Willow Chapter 11 Purpose


As the day of the Expo drew closer, Page felt the pressure to get everyone ready for the experience. There were clothes to buy, arrangements to make and preparing both Carl and Willow for what they would see. There was also a box game event to complete too.

Page cut the cards and came up with a seven of hearts. The task outlined for that card involved a dildo. In one corner of the Play Room was a short stand about twenty four inches high. The dice roll told her she had to select a fairly large dildo to mount on the stand. It was just long enough that she could take all of it in her pussy and her ass would touch the top of the stand itself. This was not a good thing for Page.

The top of the stand had two electrical contacts. When the circuit was completed by touching the contacts, the computer determined how long it had been since last contact, how long she had been in contact and how high the current was the last time. If Page fucked down hard on the dildo but did not stay down, it might not shock her at all. If she stayed down, like to rest, it could ramp up the voltage to get her moving again. If she had not been in contact at all for a while, the next touch would be painful.

The stand was high enough that Page could not be on her knees, but low enough that she could not stand. Her feet where shackled but her hands were free. A rope ran from the back of her collar to a frozen timer like she had used on The Wall. The rope ran through a hole in the base, through the leg shackle and back up to the front of her collar. The rig kept her from standing up completely and coming off the dildo. She was in a squat and would remain there till the ice timer released her. The only course of action was for her to keep deeply fucking the dildo until the ice timer melted and she could get off the dildo or be shocked repeatedly and painfully.

When she was finally released she was covered in sweat, her hair matted down on her face and her legs could not hold her up. She ended up crawling out of the Play Room to her bed. She had been in the Play Room for just under two hours.

Willow spent this time scrubbing all the furniture on the back porch. She had learned that every corner and even the underside of the chairs, tables and chaise lounge would be inspected by Page for perfection. She worked with a focus and with a determination to get it right. She also wore a wide leather belt that had a strap that ran through her crotch and up the crack of her ass. The strap held a dildo and a butt plug in place. It had been a challenge to learn to walk, bend, and work with the toys in place. It had really been hard when the dildo came to life and started vibrating and shocking her. What she did not know was that the dildo was controlled by the same computer program that controlled the stand Page had been riding. When Page was shocked, so was Willow. When Page rode the dildo hard, Willow’s dildo vibrated.

Page would explain it to her later that night.


Page had Willow wear the belt with the dildo and plug for another reason. She would be wearing them at The Master’s Expo in a few days. They would be a part of Willow’s costume.

In some ways Carl’s outfit had been the most contentious. Carl would have gone in khaki pants and a San Francisco Giants baseball cap if Page had not insisted that it would make him stand out worse than if he was naked! But alternatives to the ball cap outfit were few and far between in Carl’s wardrobe. So Page made arrangements for him to see Lord Blackmon’s tailor for something more appropriate. This would also be Willow’s first outing as a slave.

Los Gatos is located on the southern edge of the metropolis of Silicon Valley. It was an exclusive and wealthy area even before the computer revolution brought incredible wealth to the area. It is a place of mature good taste as opposed to the garishness of San Francisco. That does not mean it was unfamiliar with the ownership and use of slaves. Old Money has a tendency to enjoy beautiful women. Once it was trophy wives that shopped and gossiped along tree lined streets. Now beautiful slaves, gagged and bound, were led by master and mistresses in front of the shops that catered to the expensive tastes of the area’s wealthy and powerful.

Carl parked the Range Rover in the small lot reserved for clients of Teller and Teller Clothier. Page exited the back seat and then helped Willow do the same. Willow’s arms were bound in a black arm binder. She wore a wide posture collar and corset, also in black. She had on black high heel boots that came up to her knees and her ankles were shackled about two feet apart. Her jet black hair was about an inch long and stood up straight from her head through the harness gag she wore. The harness held a bright red ball gag in place. Other than that, she was naked.

