Louise walked into the slave chow hall nude and carrying her shoe box bag and a much larger box. She stopped when she saw Joan eating at a small table at the side of the room, a table that all the other slaves left for her use and called it her office. She went to Joan and said, “I’m back before the time limit, I hope.”

“Yes, you’re fine. Put your boxes down and go get something to eat and bring it back here.”

Louise did as she was told. When she was seated with her food, Joan asked, “Where are the shoes you were supposed to get?”

“I took them off when I got back to the bar and put them back in the box, which is inside the bag.”

“What’s the other box?”

“Delia’s shoes, along with a few things that her father’s slaves thought she should have.”

“Did you get fucked at her father’s place?”

“Boy, did I ever. After he was done, he left, and his head slave took over. That was even better. After that, she brought me back here in a company truck.”

“Open up the box and let’s see what they sent her.”

The box contained a pair of tennis shoes, several books, some pictures in frames, and several boxes of snacks. “That’s OK. Let her have them.”

“Where is she?”

“She ate early and is back on suck duty.”

They ate in silence for a while. Louise finished her meal and sat quietly for a while. She finally said, “Is there any way I can have a visitor or two?”

“Who wants to visit you? Mr. Thompson? I’ll just send you over there.”

“No. I meant my family. Mr. Thompson’s head slave let me call my brother.”

Joan looked up and said, “I wondered how long it would take you.”

“Take me?”

“Yes. All white collars that finally get to go out call someone sooner or later. The smarter ones do it earlier. You did it right away. Did they offer to help you escape?”

“He mentioned it, but went on to say that it could be really bad if he did.”

“It would be. They want to visit you. If they visit you here, you will be nude. If you call them and have them meet you on a recreational excursion from the bar, you can wear whatever you have.”

“Which is a pair of shoes. He offered to bring me clothes, books, and my computer.”

“Some clothes and books wouldn’t be a problem. I’ll have to think about the computer.”

“I’d like to talk to you about something else. Mr. Johnson told me that I could become more than a sex slave. He asked me if I could handle business operations or manage things like you do. I told him no, and I had no way to get there. He told me to learn from you, read about it, and maybe arrange classes like you take. I’d like to be something more than an expert cock sucker. Can you help me?”

Joan sat and considered her. She finally said, “Let’s try some business analysis. Mr. Johnson would like to expand the operation, have a nice restaurant, maybe a fuck business, perhaps other things. How can he do it in this building?”

Louise thought about it. “The bar and restaurant should be on the ground floor. Even if you moved the slave preparation area and most of the other support areas, there wouldn’t be enough room. He would have to find another building, or build one.”

“Very good. He owns the old warehouse behind the bar. The last tenant left a few months ago. He is planning to remodel it to house a new bar and restaurant. What does he do with this building?”

“He uses it as his slave support building, expands the dorms, and builds an all-weather passage between the two buildings. Any slave services would stay here, like your slave punishment business. He could help retain the services of valuable slaves that can leave by building an apartment in the building where she could live with her … boyfriend.”

Joan was taken aback. That was one possibility that hadn’t occurred to her. “Very good. I’ll get you some books. Maybe I will let you have that computer. You have to keep your room door shut, though.”

“Thank you. How can I call to have them bring the things here?”

“Go to the business office when you are off duty. The duty slave will let you use the phone.” She paused. “Did you graduate from high school?”


“How did you do?”

“I was in the top twenty out of six hundred.”

“Were you accepted at a college?”

“I applied to the local junior college but didn’t hear from them before I was enslaved. I think I would have gotten in.”

“Do you remember your college admission test scores?”

Louise did, and relayed them to Joan. Joan looked suitably impressed.

Joan asked, “Are you done eating?”


“Then take your boxes to your room and report to me in my room. You are on lick duty. Do it well enough and I may let you have internet access.”

