a suck where the slave just bobs her head up and down over the cock, keeping her lips closed around it. It’s called that because it looks like your head is moving like a fishing bobber.”

“I take it most men don’t want that?”

“No. A few got to like it after bad suckers got them used to it. Let’s get you on the trainer.” Louise had her kneel at the trainer, showed her the indicators that told her what to do, told here what would happen if the machine didn’t see matching action, and attached the collar rope to Louise’s collar. She lubed up the punishment dildo and put it inside Louise, then adjusted the settings on the machine and started it.

Penelope didn’t get too many shocks right away because the beginner program gave the sucker more leeway. It did expect the sucker to catch on, though, and in a few minutes the shocks were coming. It took her five minutes to get the shocks to slow down. Even after that rough start, by the end of the program she was getting far fewer shocks. Louise released her.

“Let’s take a break and I’ll explain what you need to change before I put you on the next program.”