The workout Page had been putting Willow through was having an effect. Willow no longer carried extra weight around her middle but had become quite slim. Muscle tone was becoming more evident in her thighs and calves. But where the work really had born fruit was her ass. Page and Willow had carved away the excess flesh and left something a goddess would have been proud of. It was Page’s plan to feature Willow’s ass in her outfit for the Expo.

Willow was not thinking about any of that. She was thinking this was her first time in public as a naked slave. Her fair skin flashed red with her blush from her face down across her ivory breasts. She wanted to hide or run, but the bondage prohibited both. Yet there was another feeling too. She thought at first the trembling was fear, but she also felt the freedom of someone else making her do this. She was displayed and she found it exciting.

Page led her by a leash attached to the posture collar. Page was dressed in a similar way with the posture collar, corset and boots in red. However her hands were free and she was not gagged. Both Page and Willow followed Carl into the shop. An incredibly thin man met them just inside the door. Page stepped sideways and eased down to the floor in a kneeling position, guiding Willow beside her. “I am Silas Teller. You must be…Carl.” The owner’s voice dripped with condescension.

Carl had been reluctant to follow Page’s suggestion regarding how he was to dress for the Expo, but he was beginning to see her wisdom. Dressed as he was in a polo shirt and mall bought slacks, he did not have this man’s respect. Carl slipped into the skin he had worn as an undercover cop and began to rapidly adapt to the environment.

Carl had been shaking the thin man’s hand carefully lest he hurt him. But now he increased the pressure of the handshake slightly and looked straight into Silas Teller’s face without the slightest trace of a smile. “Lord Blackmon recommended I come here. I lost my suits in Hong Kong and had to fly back in these clothes. I have meetings in Sacramento the next few days and need something… appropriate. Are you up to that?”

The shop owner stiffened at the challenge of his shop being good enough and said, “I am sure we can meet your needs. Do you have some…”

Carl waved his hand like he was dismissing the man. “What do I know of fabrics and styles? My staff and slaves do all of that. Lord Blackmon loaned me this one,” he waved towards Page, “to set me up with everything. I need for you to measure and do it fast. I have a call in twenty minutes to brief me for the reporters. This slave will pick everything out.”

Carl turned to Page and sneered, “Make me look bad and I will buy you from Blackmon just to stake you in the sun for a week.”

Carl’s act was so good, Page had chills and the fear on her face was quite real. “Yes my lord. I will not fail you or my master.”

Carl spun around again and looked at the tailor then stepped up on the raised platform and mutter, “Get to work.”

The skinny tailor flitted around Carl like a hummingbird, taking measurements while muttering to himself. Carl’s posture projected impatience and annoyance. As soon as the measurements were completed, Carl stepped off the riser and went right out the door, pulling his cell phone from his pocket and pretending to make a very important call. The door was glass and he could watch after Page and Willow while continuing his act.

“Such an unpleasant man,” Silas said to no one, but Page overheard.

“But he is very powerful,” Page said in an urgent voice. “Please sir, I know Lord Blackmon likes you. Please be careful around this man. I think even the Governor is afraid of him.”

“Well, let’s get started then,” Silas said nervously.

Page had already prepared a list of what they wanted, including the fabrics and styles. Carl would be getting six new suits, three wool and three silk, “Please include a dozen shirts that would work with these colors and a least a dozen ties. Pick some that will look good on camera. The studio lights are harsh, so keep that in mind.”

Silas was really getting excited. ‘My suits will be on television! Maybe this guy will be on the national news looking great in a suit I made!’ He could see his sales soaring with his fame.

He turned back to Page and asked when Carl needed them. Page told him they would need to pick up the first three in two days. Silas nodded his head in agreement but was only thinking about what might look best for a press conference. Page told him to put everything on Lord Blackmon’s account, then stood up and pulled Willow up with her. Carl was still pretending to be on an urgent call but saw them stand up through the glass front door.
At that moment, Willow felt a hand sliding across her ass while another took hold of her arm binder. “Is this one available for my use? This is a rush order and I need an incentive, you know, to get all this done on such short notice,” Silas hissed in a low voice.