Louise ran to comply. Lick duty with Joan was better than suck duty, and it might give her some benefits in the future. She arrived at Joan’s door and was knocking when Joan approached. “That was quick.”

“I’m eager to please.”

“Cute.” Joan unlocked her door, ushered Louise inside, and locked the door behind her.

Louise stared at the room. “So this is how the upper crust lives.” She took in the bookcases, the desk with the computer, the television, and the extreme luxury — a closet. The bed was a double bed, not the narrow things that the white-collars got. Joan was getting some cuffs out of a drawer, and Louise turned without being ordered to present her wrists behind her for cuffing.

“Is this what you are hoping for?” asked Joan as she chained Louise. “I think you once dreamed of much more.”

“That was before my enslavement. Not long ago, I dreamed of where I am now.”

“Don’t stop trying to improve your situation. There’s usually a way. Of course, this is from the woman who just chained you prior to you licking her pussy.” Joan lay down and spread her legs, and said, “Climb on the bed and get started.”

An hour later, Joan was sweaty and satisfied, and Louise was sweaty and wishing for some licking. Joan looked at her, saw the look in her eyes, and said, “You have Delia for that. Cuff her for it if you want. You are really good at that, by the way. I expect you got a lot of practice in the black-collar dorm.”

“Yes, and I was quite popular for it.”

“Do you miss the dorm?”

“Not in the slightest bit.”

“How about the slaves in the dorm?”

“Some of them were good friends. A lot weren’t. Some I would like to have as white collars so I could be around them more. They are good suckers and I think would be good white collars.”

“Name them.”

Joan was impressed because the list Louise gave her closely matched the list of candidates that Joan had. “They are all on the no-snuff list.”

“There’s a no-snuff list? I thought all black collars were snuffable.”

“Yes, but we can see who is good and we try not to lose them. You must have noticed that not all that long after you came here that your noose sucks got rarer, and then stopped.”

“I did notice that.”

“That’s because you were on the list.”


“I wasn’t a supervisor until after that. Good slaves that suck well are routinely put on it. Oh well, let’s get cleaned up and back to work. If I can get a few things done, I’d like to visit my significant other. Has the word about that gotten around yet?”

“Some of it. People have seen you leaving the bar, dressed, with a man. There are rumors and speculations. We’ve kept our mouths shut.”

“Thank you.”

“Follow me.” Joan rose, opened the door, and locked it again behind them. Louise and Joan walked to the bathroom, with Louise still cuffed. Several people saw them, but took no notice. It wasn’t at all uncommon for a white-collar to be cuffed. Joan unlocked Louise and they took brief, separate showers, dried off, and left and walked toward the sucker preparation area. As they approached it, Janelle, the medical slave, came up behind them muttering to herself.

“Have Mr. Johnson fuck me. Maybe he can stop them from killing me…”

Joan grabbed her arm as she passed by, and Janelle turned to face Joan. “I have to find Mr. Johnson. They’ll be looking for me now. I have to get him to keep them from killing me.”

“Who will kill you?” Joan was alarmed. Janelle had a wild look, and wasn’t acting anything like normal.

“The druggies. I have to see him.”

“Louise, take this key and take Janelle to the Fuck Room. Janelle, I’ll have Mr. Johnson come see you there. You’ll be out of sight.” She leaned over and said, “Lock the door. Try to get her spread-eagle chained on the bed. Tell her it is so Mr. Johnson can fuck her. She’s acting really weird, and I wonder if she got into some drugs. Go.” Louise took Janelle’s hand and led her towards the Fuck Room.

Joan thought for a second, then called the bouncer. “It may be nothing, but one of the staff is acting strange and saying that someone is coming to kill her, some druggies. I don’t know any more. Be extra careful about troublemakers. I’m getting Mr. Johnson on this.”

“Sure, Joan. I’ll watch out for drug dealer types. Have Mr. Johnson talk to me when he knows something about it.”

“I’ll do that.”

Joan went in search of Mr. Johnson.