Willow Chapter 2



Willow awoke abruptly when a man pushed her onto the floor of the green van and twisted her injured left knee.  The pain was like a bolt of lightning surging through her whole left side.  Her hands tried to go to her knee but jerked to a stop just below her waist.

A face that would not quite come into focus said, “Be still now.  I have to go get the other one.  I hope your owner has pet insurance on you two cause this ride is not cheap.  Is he the guy that was next to you?  The EMTs are treating him now, but I will leave him a note on where to find you.”  Then the face moved away.

As Willow’s thinking began to clear she began to look around.  She was in what looked like an ambulance, but somehow different.  There was a tool box to her right that had ‘Vet Van’ stenciled on the side.  She turned her head back to the left and saw more medical equipment as well as chains and cuffs.  That was when she looked at herself and realized her hands were cuffed and attached to the wall.  She was also naked.

The shock of that was as painful as her twisted knee.

She was a slave.


That morning Willow had turned eighteen years old.  In the past such birthdays were cause for celebration and congratulations.  But for many young women, for those that were children of wretched parents, it was a day to dread.  On that day, young women could become commodities, bought and paid for.  A parent could enslave their girl from her eighteenth birthday till she turned twenty one.  The only condition was that they not be pregnant.

Some were sold through slave auction houses as cheap labor for a factory or a farm.  Some were sold to brothels or suck bars.  Others sales were arranged directly to someone who had taken a liking to them, especially if they were pretty and popular.  More than one wealthy overindulged high school senior was given a brand new slave girl for graduation.  And if that girl was the one he had been pining over for years, so much the better.  She might have rejected him in the past but things could change, or be changed, quickly.

A bargain made with a father, or mother, or both, meant the young girl spent her first night as an adult being raped and whipped to the laughter and enjoyment of the young man and his friends.  When he went off to college, she might be passed around the frat doing laundry, dishes, blow jobs and DPs for everyone in the house.  Her parents in the meantime would pay off the credit cards, enjoy that new TV or go for a drive in that new car their child’s life and freedom had purchased.

Willow’s mother liked to steal.  Working in the small grocery just on the edge of the orchards and fields around Fresno had not allowed her all the dresses and shoes she craved.  Most women that get caught committing a crime like shoplifting were enslaved.  But Willow’s mother was considered by many to be the least attractive person they had ever met.  The expense to keep her as a slave was not worth what they would get out of her in terms of work or on the market.  Nobody would want to fuck her for money.  However, when she finally did get caught, just the threat of enslavement convinced her that she had to make financial restitution.  She had only one asset to sell-Willow.

A young girl should fetch a very good price on her eighteenth birthday.  However Willow knew how her mother had avoided enslavement in the past.  Willow was determined to avoid it too.  She tried to make herself as unappealing as possible.  While she was taller than most girls at a little over five and a half feet, she did not wash her face or her hair.  She did not exercise or watch what she ate. She was a little overweight and her skin was marked with pimples.  She dressed in baggy shirts and jeans.  Every boy at school made fun of her but that was better than the alternative.  She made sure no one would want her.

What she did not know was that her mother had already struck a bargain.  Before Willow was awake on the morning of her eighteenth birthday, her mother had logged on to the Slave Registry website, put in Willow’s social security number and had marked her as ‘Pending Enslavement’.  She had signed her over to the slave house in Fresno to be sold as a field worker or kitchen drudge, that was after she had lost her virginity to the highest bidder, and the second highest, and the third.  Her mother could almost feel the three hundred dollars in her hand.  She could finally be free of that store manager that had caught her stuffing red pumps in her overlarge purse.

“Happy birthday dear,” her mother said when Willow came to the breakfast table. “I have been thinking about what you said.  I guess you still want to leave town right?”

“Yes, as soon as I can.  School will be done in a few months and then I am out of her,” Willow said with conviction.  She was thinking about going towards Chico for college, but that area was much like Fresno.  Maybe she would head further west to Sonoma into the wine country.  It was pretty up there.

