John woke up, feeling bodies pressing him. As his thinking cleared he remembered that all four of them had gone to bed in the same king-size bed. It was a bit crowded. He examined the layout. Mona was on his right, and Julia was on his left, with Rebecca on the other side of Julia from him. They were mostly uncovered, and three more-than-respectable racks showed. He felt his morning erection swell even more. He thought to himself, who to choose? Three willing partners, all completely available. He was most familiar with Mona, knowing what made sex with her good for both of them. Julia was more exciting, being more athletic and far more forward. Rebecca was the most beautiful, with the tightest vagina and the best kissing. He knew that the new situation he found himself in was going to be difficult, with three women to deal with. Who should he give priority to? His wife? She had ceded all sexual decisions to him. His senior slave? She had no claim. Rebecca? The one that wanted to bear his children? He thought that he might just have to start thinking of them as slaves and consider only his pleasure and desires, but that might end up making him less happy. Oh, well, it will work itself out over time. In the meantime, there was still a decision to make. He had already decided that there was going to be sex. He just had to decide who with.

He finally decided that he’d let his second head choose. He thought of each woman in turn. His cock felt the urge most strongly when he thought of Julia, so his choice was made. He rolled toward Julia, nudged the sheet away from her, and reached in to massage her clitoris. He rubbed gently for a minute or so, and saw that she was opening her legs slightly, even though she was still asleep. He rubbed a little harder. Her eyelids twitched, then opened, and she looked at him with slowly dawning understanding. He rolled closer to her and kissed her. She responded strongly and opened her legs to allow him better access. She also reached for his penis and held it, squeezing it gently. When he reached from her clitoris to her opening, he found she was already very wet. He pulled back from the kiss and rose above her on hands and knees. She smiled and guided him in.

He started slowly and gently, using pressure, then releasing it, rather than moving up and down. He also kissed her, keeping a hard open-mouth kiss going while he moved slightly within her. She had her arms around him and was holding him tight. Neither of the others was awake.

John kept up the slow lovemaking for a long time. He realized that a night’s sleep had recharged him, but the previous day’s efforts had still depleted his reserves, making it harder to climax. That was fine with him. He’d never been a slam-bam type of guy; he preferred being inside and feeling the warm wet tightness around him. He also kept up the kiss. Kissing was a central element of lovemaking to him. He realized then, in the middle of the sex, that he considered sex with Julia, and with Rebecca, lovemaking, not fucking. It didn’t cause him to skip a beat in his movement, though.

After what seemed like a beautiful eternity to Julia, he began to speed up and move a little bit more. She had been having sex with him for long enough to know what made him happy, which happened to coincide with what made her happy. She moved with him, pressing up as he pressed into her. They found a rhythm. It slowly sped up and the energy of the thrusts increased. It still took a long time, even with more and faster movement. Julia became aware that Rebecca was awake, because she had put her hand on Julia’s breast. John knew that Mona was awake because he felt her hand on his butt, pressing him harder into Julia.

He finally felt the oncoming orgasm and sped up and increased the length of his strokes. Julia matched his rhythm and kissed back even harder than she had before. He finally buried himself as deep and hard as he could into her and came. He felt her spasms following his. He lay still, his clock still hard, resting on top of her, still within her. The kiss became more gentle. He finally pulled his head back and looked at the three women, all of whom were watching him. Julia was watching him in a post-orgasmic glow. Mona was both amused and turned on. Rebecca was excited by the sex; John knew that she was dripping wet. He let his weight go completely onto Julia and spread his arms to gather in all three of them, still inside Julia.

After five minutes, his member had softened and slid out of her, so he released them and rolled back to his original position on the bed. Mona moved out of his way, then moved to clean his cock off with her mouth. Rebecca saw that job was attended to, and moved to Julia’s pussy to clean that up. Mona worked at it far longer than a cleaning would take, but her efforts didn’t bring him back up again. John was in a post-orgasmic haze, loving that his wife was using her mouth on him, loving that he had just made love with one of three beautiful women in his bed, loving the feeling that absolute control gave him. Julia was glowing. She had just been fucked well, and someone she cared deeply about was cleaning her pudenda and licking out the inside of her vagina. When that appeared to be clear, Rebecca moved on to Julia’s clitoris. Julia was soon swept up in a wild orgasm that was just as good as the one John had given her. Rebecca looked up and raised herself a little, but Julia put her legs behind Rebecca’s back and held her down. Rebecca smiled and continued with what she had been doing.

John finally had Mona stop and lie next to him. He slowly massaged her to orgasm, teasing her for a long time. They were both aroused by what Rebecca was doing to Julia. Julia had another orgasm, then stopped Rebecca and attended to her orgasm. After all that was done, they were all tired again and the three women followed John’s lead when he fell back asleep.

