Willow Chapter 4 Home At Last

Page stepped into the steaming shower. She held her hands under the very warm water for a few moments, then reached for the body wash and poured some in her hand.

Slowly she began spreading the scented liquid across his back and down his ass and legs. She then reached around, under his arms, and gripped his shoulders. This drew her body into his, her firm breasts pressed into his back just where she had placed the body wash a moment before. She then began to move. It was like a dance but the dance floor was her master’s body. She moved in circles and up and down, her breasts, stomach, hips, thighs and calves washing and massaging him. She pressed into him to maximize the contact and the sensation. As she moved lower, her hands moved across his chest and stomach. He had braced himself with his hands on the shower wall with his feet slightly spread apart. She moved lower. Her hands slid across the front of his thighs as her breasts lathered the back of them. She lowered herself even more. She held his knees while her face gently moved across his ass, gently spreading the soap to all the places it needed to be.

Page began to work her way back up and then slowly turned her Master around. She then soaped each arm, from shoulder to the ends of his fingers. She stepped to the side and ran his arm between her breasts, pulling his hand against her mons. Up and down she moved, sliding along his arm, going lower with each slow stroke. She ended up kneeling at his side, her breasts pushed together with her hands, effectively and very erotically washing his hand and fingers. After a moment she switched sides and repeated the same thing for his other arm and hand.

She then soaped his chest and began the process all over again, this time on his front. Her nipples, stimulated by the contact and friction, were hard and sensitive. She could feel the hair on his chest and his hard abdominal muscles. She moved slowly, shifting back and forth, up and down. Her hands slid down his back as she knelt down to wash his hips and legs. She used her face again, this time using the soft skin of her face to gently wash his cock and balls. She could feel the textures of his manhood as she used her cheeks to scrub and wash him.

Not once in the whole process did she look at his face. She knew his eyes would be closed. Once that had meant he was concentrating on the sensations of such an erotic and intimate act. Now she was not sure what it meant.

She only knew his cock remained soft and unresponsive.

Page poured shampoo into her hands and washed his shoulder length hair. She moved him fully under the water spray and rinsed his hair and moved her hands down to wash away the remaining body wash. Her mundane task complete and her sensual one a failure, she shut off the water and began towelling him off. When she was almost complete her Master opened his eyes, opened the shower door and stepped in the bathroom. A muttered “Thank you” was all the response she had been able to arouse from him. She dried off as well, the towel wiping away the remnants of both the shower and her silent tears.
It had been two weeks since the explosion at the auction house in Fresno. Some things had changed in unexpected ways while others had not changed at all.

The drive back towards the Pacific coast had taken more than two hours. Once they were clear of the “Vet Van” people, there was no need to flee in panic mode. All three were not feeling one hundred present. Almost as soon as they hit the highway Page fell asleep but Willow was too frightened to sleep or even talk. Both were wrapped in blankets, not for modesty but for warmth. But still Willow shivered in terror, the trauma of the day catching up to her nervous system. The journey west was very quiet.

The drive across the valley is dull and, in early January, monochrome. Brown fields are broken by brown leafless trees followed by more brown fields stretching north and south without end. Up ahead the coastal hills, which are brown most of the year, turn green from the California winter rains. While they add a bit of color, they never seemed to get closer though the Range Rover was eating up the miles a quickly as it could.

Finally they began the climb into the hills between Santa Cruz and San Jose. Willow was trying to follow where they were going, hoping one day to try to escape. However she quickly became turned around and could see the rugged forest and steep hills everywhere she looked. She knew fleeing on foot would be impossible.

They turned off the highway and drove for another forty minutes, making left and right turns in an almost random pattern. Finally they slowed and turned off the paved road and onto a gravel path that ran beside an old frame house that would have looked right at home in Fresno. The paint was faded and the yard was full of weeds and scrubby bushes. The car pulled to the back of the house next to a barn, but did not stop. The path twisted around the far side of the barn and continued on into the stand of trees behind the barn. The path crossed over a bridge so narrow Willow was sure it would collapse under the weight of the Range Rover. It did not. In fact she did not feel it sway or shake.

The path they were following wound its way further into the brush. Page noticed that the very dense brush of both sides of the path was composed of a number of different plants. Sometimes a branch would reach part way across the path and be brushed aside by the SUV. When that happened Willow could see that the branch, and in fact all of the plants, were covered with very large and long thorns.

