Willow Chapter 12 The Master’s Expo

To: page@rosehouse.com
From: lordblackmon@rosehouse.com
Subject: Carl

It has been quite the adventure down here this week. Our ship was caught in the ice for almost twelve hours. The wind shifted and a nearby ice field decided to pack itself around our ship while we were trying to deploy one of the large telemetry buoys. The hull was damaged, but nothing major. The wind shifted again and we were able to work free. We might have to go back to New Zealand for repairs if the damage assessment is bad. That would either extend our trip or cut it short, I am not sure. We will see.

I am glad Carl has worked out so well. I had hoped to bring someone into our circle that we could trust and he has gained your confidence. I know that is not an easy thing.

I see some problems with your plan to take him to the Expo. I can understand why you think he needs to go. It will fully expose him to slave culture, but it could also scare him off. You know there will be masters attending that are over the top. He could freak out over some of the things he will see. Remember when we went for the first time? But I trust your judgment and understanding of the situation.

Willow is another issue. Will she be able to handle it? You have said almost nothing about how her training is going or what you think she will be good for. Is it time to cut her loose as a lost cause? We can discuss that when I get back.

So, let me set some ground rules for going to the Expo. The first is that you and Willow must be safe. I know you say you trust Carl, but you need to be careful. Can he keep you out of the hands of Master Lobo if he presses his desire for you?

The second is that the price of going to the Expo without me is that you must buy something there for me to use on you. I am not talking something small like a crop or clamps. Surprise me with something that will go in the Play Room or the garden. There is no spending limit if I am pleased.

Last is the price for Carl’s services. I am not sure you realize how frustrated he probably is after being around you. But now you are going to take him where naked slaves are everywhere, where they are dressing in the most outrageous fetish wear and slaves are getting fucked all around him. This is not fair. The price of his services for the evening is he gets some satisfaction. I will leave that to you to work out.

One of the ways Lord Blackmon had invested his money was in startups. He was always on the lookout of talent and great ideas. He tried to find those infant companies with a strong core of talent so that he would not have to be very hands-on as they grew, but he also wanted to keep an eye out for obvious trouble.

Lord Blackmon owned an office building about three miles from the convention center where the Expo was being held. He would provide these small companies office space as part of his investment in them. The Rose Pavilion was a seven story building that hosted quite a few of these new ventures. Blackmon also maintained an office there, though no one knew that, including a private entrance from the parking garage. Because Lord Blackmon did not allow taxis or such to come to Rose House, and that it took more than an hour to get to the convention center from there, it was decided they would dress at the office and go by limousine from there.

Preparations for attending the Master’s Lifestyle Expo had gone well. The elements for Page’s and Willow’s costumes had arrived and Carl’s clothes had been picked up. After Lord Blackmon’s email, there had also been some technical additions as well. The three of them had packed the Range Rover and had driven to Rose Pavilion.

Carl was wearing a deep charcoal wool suit with a burgundy vest. He wore his five hundred dollar shoes and a gold ring and watch Page had gotten from Lord Blackmon’s safe. His hair was slicked back and he had grown a short beard. Page thought he looked like the Devil’s own banker. He tried on his ‘Master Car’ face for the girls. Even though they knew it was an act, he still projected the aura of a stern master.

Page and Willow were wearing similar outfits. They were both in black platform high heeled shoes. The latex pants they wore were black as was the latex tops. The tops included long sleeves and a hood that covered the head but left the face open. The two major differences in the outfits was that Page’s top left her breasts completely bare and Willow’s left her ass completely exposed. After a great deal of powder and tugging, both Page and Willow finally were in their clothes. But they were far from finished.

Because Willow’s pussy and ass was exposed, Page wanted to make sure no one randomly took advantage of the fact. A heavy leather belt went around Willow’s waist and a crotch strap was added.

