Mr. Johnson walked into the bar leading two leashed and gagged slaves. They were identical young blondes. They walked in a defeated, submissive way, looking at the ground. He saw Joan and handed them off to his head supervisor. “Take these two and get them oriented and set up to work. They are new acquisitions. Darren Able was going to sell his twin daughters off, so I bought them. If they are any good, we could use them as a novelty act. No noose sucks until they get acclimatized.”

Joan nodded and took the girls. The first stop was the observation area where collars were stored for use. Joan locked wall chains to the girls’ cuffs, then removed their walking collars. She put a black collar on each of them, then entered their names and collar numbers into the bar’s computer system. She got other information from the papers that her owner had handed her and entered it too. She spoke to the girls: “Turn and face the wall.” She approached their back sides with something that looked like a gun, applied it to each girl’s butt, and triggered it. They both jumped in pain. “That, ladies, is an RFID tag for each of you. We can tell where you are in the bar. Don’t try to escape. I’ll have someone orient you. Get used to cock sucking.” She leashed them again, then unlocked the chains that held them in place. She led them to the white-collar preparation area, where she found Louise freshly returned from the bar floor after a suck.

“Louise, you are off suck duty now. I have two new suckers that I need to have oriented. You remember your orientation, don’t you? Just show them the same things you were shown. You can put them on the suck trainer, too. You’ll be doing this for the rest of the day.”

Louise looked uneasy. “Do I have to do the demonstration, too, or do you only do that for larger groups?”

“Demonstrate sucking? No, you can lead them out and show them actual sucks.”

“No, the demonstration they gave my group. They put a girl in a noose and set it on fast.”

Joan looked at Louise and said, “No. That must have been before I was in a leadership role. It sounds like a big waste.”

“They said the girl couldn’t suck.”

“Even so. No, you won’t be doing that. You may want to let them experience the noose. Put it on at low speed and let it get to just below the red zone, then turn it off and let it sit that way for a while, then remove it.”

Louise took the leashes. She looked the slaves over, and thought they were remotely familiar. She would ask them later. First things first, she thought, and led them on a back stage tour of the bar, at least of the parts that a black collar would need to know. After that, she took them on the suck trail — pens, floor, cleaning area, pens. After that, she took them to the suck trainer. She leashed one to the wall and put the other on the machine. After the collar leash was attached, she inserted the shock dildo and removed the slave’s ball gag.

“OK, newbie, this is the suck trainer. You suck it. This display shows where your lips should be on the dildo, and this one shows you how hard you should be sucking. If you don’t keep up, that intruder in your cunt shocks you. Any questions?”

The sorrowful-looking slave shook her head, and Louise said, “OK, lips over the head of the dildo. Begin!” She pressed the start button, and watched the confused slave learn to coordinate her lips with the display, and getting shocked regularly. After it appeared that the new slave was getting it, Louise left to take a break.

She met Delia in the break room. It appeared that Joan had loosened the restrictions on her again, letting her take a break from white-collar suck duty without cuffs and without escort. They sat and drank coffee. “Joan came by after you left and looked at the duty log. She saw that I had sucked ten times, and told the floor coordinator to give me a break. I still have a few minutes left.”

“Well, I got stuck with orienting two new black collars. One of them is on the trainer, and the other is watching. They are identical blondes. I’m surprised that they came here. I figure that they would be snapped up by a sex slave dealer. Maybe they are really nasty.”

They both finished their coffee and headed back to work. It was the same way, so they walked together. They came to the suck trainer, and Delia stopped to examine the new slaves. She turned to Louise and said, “I think I know who they are. They were behind me in school. You are right, they were first-class teases to the boys and first-class bitches to the girls.” Delia went on to the white collar waiting area. Louise studied them, and realized that she had seen them before, at another high school.

“Well, ladies, you’d better not bitch here.”

The machine reeled the trainee in for a deep throat. After it released her, Louise leashed her to the wall and mounted her twin on the machine. “Begin!” This one seemed to get used to it faster, probably because she had watched her sister use the machine. Louise turned to the one leashed to the wall and said, “How did you end up here?”

“My father sold us. He sold his daughters! How could he do that? He told Mom that the suck bar owner had offered to buy us, and she said, ‘Sell them.’ I thought they loved us!”

Louise shrugged. “I was railroaded by the police; you were sold out by someone you trusted. We all get burned one way or another. I suggest that you both suck to please, because the good suckers don’t get the noose sucks.”

“Noose sucks?”

