Willow chapter 9    Firsts




The next day Willow was amazed how little of Page’s skin was damaged. All of the angry redness was gone and only a few spots showed scratches or abrasions. One knee was skinned up, but that was the worst of it. Page herself seemed to be more tense and reflective but Willow dismissed that as exhaustion.

Willow was wrong. There were important things on Page’s mind.

Willow got an idea that things would be different that day as soon as breakfast was over. Page had been instructing Willow on other aspects of bondage and submission by taking her into the Room of Tears (as she had called it the day before) and had continued introducing her to ropes, gags, clamps and other toys. Page would lay out the objects and tell Willow about each one, how it worked and how it was used. She would then demonstrate them on Willow, demanding that Willow remember what they were called and what they felt like.

Today Page had Willow crawl to the far wall where the equipment and toys were stored and gave her a specific list of items to retrieve. Willow collected a heavy set of leather cuffs for her hands and feet, a heavy posture collar, rope, extra straps and a very serious penis gag. The gag covered her lower face with a wide leather panel, effectively silencing the wearer.

Page instructed Willow to get busy putting the items on quickly and stand for inspection. Page not only looked her over, but double checked that the buckles and gag were tight.

She then ordered Willow up onto the padded table near the back of the room. This table was like those in the doctor’s offices, it had a number of panels that could move or tilt. This one though had points of attachment all around. Willow began getting nervous when Page tied her down tighter that she had before. She was face up and her ass was near the edge of the table with her legs spread wide to the side. Her hands were tied over her head and even her collar was secured down.

Page walked back to the cabinets and came back with a blindfold. Again this was new ground for Willow and her apprehension began to grow.

Willow felt Page begin to touch her breast and stomach with a feather light touch. This continued all over Willow’s skin. She stroked her arms and legs in a way that danced between a caress and a tickle. It was slow and soothing and very erotic. Her attempts at squirming confirmed for Willow that there was very little slack in her bonds.

There was a pause a Page gathered more things from the storage area. Willow heard a vibrator come on and quickly felt the almost electric shock of it being moved across her pussy. Again, Page did not press or hurry. Page moved the buzzing machine up and down, lighting the sexual fire within Willow. Every few minutes Page paused a moment to apply a healthy amount of lube before continuing the erotic movement of the vibrator. Willow’s breathing quickened and her limbs twitched with excitement.

After long minutes of teasing and stroking and just before Willow could come, the buzzing stopped and a single finger took up the journey around her core. The finger stroked a few times and then dipped into her opening for a moment. Then it slid back out and the slow stroking continued. It was both wonderful and maddening. She loved the touch but craved something more substantial.

Willow felt Page’s hair fall across her face and knew Page was leaning over her. Page was almost whispering.

“Slave, I have been debating this in my mind for weeks. Should I preserve you intact until our lord can deflower you? Would he cherish the moment? It is a rare gift, but it is one that he has never mentioned. And it is a very short moment.

“On the other hand, a fully trained sex toy can be enjoyed many times, and in many different ways. But for you to be trained, you need some experience. That means moving past your current state to greater and better things.

“If you have not guessed yet, let me tell you plainly. You are about to get fucked.”

Willow began to panic. She had almost no freedom of movement, but what little there was moved all at once. She was softly mewing through the gag and tossing her head side to side.

Page did not change what she was doing. Page used the vibrator for a while then her finger again. She was just going to let the soft and erotic sensations override the terror. Soon it was clear that Willow was close to an orgasm again, but again Page backed off.

Willow heard Page softly say, as if to herself “Here we go.”

Page’s finger was replaced by something more substantial. Because of the slow and sensual preparation, and because of the copious amounts of lube Page had used, the head of the slim dildo slipped into Willow with little resistance. In fact there was only a brief moment of resistance as it parted her hymen. Page was firm but gentle as she opened Willow up for the first time.

Willow had expected agony when she was fucked for the first time. Instead it had been a sharp pinch followed by a whole new world of sensations. She felt raw for a few moments but soon those feeling were swallowed by the incredible sensation of fullness. She felt Page moving the fake dick in and out slowly and smoothly. She could feel Page’s hips hit her legs and figured Page was wearing a strap-on to fuck her. After a few minutes she felt the vibrator again on her clit and this time there was no reprieve. She felt like she was going over a waterfall as the sensations overwhelmed her. Yet Page did not let up. In and out the cock glided, touching and awakening new places and feelings. The vibrator continued to throw gasoline on the fire.

