Willow Chapter 7 Skills

Page was taught that good habits were important. She set about ingrained good habit in Willow from the beginning of her training.

Page had given Willow detailed instructions about how her morning was to proceed. She was sleeping on the floor next to Page’s bed. Willow’s alarm went off at 5:45am and it had to be turned off within the first 10 seconds. She then had 15 minutes to complete her assigned tasks before Page woke at 6:00. She put her blanket and thin pad away, folded neatly, in the closet. She went into the bathroom, completed her morning necessities, showered, groomed and knelt at the side of the bed to await her trainer’s morning needs.

The first few days she had been given this routine it did not go so well. She had been late getting into position the first day. That had been worth 10 strokes before the sun had come up. The next day Willow had rushed to be in position on time, but left the bathroom in “a mess,” (the bath towel was not neatly placed in the rack.) That again earned another 10 stroke wakeup to her day. Willow had to count each stroke, say how many remained, that she was grateful for Page’s patent instruction and that she hoped the corrections would continue.

After the corrections, Page sent Willow off to fix coffee while Page got ready to stretch and work out. Page led Willow in workouts that were intense and focused on sculpting a firm and agile body. While it varied from day-to-day, every part of the body received attention. It was Page’s goal that Lord Blackmon not be able to recognize the sleek sexual siren that had once been the sloppy slave they had brought home from Fresno.

Willow was then sent into the kitchen to fix a poached egg for each of them. Page ate at the table while Willow ate kneeling on the floor. Page then showered and went to the other part of the house, the part were Lord Blackmon’s suite was, to check the computer for emails or to handle other tasks that might be important. While Page completed these tasks, Willow cleaned the kitchen, showered, applied makeup, checked her collar and cuffs to be sure they were clean and polished, then knelt by the fireplace waiting for Page to emerge, inspect her and begin her training for the day. All of this had to be completed by 7:30am. That was when the real training started.

Page began by teaching Willow the names of the bindings, whips, toys, punishment tools and equipment she would experience.

Page was ordered to the Room of Broadening Horizons. She waited kneeling at the door for Page to begin her lesson.

“Slave, what are you doing here?”

“Ma’am, this slave is going to be trained to be a good slave.”

“And, pray tell, what is a good slave?”

Willow was surprised by the question and did not know how to respond.

“Ma’am, this slave…is not sure…”

“How disappointing. You will learn the answer to that question. Until you do you will be spanked 5 times on the ass each night. I suggest you find the right answer, at least for the sake of your ass. Now crawl.”
Each day they were to cover a different area of knowledge. The first day she learned about the different kinds of floggers, what they are made of and how they are constructed. She was then tied to a whipping post in the Play Room and given a lab on how each felt when applied to her ass, back, legs, breasts and pussy. This lesson was repeated until Willow could correctly identify, describe and eloquently expound upon how each felt when used. An incorrect answer meant the lab was repeated. Willow left the lesson red, striped and sobbing.

In the afternoon, Willow was given a service task in the house to complete until it could pass Page’s very exacting standards. When Willow failed to properly clean the windows, she learned about how a cane felt on the soles of her feet and told to try again. Afterwards Willow was given her one larger meal of the day which consisted of protein, such as a chicken breast, and vegetables. She was then allowed to rest for an hour then clean herself up in preparation for her evening activities.

That first evening, Willow was given some moderately high-heeled pumps and told to walk. Page thought she moved like a coal miner after a day underground. She walked slumped over with her bald head down.

“Slave, that will not do. We are going to have to teach you to walk, talk, sit, eat, suck, fuck, crawl, beg, cry, scream and beg and plead for more.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Say it.”


“Say…it. What I just said. Were you listening?”


“Say ‘I am going to learn to walk, talk,…sit, eat,…suck, fuck,…crawl, beg,…scream, cry and beg for more.’ Walk across the room and say it.”

Willow began her journey across the room in the unfamiliar heals, looking down and trying to remember the chant.

“I am going to learn to walk and talk…”

“Stop!” Willow pulled up near Page.

