That afternoon, Louise took Delia to the white-collar waiting area, then went on to the office. The duty slave there had a charge card and a printed purchase order for her. “Take these to the department store on the next block east. Go to the customer service desk and say you have a purchase you have been ordered to make. They will read the order and send you to the right person to process it. The note I have says that you are to visit a Thompson Connectors company and retrieve a package, and that you should be back by supper time. I don’t see how that should take so long, so maybe they have something for you to do there. You have not been issued any clothing, so you’ll be going nude. Your purchase is shoes, and you may wear them after you get them. Here is a downtown map with the bar, the department store, and the business you are to visit clearly marked.” The duty slave paused and looked at her. She asked, “Is this the first time you’ve been sent out of the bar alone?”

Louise decided that being sent from Mr. Johnson’s home to the grocery didn’t count, so she said, “Yes.”

“This kind of thing is the first step to a little of a life. Do it as ordered and you will probably get more opportunities, and eventually some recreational leave from the bar. Mess it up, come back late, do something stupid, or run away, and you won’t get another chance for a while, possibly years.”

Louise said, “I understand.”

“OK. I set the security system not to set off an alarm as you leave or come back, so walk out the front door and go about your business.”

Louise left the office and passed the front desk on the way to the door. She saw that the desk slave was watching her and an alarm light. She went to the door, pushed it open, and left. There wasn’t an alarm or a flashing light, and no one came after her, so Louise figured she’d been passed for exit. She remembered that she had something implanted inside her that allowed them to see if she passed certain places, and she still wore the new collar with the radio in it.

As she walked down the sidewalk, she noticed that few people paid much attention to her. It was high summer, and there were quite a few slaves out walking, both nude and topless. She was the only one not wearing shoes, though, and the hot concrete was bothering her feet. She was careful not to step on anything metal. She almost ran the last hundred feet to the department store.

She was feeling naked again, like she had initially in the bar, but she was used to being nude. Odd, she thought, and then she figured that she hadn’t been in the real world for a year, and in places like this, she wasn’t used to being nude. She sighed and made her way to the customer service desk.

A woman behind the counter smiled and said, “May I help you?”

Louise handed her the purchase order. The woman read it and said, “Of course. I’ll call the shoe department and let them know you are coming. Your bar often sends slaves here for items.” The woman paused, obviously considering her words. She finally said, in a low voice, “The first thing they do for slaves they think they may be able to trust not to run away is to send them here for shoes. Good job.”

Louise was confused. She said, “Thank you,” but was puzzled about why the woman had given her this information.

The woman smiled and said, “I should tell you, I’m a slave too, and I like to see other slaves getting a little more freedom. I live in an apartment with three other slaves and work regular hours. I don’t know if you can get to something like that, but you are getting a better deal. Good luck.”

Louise smiled broadly and thanked the woman again. She followed the signs to the shoe department and went to the cash register station.

“Are you the one from Suckers looking for shoes?” asked the sales clerk, who Louise suspected was also a slave.

“Yes. I need tennis shoes and some socks.”

“We’ll get you fixed up right away.”

The clerk measured Louise’s feet, and brought out several boxes. “This is the style we are to put you in. I think this is the proper size. Here are some socks that fit your approximate size.”

Louise tried on the socks and shoes and walked around in them. “I think these will be fine.” The clerk felt her feet through the shoes and said, “I agree. Let’s get you checked out.”

Louise gave her the purchase order and the credit card, and the clerk finished the transaction. “Do you want the shoe box? I expect you’ll want to wear the shoes.”

“Yes, I’d like the box, and I am very glad to wear the shoes. The sidewalks are hot.”

The clerk put the receipt, the charge card, and the extra socks from the package in the box, put it in a bag, and handed it to Louise. “Here you go.” She looked Louise over and said, quietly, “If they let you out more, come by here by the employee entrance out back. Almost all the women who work here are slaves, and we live nearby. We are always happy to entertain another slave, especially one that may be interested in … mutual pleasure.”

Louise said, “I’ll keep that very much in mind.” She left the department store, luxuriating in her new shoes, and looked at the map so she could get to Thompson Connectors.

It wasn’t all that far, on the edge of the downtown area merging into an industrial zone. She walked there in about half an hour and entered the front door. The receptionist looked up and said, “How can I help you?”

Louise replied, “I’m from Suckers, and I have instructions to pick up a package.”

The receptionist consulted some papers, and said, “Here it is. Wait here for a minute; I’ll call the office supervisor.” Shortly after that, a woman walked into the lobby and said, “You’re from Suckers?”


“Good to have you here. Please come with me.”

Louise followed her, and wasn’t led to an office, but to an upstairs apartment in the building. The woman said, “Please have a seat. I’m Julia. Mr. Thompson, the owner, would like to speak with you, and he’s in a meeting. When do you have to be back?”

“By supper time, which I suppose means before 6PM.”

“That gives us plenty of time. Do you work with Delia?”