Willow was terrified and, to her surprise, excited. He could push her down and fuck her right here, in front of the window, in front of everyone, and she could not stop him! Page could not physically stop him because she was a slave too. Conflicting feelings crashed into her. She was learning she liked the exposure and fear.

Page said, “She is a gift from Lord Blackmon to Master Carl. I don’t think Master Carl is the sharing kind, at least not without asking first.” Silas looked out the glass door at Carl. The cold fury that was evident in his face made the tailor reconsider his actions. With an expression that showed regret and envy, he pushed Willow towards the door. Page was right behind.

As Willow and Page passed Carl, he did not look at them. He was wholly focused on the thin weasel behind the glass door. Just as Page got past Carl, she realized that the anger on his face was not a part of any act. But once the girls were past him and safe, Carl banked his feelings and returned to playing a part.

Even when they were in the car, Carl did not drop the act. Too many undercover cops had been compromised by letting their guard down too soon. This was the persona that Carl would need at the Expo. Page decided to ride the moment with him.

“Master Carl, you will need shoes to go with the new suits. A very good shoe store is in the next block. May this slave assist you picking out some shoes?”

Carl picked up on the fact that Page had not broken character yet. He was not sure why she was doing it but his reflexes told him to keep going. Using the same voice he had in the tailor’s shop he said, “If we can be quick.”

Page lowered her head, “Yes sir, we will be quick.”

They entered the shoe shop just as they had the tailor’s, except Carl was already in character. He turned to the first clerk he saw and said, “Can you help me? I need some shoes and I am in a hurry. Just measure my foot and this slave will tell you what to bring out. Let’s go!” He clapped twice to help move the clerk along.

It looked like there was only one clerk in the store but there were customers ahead of them. It did not matter. The other two customers in the store were gaping at the two naked slaves. Carl, always the student of human behavior, wanted to laugh. He could have robbed the store and these two guys could not have identified him. He is not sure they even looked his way.

Page had seen this too and thought this might be an interesting time to expand Willow’s training. Both slaves had knelt next to Carl’s chair as the clerk measured his foot. Page then told the clerk which style shoes were needed. When the clerk scurried away to bring the boxes of shoes, Page stood up. She guided Willow to her feet the directed her to kneel in front of Carl’s chair but facing to the side. Page pushed Willow’s head down until it touched the floor. She then carefully placed Carl’s socked feet up on Willow’s back. Willow was now Carl’s footrest.

Carl was shocked, but again his undercover training kept him in character. He crossed his feet and pulled out his cell phone like he was checking his email. Page returned to his side with her head down. When the clerk returned he was confronted for the first time with the human footstool. He decided the only thing he could do was to ignore Willow and try to sell this man some shoes. The clerk talked about the quality and look of the shoe while lacing up the first sample. He then used a shoehorn to slip the Italian leather shoes on Carl’s foot.

Carl took his feet off of Willow and stood up to get a feel of the new shoes. The clerk stayed on his low stool and took a moment to point out the excellent stitching and materials. Page could see that while the clerk was talking, he was also running his hand over Willow’s ass. This was different than the creep at the tailor’s shop. There was nothing possessive or predatory in his touch. This was just a boy coping a feel of a pretty girl. Willow squirmed very slightly.

However, there was more than one person that needed some training in slave culture. Page remembered her conversation with Carl over the difference between seeing them as women and seeing them as slaves. Carl had taken a step towards treating them like slaves, but there was still a long way to go before he would really understand. Page decided to challenge him while he was in character and in public.

When Carl sat down again the clerk took the first pair of shoes off and began lacing up the next pair for Carl to try. While he droned on about the color and style of the shoes he had brought, Page reached up and took Carl’s right hand and brought it down to her left breast.