“Stay there.” Page left the room and came back a few moment later with a small switch, cuffs and something else Willow had not seen.

Page bound Willow’s hands behind her with the cuffs. She then strapped the collar-like device she had brought around Willows neck. In the front were two sets of adjustable spikes, one set pointing up and another pointed down. Page lifted Willow’s chin up into the correct position then adjusted the three upper spikes to lightly touch Willows chin and jaw. The others were adjusted to just above Willows collarbone.

“Slave, lower your head.”

When she did the spikes jabbed her jaw and drove the other spikes into the top of her chest. It was very painful and even gave Willow the sense of being choked.

“Slave, the chant is in 16 beats or steps. That should get you across the room. You will then turn and repeat it coming back towards me. Move slowly. I will tell you the words one more time.”

This time Willow listened carefully to the words and tried to remember them. Then Page sent her off across the room. As she walked, she concentrated on getting the words correct and lost focus on her posture. When the spikes sent pain all along her jaw and throat, she lost her place in the chant. She stumbled, both in her walk and in the words and almost fell before coming to the end of the room.

She carefully turned around only to find Page right there swinging the thin switch at her breasts. A line of fire erupted across her lower breasts and she tried to flinch, sending the spikes into her chin again.

“Do it again.”

Willow tried again but failed to get the words right. When she turned again Page was there with the switch sending a line of agony across her nipples. We wanted to grab her breasts and curl into a ball but the cuffs and the collar kept her upright. Her eyes were wide with the pain and sweat popped out on her bald head

“Again.” Page said.

Willow went slower getting her steps and the words in sync, but still stumbling over the correct order of the words. She knew what was coming as Page laid another thin stripe across her tits.

“Get it right.” Page had begun using that calm, quiet, dark voice that sent shivers down Willow’s spine.

This pass, Willow as able to get the words and the movement in the correct order. When she turned she was not greeted by the slashing switch. She paused for a moment then went across the room again, getting everything in the right sequence.

“Stop. Take two steps to your left.” Willow did as she was instructed.

Page then stepped to where Willow had just been. She then stepped off and began the same exercise Willow had just struggled with. But when Page did it, it was mouth-watering. Her words seem to be amplified by the sway of her hips, the movement of her ass and the sensual stride of her foot. When she turned and came back towards Willow it was even more erotic. Her breasts moved up and down with each word, and her head was held high and proud. She convinced Willow with every movement and every word that she wanted to learn to suck, fuck and scream like it was the reason she was alive.

“Now you again.”

Willow stepped back in place and tried to imitate what Page had just done. It was hard to do with her hands bound and the spiked collar poking her. She was sure Page could do it even bound like she was. Her effort was better and she began to get the idea of what Page wanted from her. With each pass it was better and better. Page gave her pointers like putting one foot in front of the other more and to remember to smile.

After an hour of this with Page demonstrating a few more times, Willow thought she was doing pretty good. Page then made her change into shoes with higher heals. This began the whole process over again as Willow’s balance made her forget the words to the chant. Page’s switch reminded Willow to concentrate. After a while the shoes were changed again this time to 5 inch heels. Willow almost fell and poked her jaw very hard before she got the new movements down correctly.

Finally the collar was removed. Page stepped behind Willow like she was going to unbind her arms, but a moment later a blast of pain ripped across Willow’s stomach. Willow turned to see Page with her switch looking into Willow’s eyes. After a moment, Page swung it again and again fire flashed across Willows breasts.

Willow knew something was wrong or she had done something wrong or she had forgotten…Words began pouring from Willow’s lips as Page reached back to swing again.

“Ma’am, thank you for teaching your slave how to properly walk in beautiful shoes. Your instruction was wonderful and this slave would love to benefit by more of your guidance.”

Page lowered her arm and then stepped behind Willow again to release the clip on her cuffs. She left them on then turned walked across the room and sat down in what Willow was beginning to think of as Page’s chair. Willow followed behind and knelt at her feet.

“Slave, there are many things that can help a slave fulfill their primary task. Slaves don’t wear clothes but they do wear things that enhance their appeal.”