Louise was impressed by how naive this one was. “They put a motorized noose around your neck and it starts squeezing. You suck. If the guy comes before you die, you get to live.” The new slave paled and nearly fainted. When she recovered, Louise pulled a chair over and sat next to her. “We’ll give you an introduction to another tradition around here. Lick me.”

The new slave looked at her like she was an alien, seeming not to comprehend the order. “I’ll make it simpler for you: kneel between my legs and lick my clitoris and make me come.” The girl said, “I’ve never done that.” Louise replied, “You’d better get used to it. The bar offers it as a service to female customers. You two may be a team act, with one sucking the male of a couple and the other licking the woman. In any case, slaves senior to you have authority to make you lick them. Get started.”

The girl knelt, looked at Louise’s pudenda, started to lean forward, then broke down crying. The sound distracted her sister, who paid for it with a series of shocks before she could get back with the program. Louise comforted the crying girl, holding her head and stroking her hair, until the crying slowed and stopped. “Do you feel better now?”

She replied, “Yes.”

“Good. You can start licking me now.”

The slave looked up, obviously thinking that the comfort Louise had given her meant that she wasn’t going to go through with the licking, but she realized that she really didn’t have a choice. She was handcuffed and locked to the wall. She slowly leaned forward and hesitantly started to lick.

Louise enjoyed it, mainly because she was dominating the girl. The licking was not all that good. She gave the girl hints and instructions, and the performance improved. Louise came just before the girl on the suck trainer was reeled in for the final deep throat. Louise rose and looked at the scores recorded in the machine.

“Not bad. You must have at least sucked a few cocks, even if you didn’t lick clits.”

The girl that had licked Louise said, “Yes, we have. We were trying to avoid being enslaved. Look at the good it did us.”

“Why do you think your father sold you out?” Louise busied herself removing the girl from the suck trainer and putting in her ball gag.

“I guess we were bitchy pains in the ass.”

“It’s good to be honest and clear-headed here. That’s a good start.” Louise held the ball gag at the girl’s lips, and she reluctantly opened her mouth and took it in. Louise strapped it on and said, “Let’s go watch a few sucks.”

They walked out onto the bar floor with Louise holding their leashes. They were an immediate hit with the customers. Louise asked one customer who was about to get sucked if he minded an audience. “As long as they stand where I can look at them, it’s fine by me.” Louise had them watch four sucks, including one by Delia that the customer rated as the best he’d ever had. After that, Louise led them off the floor, following Delia, so they could watch the post-suck cleanup. The floor supervisor came over after Delia went off to the waiting area and said, “We have a request for these two to suck a whole table of men. I told them that they were new and untrained, but they offered to pay full price. Get the gags out, get them prepared, and I’ll show you where to take them.”

Louise remove the gags and said, “OK, ladies, it’s show time. Look at the floor while you are out there. Don’t speak. Swallow. Don’t let your teeth touch a cock. I’ll give you both some liquid to swish around your mouth, then spit in the sink. Life here can be tolerable for good suckers, and almost impossible for bad suckers. Remember that.”

Louise finished preparing the new suckers, and led them to the entrance to the bar floor. The supervisor was waiting there. “That big table on the left, with four men. That’s the place to take them. They’re a little drunk, so they may be harder to suck. They don’t seem to be mean drunks, so it should be OK. You do the leading.” Louise nodded, unsurprised that she was getting a green-collar type job, given that showing the two new slaves around was a green-collar job. She led them to the table, after making sure they were looking down at the floor.

“Gentlemen, your suckers. Please expose yourselves so they may begin.” Louise recognized several that she had sucked before, and they recognized her. One said, “Hello, Louise. We thought we would try out the new ones.”

“They are here to serve you.” Louise saw that two men were ready for sucking, one fully erect and one a little flaccid, but showing signs that a mouth would get it fully up. Louise directed her charges to kneel and start sucking. They did so. Louise was relieved at that. New suckers sometimes balked on their first time, and that caused a lot of trouble. The two new ones had obviously gotten the idea that they were slaves and they had better do what they were told. They worked the cocks competently. Louise saw some things she would correct them on later, but she judged it to be a good performance, and the men were obviously enjoying it. Louise was apprehensive when it looked like they were going to come, because some girls also had problems swallowing, and spitting was forbidden. The two dutifully swallowed, even though they didn’t like it. After they had finished, they both raised their heads from the cocks. Louise directed them to the other two men, and they repeated the performance on two engorged cocks. When they were done, Louise had the girls rise. She asked the customers, “How did you like the service?” They were all smiles. One said, “It was fine. Not as good as you, but fine. I enjoyed it.” The others agreed, and Louise thanked them for their patronage and led the girls back to the cleaning area.