Very abruptly the landscape changed. They passed out of the tunnel of thorns into sunlight. They were crossing another bridge, this one much longer and more substantial, with arching supports and cables hanging down. The bridge spanned a ravine more than forty feet deep and filled with the rushing waters deposited by the January rains. While the ravine was not wide, the bridge was set at an angle to its path. Thus the bridge had to be long and narrow. As they crossed Willow could see across to the other side. The other side was a vineyard with grape vines running along a valley floor and up a gentle slope in the distance. After the dull landscape of Fresno and the dark path between the thorns, this small valley looked like paradise.

The SUV crossed over the bridge and continued towards a stand of old growth trees towards the back of the valley. They came to a stop in front of a low stucco house with large windows and rose bushes in the front yard. The roses were blooming with red, white and yellow flowers. The plants covered most of the yard and went around the sides as far as Willow could see.

Willow was startled when the man spoke for the first time since the trip had begun.

“Help her into the house. Her room is to the left of the house down the hall. Try and get her in bed without disturbing her too much. Then come to the great room.”

The man stepped out of the car and opened her door. He took her hands and unlocked the cuffs she had worn most of the day…ever since the vet…ever since her mother… She tried not to think of that or she would melt right on the spot. She watched as he unlocked Page’s cuffs and put them in his pocket with hers.

“Go” he said firmly but without malice.

Willow moved as quickly as her sore knee would allow to the other side of the car and gently helped Page get on her feet and walk her to the front door. The man, her owner, her master,…she had heard Page call him “lord,” whatever he was, had left the door open. She stepped into the house and turned left down the hall. There was a door open at the end on the left and Page seemed to be heading towards it.

When they got there, Page shrugged off the blanket that had been across her shoulders and walked the few paces to the bed and eased herself down on it and did not move again. Her eyes were closed and Willow took a quilt from the foot of the bed and covered the naked slave. She then turned off the light and pulled the door closed.
Willow went back down the hall and stood near the front door where she had entered. Directly across from the front door was a wall of windows that went from floor to ceiling. A rose garden, the most beautiful she had ever seen was visible. She had only seen things like that in magazines and movies. But then she heard a glass tinkle as ice was dropped into it. She hobbled over to find the great room and complete the task her master had commanded.

She found him sitting in a leather chair holding a glass that looked like it contained whiskey. As she quietly entered the room, he did not move or make a sound. He seemed to be lost in thought.

“Sir?” Willow said softly.

He looked up at her. His eyes went up and down her body and she remembered she was naked except for her shoes. But it was not a lustful look he gave her, but the look of someone sizing up their purchase.

“How are you?” He squeezed he eyes shut then opened them again. “I mean, are you well? How is the leg? Can you function?” Willow nodded.

He took a long breath and continued, “I am near collapse and feel dizzy. Page is not well either. I know we both need rest and healing time. Are you up to taking care of us for the next few days?”

“I believe so…sir.”

“Good, good. There is only one car here and I have the keys. Don’t think about running, you will just get caught and treated as a runaway from the auction house. However you are safe while you remain here.

“For the next few days just take care of us. Explore the south side house to find what you need. If you can cook, feed us.
“You are filthy. Take a bath first thing. Use Page’s bathroom. If you have a problem, wake me up. But for the next few days I am counting on you to care for us. We will sort out the rest then.”

He then wedged himself out of the chair and, carrying his glass, stumbled toward the other side of the house. She heard a mumbled “Good night” just before he closed the door.
Page woke to someone pressing a finger to her shoulder. It was not painful but very insistent. Her eyes flew open and saw her master looking down at her. She always woke at least an hour before he did to work out and complete her hygiene routine. She always greeted him ready for the day and whatever task she was given. That was the way she had been trained. She began to panic at her complete failure of protocol.

But Lord Blackmon did not look angry. He held a finger to her lips indicating silence and then pointed to the right side of the room. There, curled up on an overstuffed chair, Willow was asleep, covered with a blanket from the hall closet. Lord Blackmon motioned for Page to follow and they both quietly slipped out of the room.

Once in the great room, her master turned around and held a hand to her cheek. “How are you this morning?” he asked in a low voice.

“I am…ok. The headache is gone, and the upset stomach. I am sore and have a few bruises.”

“Do you feel like eating something?” he asked.

“I will fix something. It will…”

“No, I want to talk while we can. How about I fix some toast and we can sit together this morning? I have managed toast in the past, I am sure I can remember how.”