Page shifted in the chair and crossed her legs. This brought her blood-red high heel shoes within a few inches of Willow’s face.

“I just taught you something about walking in high heels. You will need a lot more work but you are getting the idea. But I had to demonstrate how to walk, and my shoes got dusty helping you out. What are you going to do about the dust on my shoes?”

Willow looked around for a moment to see if she could see a rag or tissue she could use to clean Page’s shoes.

“Slave, clean my shoes with your tongue.”

Willow froze for a moment trying to put the words shoe and tongue in a sentence that would make sense in her head. Page leaned forward and brought the keen switch down across Willow’s shoulders. Willow sucked air through her teeth and arched her back.


Willow was moving forward to begin licking her shoes.

“Stop.” Willow sat back on her heels and looked at Page.

“The goal of the lesson was not to teach you to walk with good posture but to walk in a way that serves a purpose. Posture serves the purpose. The heels and the stride serve the purpose. The words serve the purpose. Now I tell you to clean my shoes and you attack them like a bowl of dog chow. The actions must serve the purpose.

“Take off your shoe.”

Willow removed her right shoe and held it out to Page. Page did not take the shoe, but uncrossed her legs and slid to her knees in front of Willow. She reached out and held Willow’s outstretched wrist in place then brought her lips to the shoe in Willow’s hand. Page’s back was straight and her breasts where thrust forwards like they were begging to be touched.

As Willow watched, Page began licking the shoe from the toe to heel. She moved slowly and her tongue seemed to caress the leather of the shoe. She licked the bottom of the shoe and sucked on the spiked heel. Page even licked Willow’s fingers that were holding the shoe. The whole time Page was looking into Willow’s eyes, eyes that were big with shock, amazement and lust. Each movement of her head or thrust of her jaw caused Willow’s stomach to flip-flop with excitement and longing.

Page sat back up in her chair and again presented her shoe to Willow. Willow began to imitate what she had seen, concentrating, not on what she might have once thought was a degrading act, but on the purpose of the act. She was trying to excite and entice Page with her attitude and demeanor as much as she was with her tongue.

A small smile came across Page’s face and she said “Better.” Then Page presented Willow with the other shoe.

When that one was cared for, Page parted her legs and stared at Willow. Willow moved to put her mouth on Page’s pussy but was interrupted by another blazing line across her back. Willow glared up at Page like she had just been betrayed.

Page moved like a striking snake to slap Willow’s face. She grabbed Willow’s jaw roughly and put her face an inch from Willow’s

Page spoke in that low menacing voice, “Do I hit you for nothing? I am your trainer. I act to teach, correct, instruct, and encourage. I do not act just to hurt you. Look at a master like that and you could be beaten bloody, crippled or killed.

“There will be plenty of times when a master will beat you so bad it is like they are pealing your skin off, and they are doing it just to hear you scream. I, however, am trying to keep you alive.”

Willow was confused by Page’s words. How could Page protect Willow if she was going to be treated like that? What could Page do to prevent her master from killing…?

Page could not prevent a master from anything. But it might be possible to keep a master from wanting to kill. Willow began putting together the lessons of the day and could see where Page was going.

“Please ma’am, give this slave another chance to serve you. I will do my best to learn the lessons you are teaching.”

Page looked at Willow for a moment to see if this was just a delaying tactic. Seeing no false intent, she slowly spread her legs again.

Willow began at Page’s calf and began to kiss her leg and brush her lips on it softly. She noticed Page relax and figured she was on the right track. Willow began working her way up the leg kissing, sucking and licking as she went. She noticed that Page was moving slightly so that Willow’s smooth head also rubbed her leg. Willow started doing this on purpose and Page moan softly in response. Willow rubbed her head across Page’s thighs and then into her pussy. Willow could feel wetness spread across her head and knew Page was turned on. She then lifted her face and licked her from bottom to top but then went back to rubbing it with her head. The cycle continued half a dozen times before Willow started licking Page’s pussy in earnest. Page grabbed Willow’s head and pushed her tighter. When Page came, she kept her face tight against herself until the tremors stopped.

