George Johnson went to his office. When he got there, he saw Joan sitting in the business office working, and he called to her. “Please step in, Joan.”

Joan rose and followed him. They seated themselves, and Mr. Johnson began. “I brought Penelope in today to get some time on the suck trainer. She was asking for more sex, so I figured I’d treat her like I treated the two I had at home the night before last. I had her stay nude, cuffed and leashed her, and was leading her to the bar when we passed a woman on the sidewalk. It turned out to be Penelope’s sister. The first time I ever made her be nude or chained in public, we run into her sister. Anyway, the sister is coming back here at noon to talk with Penelope. I’d like to have her the way she usually is, not nude. I want you to take my car, go to my house, and get her some clothes and her purse. You do have a driver’s license, don’t you?”

Joan said, “Yes, I do. I’ve seen the way she usually dresses, so I can probably pick something out. May I dress?”

“Yes, of course. Just be back here before 11:30.”

“Got it.” Joan stood and said, “I’ll need the keys, of course.”

Mr. Johnson removed two keys from his ring and handed them to her, and asked “Can you find your way to the house?”

She recited the way there, and it satisfied him, so she left the office, getting a squeeze on the butt as she left.

She dressed, went to the car, and drove to his house. She went in and found Penelope’s room. She started to explore the room, finding a nice dress and shoes, but not finding any underwear. She dug through drawers, and finally found lacy thongs and racy bras. They were in the same drawers as vibrating dildos and leather retainers. Joan grinned to herself and decided not to tell her owner.

When she returned to the bar, she entered the side door as usual, stripped, and went to find Penelope. She was on the suck trainer, getting rather good scores for a new sucker. She told Louise, “Here are clothes for her. When she is done with this session, take her to the infirmary and have Janelle shave her, then let her dress and bring her to the business office.” Joan took Penelope’s purse with her back to the office.

At 11:50, Louise led Penelope in, fully dressed. Louise was far more attractive to Joan, as she was nude, but Penelope had a certain presence that Joan also appreciated. “Louise, go ahead and go to lunch with Delia.” She paused. “Has Delia been submissive and obeyed all instructions for the last week?”

“Yes, she has.”

“OK. Don’t cuff her for the rest of the day unless she rebels.”

Louise went on her way. Joan turned to Penelope and asked, “How did I do with the clothes?”

“You got them?” At Joan’s nod, she said, “It’s what I would have worn today.” A pause. “What else did you find?”

“Evidence that you are horny. Don’t worry. I won’t tell and he wouldn’t care.”

Penelope relaxed. “I am horny. This whole escapade is about me asking him to deal with me being horny. And then I meet my sister on the sidewalk while I’m naked and cuffed. On top of that, I was happy to be naked and cuffed because it was part of a deal to get me more sex. At least now I’ll be talking to her when I’m not naked and cuffed. Where will I be talking to her?”

“Anywhere you want. Here’s your purse. You have had the freedom to go to lunch on your regular allowance for a long time. If she will take you home, have her take you there and show her how you live. He told me to tell you have the afternoon off. If she can’t or won’t take you home, come back here or take a taxi home. He likes to have women who will deal with problems. Have a good time, deal with any problems, and be there when he gets home around 10 PM.”

At noon, precisely, Beatrice approached the front desk and asked for Mr. Johnson. The desk slave called a passing green-collar to escort Beatrice to the office. When she entered the office, Beatrice saw her sister, fully dressed, and a beautiful young nude woman. Beatrice’s entrance caused their conversation to end, and they rose to greet her. “Hello again, Beatrice. This is Joan, the chief supervisor here at the bar. Joan, this is my sister Beatrice.”

“It’s good to meet you. You two have a good time over lunch.”

Beatrice looked a little stunned. “You are wearing clothes? You were naked and chained this morning.”

Penelope said, “That was the first time he had me like that. I’ll explain it over lunch. Like I said, I’m his housekeeper, not a bar worker.” She spoke to Joan, “Thanks for everything, Joan. Will you be coming by soon?”

“I hope so. See you then.”

The sisters left the bar. Beatrice started in right away. “I can get you away from here. You could escape from this.”

Penelope shook her head. “And go where? And live on what? They know I have family and they would be watching you and watching any money you send anywhere. I don’t have it that bad.”

“You were naked and chained!”

“Yes. Like I said, it was the first time since he got me. I was asking him for more sex, and that got me a little of the sex-slave treatment. It was fun.”

Beatrice was aghast. “You ask that man… that man… for more sex?”

“That man would be my owner. You might as well say it. The world has changed. Lousy husbands sell off wives. Women are commodities. At least I’m valued. I keep his home running smoothly, and sometimes he rewards me by scratching my sex itch. I have a nice room, clothing, the use of a car, days and evenings off. He told me that I could talk with you and visit you. I didn’t call you because that was hammered into us at slave training, and he didn’t know about it. He told me to ignore that training. He’s a nice guy.”

Beatrice was still aghast. “Maybe I could buy you from him.”

“I doubt it. He paid good money and he likes my work. On top of that, I’d be your slave then. Is that what you want?”

“We could free you.”

“And how would I live then? Sponging off you? Things like this need a lot of thought before jumping in.”

Beatrice and Penelope entered a restaurant — the same one that Mr. Johnson liked taking his slaves to. There was a scattering of naked slaves eating lunch. Beatrice did not approve. Penelope didn’t know whether it was because they were naked or because they were slaves. If it was the latter, that didn’t bode well for their relationship, because Penelope was pretty sure she would remain a slave for some time to come. Mr. Johnson had said something once about setting up a savings plan and a route to freedom over the course of a decade or two. That was how long she expected to stay a slave. It was better than being one of the black-collar suck slaves in his bar.

Beatrice said, “You had all of Mother’s books and photo albums, and all the family silver. I suppose that’s all gone now.”

Penelope smiled. “Nope. When Mr. Johnson bought me, he said he had to get me clothes, then wondered out loud if my ex-husband had disposed of them yet. He called and was told he could have all of my stuff if he came and hauled it away and didn’t bring me. When they brought it back, it included all of my books, photo albums, letters, Mom’s family history book, everything. I’ve been scanning the material into a computer, so you can have copies of everything.”

Beatrice looked overjoyed. “I wanted copies of a lot of those pictures, and her book, and I thought that was gone forever. Thank you.”

“On top of that, Mom’s nicer stuff that I got, like jewelry, silver, art, and my part of the cash value of the estate, never went to my house in the first place. It’s in secure storage and a bank account, with the trust department of the bank paying the storage fees. I set that up so that I didn’t have to worry about getting bills at the house. We were already having problems, and I didn’t want that stuff where he could get his hands on it.”

“So you’re a rich slave?”

“Not rich, but not destitute.”

Penelope saw a glint in her sister’s eye, and thought, I was afraid of that. She wants the stuff I saved. Well, she’s not going to get it. Only I know where it is, and I’m not telling. If she tells my owner to get him to make me tell, he’ll get it, not her.

The meal went on pleasantly. Over desert, Penelope saw Beatrice glare again at a table of nude slaves nearby. She finally asked, “Why are you upset with them? Because they are slaves?”

“No, not exactly. I’m just tired of all the naked women running around. The men stare at them and I get so jealous.”

“They don’t stare so much any more.”