“Then I will fix coffee?” she whispered.


Warm toast with butter and fresh coffee was put on the table and Page began kneeling near lord Blackmon’s chair like she always did.

“No. Not today. Sit at the table with me so we can talk face to face.”

Page stood and moved to a chair near the window. She caught sight of her reflection and was shocked at what she saw. Her hair was a tangled, dirty mess. She had neither makeup on nor lipstick. She still had dust and soot from the fire on her face, arms and chest. In the time she had been a slave, she had stood in public completely naked, in front of hundreds of people and did not feel as ashamed as she did at that moment with just her and her master in the room.

She was running her fingers through her blond hair as he began buttering some toast and took a bite.

“Page, I need to get a handle on what is going on and what I need to do to straighten this mess out. I only have a few days before I leave and I need this settled before that. I need for you to tell me everything you know about what happened yesterday.”

Page took a bite of dry toast, it seem like a good choice given that her stomach had begun doing flip-flops again. She then told her master everything she knew including Willow’s birthday, her mother selling her to the auction for her virginity and what she knew about the rescue.

Blackmon had finished his toast and was on his second cup of coffee by the time Page finished her tale, including how Willow had checked on her during the night and had even brought her some water to drink.

“That is some tale. We both were lucky not to get killed or separated in all of the mayhem. You made a good call saving her life.

“But today is today. What do we do now? We have some choices to make because they will dictate what we need to do next.

“We went to Fresno looking for someone who could help you around here and keep you company while I am gone. We came home with someone, but does she fit the tasks we were looking for?”

“Sir, are you asking for my opinion?”

“Yes Page, tell me. Do we stick with Willow or do we settle her situation, send her off and find what you were looking for?”

“Sir, I am not sure she is a perfect fit in terms of helping me lay out the gardens for the new house or redecorating this one. She is so young and we know so little about her and her abilities.

“But what we do know is that she saved us both. She was smart enough to gather information that was very important and share it with us. I like her heart and courage.

“She is so young you can train her to do whatever you need. Would you at least give her a chance? Her life here, even as a slave, would be better than her future as a slave in Fresno.”

Her master placed one hand on the side of his face. Page had learned that was a sign he was thinking. After a few moments he dropped his hand and look at Page.


Page’s heart dropped and she began marshaling her thoughts to beg for Willow’s life. She was about to speak when Lord Blackmon went on.

“No…l will not be able to train her. Remember I am leaving in two weeks and will be gone for over four months.

“You have to train her.”

Page was startled. She had never considered training another slave. She knew there were training houses and slave schools that used other slaves to teach and punish. She had never been to one; her training had been done by a very demanding individual Lord Blackmon knew back in Oklahoma.

“I will call my lawyers today and let them get started in settling Willow’s ownership. She was not sold for much and I think we can get it resolved for very little.

“Page, this is as good a project as the planning and redecorating you were going to do while I was gone. If she does not work out, when I get back we can take her to another auction house and sell her. I agree she deserves a chance, and I want you to give her the best chance possible.

After a moment, Page bowed her head a softly said “As you command.”
The routine began to reassert itself over the next few days. Each morning Page woke very early to exercise or do Yoga and eat a bite of breakfast before her shower and grooming. She then gently woke her master, not with a blowjob as in the past, but with a gentle word and stroke of his face. She washed him in the shower and while he shaved she laid out his clothes for the day.

However, some things were different. Shortly after her conversation that morning with Lord Blackmon, Page woke Willow and pushed the half asleep girl into the shower. Willow was alarmed she was naked in the shower with another naked person, even if it was another girl. Page made Willow scrub three times to try to remove as much of the residue of the bomb blast and eighteen years of neglect as possible. She washed and conditioned Willow’s hair but quickly realized it was beyond her skill to bring it under control. She would have to seek professional help.

After the scrubbing, Willow’s skin was pink from the hot water and soap. Page made her stand in front of the full length mirror in the bathroom so Page could assess what they had to work with. This was Page’s first good look at the girl and she could see how much work there was to do.

Because of her dark hair, Page assumed Willow was Hispanic and would have the skin tone to match. Instead, willow had pale skin, like someone who had never seen the sun. With her wet black hair the contrast was even more striking.

Willow was not as tall as Page but she was not short either. Her breasts were smaller than Page’s almost D cup breasts, but they were well-shaped, firm, and had wonderful pale nipples. Page ran her fingers across them and they grew hard.