Page watched her cum three times before she backed off. She did not want to hurt her but to make this a positive experience. But it had to be one made in complete submission. This was the essence of who Willow was now. It was right that chains and bindings be there her first time. They would be there many times in the future where Willow would have not voice, no vision, no movement, and not choice. This had been a good beginning.



Page left Willow to calm down and relax in her bondage for about half an hour. By that time Willow’s tears had dried and she was anxious to be released. But Page had more to do.

Willow’s legs and waist straps were released and the chain on her collar was loosened, but her hands were not. Page also left the gag and blindfold in place.

“Slave, turn over.” Page said.

With some awkward struggling Willow managed to roll over on her stomach. When all was settled, Willow realized that her knees were off the end of the table and that the edge was pressing into her stomach. Her hands were still extended above her head and her breasts were pressed to the cushioned top of the exam table.

Page secured Willow’s ankles with straps so that they were together. She then ran another strap across the back of her thighs holding them firmly to the metal side of the table. Page then took all the slack out of the rope holding Willow’s hands above her head. This left only one part of Willow’s body available. Her ass was waving in the air begging for attention.

Page again left the room for a few minutes. Willow shifted and squirmed but could not get out of the bonds nor change position. Her pussy tingled and ached from its recent encounter with the dildo. It was not an unpleasant feeling but sent huge shockwaves through her emotions.

When Page returned, she removed the blindfold and took the gag out of Willow’s mouth.

“Slave, have a drink of water.” Page held a straw to Willow’s mouth and she drank greedily. Her lips and tongue absorbed the much needed moisture and the cool revived her spirit too.

“Why…? Why did you…? I don’t…“ Willow softly croaked out.

“Is that the proper way to ask a question of your trainer?” Page softly but menacingly asked.

Willow swallowed again and started over. “Ma’am, may this slave please ask a question?”

“Slave, you get one question, and then we move on. What do you want to know?”

“Ma’am, why did you do that to me?” Page said through the tears that had come again. Feeling of betrayal and shame came crashing through to the surface. She thought Page cared about her!

The reaction from Page was not what she expected. Willow thought there would be words of comfort or apology and a soft soothing touch. Instead, Page threw the glass Willow had been drinking from across the room and shattered it against the wall. Page grabbed Willow’s chin and jerked her face up so that they were looking eye to eye. Willow was frightened by what see saw in Page’s eyes.

Page just stared into Willow’s face for a few moments. Then when she spoke, it was in a whisper.

“Let me remind you of something. Do the words ‘three hundred dollars’ sound familiar? Your virginity was sold for three hundred dollars. Before a slave auction, to entice buyers to come, there is often a girl made available for everyone’s use. They draw even bigger crowds when they advertise that it will be a virgin’s deflowering. It is quite a show. The guests buy a ticket for a dollar, or get in for free if they bring a new person to the auction. They draw names to see who goes first for her pussy, then another drawing for her ass. Her mouth is available all the time and does not count. Everyone watches, cheering on those engaged and describing what a filthy whore the girl is now that she is broken in. Everyone gets a turn after the winners of the drawing, and as many times as they like. They can beat her, piss on her, cut her, and do anything else they like. It goes on for hours until the auction is over. Many girls don’t survive. Those that do are…damaged in body and mind forever. That girl, the day of the explosion, was to be you. That was what your mother sold you for. That is one way to lose your virginity. What we just did is another. Do you think I owe you an apology?”

Page let go of Willow’s chin and walked away. She needed to calm down and wanted Willow to think about what she had said before they proceeded.

Page went to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water and took her time drinking it and walking back to where Willow was waiting. She paused outside the room listening to Willow’s sobs. Page knew that they were tears of emotional hurt, of a broken heart, not of a broken body.

Page strode into the room loudly so Willow could regain her composure. Page took her time collecting items for the next activity but finally could not delay any longer.

“Slave, you are not to make a sound. You are not gagged so this is partly an exercise in self-control. Let’s begin with something familiar.”

Page raised the crop and brought it down firmly on Willow’s ass. It was not a hard blow, but it was enough to sting. Willow did not make a sound. After a minute’s pause, Page struck her again, and again Willow remained quiet. Page struck her five times. She was not trying to break through Willow’s control, but to strengthen it. Each success gave Willow confidence she could do it.

