John walked into his house and sat on the couch. Mona came out from the kitchen, nude, as usual, wearing stiletto heels. John said, “Those look nice. That’s a new look for you.”

She posed for him, and said, “I thought you might like it. You look completely beat. What’s wrong?”

He smiled wanly and said, “Nothing is wrong. I am beat, and I’ll tell you why. Come over here and sit on my lap. Will dinner burn if this takes a while?”

“No, I have it on warm in the oven.”

“Good.” He helped her arrange herself on his lap, with her back to his left and her legs out to his right. She put her right hand on his neck. He looked at the arrangement, smiled, and adjusted her legs so he could see her pussy. That made her smile.

“I’ll tell you the what first. Rebecca came to me this afternoon and requested an appointment with me at 5:30 in the play room.”

“I’d like that offer, myself.”

“Maybe not this one. When I got there, she was hanging from a whipping post and she asked me to whip her. It seems that she gets off on pain, though not as much pain as that last whipping at the laundry. She asked me to whip her, then fuck her. I did.”

“My, my. Our dear, sweet Rebecca, a pain slut. You can never tell.” Mona delivered this with a sly smile.

“You knew, didn’t you?”

“Not about the appointment, but I had lunch with the two of them a few days ago and they told me about their plans.”

“You have lunch with them?”

“Every couple of weeks or so. We have a lot in common, it turns out, even beyond your one-eyed trouser snake. We talk about a lot of stuff.”

John considered this. He began to make sense out of patterns of his wife and his slaves alternating in sexual requests. “You also make up a schedule.”

Mona smiled. “Now you’re guessing, and you can keep on guessing. Anyway, tell me more about what you did with, or to, Rebecca.”

He gave her a brief overview of his physical interactions with Rebecca. He could feel her arousal. He felt her lower folds, and said, “That made you wet. Do you want the same thing?”

“I got wet because I can tell that it aroused you.” She was smiling and draping herself on him. “I’m not a pain slut, but I wouldn’t say no if you wanted to try it with me.”

“You couldn’t say no.”

“That too. You left something out of your story.”

He looked at her and marveled at her perception. “Yes. The experience, and Julia’s appreciation for it afterward, crystallized something I’ve been feeling for a while, and I finally realized it. I am in love with three women, you, Julia, Rebecca. They already had it figured out.” He watched her closely, worried that she might erupt in anger.

“So you finally figured it out. Good. That will make things easier for all of us in the future. I knew. Of course I knew. You were happier, and making love to me more, than you had been in quite a while. It has been wonderful. If you were worried that it would upset me, it doesn’t. I’m happy for you and happy for me and happy for them. I love you and I love both of them, both emotionally and physically. When we can all accept the truth we can live our lives to make ourselves happy. It’s a nice family, don’t you think?”

John could see it as a family. “Julia, I think, would be happy for this to continue. Wouldn’t Rebecca want to get free and marry and have children? She has mentioned it to me.”

His wife kissed him deeply and long, and almost made him forget his question. At the end, she smiled at him even more, and said, “Yes. She wants a child. I’ll let her ask you, though.”

John was silent. Father more children? With Rebecca? While she is a slave? He guessed he could free her, but maybe she liked things the way they were. He found himself getting way ahead of himself, and decided to deal with those questions when they came up.

He moved his hand back in to Mona’s folds and rubbed her hard. She gasped and said, “I hope that isn’t an empty promise.”

“It’s not a promise. You last night, Julia at noon, Rebecca just a while ago, I’m spent. That’s why I’m tired. I just like to play and see your face.” He kept at it for a while and was rewarded with her orgasm. He stuck a finger up inside to feel and enjoy her contractions.

He sat and held her for several minutes, with his right hand still at her folds and his finger inside, occasionally feeling another stray contraction. She snuggled up against him and put her other arm around him. He noted that it kept his hand where it was.

He finally spoke again. “I hope you like to have your little family together. Julia and Rebecca are sitting in the back seat of the car in the garage, waiting for us to finish our talk.”

Mona sat up. She smiled even more brightly. “Wonderful! You naughty boy, leaving your other two wives in the car! Shame on you!” She tried to get up, but he held her, both with his left arm around her and his right hand partly inside her.

“They are sitting in the back seat, wearing what they considered proper attire for their arrival here. I was waiting for them in the living room, and they came out nude, collared, leashed, wearing shoes like yours, cuffed behind, belted, with leg irons with a chain from them to the back of the belt. I told them to dress, and they said they wanted to come here that way to see you. I was tired and overwhelmed, so I bundled them in the back of the car and came home. They are waiting for us to fetch them.”

Mona got up. He had loosened his hold. She pulled him up by his hand and said, “Let’s go get them. It must be a beautiful sight to see them naked and chained.”

John couldn’t disagree. They walked to the garage. Mona approached the door where Julia sat, and John went to the other side to Rebecca. Mona opened the door and unfastened Julia’s seat belt. “Come on out, dear. You look so beautiful that way.”

Julia replied, “Thank you.” Mona helped her out of the car, then embraced her. She then led Julia into the house.

John helped Rebecca out of the car, and then traced some of her welts with his finger. She shook a little, and he said, “Oh, that must hurt. I’ll stop.”

“Don’t stop on my account. It hurt and it made me a little wet.” She gasped as he kissed a nipple. He led her into the house. “Please hold my leash, Master.” He smiled and took it.