“Yes. I’m her roommate and one of my jobs other than sucking is to deal with her. Right now, she’s on suck duty. They told me to go out, get some shoes, and pick up some shoes for Delia.” She paused, then said, “I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell you this, but my owner told me that if Delia’s father wants to fuck me, I am to let him.”

“I know. Mr. Johnson called. He said that he’d be sending someone for the shoes, and that the someone he was sending was available for Mr. Thompson’s pleasure. It was something about giving some pleasure back. Do you know what that means?”

“I suppose it is because my owner, Mr. Johnson, has been fucking Delia and enjoys it. He took Delia and me home with him a few days ago for sex, and he used us both in the bar before that. I know he likes using me, so I suppose he’s offering me to Mr. Thompson in gratitude.”

“That’s what I thought. I know Delia. She used to visit here, and she was very pleasant to us.”


“The small set of slaves that worked here before she was enslaved. I’m head slave, and office supervisor.”

Louise was a little surprised that Julia was a slave. “It must be nice to be able to dress. Can you go outside?”

“Yes, after work. I often run errands. Don’t you get out?”

“I’ve been outside that bar three times since I arrived there a year ago. Once was after Delia arrived a couple of weeks ago, another was the trip to Mr. Johnson’s house, and this is the third.. I don’t hear much about the outside world.”

“That’s got to be tough. If you don’t mind, how did you end up at the bar?”

Louise sighed. “A friend of mine bought some pot and brought it to a party. I didn’t even know about it. The guy that sold her the pot narced on her, and they arrested everyone at the party, even the ones that weren’t using it, like me. The guys got a fine, and the girls all got enslaved. It went really fast. There was a quick auction, and I ended up in a batch of girls that they trucked straight to the bar. I think a slave trader was buying a batch of slaves for the bar and took us there. Anyway, since my arrest, I haven’t had any contact with my friends, my family, or anyone but the bar slaves, staff, and the guys I had to suck.”

“That is really rough. I got sold out by my husband, sent to a warehouse, and tried to commit suicide by getting myself sent to a meat plant by getting injured. Mr. Thompson rescued me; they gave me to him instead. He rescued another slave later. He’s bought a few since then. This is a good place to be a slave, if you have to be a slave.”

Louise replied, “Is there really such a thing? I was a black-collar suck slave, one that had to give noose sucks sometimes. Enough customers liked my work that I got promoted to white-collar slave at the bar, which means no more noose sucks and a chance at a little more freedom, like this errand. Some of the higher-level slaves get a lot more, like the chief supervisor, who goes to college part time, and I know she goes out some days and evenings. I don’t think I’ll ever get that. She volunteered with an asset contract that protects her and gives her some privileges. I didn’t have that chance.”

“Yes, dear, there is such a thing. It seems that your chief supervisor has a good place. I know the slaves here have a good situation. I hope you can work your way up. If they do give you some time out of the bar, you are welcome to come here.”

“Thank you. The sales slave at the department store said I could meet fellow slaves at the back door of the store, but I’d rather meet people a little less out in the open.”

“Please, come if you can. Come in the front and ask for me, or after hours, ring the bell by the back entrance. You can call the slave apartment number too; I’ll give it to you.”

“Thanks. I’ve never had access to a phone, though.”

Julia looked thoughtful. “Would you like to use ours? Mr. Thompson won’t be up here for almost an hour.”

Louise’s heart jumped. “I’d like to, yes! I just wonder if I dare.”

“Did they order you not to call anyone?”

“No. The slave that gave me instructions for this trip told me not to do anything stupid.”

“I don’t think that covers making a call. Is there someone you would like to call?”

“Yes, but I’d have to look up the number.”

“There’s a phone on the end table, and there’s a phone book next to it.”

Louise moved to the phone, opened the book, and looked up her brother’s number. She thought it would be easier to talk to him than her parents. She found the number and called it. It was answered on the third ring. “Hello?”

Louise swallowed and said, “May I speak to Sam?”


“Hello, Sam. This is Louise.”

“Louise? Where are you? We’ve been trying to find you for a year!”

“I’m on an errand from my usual place. The people here offered me a chance to call someone.”

“Where is your usual place?”

“Suckers. It’s a suck bar. I’ve spent the last year sucking cocks.”

There was a pause. “I’m so sorry, Louise. They didn’t even tell us about your arrest. We didn’t find out until two days after filing a missing person report. No one would tell us where you were. A year in a suck bar. It must have been hell.”

“It was, at the beginning, but you adjust. I’ve been given a higher status now, and they sent me on an errand to see if they can trust me.”

“I’d help you escape, but the consequences could be bad.”

“No, please don’t. I won’t be put in any more noose sucks, and I may be getting a bit more … freedom. Maybe I’ll be able to call you again in a while.”

“Do you think I could come and visit you?”

“They never let anyone visit the lowest level of slaves. Maybe they would let me get a visitor. I’ll ask. Please don’t try until I call you. The only way to see me otherwise is to come to the bar and ask for me to suck you.”

“I can’t do that. Do you think I’d be able to buy you?”