Carl thought Page was trying to rattle him, but he was a professional. If Page was going to rattle him she would have to do better than this. In fact he was the most highly decorated undercover agent in the western states. The unexpected and outrageous was where he thrived. Carl decided to call her bluff. He began to openly play with Page’s nipple. He began to tug on it and gently twisting it too. The actions were casual, almost like a habit, done without thought. Carl was not sure who moaned first; Page or the guys watching the action from across the room.

“What do you think slave?” Carl asked Page. She had gotten lost in the sensation and had forgotten to look at the shoes. After stammering for a moment, Page replied that both pairs would work with his new suits. Carl realized she had lost her focus for a moment and mentally marked that one as a point for him.

He was not so sure a moment later when Page reached up and began to gently stroke and caress his arm, wrist and the hand that was still playing with her breast. Carl felt his cock begin to respond to all the stimulation. It was his turn to stammer when the clerk asked if he needed to see anything else.

“No, I think these will do. Please put those in the boxes. This slave will pay and carry them out. Include a dozen pairs of black socks too.” With that Carl pinched Page’s nipple and made her squeak. She took this as her cue to stand up and follow the clerk to the register.

In the meantime Carl took a moment before taking his feet off of Willow. “You, little slave, put my shoes back on my feet,” he said. Willow unfolded from her low crouch and sensuously slid Carl’s feet back into his penny loafers. Carl thought that it was as erotic an act as touching Page’s breast.

When they walked out, Carl made sure to walk the slaves close to the two men that had been gawking the whole time. He wanted to make sure they were still breathing.

The ride back to the house was quiet. Now that the adrenaline had worn off, Carl was ashamed of his actions. He had taken advantage of Page. Lord Blackmon had trusted him and he had violated that trust. He was sure that Page would contact Lord Blackmon and have him removed from his position.

Instead, as soon as they were back inside the house, Page guided Willow into a kneeling position then joined her on the floor. Page laid her hands, palm up, on her thighs and looked down. “Thank you sir,” she said in a quiet voice.

Carl was shocked. He had expected Page to scream at him and insist he leave and never return. “Ah, Page,…I am not sure what you are thanking me for. I did not behave in a respectful way. I think I need to apologize to you.”

“Sir, with all due respect, you are incorrect. You led us through both of those shops perfectly.

“I have a confession to make. I was afraid. I was afraid of being out in public with you. I was afraid of being hurt or taken by someone. I was afraid for Willow and what might happen to her.”

Page had tears pouring down her cheeks and her voice was full of emotion. “Sir, you protected us. You led us. You honored us with your attention. You showed us that you have the strength to hold the leash. Today, you were….masterful.”

Without turning, Page began addressing Willow. “Slave, did you feel like Master Carl would protect you?” Willow nodded.

“Slave, did you feel valued and treasured by Master Carl today?” Again Willow nodded.

“I have tried to expose you to what it is like to serve a master. I have whipped, spanked, fucked and humiliated you so you would not be shocked by what might be done to you at the hands of a master. But what I have not been able to give you is this feeling. You needed to know what it is like to have a master lead you, protect you and desire you.”

Page reached over and unbuckled the mouthpiece holding the ball gag in place. As soon as the gag was out, Page slapped Willow in the face, not hard enough to hurt but just hard enough to get her undivided attention.

“What do you need to say to Master Carl?”

“Thank you sir. I…am grateful to have served you today.”

Page unlaced Willow’s arm binder, corset and unlocked her shackles. “Slave, go get cleaned up and prepare us a light lunch on the porch.” Willow quietly took the items and left the room.

Page looked at Master Carl, “Sir, would you please help me remove this corset?” Page turned her back to him and put her hands on her hips. Carl hesitated for a moment before stepping up behind her and began loosening the laces on her corset.

