Joan found Mr. Johnson in his office and filled him in about Janelle’s behavior.

“She was saying that I should fuck her and then I’d keep ‘them’ from killing her?”

“Yes. Is there something special about fucking her?”

“I guess so. I’ve never done it. She came in three years ago, said she was an EMT, and asked if I needed a medical slave. I did. She proposed a five year contract, with one-year extensions if both parties agreed. After the contract ended, I was to pay her $15,000 per year of slavery, paid into escrow before the slavery ended, with all manumission fees to be paid by the bar. There were some other things, like not sucking, not being exposed to men, money to be paid during slavery, her keeping her property, and so forth. I took ‘not being exposed to men’ as ‘I’m a lesbian and I don’t want to fuck’ as well as staying behind the scenes, and I operated that way. You know I honor contracts. I figured she was hiding from something. I told her my requirements — nude on duty and in the bar property except for arriving and leaving, the discipline code, etcetera. She agreed to the rules. She asked that the enslavement not begin until she got the things she wanted into her room in the bar. I agreed, although I would have given her the time. As far as I know, when she carried the last of her things inside, that was the last time she was outside the building.”

“So how did she become the whipping slave?”

“The supervisor from about that time was whipping a black-collar one day, and Janelle saw it. It was both causing too much damage and not enough suffering, according to her, so she got the supervisor to give her the whip and showed that she could use it. Ever since then, it’s been her job.”

“What happened to that supervisor?”

“Scared? Don’t be. One of my regular customers fell in lust with her and offered me a lot of money for her. I was tempted to sell her without asking her, but I asked and she liked the idea. The guy has plenty of money and is a pretty good guy. She’s been his slave for almost three years now. He has brought her in a few times. I’ll introduce you if he does it again. Anyway, let’s go see Janelle.”

They walked to the Fuck Room, and Mr. Johnson used his key to open it. Joan reclaimed her key from Louise, then made sure the door was locked again. Louise beckoned them aside and said in a low voice, “She said ‘Thank God’ when I told her I was chaining her for sex. She calmed down a little. I think that fucking her would be a really good idea to calm her down before you ask her questions. She’s been quiet for a few minutes, but she has been insisting.”

Mr. Johnson went to the bed and said, “Janelle, I understand you want me to do something to you.”

“Mr. Johnson! Thank you for coming here! Please fuck me and keep them from killing me!”

“Keep who from killing you?”

“My ex-boyfriend’s druggies! Fuck me! Save me!”

Mr. Johnson gave up on conversation at this point. He nodded at Louise. “Lick her clit.” He nodded at Joan. “Her nipples.” He stepped away to disrobe, then turned to watch the two working on her. After a few minutes of watching Janelle wiggle under their ministrations, he asked, “Is she wet?” Louise nodded, and moved out of the way as he approached. Joan pulled back too.

He climbed aboard and started thrusting immediately. It looked like he was taking a long time to climax. Joan wondered who he had fucked today to make it take so long. She could look it up in the records later. He always entered a sex rating for the slaves he fucked.

While Mr. Johnson was struggling, Janelle was having small climax after small climax. The splash of his semen inside her seemed to set off a larger orgasm that wracked her in her bondage. He lay still for a few minutes, then rose and went to the bathroom. Joan told Louise, “Lick her clit,” and followed her owner.

“Are you OK? You looked a little peaked in there.”

“I’m fine. It’s been a long day. I’m planning on relaxing this evening.”

“Good for you.”

“Let’s go back and see if Louise was right and fucking her would help.”

They emerged into the Fuck Room and saw that Janelle was sweaty and breathing deeply, but appeared to have recovered mostly from the sex. “OK, Janelle, can you answer some questions now?”

She let out a long breath and said, “Yes.”

“Who is it that you think will come to kill you?”

“It’s a long story. I was an EMT working with a private ambulance service. I met a guy who was a friend of a co-worker. We started going out and had a good time. He was into bondage sex, and I loved it. I didn’t know what he did for a living; he wouldn’t tell me anything. I guess that should have scared me off, but the sex and excitement had me hooked. One day I was at his place and I woke up and he wasn’t there. I heard something and found him in the basement with another man and a naked, gagged woman who was cuffed to a chain over her head. The other man was whipping her. My guy said, “This is their fun and games.” I bought it. I took over whipping her. I could tell I was better at it than the man was. After a while, my guy suggested that I go upstairs. He came up later. I never saw the woman again, but the man brought women over every once in a while for me to whip. I got into it. I didn’t make much out of the fact that I never saw the same woman twice.”

“One day, I was whipping a woman, figuring that they would send me upstairs so they could fuck her. I thought they wanted to team-fuck the women without me distracting them. Just before the point where they usually sent me out of the room, the woman’s gag slipped and she started shouting in Spanish. I understand it, but hadn’t told the guy. She was yelling about how she hadn’t stolen any drugs from them, how she didn’t deserve to die like all the other women they had dragged off, and would they stop having their ‘puta’ whip her. They gagged her quick and sent me out. I managed to keep a dumb look on my face so they couldn’t tell I understood it.”

“I was watching later. The other guy dragged her body out. I got fucked good, as usual, but I got the feeling he was watching me closely. After that, I didn’t come over as much and didn’t whip any more women. I started moving my stuff to a storage facility, sold my car and some other stuff, and was getting ready to run for my life when a cop came by to ask me questions.”

“What did you tell him?” asked Mr. Johnson, standing naked in the room with an erection that Joan was wishing she could deal with. Louise was thinking the same thing. They were both wisely being quiet.

“He asked if I knew what my boyfriend was. I told him I had just found out. A drug dealer, he asked. A murderer, I told him. I told the cop everything I knew, and then I realized that I had just signed my own death warrant. After the cop left, I finished packing up and came here in a rented car. I haven’t been out since. I just read in the online news that my ex-boyfriend had been released from prison. They didn’t get him on murder, but they got his henchman. I know that he will be coming after me.”

Mr. Johnson said, “Well, if he looks you up in the slave registry through some slave dealer, he’ll find you are owned by ‘Plink Partners’ in a city 100 miles from here. That company is owned through two intermediaries by the parent company to this bar. It will take a lot of work to find you that way. If the cops couldn’t find you to testify against him, he won’t.”

“I don’t know that they wanted me to testify. The cop didn’t treat me like a credible witness.”

“Oh, well. You will continue to stay inside and out of the public eye, and I’ll have my lawyer make discreet inquiries. Louise, unlock her, cuff her, take her to her room, get a chain and two locks, and chain her to the tie-down point in her room, and lock her door. Joan, stay here; I need your services.”

Louise looked at Joan with envy, then did as she was told. As she left with the chained Janelle, Joan gave her two keys. “Keep these safe.” Louise nodded and left.

Joan locked the door after them, then turned to her owner and asked, “What services do you require?”

He looked at her, looked down at his erection, and said, “That should be obvious.” She smiled, got a condom from the table at the side of the room, and took his hand and led him to the bed.