The four stood in the kitchen: John, the nude Mona, the nude and chained Julia, and the nude, chained, and displaying red welts Rebecca. John was still holding Rebecca’s leash. Mona spoke. “It appears that I’m under-dressed. Shall I get chains for myself?”

Julia spoke then. “No, Mona. We slaves need to speak to you.” Julia and Rebecca knelt and faced Mona and John. Julia continued, “We are slaves. We are willing and dedicated slaves of John. We have just, in the last hour, realized an emotional bond on his part to us. We both love him and you. He loves us. You are his wife and a free woman. We are asking your permission and blessing for the emotional relationship.”

Mona stood looking at them. “Of course you have my permission and blessing. I love both of you. Please stand up.”

The slaves struggled to regain their feet, which was difficult for them as they were cuffed behind their backs, shackled, and wearing high heels. Mona helped Julia up, and John helped Rebecca up. Mona gathered both of the slaves into her arms and hugged them hard. The slaves couldn’t hug back, but they returned the kisses she gave them.

Mona continued, “I have dinner almost ready. There’s enough for all of us. I’ll unlock you two so you can help me finish up and set the table.”

Julia smiled and said, “I’ll help you. Have Rebecca attend to John. He’s the master and he should have an attendant.”

Mona liked that idea. “That’s good. John, please unlock them.” John unlocked Julia’s handcuffs and put them in his pocket. Before he could get to the collar, leash, or shackles, she want to Mona and asked what she was to do. John turned to Rebecca.

She spoke to him. “If you please, master, unless you have something for me to do that requires my hands, I would like to remain chained in your presence for now as a sign of my submission to you.”

John said, “OK. Follow me.” He walked into the living room and sat. “Sit here,” he said, pointing at his lap. He got her in the same position he had his wife in shortly before, except that Rebecca was handcuffed and her ankles were connected by the shackles. He made sure her legs were parted the way Mona’s were.

Rebecca was smiling at him as he held her on his lap. The smile got bigger when he put his right hand in her crotch and started playing with her. “Master, that feels really good.”

John asked her, “Did that whipping really feel that good for you?”

She considered her words. “Yes. It hurt, but that was part of it. It was a sexual stimulation. The amount of pain was just about perfect for the sexual side of it. You entered me at the peak of the sexual stimulation from the whipping, and it got better from there. It isn’t the pain I’m looking for, but the sexual stimulation and the sex afterward that I’m looking for. Thank you again, master, for the wonderful sex, which included the whipping.”

“You are welcome. I enjoyed it too.” He stopped talking and kissed her much like he had after he had fucked her and recovered from the fucking. She responded, getting into the kissing deeply. He continued with the clitoral stimulation. They went on for a while, then mutually withdrew from the kiss and got their breath back. “They seem to be letting us alone for some reason,” observed John.

“It was kind of my day, I guess. I got my long-desired sexual experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so lucky to be owned by a man who considers my pleasure and isn’t brutal.”

He smiled at her. “I do like to tie you up and fuck you. I’ll fuck you at my pleasure, not necessarily when you want to. I enjoyed whipping you. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll get into that and not fuck you?”

“You don’t strike me that way. You do strike me with a whip. It’s true that you have demanded sex when it wasn’t the first thing on my agenda, but I always like sex with you, and I like being mastered. I hope that you will whip me in moderation. I think that you do really love me, as you said before. I’m not worried about you.”

“Good. On to other things. You told me once you would like to have children. Do you want me to release you so you can find a father for your children?”

She looked at him like a teacher looks at a slow student trying to find the answer. “I think your spermatozoa have proved capable in the past.”

He looked at her in blank amazement. “You would rather conceive and bear a child as a slave than as a free woman?”

“Who would I get to do it? I’m not very good at picking them. The guy I thought was the one sold me. I am your slave. You treat me better than any man treated me as a free woman. That includes the whipping. I want you to use me. I want you to take satisfaction. Please use me at your pleasure and at your schedule. If it pleases you, keep me nude and chained. Just don’t endanger any child of ours.”

“Have you discussed this with Mona?”

“Yes, at length. I would not ask you unless she agreed. I want you, all of the time. You know that. I know you love Mona and Julia, and that makes me feel much better. A man who loves women is not a monster. It is harder to tell if you love me, but you said you did, and I trust you. If you agree, I will bear you children. I will remain your slave forever. I will gladly cede all sexual rights to you. I want no consideration other than your love and acceptance of our children.”