“Slave, you did well. But this is pain you are familiar with. There are other types of discomfort that you will experience. You need to be able to show the same control with those as you just showed with the crop.

“Let me demonstrate.”

Page took the bottle of lube and put a large squirt on Willow’s anus. The cold made Willow suck in her breath. Page had expected that and jumped all over it.

“You can’t stay quiet when someone puts a little lotion on you? When I say quiet, I mean quiet. When I say control, I mean you must be in complete control of your body, your breath, your voice, your eyes, and your attitude.

“I cannot encourage control, but I can respond when you are out of control. The next sound you make will be met with something much worse that those taps with the crop you just had. Now, silence!”

The long diatribe had given Willow the time to get herself together, so that the next squirt of lube did not get a reaction. Page, standing behind and above Willow, smiled at the lack of response. But this was just the beginning.

Page ran her finger up and down the cleft of Willow’s ass, spreading the lube. She soon focused her finger on the little rosebud and began to circle it, first with light touches and slowly building the pressure. The target of this activity had finally occurred to Willow and she wanted to scream and tell Page to stop. But Willow did not want the promised punishment, knowing that it would be much worse than her fear. Willow locked her jaw and focused on not making a sound.

Page had switched to her little finger. She moved it around and around Willow’s asshole and then very slowly pushed it in. Page just wanted to get some lube inside so the process was very slow and she often took her finger out to collect more of the liquid. This went on for quite a while as her ass loosened up and began to allow the stranger in without too much resistance.

Page reached over and picked up the smallest of the plugs she had selected. It was not much bigger that her little finger, but much longer. It was made of soft silicon and had a narrow place before the large flange that kept if from going completely inside the body.

Page replaced her finger with the tip of the plug, continuing the same motions and pace as before. Willow did not know the switch had been made. Slowly Page began pushing the plug deeper with each pass. Also Page had begun gently rubbing Willow’s clit, giving her competing sensations and letting her choose the focus. Page was patent and moved slowly enough that before Willow knew it, the plug was almost ready to be seated in her ass.

“Slave, you have done well. This will be a new sensation, but it will not hurt. It will feel strange but remember to remain silent.”

Page eased the plug into place. Willow’s only reaction was to arch her back slightly to help accommodate the invader. But that feeling was quickly lost in the background as Page began rubbing Willow’s clit with abandon. As Willow’s orgasm began to get close, Page began tapping on the plug. The sensations blasted Willow’s orgasm to new heights as she came on Page’s hand.

Page stepped away for a few minutes to wash up and to give Willow time to compose herself again. When she returned she released Willow from her bonds and indicated that she was to kneel.

“Slave, you are now a carnal woman, ready to experience and learn about sex. Expect a lesson every day on the subject. As for today, leave the plug in until lunch. We are having a guest and we need to prepare something but I don’t want that thing wagging around when he is here. Remember what I said about care and cleaning of the toys and of yourself. The other toys from today are over there, take care of them too. Also pick up the broken glass as well. Do you have questions?”

“No ma’am, no questions, but I would like to say something please.”

Page was afraid Willow would scream and cry about how unfair she had been treated and how mean Page was.

Instead, Willow just simply said “Thank you, ma’am.”



Carl came into the house with the mail and groceries like before. What was different this time was that he was going to stay for a while.

Page had called him and asked that, when he made his delivery, he stay for lunch. He had been reluctant to dwell too long when he brought their supplies. He had seen men murdered before his eyes and was not as nervous as he was in that house. When in the presence of the two slaves, he was not sure where to look!

“Thank you for agreeing to stay. I have some things I would like to discuss with you and they are not really topics to talk about on the phone.”

They were walking out the rear French doors and onto the back patio. He was following Page and could not help but gaze in wonder at the beauty before him. She was wearing blood red high heels with ankle straps. Her calves and thighs rippled with muscles. Her ass was tight and toned with dimples just above. Her waste was slim and her back reflected the muscle tone of her legs and ass. Page’s hair covers some of her upper back but her shoulders and arms were visible and they were lovely.

There was a table there set for two. As they were sitting, Willow came out with two plates of chicken and vegetables. Water with lemon was already on the table. He thought about asking for something stronger, but wanted to see what was on Page’s mind. He needed to keep a clear head.