Two hours later, John rose and used the bathroom, then called his office. “I’m taking the day off, and so are Julia and Rebecca.” The women all heard him, and they were thrilled. They got off the bed, and following Rebecca’s lead, knelt before him.

“What is your pleasure, master?” asked Rebecca.

“Right now, breakfast. Later, who knows.” The women all knew what would come later. They went and got breakfast going. By unspoken agreement, no one dressed. After a pancake and eggs breakfast, they sat and drank coffee and looked at each other.

“John, watching you make love with Julia was hot. It got my juices flowing more than I thought watching a sex act could,” said Mona.

“That’s good. I was afraid it would make you jealous that I did it with her.”

“It did, a little, but I know that with three women you will have to make choices. How did you make that choice?”


They spent the next several hours cuddling, watching movies on TV, and in light conversation. John was itching to find out what understandings the three women had reached previously, but it was too nice having a light, playful mood, and he didn’t want to end it.

He was enjoying watching Julia and Mona walk around in front of him, posturing for him. He wondered if it was just out of fun or whether they were competing for his attention. They were smiling and looking at him with teasing in their eyes, so he thought it was for fun. Rebecca stood, came over to him, knelt, and took him into her mouth. John looked startled, then happy. “I didn’t ask, but I like it.”

While she worked to please him, he looked at the other two and said, conversationally, “Which of you should I whip next?”

They looked surprised, and a little shocked, but Julia replied coolly, “I can volunteer, if it pleases you.”

John laughed. “I was joking, mainly. I found that I enjoyed whipping Rebecca. It was probably because she wanted it, but it stirred something deep. I won’t whip her often. I’m probably not going to whip you, but if I have to wait too long between times with her…” He paused, reached down with his hands, and grasped Rebecca’s breasts while she sucked at him.

Julia had a pensive look on her face, and Mona had a nearly-frightened look. Julia finally brightened and said, “I’ve never tried it. Perhaps I should. I probably won’t take to it like Rebecca, but you are my master and owner, and you should do what you please with me.”

John smiled back. “I may take you up on that. You probably know that I am into mutual pleasure and not torture. It surprised me how horny it made me to whip Rebecca, but that was probably because I could tell how horny it made her. Of course, almost anything makes Rebecca horny.” He smiled down at her, and she glanced up at him with a twinkle in her eye. She had finally gotten a reaction from his cock, and was artfully coaxing it to become more erect. When she finally had him up, she switched to a more-aggressive sucking that had him moaning. “Not yet, my dear. Slowly. In fact, stop that and sit on my lap and fit your pussy over it.” She jumped up and did his bidding with alacrity.

Julia and Mona looked on with interest as she slid down on him. He reached around and held her breasts, then told her, “Sit still and play with yourself.” She reached down and touched herself and made slow circular motions. He spoke again, “Mona, come here and sit on the arm of the chair and kiss me.” She jumped up and did so, kissing him warmly and deeply. Julia came over and kissed Rebecca. John moved his right hand to caress Julia’s breast, Mona reached out to hold Julia’s other breast, and Julia used one hand to hold one of Mona’s breasts and the other hand to hold Rebecca’s free breast. This octopus situation wasn’t stable, with the two coupled together trying to move, and the hands retreated. In a break in the kiss, John said, “You two — on the floor, 69.”

Mona and Julia stepped out where he could see them. Mona lay on the floor and spread her legs wide. Julia straddled her, facing away from her head, and leaned down to Mona’s pussy. Mona grabbed Julia’s hips and guided her to where she could get to her mound. They soon started mutual pleasing activity. John enjoyed looking at it. He enjoyed holding Rebecca’s breasts. He really, really enjoyed being in her vagina. She took her cues from his hands on her breasts. He used fingers to stimulate the nipples, and occasionally pressed her breasts upwards, which she realized meant that he wanted her to rise and fall on his cock. As far as he was concerned, this could go on forever. Rebecca started using her internal muscles to squeeze him rhythmically, and that made him feel even better. His excitement slowly built. He increased the pressure on her nipples. She started wiggling her bottom to increase the stimulation he felt. She was rubbing her clit at breakneck speed, and he felt the motion and vibration within her. He pulled upwards on her breasts faster, and faster, and faster. He finally said, “Ride me hard, wild girl!”

She started a rapid vertical oscillation on his cock. She put her hands on the sides of the chair to help her do it. He moved a hand down to her crotch to replace them. Even with the higher speed, it took a while for him to come. When he did, she was breathing hard, but didn’t stop until he said, “That’s enough.” He had felt two of her orgasms, and he had enough stimulation for the time being. She sat, waiting for instructions. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her there on his lap, impaled on him. She relaxed into him, and he nibbled on her neck while he watched Mona and Julia.