John sat in silent amazement. He had offered her freedom, without the four-year time delay in her contract, and she had turned it down. She said she would be his slave forever, which he interpreted as her wanting to remain his slave. He thought for a while, and Rebecca didn’t interrupt his thoughts. He finally withdrew his finger from her vagina, where he had left it following the kiss, and had her get off his lap. “I have something to do in private to prepare for later. I’ll remove your handcuffs. You go and help Mona and Julia. I appreciate what you just told me. I do love you. It is more because you are a wonderful person than your sexual attractiveness and your submissiveness.”

“Please, master, leave me chained and have me stand outside the room you are in. I really want to be your submissive.”

“All right.” He took her leash and led her to his study, then put the loop of the leash over the doorknob. She could easily get loose, but if she really wanted to submit, she would stay. He went inside and closed the door.

After about five minutes, he came back out and took up her leash. “Let’s take a walk.” He led her to the kitchen and asked, “How long until dinner?”

“About ten minutes, master,” said Julia.

“Do you want the shackles and collar off?”

“I’m fine with them on, master.”

“OK, I offered. Rebecca and I are going to take a turn around the block. We’ll be back in time for dinner.”

Mona and Julia watched as Rebecca trailed John out the front door. Julia asked Mona, “Do you think he will grant her the children she wants?”

“I think so. Maybe we should have hit him with one bombshell at a time.”

John walked down the sidewalk. Rebecca trailed one step behind. After he had walked one side of the block he was going around, he said, “Come up here next to me so we can talk.” She complied. He continued, “You want to be my slave and have my children. You don’t seem to be concerned that I would treat you poorly in the future. You might consider that I’m walking you, chained like a dog, nude, showing whip stripes, around my neighborhood. You don’t seem to have any worries about being a slave mother. What about when a six-year-old comes home crying about being teased because Mommy is a slave?”

Rebecca considered for a moment, then answered. “I don’t think you will treat me poorly because you haven’t so far. You rescued me from that whipping post. Compared to what I had, I am now in heaven. You have been reluctant to do things that most owners don’t even think about before doing them. I had to beg you to whip me. You are displaying me nude and chained, but I got used to that at the laundry. This is the first time you’ve done this, but it doesn’t bother me. I am, after all, your slave. As far as slave motherhood, you should look around. Many, maybe half, of the children being born are to slaves, and they are mostly being kept with the slave’s owner’s family, with the mother. There would be a lot of teased kids. It won’t be a rare situation.”

John was silent for a while. “I’m trying to make sure that this is what you want, Rebecca, before we jump into this. I’m not going to do anything for the long term until we have all had time to reflect on this.”

“The three females involved have reflected on this and discussed it. If you need time, you’re the master.”

The rest of the walk passed in silence. Rebecca took up her one-step-behind station. Several men and several more teenage boys watched them pass by. Mostly, they watched Rebecca pass by. The looks of admiration and lust were unmistakable.

When they arrived at John’s home, he unlocked Rebecca’s handcuffs and put them in his pocket, and he told her, “Go join the others.” He went to wash his hands, then went into the dining room. The three nude women waited for him there.

Mona said, “Welcome back, John. Shall we eat?” He nodded assent, and they sat down to the dinner that had already been placed on the table. The dinner conversation was light through the meal, including desert. They took coffee to the living room and sat. The women looked to John, expecting him to speak. He looked like he was about to do so, but the doorbell rang. He said, “I’ll get it,” rose, and answered the door. He had a short conversation with the unseen visitor, then closed the door and returned with a box. “That took care of my preparations. Well, ladies, it has been a long, somewhat confusing, pleasurable day, with deep revelations and important requests. I have acknowledged my feelings, which were already known. My wife has even referred to you two as my other two wives. Mona, does that reflect your feelings?”

“Yes, it does. They are my wives, too.”

“OK, nothing like a complicated family situation. On top of all of that, Rebecca here would like to be a mother, and wants to remain my slave forever, even after I offered to free her so she could find a father for her children. She would rather have me do the honors, and be a slave mother as well as a slave wife. Usually, ‘slave wife’ means one slave, who was a wife before enslavement or was ‘married’ after it. I have a wife and two slave wives. I am well and truly overwhelmed. Well, I like the idea. I like the situation. However, I’m not doing anything irreversible until we have all let it sink in for a while. If we are to be a family, we need to move you two in here, and that will take careful planning so that the company slaves at the office are supervised properly, if the head slave is here. We have to decide if we have three bedrooms and shuttle me around, or we have a more-common bedroom. I’ll have to see if there is any practical experience to be consulted. We’ll need more facilities here, including a bigger shower and a bigger water heater. I’ll want more equipment to deal with three of you, like three poles and three pillories. We may want to remodel the house, or even move to a different one. However, those questions can be addressed later. Right now, we have more profound, but simpler, issues.”