Page considered the rest of Willow to be problematic. Her face was spoiled by acne and general neglect. Willow was out of shape and somewhat overweight. Her legs, stomach and arms had no tone or definition. She had hair…everywhere.

Page began making a list in her head.

Grooming, Fitness, Diet, Skin care, Posture, Flexibility, Teeth, Nails, Hair, Posture and movement, Comportment…

Page began to become fearful she had taken on more than she could do. She was also afraid that Lord Blackmon, seeing the sorry state of affairs, would determine that the effort was not worth it and send Willow to be sold. She felt a great sense of debt to Willow for saving her life and wanted to do all she could to help Willow stay alive. Page decided to keep Willow out of sight from Lord Blackmon until he left on his trip south.

That did not mean Page was waiting to get started. Willow had been required to wake early to join Page’s exercise time and was beginning to get the hang of Yoga, at least a few things. She put Willow on a diet and monitored her food closely. She began teaching her about caring for her skin and about how to shave her legs, underarms and pussy.

But Page knew there was so much more to do and teach she felt overwhelmed. It was then she thought of something that might solve the problem.
It was just after dinner when Page approached her master. She had put on her formal silver collar with her name tag with matching wrist bands. She had selected her high heels that buckled around her ankles. She had piled her blond hair on top of her head so that her collar and long delicate neck was on display. The few accessories highlighted Page’s incredible beauty. She was fit like an athlete with a tiny waist, breathtaking ass and sculpted tummy. Her legs were muscled and toned. Her breasts could have been described a perfect and few would have disagreed. Her skin glowed with the oil Page had applied and she wore a scent that reminded people of a cool spring morning in the mountains.

This was her “I am asking a favor” outfit.

Lord Blackmon looked up from his checklist he was compiling for his four month trip to the South Pole. He had sponsored an expedition to monitor water conditions in the South Pole year round. While the equipment could work every day, the people placing the monitors could not. They could only work during the summer months, equating to the winter months in California. The work was hard, dangerous and frenetic. It was just what he needed to get his mind of the past year and his guilt.

“Page,…you are beautiful tonight.”

“Thank you. May I interrupt for a few moments?”

Lord Blackmon put his pen down and gestured for her to enter. He sat down on the leather couch facing the fireplace. Page approached and knelt as his feet, pressing her right breast to his left shin. She kept her head down and her eyes on his shoes. Her master knew from past experience that she would remain in that position until he stood up and left the room or placed his hand on her head. That was the signal that she could look up and speak.

He placed his hand on her head and said, “Page, do you need something or…” The other possibility hung in the air unspoken.

She looked up and sat back on her heals. “Sir, I was trained that when this slave was unsure as to how to best serve my master, a sure course of action was to ask for help or clarity. You have commanded me to train Willow. I am unsure how to proceed. I feel a responsibility to you, to give you the best slave you can have and I feel responsible for her, to give her the best chance to succeed. I do not want to fail you or her. Sir I need some guidance and advice.”

Lord Blackmon raised his eyebrows. “I cannot take charge of her training. I must be ready to leave in three days. But you know this. You have something in mind don’t you? What solution do you see to this dilemma?”

Page swallowed and pushed on. “Master, this slave asks to be able to speak to her most revered and honored trainer, the one that showed her the path of service and obeisance. If this slave could have the guidance of Mister Shadow she could have a greater understanding of how to succeed with Willow. Please sir, may I ask for his help?”

Lord Blackmon was lost in thought for a few moments. He had not spoken to Shadow in quite a while. They had met because of Shadow’s punishment chip invention and the fact that Peter Blackmon, not Lord Blackmon then, had made his very large fortune in the microchip industry. Shadow had come to him with an offer of a consulting contract but Blackmon wanted to take up the challenge of solving the technical problem and agreed to do so for free. Almost a year of work and testing had yielded a solution that not only solved the problem but also lowered Shadow’s production costs.

During their time together, Shadow had introduced Blackmon to Nancy, his slave. He became intrigued with the thought of having a slave and offered to buy Nancy. Shadow declined to sell her saying she was also a vital part of his punishment chip work. However he did offer to train a slave for Blackmon if he bought one.

The conversation was forgotten for months until after the project was completed. Shadow threw a small party at an exclusive hotel in Los Gatos to celebrate their success. Near the end of the evening, Shadow asked Blackmon to step into the other room for a moment.