The two older women were licking as fast as they could. Julia came first, and Mona switched from clit licking to cunnilingus. Julia was able to concentrate on pleasing Mona now, so she started a rapid, varying licking and nipping on Mona’s clit. Finally Mona erupted, sticking her tongue as far inside Julia as it would go.

They lay still for a while until their breathing slowed. John and Rebecca watched them. They were still arousing even while lying still. They finally rose and stood in front of John.

He had Rebecca get off his lap and stand with them. “Is everyone sexually satisfied?” he asked.

Julia and Rebecca nodded. Mona nodded but said, “I’d really like to be fucked.”

John smiled and said, “You will be, but not right now. The first order of business is showering. The second order of business is a trip to an insurance office. This evening, we all dress well and go out for dinner. I want to visit several sex businesses.”

An hour later he was ushering his harem into his insurance agent’s office. He was greeted by a receptionist-slave and promptly ushered into the agent’s office, followed by the women. The agent asked him, “What can I do for you?”

“I have a coverage issue to take care of. You know my wife, Mona,” he said, gesturing at her. “I also have two slaves,” gesturing at the nude pair, “and my daughter is now my slave.” The agent looked like he was a little shocked, and John caught it. “It was a defensive enslavement.” John saw that he understood. “Anyway, I need to make sure that Julia and Rebecca here are covered, and that my daughter is. I also understand that there is a standard emblem now that lets emergency workers and hospitals know that a slave is to be cared for like a free woman.”

The insurance man said, “I can make the adjustments to your policy. And yes, there are emblems. It looks like you have collars on your slaves. We can attach them to the collar for the best chance of having them be noticed. Oh, Mona is wearing one, too. We can put a gold version of the emblem on her collar to indicate a free woman. The emblems aren’t large or distracting, but they are effective.”

After his business with the insurance company was done, John took his slaves to the office so they could dress for dinner. “Remember, ladies, nice dresses and no panties.” Mona and he went home to get ready. Mona asked him, “I take it I have the same rules as they do?”

“Yes, you do. Nice dress, no panties. In fact, unless there is a comfort or health issue involved, the no panties rule just became effective for all of you.” John dressed in a suit, then went to his study and made some calls. Mona came in and twirled to show off her dress. “Very nice. Show me that you obeyed the rule.”

Mona made a pouty face and said, “You don’t trust me?” as she hiked her skirt and showed off her smoothly-shaved pudenda.

“That’s what I like to see,” he said, smiling. He walked over to her. She kept the skirt pulled up, and he kissed her while he fondled her. He finally said, “Let’s go see if the limo is here.”

“You called for a limo?”

“Yes. I don’t want to have to worry about drinking.” The limo was indeed waiting in front of the house. The driver opened the door for them, then drove at John’s direction to the office, where they picked up Julia and Rebecca, then to the nicest restaurant in town for dinner. They had a lovely time.

After dessert and coffee, John had the parking attendant signal the limo driver. After they were in the car, the car drove off without any instructions to the driver. Shortly after that, they stopped in front of Suckers and the driver opened the doors for them. Mona asked, “Why are we here?”

John said, “We are celebrating. I’m sure you think that a suck bar is a dive that no woman would want to be in, but I know the owner, and this is a nice place. Sucking isn’t the only service they provide, by the way. I’m not getting a suck, because I promised someone something.” He paused and smiled at Mona, who squeezed his hand and smiled back. “However, you three can all have some fun. We can also summon someone we all know to tell her about the new situation.”

Mona looked stricken. She had forgotten that Suckers was where Delia was. “We can’t do that to Delia! It would embarrass her!”

“More than being made to suck cocks, nude, in a bar?”

Mona stopped and reflected. “I suppose not. You’re not going to make her … service us, are you?”

“No, but she’s a slave, and it wouldn’t be incest. Let’s go in.”

After they entered the bar, John gave his name to the slave at the door into the bar area. She asked him to wait there for a moment, and was back almost immediately. “Sir, please follow this slave to your table.” A slave with a yellow collar led them to a table with a “Reserved” sign on it. She took their drink orders and left. Shortly after that, a man approached the table and spoke to John. “Good to see you again!” He shook John’s hand and looked at the three women at the table.

John rose and spoke to his harem. “Ladies, this is George Johnson, the owner of this bar. He has taken on the job of educating Delia, and he has been doing a marvelous job of it. George, please sit with us.” George sat and John made introductions. The waitress returned with drinks, took Mr. Johnson’s order, and left.