He paused, apparently assembling his words. “Mona, do you accept these two as fellow wives, for me to fuck and use as I see fit?”

“Yes, dear. I do.”

“Do you continue to hold to the agreement you made with me that all sexual matters are completely up to me?”


“Will you act as an equal to these two, up to and including being, essentially, a slave when we are in private?”

“Yes, John. I would accept actual enslavement if that makes things better.”

“We can explore that. Thank you, Mona. It’s clear to me that the three of you have discussed this at length and have understandings. I want to know what they are. You can tell me about it later. For now, we have symbolic things to do.”

He paused again, then looked at Julia. “You are my slave and have no actual right to refuse anything. I do love you, so I am asking if this proposed arrangement is to your liking.”

“Yes, master.”

“In any other case, I’d like that response, but this is a chance at a free-woman decision. Do you want to enter into this situation?”

“Yes, John, I do. I want it very much.”

“Even if I keep you here, nude and chained? As a child’s nanny? As my fuck slave?”

“Yes, John. I trust you.”

“OK.” He turned to Rebecca. “I’ll ask all of you in this little ceremony. Do you want to enter into this situation?”

“Yes, John, more than anything, and I trust you too.”

“OK, you three, my loyal slaves, my sex toys, my consorts, my wives. Here are three sets of handcuffs. Cuff yourselves behind your backs and kneel before me.”

Mona reached for the handcuffs and distributed them they all closed one cuff around a wrist, then Julia closed the other cuff for Mona and Rebecca. After that, Rebecca held Julia’s cuff so that she could put her wrist into it, then loosely closed the cuff, then adjusted it to the proper tightness. They carefully knelt on the floor in front of John and looked up at him.

John got up and went to Julia, He reached behind her neck with his keyring and unlocked the collar and removed it, then did the same with Rebecca. He went to the package he had received just before, and took out two collars that looked identical to the collar that Mona wore. “Julia, this collar is a token of my regard, acceptance of you, and a token of your submission to me.” He put it around her neck and closed it. The click as it locked was loud and sounded final. She was crying silently, but it was not a sad weeping.

He took the other collar and went to Rebecca. “Rebecca, this collar is a token of my regard, acceptance of you, and a token of your submission to me.” He locked Rebecca’s collar on. She was crying too, as was Mona. He then returned to his chair and picked up a remote control. He consulted some papers in the box, entered some numbers into the remote, and put it down. He got out his cell phone and entered other numbers into it. He picked up the remote again and pressed three buttons. The kneeling women all felt a small shock. “You all now have your wedding ring ringing your neck. We will go over the functions of the collars later. Some of the functions will help you. I don’t plan on using many of the functions, like the shocks, but they are in the collars. Rise, wives.” He sat and waited for them to stand.

They were handcuffed and wearing spike heels, so it wasn’t an easy task. Mona wasn’t shackled, so she had an easier time of it. She rose unsteadily, then turned her back to Julia and stooped to hold her hands that Julia was wrapping around to her side. After Julia was up, she helped Rebecca. When they were up, they faced John.

“How did you like my little ceremony?”

They all started crying harder, and smiling at the same time. They clustered around him, and he rose and embraced the three. He said, “After a wedding, the tradition is wedding-night sex. You have drained me, so that option is off the table. I do enjoy seeing you all chained at once. I’ll have to chain you all together sometimes.” He kissed all three.

Mona finally said, “You haven’t given us a chance to see if we can rouse you.” She dropped to her knees and said, “A suck, master?”

He smiled. He took off his clothes and presented his cock for her attention. After several minutes of diligent work, she had it mostly erect. Julia and Rebecca had also dropped to their knees, and he presented himself to Julia for further work. She managed to get him erect.

“All of you, doggy style.” Mona immediately put her head to the carpet and spread her legs. Julia and Rebecca couldn’t spread themselves as wide, but they imitated her position. John grabbed keys and quickly unlocked one cuff of each woman’s shackles, then got into position and entered Mona.

“This will be a promise fuck. I can’t come. But I will be inside all of you.” He stroked for a while, getting intense toward the end, then moved on to Julia. “You’re wet, too. Good.” He entered Julia and repeated the performance, then moved on to Rebecca. He made the rounds again, and had a weak, dry orgasm while he was plumbing Rebecca’s depths the second time.