Carl worked at the laces for a while before he quietly said, “I…I am sorry I touched you like that. I should have asked you if…”

The corset was loose enough to unhook it in the front. As Page peeled it away from her body, she turned to face Carl. There is something primal about watching a woman remove and toss away an article of clothing. Carl was frozen in place, his ‘master’ personality had been left in the car and he had become somewhat shy. But he could not look away from her. She was more than beautiful, she was sensual.

“Master Carl, your memory must not be clear on the issue. I took your hand and placed it on my breast. The question was asked and answered.”

Page then asked, “Master Carl, did you have fun today?”

The answer came to Carl quickly and clearly, “Yes I did. It was fun today.”

“But since we are on the topic, let’s explore it further. Please allow me to ask you a few questions. Did you get pleasure out of the expensive clothes and nice shoes?”

The small smile that had been on Carl’s face slipped. “No, the suit guy was a creep and it was like he was feeling me up. The shoes were nice, but not something that I dream about.”

Page softly laughed, “I am sure. So what was it? How did you feel today? Did you feel alive and powerful? Touching me lasted for only a few moments, but you had that feeling all day. What was it that made the whole day special?”

Page took two steps closer to Carl. “I think it was the role you were playing. You enjoy thinking on your feet and adjusting with the moment. It was exciting. Willow and I played along in supporting roles. Together we pushed the events further and further and you enjoyed the game. Am I close?”

Carl could not deny that it had been his most enjoyable day in a long time. When he was a cop, he had approached his work with excitement even though it was often dangerous. Walking away from a dangerous situation felt like he had just run, had just won, a marathon. When he had retired, he was tired and emotionally empty. In the three years since his retirement, he had rested, read, gone to ball games and had decided that his life was the equivalent of oatmeal. That was one reason he had agree to help Lord Blackmon while he was gone.

“You enjoyed playing the role of a master. You are going to do it again when we go to the Expo. But you need more information, you need more experience. To do a good job you need to see more and do more. We need to give you that experience.”

Page walked away to finish changing and to check on lunch. A few minutes later Page returned to say that lunch as served on the porch. Lunch consisted of a rich, spicy tomato soup and warm sandwiches. Page ate at the table while Willow knelt next to the table with her back straight and her eyes down. Page and Carl talked about what fabrics she had chosen for his suits and why. When they were done, Willow quietly removed the dishes and refilled their glasses with water. Willow expected to be dismissed the way she had been before, but Page had other ideas.

“Slave, how do you thank a master that has been kind and protective of you?”

This was not a question that Page had asked her before. “Ma’am, I do not know. Please instruct the slave on the proper way to express her gratitude to Master Carl.”

“Please move closer to Master Carl.” Willow was not sure the proper way to complete Page’s order, but she had been given many examples of what to consider in completing such an order. It came back to their many discussions about ‘the purpose’ and how things were done certain ways. Willow needed to ask herself how to best serve ‘the purpose’ and she would be on the right track for her behavior. That Page had never specifically said what ‘the purpose’ was had frustrated Willow.

But she had come to see a pattern in what Page did and said. Punishments came when Willow acted in a selfish or self-centered way. Praise came when the desires and needs of her trainer were considered first.

Willow had changed her clothes from the travel outfit to her standard uniform while in the house. She was naked except for her heels, collar and cuffs. She was also still buzzing from the experience of being sexual and exposed out in the world. She wondered if she could recapture that feeling she had when the tailor and shoe salesman had looked at her and touched her.

Willow leaned forward and began to slowly crawl towards Carl, swaying her hips and rocking her shoulders up and down. When she got to him, she touched her face at his knee and slowly slid her body along the inside of Carl’s left leg like a cat begging to be petted. When she got to his groin, she continued around the corner, pressing herself down so that she was kneeling right in front of him, with her shoulders and neck pressed firmly into his crotch. Willow stole a quick glance at Page and could see she was pleased.