“Well, ladies, what do you think of my establishment?” asked George. The women looked around and saw a clean, well-lit bar with orderly patrons being served by nude slave waitresses. There were a few sucks going on. All the slaves in the place were nude.

Mona spoke. “It looks like a nice place, nicer than I figured it would be.”

George laughed. “You’re thinking about the stereotypical suck bar, which can be a pretty low dive. This is a class establishment.” He paused, noticing someone passing by near the edge of the seating area. He waved to get the person’s attention, then beckoned them over. A pretty young slave wearing red collar, belt, and shoes came over to stand by her owner. “This is Joan, the head supervisor. She is in charge of your daughter.” He said this last part looking at Mona. “Joan, sit with us.” Joan pulled out a chair and sat next to her owner. “Tell them about Delia’s adapting to being here.”

“She seems to have gotten it. She got over the embarrassment of being a slave and being nude relatively quickly. She took to sucking really fast. She has been a highly productive white-collar slave and seems to be reasonably happy. I think she shows promise for promotion to higher levels of responsibility, if you leave her with us.”

John said, “We’ve talked about it. I want her to continue in college, but I understand that you are going to college too, so staying here might not be a bad idea. She needs to have the reality of her situation sink into her head, and I don’t know that it has deeply enough yet.”

George said, “We can deal with that later. I understand that you are celebrating a new arrangement tonight. We should be merry. Joan, order yourself a drink. After a toast, I’ll call out the entertainment that you asked for, John.”

Joan said, “I’m on duty, Mr. Johnson.”

“Not if I say you’re not. Have a drink, enjoy yourself with us, then call your young man. I have an appointment with those twins we just got. How are they working out?”

Joan smiled as she signalled a waitress. “They are doing well. They were already rather skilled, and we’re getting them into the routine fast.” Joan told the waitress what she wanted, and told her to notify the floor supervisor that she was now in charge.

Joan’s owner raised his glass to the three clothed women and John and said, “All happiness to the four of you.” Joan toasted along with them, but looked puzzled. George explained, “Mona, here, is John’s wife. Julia and Rebecca are his slaves. They just acknowledged a group marriage, I guess you’d call it.” He turned and signalled the floor supervisor. Three green-collars led three white-collars out to the table. George did the talking.

“Ladies, if you would like pleasure, please expose yourselves and our finest woman-pleasers will serve you.” The three women looked at each other, smiled, looked at John, smiled more, and pulled up their skirts to reveal their as-ordered lack of panties. George considered a moment, then turned to one of the leaders and said, “Leave yours with one of the other leaders. Bring back a licker for Joan.” He looked at John. “Do you want one?”

John replied, “No, thank you. I appreciate the thought, but I’m committed to a performance that may not work if I indulge. Go ahead if you want to.”

“I don’t mind if I do. Bring me a sucker.” The leader nodded and went to fetch the required workers.

Soon there were two more cuffed slaves on their knees at the table. They looked apprehensive when they saw that their customers were the owner of the bar and the chief supervisor, but they applied themselves to their work; their customers seemed to enjoy their efforts. John’s three women were enjoying their lickings. The licking slaves and the sucker drew out the experience as long as they could. When all the customers had climaxed, the servicers stood and prepared to leave. Mona took out some cash and said, “I’d like to tip her.” Julia and Rebecca wanted to tip also. George smiled and said, “Put it in their vaginas.” The women grinned at that and reached to do just that. The slaves spread their legs to receive the cash, and having had it stuck inside them, were led from the floor.

Mona had noticed that Delia wasn’t among the slaves brought out to please them. She had thought that John might think it was funny to do it, but he must have considered her feelings and asked them not to. Mona found herself wondering how Delia would perform, and found it difficult to push the thought out of her mind.

When they had all relaxed afterwards and had more to drink, George again signalled the floor supervisor. This time a green-collar slave brought out a woman in a dress and shoes, handcuffed and blindfolded. The lead slave stopped her at the table. Mona gasped, realizing that the clothed-but-cuffed slave was Delia. George said, “Undo her.” Joan stood, unlocked and removed the cuffs, then removed the blindfold. Delia looked at the table in front of her, recognized the group assembled there, and a wide smile broke out on her face.

“Mom! ” She ran to hug her mother, then her father.

Mr. Johnson rose and stood by Joan. “I’ll leave you to a pleasant evening. Just send her backstage when you leave. Joan, thank you for joining us. You can take the night off.”

“Thank you, Mr. Johnson.” She turned and left.

George Johnson turned and left the table. He had a smile on his face. He knew that Louise had the new twins tightly stretched out in the Fuck Room for his enjoyment.