Page said, “Before we secure the strap, we have to accessorize you.” She told Willow to put her hands on the wall with her ass out. Then Page took the biggest, stiffest cane they had at the house and stepped beside Willow. “Slave, this is a test. Tonight you will see many things that will shock and terrify you. It is very important that you do not panic. I cannot correct your behavior and Carl is not experienced. That would mean another master would have to step in to get you under control. If that happened Carl would be exposed as an imposter and you and I might be killed as runaway slaves. I am trusting my life to you. So this is the test. I am going to give you three strokes of this cane. These will be the worst you have ever felt. Keep yourself together. These are also decoration. The masters that see these marks will be impressed with Master Carl.
“Are you ready?”

Willow swallowed and nodded her head. She heard the cane cut through the air and heard the sharp crack of the impact. The pain exploded through her so intense that it was impossible to move. Two more blows followed in quick succession. Willow sported three incredible marks on her ass that were already turning from angry red to purple. The training dildo and butt plug went in almost unnoticed by Willow as she reeled from the pain. The strap went from the front and through, deep in the cleft of Willow’s butt and was locked, securing both devices in place. Even though she was not gagged, she never made a sound.

While Willow recovered, Page accessorized herself. She wiped down the sides of her breasts near her nipples with alcohol. Six very fine bore needles went just under the skin in each breast, three on each side of the nipple. The point of each needle came out of the skin about two inched from where it entered. After seeing Willow’s marked ass and Page’s tits, no one would believe Carl was a lightweight as a master.

Next up was the headgear. It went over the latex hood and looked like a horse’s mane and ears. For Page, it also hid a transmitter. The microphone for the transmitter was hidden inside the muzzle piece of the headgear. The muzzle piece looked somewhat like a horse’s nose and mouth. It had been designed for pony racing so it was not a gag per se. That would have made breathing difficult and would have slowed the racer down. Instead the muzzle piece was padded to muffle sound but still allow easy breathing. But Page had used this feature to embed a microphone in the muzzle piece. This way Page could talk using the transmitter but would not be seen or heard by those around them. Carl and Willow were in the loop through a very small earpiece. However they could not transmit. Two more pieces completed their costumes. The first was sunglasses. It always amazed Page what could be done with inexpensive items. She had seen the cheap wraparound sunglasses in a catalog and they had reminded her of horse eyes. That had started the whole idea of going to the Expo as pony girls. The ear pieces of the sunglasses went under the latex hood and held them in place. This also hid the earpiece for the receiver side of the radios. The last item required Carl’s help. He buckled mittens on both Page and Willow, denying them the use of their fingers. There were rings sewn into the ends of the mittens and they were clipped to leather straps that looked like reins. Carl would use these to lead Page and Willow through the Expo.

The look of the outfits was striking. Carl would be leading two very fine mares. They were all in black with their faces completely obscured by the muzzle and glasses. Page’s large, pale, and pierced tits were beautifully framed. Willow’s pale, striped, and plugged ass also was showcased by the black latex.

Page had explained that there was a state organization of wealthy slave owner called the Slave Trainers and Owners of California, or STOC for short. While they were a state wide organization, it was the local chapter that was organizing the Master’s Lifestyle Expo. And while it was held at the large Convention Center, there was no announcement on the electronic marque or signs pointing the way. The Master’s Lifestyle Expo was not a publicly advertised event. It was by invitation only. Security was noticeable around and inside the building but there was no activity at the front of the building. All guest’s vehicles had to go through security and into the parking structure behind the main exhibit hall. There was a walkway from there that led into the main building.

The limo pulled up to the walkway and the driver came around to open the door. There were bold signs explaining that this was a private party and violators would be removed or prosecuted. The signs created a gateway of sorts to the walkway. Carl eyed the security detail nearby and determined that they were not very professional. By this time the driver had helped Page and Willow out of the limo. He handed the reins attached to their hands to Carl. “Master Carl, please lead us in,” Page said through his earpiece.
The walkway between the parking structure and the Convention Center led to a set of heavy glass doors manned by security guards. They also were acting as doormen. They opened and held the door so Carl and his slaves could navigate through the entrance without a problem. Just past the utilitarian looking warning signs, glass doors and guards, there was a very different sight altogether. Framing the entranceway were two naked slaves tied to whipping posts. One was a full figured redhead with large breasts. The other was darker skinned, maybe Latino, with black hair. They had been striped by a whip or a thin cane on almost every area of their bodies. The marks were vivid but not deep. They hung from their chains and moaned through their gags. Carl noticed a cane hanging from a hook on each post, just in case an arriving guest wanted to add a mark or two of their own. Stretched between the whipping posts was a banner that read ‘Master’s Lifestyle Expo.’