“The way I got a higher status was to make myself more valuable to them. I don’t know if they would consider selling me. I doubt it would be cheap.”

The conversation went on to more family news and catching up. Louise was watching the clock, and watching Julia for continued approval. After 40 minutes, she said, “I’d better get off the phone. Please give my love to everyone, and don’t tell anyone where I am — I don’t need rescue attempts or outraged people trying to beat on the bar owner. He’s OK, as suck bar owners go, I guess.”

“Thank you for calling me. We still have all your things. Maybe we could get some of them to you, clothes, books, computer?”

“I’ll ask. Thanks, Sam. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye, Louise.”

She hung up the phone and sat quietly for a few minutes, with tears on her cheeks.

“Are you all right, Louise?”

“Yes. Thank you for that. It helped a lot.”

“Of course. No problem.”

After a while, Louise broke the silence. “This is a good place to be a slave? No whippings? No bondage? No forced sex?”

“No whippings, although one of the slaves would like to get whipped a little. There is bondage. We like sex in bondage. He doesn’t have to force sex. We usually have to beg for it.”

Louise looked thoughtful. “A slave that wants whipping? Must be a pain freak. I’ve liked the sex I’ve gotten in bondage, but being in handcuffs eight hours a day wears on you.”

“In a suck bar, you may get that. In an office, you don’t.”

“Do you live in a dorm?”

“No, we live here. I’ll show you around.” Julia took her to the kitchen and got her a soda. She pointed out the entertainment options in the living room, and then took Louise to see her own room.

“Wow. This is nicer than the chief supervisor’s room. I’ve heard about it.”

Julia said, “We also have the play room. I’ll show it to you. Be aware that we like it and enjoy our activities in it.”

Julia opened the door to the play room and let Louise look at the pillories, bondage chairs, cages, and poles. She was fascinated by the poles, and got a demonstration. “That’s one toy I could use.”

“We like it.”

They returned to the living room and made small talk until the door opened and a man in a suit walked in. Louise rose immediately, followed by Julia. “Mr. Thompson, this is Louise from the bar. Louise, this is Mr. Thompson, the owner of this business, my owner, and Delia’s father and owner.”

“Pleased to meet you, Louise. Please have a seat.” He sat and continued. “I wanted to meet you and hear about Delia and how she is doing there.”

“She has adjusted pretty well. She’s a highly-rated sucker now, and people request her services. She’s been behaving, and today I was told not to cuff her when I moved her around the bar. Mr. Johnson must like her; he’s had her taken to the Fuck Room several times, with me accompanying her, and he took the two of us home with him for two nights recently.”

Mr. Thompson sat there listening to the summary of his daughter’s activities, which included commercial cock sucking, bondage, and non-consensual sex, and wondered that he wasn’t all that bothered by it. “I understand she got whipped?”

“Yes. It wasn’t a severe whipping. It was rather mild, but she said it was the most pain she had ever experienced.”

“So she’s adapting well?”

“Yes. I think they were thinking about giving her more responsibilities, but were wondering of it was worth it if she would leave soon.”

“I’ll talk to your owner about it.”

Julia said, “I’ve been thinking about trying to visit Delia, but I don’t want to cause her any problems. Could you ask about that too?”

“I certainly will.”

Louise said, “I’d like to know whether I can get visitors. I’ve never seen any, but I was a black collar for a year and haven’t been around the upper levels for long.”

“Maybe I’ll ask that, too.”

“Thank you.”

They chatted on about the workings of the bar, the kinds of things that Delia and Louise did, with emphasis on sucking, and how things were going. After about twenty minutes, Mr. Thompson said, “Well, I have to get going in about half an hour, and you have to get back to the bar. Julia, let’s take her to your room for the festivities.”

Julia rose and led Louise back to her room. Louise thought, so I am going to get fucked. She was happy enough with it. Julia closed the door and began to disrobe. “I’m going to have sex with you?”

“Maybe, if that’s what Mr. Thompson wants. He’ll be in here shortly. I just like to be nude around sex. You expected him to use you, didn’t you?”

“Yes. You seem to like him, so I doubt it will be bad.”

“Honey, you are going for a ride.”

Half an hour later, Louise was lying on the bed resting as Mr. Thompson dressed. “That was superb, Louise. I’m going to ask him to send you over here again.”

“Thank you, sir. It was great for me too.”

He took his leave and left the room. Julia was lying next to her, stroking her body. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Does your owner use you a lot?”

“Every once in a while. I think he prefers Joan, the chief supervisor, and I understand why, even though I’m tighter than she is. She has the whole package. She makes me wet, and I only go for girls because there aren’t enough guys. Don’t stop doing that!” The last she said when Julia’s fingers withdrew after her previous statement. She looked at Julia and said, “You are very attractive, too. I should have said I first went for girls when there weren’t enough guys. For the last year, it was all girls until the last few weeks, unless you count sucking. Anyway, the bar owner has a lot of women around, and some of them ask for his attention. I know he uses them. At least now I get a little every once in a while. Yes! Right there!”