After she had locked their leashes down and removed their cuffs, she went to the floor supervisor and reported. “Good, Louise. I was watching. You handled them well, and they did quite well for newbies that had just had an orientation. You must have done a good job.”

“I still have some things to do with them.”

“That’s fine. It takes a while. Enter their customer ratings and your assessment into the slave rating system,” she said, gesturing to a computer terminal.

“I don’t know how. I have never gotten on one of the systems.”

“It’s easy.” She led Louise to the terminal and said, “Log in with your collar number.” Louise did so, and was presented with a screen demanding that she set up a password. She followed the instructions, chose a password, and shortly was looking at a screen that was an entry form for rating suckers.

“Enter the sucker’s collar number, the customer rating, any comments that the customer made that you think pertinent, and answer the questions about your assessment. When you press the submit button, it will give you a fresh form for the other one. When you are done with the second one, press the log off button, and you’re done.” The supervisor went on to other duties, and Louise dutifully entered the required information.

When the cleaners were done with the girls, they were gagged, cuffed, and ready to go. Louise led them further back into the support area to a secluded work area. She knew that there were nooses in the work area for training. She leashed the girls to tie-down points and got out two of the motorized nooses. The girls looked on in horror as she put them around their necks. She removed the gags.

“No yelling, ladies, or you experience the noose with a gag in, and that is a lot worse, from what I’ve heard. I set them on slow. Kneel. I’ll start them and watch their gauges. When you are just short of strangling, I’ll stop them and let you wear them for a while. You’ll get an idea of how long you have to get a man to come when you are in a noose suck. We want you to feel it now so you won’t panic in a real noose suck. It is slow enough that any sucker that wants to live should be able to live.” She pressed the start buttons on the collars and stepped back.

The girls looked terrified as the nooses slowly tightened. The soon started having a harder time breathing. It got worse, as their air pipes were slowly closed off and they started long, whistling breaths to stay alive. Louise kept a close watch on them and on the indicators on the collars. When both strangling girls were convinced that they were about to die, Louise turned off the motors and left the nooses on, staying at the same tightness. The girls struggled to breathe, wheezing and choking. After several minutes, Louise pressed the release button on the collars, and the tension eased immediately. As she removed the nooses, the girls coughed and gagged, and eventually got some pink back in their faces. “Well, ladies, how did you like our little toys?”

One of them croaked hoarsely, “That was the worst thing I have ever experienced. I thought I was about to die.”

Louise replied, “If I hadn’t stopped them, you would have.” She let them rest for a while, then took up their leashes and led them off. The first stop was at the infirmary, where Janelle was sitting and waiting. “I see they let you out of your room.”

“Yes, once I stopped being hysterical. Mr. Johnson fucking me helped a lot in calming me down. There are changes, though.” She gestured at her leg, which had a shackle attached to a long chain that kept her in the infirmary. “I haven’t had any news that they are actually looking for me, but I’m still scared. What can I do for you?”

“I have two new ones here. They need shaving and checking over.”

“Sure thing. You, on the right, hop up on the table and lie down. There’s a hollow spot for your cuffs.” After the first of the twins struggled up on the examining table, Janelle checked her eyes, ears, nose, and vagina. She trimmed off the longer hair with hair clippers, then shaved her with a disposable plastic razor. After doing the same for the second twin, she fastened them to the wall and asked Louise, “Do you need a trim?”

“Yes, please.” Louise climbed up and spread herself, smiling broadly. Janelle didn’t disappoint Louise, sensually shaving her pudenda and playing artfully with her clitoris. After a long, drawn-out orgasm, Louise rose, kissed Janelle, and led her charges from the room.

The next stop was a room used for training. There was a TV and a DVD player, and Louise put a DVD in and started it. “You should have seen this before you sucked, but that was strange. I’ll leave you two here to watch it. Pay attention.” As she left, the show started. It was a custom video shot by a local college student in the bar. Joan had it made to explain the basics of sucking at the bar. When Louise returned, she asked them, “Any questions?”

The girls were more downcast than ever. “We think we’ll probably die the first time we get a noose suck.”

“Unlikely. Most guys getting a noose suck are so excited by it they’re on a hair trigger. You won’t get any for a while until you’ve gotten some experience.”

“I remember now hearing that suck slaves live about a year and a half. Why bother trying?”

“That’s an average. At the lower-class bars the life expectancy is much lower. Here it can be a lot longer than that. It all boils down to performance and attitude. I was a black-collar once. I’m a white-collar now. I don’t get noose sucks and I’ve gotten a little more … I hate to use the word freedom, but that’s what I’ve gotten a little more of. Suck. Suck like your life depends on it. It does.”