Page spoke into the microphone in the low tones that would not carry outside of the muzzle, “Slave, it is important that you remember to look around using your eyes and not turning your head. Keep you face towards Master Carl at all times. Do not talk unless absolutely necessary. Master Carl, please check that the punishment dildo is working correctly.” Carl had his hand on the remote control in his left pocket. He pushed the button. The electrical shock of the dildo was not on a painful setting. It was meant to get Willow’s attention. Willow jumped slightly but did not make a sound.

The three walked to the main greeting area. Instead of a table here was a raised platform. Kneeling on the platform was a slave wearing a heavy iron collar, cuffs and leg shackles. The collar was connected by a heavy chain to something that looked like a large piece of granite sitting on the floor in front of the platform. She looked to be around five feet tall but had very long black hair. As Carl approached she prostrated herself with her hands and arms outstretched and her face to the floor.

“Greetings and welcome sir,” she said. “May I please have your name?”

“Master Carl,” Carl responded.

The slave sat up and began looking at a group of papers. “Sir, I do not see your name on the invitation list. I am not permitted to pass anyone not on the list. Please let me call someone.” The slave pushed a button and a soft gong sounded. She had acted like Carl was going to scream at her or even beat her. But Carl stood rock still and waited. Page had anticipated this and Carl was following the plan perfectly.

After a wait of less than a minute, a very tall man with white hair approached them from the right of the platform. He was wearing black boots, black pants and a while silk shirt. Around his neck he had a gold chain that held a medallion. Carl could see the image of a lion etched on the face of the medallion.

For all his imposing presence, he spoke in even and quiet tones, “Sir, I am Master Blake. I am the chapter president of STOC here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I do not recognize you as one of our members.” His tone was not hostile, just curious.

“I am Master Carl. I am not a member. I have just relocated to the area. I know Lord Blackmon and he told me about your event here. He was going to write someone that I wanted to attend. Is this going to be a problem?”

Master Blake nodded, “Yes, Lord Blackmon did inform me that you wanted to attend. I got his email yesterday but the guest list had already been printed. But that will not be a problem. Let me welcome you to our Expo as Lord Blackmon’s guest.”

At that moment a loud, higher pitched voice came from the same doorway where Master Blake had emerged, “Are we admitting tourist now Bob? Who would Blackmon send…”

The owner of the voice came barging into the space. He was quite short and very round. He had only a fringe of hair around his head and had a bright red, sweaty face. He was dressed in a black leather coat that brushed the floor. He turned to Carl and without a bit on manners or courtesy blurted out, “Who are you?”

Carl, not nearly as tall as Master Blake, still towered over the little red faced man. His head moved like a gun turret as he turned to look at the unpleasant man. Carl responded in a soft tone, “I am someone that is accustomed to being addressed with courtesy, and was unaware that people in this town were so rude.”

The little man ignored the chastisement and went on, “Where is Blackmon? I have not seen him at our events in a long time, I figured he had decided we were too much for his thin blood, and…”

“Master Lobo!” Master Blake growled. The little man stopped his tirade. “Your place is in the Finale Room, not here. Please leave the greeting to me.”

He did not comply with the dismissal instantly. Instead he turned towards Page and Willow. He moved with exaggerated slowness towards the girls, looking them up and down. Page gave a little shutter when he casually ran a finger across the skin on her right breast that was being puckered by the needles. “You must have similar tastes as Blackmon,” he mumbled. “This one has breasts almost as lovely as his slave Page.”