“You have been of great help to me and yet you still will not let me pay you or give you some stock in the company?”

“I have more money than I can spend in ten lifetimes and no idea about how to spend it. I started a project that will explore parts of Antarctica just because I was bored. Your problem was the most fun I have had in a while. I should be paying you.”

Shadow stepped around Blackmon and went further into the suite. He then turned on the light and Blackmon could see that they were not alone. Kneeling on the floor were two slaves. One was a redhead and the other a blond. Because they had their heads bowed he could not see much more than that, but he was sure they were beautiful.

“Let me then give you a gift. I found these two at a slave house in San Francisco. They caught my eye as they were newly enslaved and untrained. I thought I might take them back east where they, as fully trained slaves now, would fetch a tidy profit. But they have worked so well together that they have more value as a set than as individuals. The problem is, sets like this are too expensive for the market around Oklahoma. To get a fair price I would need to go to Dallas or New York. I don’t have time for that as you know the punishment chip project is gaining steam. Instead, please take these two as my thank you for your help.”

Blackmon was stunned.

“Let me present to you Slave Carol and Slave Page.

“Slaves, this is your new owner, ah…Lord Blackmon.”

At his name, both slaves placed their hands on the floor in front of them and then placed their forehead on their hands.
Lord Blackmon looked down and focused on Page’s face.

“I will place a call to Shadow. I will make the case for you. I will let you know what he says.”

“Thank you sir.” Page shifted forwards and again pushed her breast into his thigh. “Sir, may I express my gratitude? May I give you pleasure with my mouth?”

The memory of seeing Carol and Page for the first time had shifted the glacier that had been smothering Lord Blackmon’s heart. Quick flashes of the first night the three of them were together raced through his mind. It had been his first great erotic adventure.

It had been over a year since Lord Blackmon had seen Carol’s broken body at the bottom of the ravine. His heart had frozen in that moment and on that image. Every stirring of sexual desire was quenched by that image in his head. Page had been changed as well. She would never have refused him, but it repulsive to him to think of pressing his claim on her when he knew she was grieving even more than he was. The sexual play and erotic games had abruptly stopped. Time had healed the constant grief, but the sex had never begun again.

But here was Page, so beautiful and sexy in her collar and heels, begging to suck his cock. For the first time Carol’s tragedy did not superimpose itself on his lust.

A moan escaped Lord Blackmon’s lips and Page took that as permission. She moved between his knees and began moving against the inside of his thighs. Her breasts were pushed together by his inner thighs and increased the pressure on his groin through his pants. Her hands rubbed the tops and outsides of his legs. For the first time in a long time he could feel his erection growing.

Page could feel it too. She was torn between two possibilities. Should she go fast and satisfy him quickly so he could remember the good things? Should she go slow and not add pressure?

Like any choice involving a slave, the best choice is the master’s choice.

“Page, what is the purpose of your tongue?”

Page smiled. This was the beginning of a game they had played many times. It was not scripted but it did often follow a pattern. The key was matching words with actions. She responded slowly and as erotically as she knew how.

“Master, the purpose of this tongue is to find each place that brings you pleasure and to learn its taste, texture and form. It is the purpose of this tongue to discover, enhance and promote your pleasure wherever it is found. The purpose of this tongue is to clean and consume the products of your pleasure wherever it resides or falls. Please let me show you how this tongue may serve you.”

“Slave, where will you begin your exploration?”

“Oh master, may I begin my exploration at your feet? I was once told the toes and foot and be a source of pleasure. Please let this tongue touch your feet?”

Page knew Lord Blackmon’s tastes ran in two areas. He loved filthy talk coupled with filthy action. He also was turned on by watching his slaves suffer in situations and devices of his design. He was intense but also very caring. Tonight they were playing the filthy game.


Page eased her master’s sock off of his left foot and brought it up to her mouth. She used the tip of her tongue to lick the pad of the big toe, wetting it again and again. While she licked his toe, she moved her breasts across the heel of his foot, doubling the sensations he was experiencing.

“Describe what you have found slave.”

“Master your feet are wonderfully sensitive. The pad of your toe is rough on my tongue and I can feel the ridges along the bottom.”

“What do you suggest?”

“Sweet master, it would bring even more pleasure if you toes were wetter. Could I wet your toes even more?”


Page reached between her spread legs and dipped two fingers into her soaked pussy. He had not fucked her in a very long time and she was forbidden to touch herself without permission. This erotic and familiar game had gotten her very turned on.