“Master Carl, this slave is begging you to touch her. You would pet a dog or cat that had approached you like this, please do the same for this slave. She wants to express her gratitude.”

Carl reached down and touched Willow short hair that stuck straight up from her head. It was very soft and felt wonderful to touch. His fingers traveled slowly across her scalp from the front all the way to her neck. It was not overtly sexual, but he sure was being affected. In response to his gentle caresses, Willow closed her eyes and leaner her head back. This brought the back of her head in contact with Carl’s cock that had begun to respond.

Page was talking about how much of a mess Willow’s hair had been when she arrived, but neither was really listening. They were both lost in the moment. Willow found her hand drifting to her left nipple and began to caress and pull on it. He mouth opened and she squirmed against Carl’s leg. Carl’s other hand soon joined the first in touching Willow’s hair and neck.

“Master Carl, would you protect this slave?” Page asked.

Carl tore his eyes away from Willow’s lovely shoulders to look at Page in astonishment. “Of course I would protect her! Why would you ask?”

“I am more interested in why you would protect her? She is, after all, just a slave. Why protect this one?”

“Well, she is lovely and has been obedient and…” Carl was not sure what else one could say about a slave. But he knew that he would fight to protect her if the need arose.

“Could it be because you know her, have spent time around her and think she is worth protecting?” Page inquired.

“Yes, yes I am sure that is part of the reason.”

Page turned her attention to Willow. “Slave, how do you feel? Do you feel like he would protect you?”

“Yes ma’am, I believe he would protect me.”

Page began raising her voice, “What have you done that would warrant such actions and attitude from this man? Who are you that he would stoop to treating you like that?”

“Ma’am, I don’t…I am not sure why he would honor me like that.”

Page stood abruptly, “Then all my teaching and talking have been for nothing! I have failed you.” With that Page began to walk back into the house.

“Page, please wait,” Carl called. Page stopped. “I would challenge you to answer the same question. I would protect you too. Tell me why?”

Page turned to look at Carl. In that moment, her whole persona changed. She moved back towards Carl, but now she was moving with such grace and sensuality that both Carl and Willow were staring with wide eyes. When she got to them, she knelt down outside of Carl’s left knee and sat back on her heels. She then took his left hand by the wrist and brought it to her face. Using his hand, she began to stroke her cheek.

“Master Carl, you would protect me? You would keep me safe?”

Carl was having a hard time taking in a full breath of air. He managed to wheeze out, “Oh yes Page. I would protect you.”

“Sir, I am just a slave, I have no rights. If you were my owner, you could do whatever you wanted to me and you would answer to no one. If you owned me, would you cut or burn my face? I have seen it done. But would you do that to me?”

Still holding Carl’s wrist, she moved his hand down her throat to the swell of her breast. “Master Carl, would you throw me away? Would you see me torn apart and cast aside? Would you discard me like trash?”

Carl answered in a stronger voice than before, “Never. I would never allow those things to happen to you while I could prevent them. Never.”

“Sir, may I ask why you would not treat me that way?”

Carl, his hand coming back up to Page’s face, stroked her hair. “You are a treasure. It would tear my heart out to lose you.”

Again, Page changed skins. Her face hardened and her eyes were now locked onto Willow’s. She was Page the Trainer again. Still on her knees, she slide in front of Willow and took her jaw in her hand so that Willow could not look away.

“Slave, how can this be? How can this man who barely knows us decide that our best interest is his responsibility and honor? This man, who has nothing invested in us, wants to protect us from harm. How can that be?”

Page waited for Willow’s answer. Page thought she saw realization dawn on Willow face.

“Slave, do you know the answer to the question?”

“Yes ma’am, I think I do. I…think I understand what you have been saying to me.”

Page rose from her kneeling position, “Slave, get to the Kneeling Mat.” She turned and walked into the house with Willow right behind. Carl, who knew nothing about the tradition of the Kneeling Mat, followed too. He had been swept up in the conversation and been astonished at his own words. He wanted to see where this was going.