Willow’s grades were good.  The schools in Fresno were not very good and little attention was paid to poor girls.  Very few went to college and even fewer finished before dropping out or being enslaved.  But Willow had taken what was available and had done something even harder than making good grades.  She had learned.  She read a great deal and loved to write.  She dreamed of being an author or speech writer.  There are big state schools in those areas, but she knew she would not be starting there.  Instead her plans were to attend a junior college and work.

“Willow, before we leave for school, there are a couple of things I need you to do.  Did you know you need your own insurance now?” her mother asked.

“No, I didn’t”

“I looked into it and you have to be covered by insurance to start college in the fall.  The schools require it, but my insurance does not count.  Now that you are an adult you have to pay for it yourself, and I know you don’t have money to do that.  I can extend you on my… you know… policy for a year, but they won’t do that if you are pregnant.”


“Hey, you do what you want to do about that as far as I am concerned.  Not that you have done anything, but that is your business.  But the insurance people need proof you are not pregnant.”  Her mother dropped a plastic bag in front of Willow.  Inside the bag was a plastic cup and some papers folded up.  “Today is the only day I have time to do this and we have to leave now, so hurry.”

Her mother hustled her into the car and drove the four blocks to the strip mall on the corner.  There was a check cashing place there that could verify the urine sample was hers and that she was not pregnant.  She took the cup to the back and came back with the cup half full and sealed.  “Sign this. It says this is your pee and not someone else’s.  Hurry up, we are late!”  Willow did not know anything about insurance so she did not even look at the papers other than to sign them.  All she could think about was getting out.  Her mother then signed the paper and it was  notarized.

Back in the car, they were about to drive out when her mother said, “Pick up my lighter off the floorboard.”  In the moment that Willow was distracted, she handcuffed her left wrist to the seat.  For a moment, Willow was just confused, but then it dawned on her what was happening.  She screamed and pleaded with her mother to not sell her and that she wanted to go to college.  She tried to get the cuff off but it was secure.  She tried to open the car door, but the handle had been removed.

“Shut up!  This is what needs to be!”  her mother shouted back.  “You want to leave?  Well, you are leaving.  You are leaving today!  You’ve got a new life today, you and me both.  You will see what real life is today!”  As she drove on she kept muttering to herself about ‘Today… yea today!’

For Willow, words would not come out, just screams giving color to the betrayal and anguish she felt.  She knew all was lost.  She thrashed around trying to get free.

She screamed all the way to the slave auction house located on the west side of town.  Everyone knew where it was.  Groups of boys would go and stare at the brick faced building and wonder what it was like to have a slave, bragging about how many times and how many ways they would fuck them.  Teen girls would sometimes dare one another to jump out of the car, touch the building and then run back before their friends could drive away.  It was the haunted house, the boogie man and death row all rolled into one.

Willow’s mother drove to the side entrance of the slave house near the tracks.  When the car stopped, a huge, ugly man was standing outside the loading door of the building, holding a small computer terminal and very utilitarian black ball gag.  He began to walk to the driver’s side of the car.  When Willow saw it she redoubled her wailing.

“You got her to pee in the cup?”

“Yea, just like you said, notarized and everything,” her mother replied, getting out of the car.

“What about the papers?  Did you sign them?”

“Yes… and notarized.  When do I get my money?”  Her mother handed him the plastic bag with the pee cup and papers and he set them on the roof of the car.  He checked the papers, and then dipped a test strip in the cup.  Satisfied, he sealed everything up and put it on top of the papers.  He then made an entry into the small terminal.  Willow was now officially a slave.

“She is a virgin, right?” the ogre grunted as he slid the terminal in a pouch on his belt.

“Yea, she is unplowed ground sure enough,” her mother answered, “I was told it would be extra if she was.  Like another hundred extra.  I know she is nothing to look at but it must be worth something to bust her open, right?  So I want the extra hundred, no a hundred and fifty more.”

He walked around the front of the car, looking through the windshield at Willow, “You agreed to three hundred and that was before I knew she was so homely.  You are lucky I am sticking to my bargain at all!”

He yanked open the door and slapped Willow across the face.  She still kept screaming until the ugly ogre shoved the ball gag in her mouth and buckled it in place.  Willow’s mother unlocked the cuff.

Ogre had Willow out of the car and turned her around to face away from him.  His massive hands almost went completely around her neck as it held her in place.  She heard a click and she felt the cold blade of a knife at the back of her neck.