She pulled her soaked fingers from her pussy and very deliberately rubbed them across the pads of his toes. She then used both hands to move his foot to her mouth again. She slowly licked her wetness from each toe, then loudly sucking each one in reverse order until she was back to his big toe.

“Well slave? What was the difference? Did it give me more pleasure that way?”

“I think so sir. The tastes went well together and that caused me to suck even harder. I hope it gave you pleasure because that is what this tongue is for.”

Page went back to licking his foot, across the heel and the ball of the foot near the toes. She turned her head sideways to run the flat of her tongue all along the arch and bottom of the foot.

Lord Blackmon could not stand it anymore.

“Slave, are you through exploring?”

“Oh, no sir. Please let me continue to explore.”

“Where would you try next?”

“Sir, I am told there is a place on the balls that can bring a lot of pleasure. Please sir, allow this tongue to seek out that wonderful spot and bring you pleasure.”

“Go ahead.”

Page sat up and began to unbuckle his pants and ease them down his legs. She touched and stroked as much of him as she could while she undressed him. Once his boxers joined his pants on the floor, she scooted forward on her knees and moved her mouth very close to his cock. She was thrilled that it was harder that she had seen it in months. His game was working.

“Master, I am not sure what spot might be the very best. May this tongue explore and test different places?”

“Please explore.”

When his pants came off, he had scooted towards the edge of the couch. Page leaned down, her ass in the air and began to slowly lick up the front of his balls. She moved her tongue back and forth. She explored and probed, moving to the side and then underneath. She turned her head so that she could lick across and at the same time her cheek brushed the underside of his cock. It jumped at her touch and a moan escaped from his clinched teeth. She then repeated the process going the other way with similar results.

“Slave, report!”

“Sir, your balls are a wonder! They are smooth on one side and rough on another! They felt good on my tongue and I hope my tongue felt good on them. But I am proud to report that the most pleasure this tongue can bring seems to be here on your cock. Please sir let me use this tongue to pleasure your cock”


“Sir, may I wet your cock the way I did your toes? I think that would feel good to you and taste very good to me.”

“Again yes” he said in a husky whisper.

Page again pushed two fingers deep into her pussy, drawing out as much of her moisture as she could. She then spread it on the head of his dick in a slow circular pattern. She then turned her head again to lick across the head of his cock, like a cat, each motion slow and drawn out. She licked until all had been removed and then repeated the process. By now her master’s cock was a steel bar, months of no activity providing fuel to the fire. Precum began seeping out and she licked it up like it was sweet candy.

She then held his cock in one and stopped moving except for gently squeezing it in a pulsing pattern. The reduced activity caused Lord Blackmon to look down at what was happening. That was what Page wanted him to do.

She got up on her knees again and reached between her legs and once more gathered her wetness on her fingers. She showed her soaked fingers to her master then slowly spread the wetness across her lips like she was applying lipstick. She then former her lips in a tight O shape and pushed down onto the top of his cock. She kept the pressure on as she slowly slide her lips and mouth down his trembling organ. Just before her lips touched the base of his cock, his eyes rolled back in his head and he roared out his long-delayed orgasm.

Page’s mouth was flooded with come and she swallowed as quickly as she could. She kept up the pressure on her lips as her tongue moved the cum around her mouth and around his cock. The flood finally ended and she slowly withdrew. She used her tongue to clean him the same way she had before.

When he was able to speak again, he said “Oh tongue you are a great explorer. Good journey.”

After a few minutes, Lord Blackmon said, “Page, you have not cum in all these months?”

“No sir, you are my source of pleasure. You say when I cum.”

“Page, I am giving you an order. For reminding me of this joy, I want you to enjoy all the orgasms you want while I am gone. You can orgasm as often as you want, as long as you do not give them to yourself and that you write down in a journal how it was achieved. Tell me the story of you cumming and we can relive it together when I return.”

“Sir, you are leaving! Who will give me an orgasm?”

“How about your slave in training?”

Page had not thought about Willow in that way. Suddenly she was even more turned on than before.

“The other condition is that you have an orgasm right now. You can rub yourself on my other foot, it feels neglected. Be sure and clean it after you are done.”

It took Page about one minute to get Lord Blackmon’s shoe and sock off and then she had an orgasm four minutes later. She spent ten minutes cleaning the mess she had made.