“Let’s eat, and then we can talk.”

They ate and made small talk. While they talked, Carl concentrated on Page’s face. It took his great personal discipline not to stare at her breasts. They were large; he had no idea what size, but they were firm and wonderfully shaped with nipples that were just right. On one occasion where Page was looking down to cut her chicken, he saw what looked like vertical marks on her breasts. His analytical mind wanted to puzzle that out but he forced his eyes up again to continue the conversation.

There was a part of Carl’s brain that seemed to be buzzing like an alarm clock. He could not equate the banal topics of weather and their favorite ways to prepare chicken to the fact that he was sitting across from a very naked, very gorgeous woman. The few things she wore, the collar and heels, only added to the impact. The other girl, he knew her name was Willow but Page only called her “Slave,” brushing past refilling the water glasses and removing the empty plates, did not help his state of mind.

“Can we sit in the garden and talk for a few minutes?” Page asked after the meal.

“Sure, I am not in a rush.” Carl half mumbled.

“Slave!” Page called out.

Willow came out immediately to Page’s call.

“Yes ma’am?”

“Leave the dishes for now, go and kneel beside my chair. An iPod is there with headphones. Please put them on and listen to the first track already selected. Just hit play. Also, when you kneel, face away from us. Sit still with your hands behind your back.”

“Yes ma’am” she said as she ran to comply.

There was a bench about thirty feet into the garden area along the side of the main path. They both sat on it facing a small rock garden that featured cacti. Some of the hellish plants had thorns that were five inches long. Human skin reacts differently to thorns than to needles. As the immune system reacts to the biological invader, the swelling and pain is much more intense and seems to grow by the minute. Page was well aware.

Carl looked back towards the house and could still see Willow’s back and the headphones on her head. He was sure it was to insure Willow would not overhear them.

“Carl, thank you for what you have done.”

“Don’t…don’t mention it. It was my pleasure.” Wow! Carl thought. That sure came out pervy! He looked up at Page’s face to see if she was angry or shocked. Instead he was greeted by a smile on Page’s face.

“Carl, you have been very kind in many ways. Many men would have taken advantage of the situation and…well, taken advantage of us. You not only have not done so, but you have not even stared at us. That is kindness. I was nervous with Lord Blackmon going away. He said I could trust you, not because of any great financial reward he had promised you, but because of the kind of man you are. I can see now that he is right. Again, thank you.”

Carl was somewhat ashamed at what Page had said. While he had not ogled them, he sure had looked! He had been careful not to be noticed when he did so that they were not uncomfortable around him. But he had looked when he could.

“But Carl, I need your help. I am working on a project while Lord Blackmon is gone and I have come to realize that I am going to need your help to complete it.”

Carl figured that there was something heavy that needed moving or lifting. Again, he chose to look at Page’s shoes, figuring that was a safe place to fixate. “Sure, whatever I can do.”

“But I foresee a problem.”

“What is that?”

“Why don’t you look at me or at Willow?”

Carl paused for a moment, “I…I have never been around slaves before. I am not sure how to act. I have had guns pointed at me and was not a nervous then as I am here. I know the rules on the street or in a courtroom. I do not know the rules here, and I am afraid of giving offense. “

“Carl, you are afraid of offending a slave?”

Her words cut to the heart of what made this difficult. He looked directly into Page’s eyes. “No, I am afraid of offending a woman that is a slave. I see a woman first.”

“Thank you for that. However, the problem I have is the problem of a slave and of a slave trainer. You cannot help me if you cannot see the slave.”

“Like I said, I have not been around slaves and am unsure how to act.”

Page shifted closer to Carl.

“Carl, look at me. No, not just my face, all of me, please.” Page stood up and took two steps back. Carl could see all of Page. She was in that pose women seem know instinctively. One foot was a little ahead of the other with the knee slightly bent, one hand on a hip, slightly turned.

“Carl, I am a slave. I am a slave that lives in a beautiful house, with a master that cares for me and provides a protector for me when he is away. I am not hungry, sick, crippled or emotionally shattered. I am not the same person I would have been if I had never been enslaved, but that is foolish speculation. I could have been a teacher, lawyer, drug addict, killed in a car wreck, or a criminal. Those things, those possibilities, do not matter. Today matters. Today I am a slave and need your help.”