He then passed behind Willow, again running his fingers across her marked ass but Willow just barely lifted her head. When neither of these actions provoked a rise out of Carl, with a final sneer on his cubby face, the little man retreated back the way he had come.

“We are…blessed…with a diversity of personalities here in this chapter. Please be careful with your slaves around Master Lobo. Most do not survive the encounter intact,” Master Blake said, still looking after where Lobo had fled. “More than one of our members has…complained about him.”

“Thank you for the warning,” Carl said in reply.

Master Blake turned his full attention to Carl, “So then, what brings you to our gathering today?” Carl was quite gifted at reading people’s body language to gauge intent. He could see no malice or dishonesty in the question.

“As I said before, I am new to this area and wanted to get some general information about others around here and maybe network a little. Lord Blackmon is a friend, but even he admits he has been somewhat disconnected lately.”

“That is true. He took the loss of his slave very hard. In some ways that is why masters such as Lobo look down on Lord Blackmon. They think he is too soft.”

“Master Blake, let me assure you, it would be a serious mistake to consider Lord Blackmon soft. Now, let us stop gossiping and please tell me what it is I am going to see tonight?”

Master Blake was glad to get the topic away from chapter politics, “We hold this event three times a year. We use it for a number of activities. Let me show you around.” With Master Blake leading the way, they walked down the hallway that opened out onto a two story atrium. They had entered on the second floor so it was necessary to take an escalator down to the main exhibit hall.

Carl followed Master Blake down with Page and Willow in tow. Master Blake began pointing out different rooms and activities that were a part of the Expo. As they descended, Carl began categorizing the people he saw. There were young men that were wearing red button down shirts and black pants. Some were carrying food and drink trays while others were moving slaves and other merchandise. These were the support staff for the event. There were also some that wore black shirts and black pants. These were armed with batons and pepper spray and were clearly the security detail for the night. Again Carl’s experienced eye judged them to be poorly trained and equipped.

The others had no uniform or dress code. Slave owners were walking or sitting all around the main atrium. As they mingled and socialized, slaves were kneeling at their sides or performing some kind of service. Some were sucking and some were fucking. Some were masturbating while others suffered in some type of restrictive bondage.

One severe looking woman was dressed in a white leather dress that displayed her ample tits and attractive legs very well. Her silver hair was pulled back in a tight bun and her hands were encased in elbow length leather gloves. She also was wearing what appeared to be a long train or cape. Three slaves, all dressed in white leather also, made sure the long piece of material never touched the ground by carrying it in their teeth.

As they reached the bottom of the escalator, the woman dressed in white approached Master Blake, “Good evening Bob. I have been waiting to speak to you.”

“Sorry Jane, there was a question about the security arrangements. Let me introduce you to Master Carl, a friend of Lord Blackmon’s. Master Carl, this is Madame Carronade,” Carl stepped up and took her offered hand. While her gray hair indicated she was older, her skin was flawless and unwrinkled. She would have been stunning if she had been smiling.

“Lord Blackmon has disappointed us with his absence lately. I have tried to contact him but he has not responded. Does your presence mean he will be here tonight?” she asked.

“Madame, I am sorry, but I do not think so,” Carl replied.

“It is not polite to ignore someone. I was hoping…well never mind,” she said quietly. In Carl’s hear he heard Page’s whispered voice over the radio connection, “She was a friend. Please apologize for Lord Blackmon.”

Carl took a step closer, still holder her hand, “Madame, I would not dare to speak for Lord Blackmon, we are not that close. But his absence, and failure to respond, is not personal. He has been out of touch with all of us recently. I am sure he will be in touch in the future. Please allow him to explain.”

There was a softening of her eyes as the searched Carl’s. After a moment she said, “Please call me Jane.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you Jane,” Carl responded.

Jane turned her attention back to Master Blake, “Can we talk later. I have some information I would like to share with you.”

“Gladly, let’s talk after dinner, I really have no interest in Karl Lobo’s sales pitch,” he said. With that Jane walked towards the door marked as the merchandise area. Carl and Master Blake turned towards the other end of the Convention Center.