When Page released her, Willow began cleaning herself up like she had before.

“Slave, that was a better effort than before. Keep improving.”

Page stood and looked down on Willow. “Slave, what was the purpose?”

Willow thought she had this one. “Ma’am, the purpose of the walking, talking, licking, sucking and all the rest is for you to be turned on.”

Page looked at her for a moment the said, “Slave, that answer is partly right. We will keep working on this. I want you to always be thinking of the purpose. What is the purpose of this skill, action or technique? I will keep asking you. Have a good answer when I do.

“Get cleaned up and turn my bed down and get yours ready as well.”

Just before Page turned off the light, she asked Willow. “Slave, what is a good slave?”

Willow still did not have an answer, “Ma’am, I am not sure.”

Page opened a drawer in the night stand and took out a black leather paddle. She motioned for Willow to lie face down on her sleeping pad. Willow counted each swat, thanked Page and pleaded for another in hopes that they would enlighten her.

The last things Page heard before drifting off to sleep was the quiet whimper emanating from the floor by her bed.


Page had received a few emails from Lord Blackmon after his departure. Some simply told Page where he was, “We arrived in New Zealand safely. Talk soon.” Others explained that there had been a delay in loading the research ship and that they were stuck in port for an extra three days.

Then Page received a cryptic email that simply said, “Look for the box.”
A day later, Carl made a visit. He brought mail and groceries like normal, asked about how everything was and if there was something they needed.

Page had begun to be comfortable around Carl because of his manners and kindness. So she asked Carl if he could stay for dinner. Carl declined but said he could another time.

“There is one more thing that came for you. It is in the back seat of the Rover. I will get it.”

Carl came in carrying a FedEx box about the size of shoebox. Page checked the address on the package and saw that it had come from New Zealand. She was about to open it when Carl said he was leaving. Page saw Carl off then went back to the package and was able to get it open. Inside was an envelope and a beautiful wooden box. It had a small lock on the front so Page could not open it right away.

Page then turned her attention to the envelope. It was addressed to her and when she opened it, a key and a letter fell out. Page put the key on top of the box and opened the letter.
Dear Page,
Our last few nights together made me remember who I was and who you are. After Carol left, I felt guilt and shame. I will always be affected by her choice but I am moving on with my life and with you.

I had forgotten the excitement of being with you. You have tried to show me I could live again, but I was too caught up in my grief to respond. I believe you have led me out of that dark place and back towards the light.

It is ironic that this happened on the eve of me leaving on a trip whose purpose was to make me forget. We are apart and I do not want to be. I am anxious to renew our games. Their memory, once a darkness creeping over me is now a light burning bright with promise on the horizon.

Now, about the box. It is the answer to two questions. The first is “What do you do when you are stuck in a hotel for three days in New Zealand and want to be fucking your slave?” the second question is “How can we play when we are so far apart?” Inside the box you will find the parts to a game I made up.

Follow the instructions inside the box. There are elements of chance. Because of that, you will find some elements easy and pleasurable. Others could be very hard. For some of these you will need time to recover.

After you complete a task, you will write me an email describing what you did, how you managed, and what you were feeling.
My connection to email will be spotty at best so you may not hear from me for days at a time. However I will be enjoying the thought of you on your adventures.

Make sure you are safe. Willow is with you and can act as a safety person. Some activities will involve her directly. Use Carl only if you discuss it with him first and he is ok with it.

I am looking forward to your emails.

Lord Blackmon.

p.s. I hope Willow is working out.


Before Carl arrived Page had been introducing Willow to sucking cock. Since live specimens were in short supply, Willow was learning on the rubber variety. She was in the great room on her knees. Her hands were tied in a reverse prayer position and she wore a leather collar. She was facing the wall opposite from the fireplace. Attached to the wall was a rubber training cock with some special features. The one in use today was a pressure switch along the shaft. Willow had contact pads attached to her breasts, one on each side of her nipples. Those contact pads were attached to a TENS unit running through the dildo.