Carl was terrified to speculate where this conversation was going. He had learned that it was best to let things unfold to know which way to run.

Page went on. “When I was enslaved, I was sold at an auction house in San Francisco. I spent four days being raped and abused by at least a dozen men. The people that owned the auction house had an arrangement with a local suck bar that they could get first crack at the new merchandise and would loan them out to see if they were worth buying. Slaves in suck bars have choke collars. I could say I watched three girls die that first night, but to be honest I was occupied at the time, too busy to see them choke to death. I did have to help drag their bodies out the back door of the bar. That is where the garbage trucks pick up the dead ones each morning. By the time I was brought to the auction block, I was already being tagged for a life on my knees sucking and fucking until I was dead. I was well on my way to being garbage. The suck bar was outbid by a man from out of town. Two of us were taken back to his home in Oklahoma. He trained us to be something other than garbage to be thrown away. We were then given to Lord Blackmon as a gift. I have come to see that the one given the gift was me.

“There is a difference between being enslaved and being a slave. I want to give that opportunity, knowledge and understanding to Willow. I need your help to do that before Lord Blackmon returns. Will you help me?”

“So, what you are saying is that this project is to help Willow be a better slave?”

“No, my project is to make Willow a slave and not something to be thrown away. Willow can be valued for what she is. She can value herself for what she is. But she must be taught and trained for these things to be true.”

“Ok. You are making her into a survivor.”

“Yes, but I want more than that. I do more than survive. I have…peace. I cannot use the word happiness because that is beyond the reality for a slave. But I have peace. She can too. But I want to be completely honest with you. It is not just for her. I want Lord Blackmon to be pleased. I want him to be pleased with her and with me. ‘Everyone is better off when the master is pleased’ is a good rule to remember when you are a slave. I want her to be a gift, my gift, upon his return. There is a selfish part of this too. I have been lonely since Carol…left. I miss having a friend here.”

Carl looked down at his feet for a few moments lost in thought.

“Page, I cannot torture someone. If what you need is for me to hurt her, I cannot help you. It is not in my nature.”

To Carl’s surprise, Page laughed. “Carl, I know that is not your nature. If it was your nature, you would have been all over Willow and me the minute Lord Blackmon left us in your charge.”

The laughter left Page’s face like a veil falling away. What replaced it was a far off look, almost a look of sadness.

“No, I can handle the training in pain. In fact I can handle most of what is needed. But some things need to be experienced firsthand.”

The sad expression left Page’s face as she looked up at Carl again. “Will you help?”

“OK, I will do my best.”

The look that came across Page’s face could only have been described as mischievous.

“Carl, I don’t think this will be onerous. But I would offer you an incentive to help. You are polite, but I have noticed you looking at me. I am not offering anything you could not take by force right now, but I am saying that if you help me train Willow, I will give you what you desire willingly and enthusiastically.”

Carl closed his eyes. It was like being in that room with all that drug money. Temptation and imagination had been running wild with possibilities. It would be so easy to do. Just stuff your pockets and walk out! There was only a little blood on the stacks of bills, no one would notice.

Carl opened his eyes and stood up.


“No, you won’t help?”

“No, I won’t take advantage of you.”

“It was a sincere offer of thanks for your help. That is all.”

Carl changed the subject. “What do we need to do?”

Page turned and walked a few feet away to collect her thoughts. She had not imagined that Carl would react this way and had thrown her timeline off. She reordered some activities in her mind to fit the reality. There was more than one person that needed educating about slavery.

She turned back to face him once more. “Ok, do you know the Santa Clara Convention Center?”

“Sure, right across from the stadium.”

“Yes that’s right. Next week there is an event there I want us to attend. It is The Master’s Lifestyle Expo. There will be exhibits, products and demonstrations. I want you to take us, both of us, to the Expo.

“You will have to dress and play the part of our master and owner. We will need to be disguised so that we are not recognized as Lord Blackmon’s slaves. I want Willow to see and learn what else is out there. I also want to look at what is currently the fashion in punishment, torment and slave use.”

“How will we get in? I am sure these things are not open to the public….”

“We, or should I say Lord Blackmon, received an invitation. Also, we are your ticket in. When they see you leading two beautiful slaves on leashes, they will let you in.”