Page sat down in the leather chair while Willow pulled the red mat out from where it was stored. She laid it down in front of the chair and then knelt down on it. Carl moved to the other side of the room and sat on the edge of the leather sofa.

“Slave, now is the time to answer the question. It is the question that we have been pursuing since we started your training. Your answer might be expressed differently than mine, but they are the same thought. It is how a slave lives, survives, finds peace, and a sense of place. The answer is powerful enough to keep you going when the path gets hard.”

Page, her posture board straight, looked down at Willow, “Slave, do you have an answer to the question?”

Willow hesitated for a moment. While on the Kneeling Pad the truth was the most important objective, “Ma’am, I am not sure. I think I have part of the answer, but I am not sure I have all of it.”

Page closed her eyes and softly said, “What is the purpose?”

“To be worthy,” Willow choked out through the emotion of the moment.

Page paused a moment before responding, “You need to say everything. Explain it. What do you mean ‘worthy’?”

One of the things Page had enjoyed about Willow was her ability to express herself. “With every action you say ‘I am worthy.’ With every sway of your hips, with every cry of pain, with every look, with every lick, with every suck, with every mark, you are saying that you are worthy. You are worthy to kneel beside your master. You bring honor, pleasure, and respect to your master. You desire your master’s desire. You honor your master’s honor. You get pleasure from your master’s pleasure. When I can prove that to my master, only then will my place as a slave be secure. Only then will I know I have served as I should. When my master looks around, he should be looking for me because he is sure no other slave can serve him as I can. He knows that he will never be as satisfied with another. Then I can say I am worthy. That is the purpose.”

Willow turned to Carl, “My trainer is teaching me to serve the purpose of being worthy. The way of a slave is hard and filled with many moments of hurt and humiliation. She has shown me that what was once unthinkable can now be done time and again. My trainer is showing me a path through. She has shown me that pain ends, but hurt does not. I must strive to be the kind of slave that a master shelters from hurt, harm and death. The purpose is to be irreplaceable to my master. I must be worthy to be his slave.”

Both Carl and Willow were surprised to see the tears running down Page’s face. “Very good,” she whispered.

Page wiped the tears from her face with her hand and smiled at Willow. “Today has been a great day. I would like to ask Carl to spend the night in the guest room. We have a great deal to do to get ready for the Expo and it would save time and energy if you were not driving back and forth.”

Carl was still reeling from what Willow had said and simply nodded his head.

Page rose from the chair and escorted Carl to the guest room where Page and Willow had fucked a few days before. After making sure he was settled and comfortable, she returned to find Willow in exactly the same place.

“Slave, go get ready for bed,” Page said.

Page went in a few minutes later to find Willow getting her mat out of the closet. Page watched for a minute as Willow completed her task and lay face down, ready for her nightly swats.

“Do you have an answer to the other question?” Page asked.

“Ma’am, I think I do.”

“So, what is a good slave?”

Willow paused for a moment before answering in a soft voice, “You are ma’am. You are a good slave. I want to be like you.”

Page responded in a quiet voice, “Do you remember The Wall? Do you remember Igor? Those are just the tip of what I have done and will do. Will you do those, and much more, and still know your place as a slave?”

“I…I do not know what those things are like. I just know I want to try and be like you. You are so strong. You are so beautiful. You are so brave. Please help me be like you.”

Page looked down on Willow as she lay face down on her mat. Relief and pride surged through her. Page had fulfilled the mission Shadow had given her. Willow knew she was a slave. She also felt sadness and regret over what must come next in Willow’s training.

“Get up, put your mat away and get in the bed,” she told Willow.

Soon, two very beautiful women were holding one another and comforting one another. There were lots of tears. Willow wept from the pride of acceptance and approval. Page wept for the memory of someone else that had once shared her bed.