Page called this training Rule One. The object of the training was simple. Don’t bite. When the dildo detected pressure from teeth, it sent the electricity from the TENS unit, through a control box, to the pads on her tits. Teeth touching the top of the dildo shocked her left tit and teeth touching the bottom shocked her right. Just before the shock hit her tit, a chime sounded. This would condition Willow to associating that sound with punishment and pain. It also allowed Page to follow how she was doing without having to watch Willow the whole time. A chain ran from the wall to Willow’s collar so that she could not pull off the cock.

Page had hooked Willow up to the unit then triggered the punishment to test if the unit was working correctly and to give Willow some incentive to get it right. She asked Willow what it felt like. Willow said if felt like a very hard pinch. Page turned it up. Willow yelped and said that felt like a needle poking her. Page turned it up. Willow screamed and said that felt like the needle was being jabbed repeatedly through her nipple. Page left it at that setting.

The other element was that Willow was astride one of the two sybians in the house. It too ran through the control box attached to the dildo. The control box would begin the sybian on a very low setting. The longer Willow kept the unit from triggering a punishment the faster the sybian would go. Each time the punishment triggered, the sybian would stop for a few minutes before beginning the slow crawl up again.

When Carl arrived, Willow was already on hour two of this training. Her jaw ached and she had been on the edge of an orgasm for a while. The sybian was set just below what would make her cum. Carl gave her a brief glance but nothing more.

After Page opened the package and read the letter, she decided that she might need Willow ready to help. Page went to where Willow was shaking from being on edge and pushed the button on the control box that would send the sybian into high gear. Willow screamed as she began to cum, then screamed louder when she accidentally triggered the shocks. Page let this cycle continue for a few more minutes as Willow cries were punctuated by the punishment chime going off every few seconds. Finally Page turned it all off and released the chain holding Willow on the dildo. While Willow thanked Page for teaching her an important lesson, Page untied Willow and then sent her off to get cleaned up.

Page and Willow ate the early meal together in silence. Willow was too exhausted to talk and Page contemplating the wooden box and what it would hold. Page told Willow to clean up the items she had been using and to rest for an hour. Page used the time to finish a couple of things then went to rest herself.

Page was staring at the box when Willow came back in after her rest. She knelt next to Page and Waited. Page had wondered how much to tell Willow and finally realized that they were going to be sharing everything soon. Why not start now?

Page handed Willow the letter and asked her to read it out loud. Willow had no idea how she could help or what a “safety person” might be. She was sure Page would explain.

Page used the key to open the beautiful wooden box. The box was lined with red velvet and was divided into two compartments. The compartment on the left held small envelopes, the other held a collection of small items. She could see dice, playing cards and a coin. There was also a larger envelope marked RULES FOR THE GAME. She took this out and opened it. Inside was a piece of stiff paper folded like a greeting card. The instructions were written on all four surfaces. Page began to read aloud.

There are 52 cards in the deck of playing cards. There are 52 envelopes in the box corresponding to each card in the deck. Written on the outside of the envelope is the name of a card.

You will play this game three times a week. To begin the game, you will shuffle the deck of cards seven times. Then you will cut the cards to select your card of the day. You will then find the envelope corresponding to that card. You will open it and follow the instructions in the card.

The instructions you will find in the envelope might include other elements of chance. You will use the dice and the coin to complete the instructions and begin your task. To get you started the two of clubs has been removed from the deck already. That is your first task.

There are two Jokers in the deck. When they are drawn, you will not need to complete a task on that day. After each card is drawn you will tear up that playing card so it cannot be drawn again.

I am hoping you will be able to complete all 52 challenges before I return. Remember to use Willow to keep safe. Remember to email me with the details of what it was like.

Lord Blackmon

“Slave, your job, your responsibility, is to make sure I do not become trapped or accidentally injured. From the other letter I get the feeling you will be taking part in other ways. We will see. Questions?”

“No ma’am, this slave will do all she can to help you.”

“Well, let’s see what Lord Blackmon has in store for me to begin.”