“Don’t move an inch,” he growled.  The blade slid between her neck and the top of her favorite green blouse, the one she had worn for her birthday.  The blade parted the material and her bra in one smooth and well-practiced move.  She tried to scream her embarrassment to being stripped outside but the gag made that sound like a gurgle.  He then ran the knife down the outside of each leg of her jeans, cutting them and her panties down to just above her knee.  He then put the knife away and ripped the jean legs the rest of the way down.  He grabbed the waist of the pants and everything came off in one motion.

She tried to hide herself from the stares of the bastard that had stripped her.  He spun her around and slapped her left breast hard.  “Stand still!”

She tried to twist away again and he slapped her in the face once, twice, three times.  She was seeing stars and wanted to fall over.  His hand clamped down on her throat.

“I said stand still.  You are so ugly I could bust your face up and it would not change what I can charge for you one bit.  Don’t make me cuff you.  Stand up and be still.”

“Where is my money?” Willow heard her mother shout from the other side of the car.

“Let me put her in the cage and I will get you your money.”

He began to drag Willow by the neck towards the building.  There was a double door that was open with a sign that said “Intake” and he led her to it.  Willow could hear her mother yelling something about not having time to wait.  The man just laughed under his breath, “Yea, you will wait for your money…”

Willow was pushed into the room.  Across one whole side of the room was a cage.  There was a door that led into the cage but it appeared to be locked.

The man was surprised the door was closed and began muttering “Ah..where…where are the keys…TOMMY?  Do you have the key to the Intake Cage?  TOMMY!”  He was shouting out the open double doors but still holding Willow by the neck.

Willow, overcome with the events of the past half hour could only stand and stare.  While the cage was empty, the room was not.  Near the wall was a man standing next to a woman, the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.  She was tall, almost six feet, and had long blonde hair like she had only seen in movies and magazines.  Her face was regal in its fine features and she wore flawless make-up.  She had a collar on but Willow could not see what it said.  The rest she took in quickly  but still found herself embarrassed for staring.  The woman was naked except for black boots coming up to her knees.  Her skin was pale and her breasts were, well, perfect.  Willow suddenly felt uglier than she ever had in her whole life.

She briefly noticed that the man with her had on black jeans and a blazer and was even taller than the angelic blonde.

She turned her head to look away- sure that looking on someone that beautiful was a punishable crime. But before she had turned her head far, there was an incredible roar and she was flung into the man hard enough to drive him into the cage bars.  The beautiful blonde slammed into the wall next to her but she hit much more awkwardly than Willow.  The blonde crumbled to the floor next to the man in the coat.

For a few moments it was like all sound had stopped.  The air, once clear was now filled with a fog of dust and smoke.  Willow had no desire to move for a few moments.  She tried to clear her head and her vision.  She began to think a little clearer but her vision seemed to get worse.  It was then she realized the smoke was getting worse. From the door on the far side of the room black smoke was pouring into the room with the cage.  They were going to die.

Willow coughed and cleared her head.  ‘Must get out!’ she thought.  She rose to her feet but was engulfed by smoke.  She dropped back down and began to crawl towards the door she had come in just a moment before.  Just then she pressed her knee on something that felt like a hand and Willow heard the blonde moan.  The blonde was alive?

Willow grabbed the blonde’s arm and pulled.  She could not move her.  Willow realized that the man had fallen across the woman’s legs.  She sat on the floor and braced her feet, still in the shoes she left her house in, and pulled the man’s collar with both hands.  He began to slide across the floor.  She scooted her naked butt across the floor pulling the man towards safety.  Once clear of the door, she stood up and began to drag him to the edge of the sidewalk.

Willow then turned around and crawled back inside to retrieve the beautiful woman.  She was harder to move because there were no clothes to use as handholds.  She grabbed her wrists and like before scooted along the floor on her ass until she was clear of the door.

She was dragging her to the man when Willow stepped on a large chunk of concrete flung out by the blast.  Willow heard her knee pop and pain flashed through her leg and side.  She managed to fall forward and almost under the woman she had saved.  As she fell she slammed her forehead on the pavement.  The world receded just after she heard the first sirens in the distance.