“As I was saying, we try to tailor this event to the needs and desires of the chapter members. One of the things most requested by our members is access and information about new products and services. We invite venders to display and sell their wares in one of the main exhibit halls.

“Another priority that we focus on here is sharing information about training, health, and other matters related to our slaves. It is an open forum to bring up topics and make comments. Everything is open for discussion but understand that if the topics are not moderated, neither are the responses or reactions of the listeners. The Open Forum is in one of the smaller rooms to the right. No slaves are allowed in that room. There are stalls and cages throughout the venue for you to store your slaves for a time if you so choose. If you do not want them touched or bothered, please indicate that by putting a red flag on the slave or cage.

“We also have the slave market in this room.” Master Blake indicated a set of open doors to Carl’s left. “If you wish to buy, sell or trade a slave, this is a great time to do that. Would you like to see?”

“That sounds interesting,” Carl said as they walked through the door.

A slave was begging Master Carl to buy her. She wore an iron slave collar that was chained by a shackle to a horizontal steel pole about three feet off the floor. Every two feet or so along the pole was another shackle, another chain, another collar and another slave. The steel pole was twenty feet long. There were four similar poles forming a square in the center of the converted ball room. In the center of the square was a raised platform with a chain hanging above it.

As Willow watched, the red headed girl knelt at Master Carl’s feet and begged that he purchase her from her current master and takes her home. She promised every sexual favor and act possible, and some that might not have been possible. Tears streamed down her face as she alternated between kissing Carl’s new shoes and pleading with him to take her away. The chain connecting her collar to the pole was so short she was choking herself to reach his shoes.

Carl and Master Blake were talking quietly as the redhead pleaded her case. Willow and Page were far enough behind Carl that they could not overhear what they were saying. Without turning her head, Willow looked up and down the line of slaves and could see a wide range of emotions on their faces. Some were sulking or in despair. Others looked envious of the redhead and her opportunity to entice a new master. Others showed no emotion, or life, as they knelt and stared straight ahead.

From what Willow could see, the redhead was pretty, but not nearly in the same league as Page. She was older than Page and showed some of the effects of time and use. Her fair skin showed a host of scars and marks. Her breasts were smaller than either Page’s or Willow’s with pale nipples that were pierced with gold rings. She was not fat, but was not very fit either. She was not wearing makeup nor was her hair styled. Whoever was trying to sell her had not put forth any effort to make her appealing.

Carl and Master Blake took a step back and began walking down the line again. Master Blake continued to talk and gesture towards the slaves for sale. As they went along, Willow saw a group of men approach one of the blonde slaves chained to the nearest pole. They quickly unlocked the shackle end of the chain. They pulled her forward so that she had to crawl to the raised platform. They connected the end of the chain to a hoist and used it to pull the blonde girl to her feet and onto her toes. As she started to choke, she reached up to grab the chain to relieve some of the pressure, displaying every part of her body. They then stepped away.

Another group of men approached the strung up girl. Willow recognized one of them as the ‘vet’ that had treated her and Page after the explosion at the slave auction. He had a stethoscope around his neck. While the others watched, he examined the girls eyes, ears, mouth, and listened to her heart and breathing. He then stepped back and spoke to another man holding a leash. After their brief conversation, the event people came back and released the blonde and handed her over to the group of men. Just as they passed out of Willow’s vision, she saw them attach a leash to the blonde’s collar and lead her away.

Willow found she had been aroused by the display. The whole experience of being trained by Page had awakened her sexually. She had learned how to give and how to experience orgasms. While there had been pain and humiliations in the process, her eyes were opened to feelings she did not know were possible. But nothing had made her feel the way seeing the slave strung up had made her feel. Willow had been excited during the shopping trip, but she thought it was just being away from Rose House for the first time. Now she realized it was something more. It was the idea of being displayed. She began thinking about how she felt when Carl came over and saw her naked. There was a part of her that was embarrassed, but another part that was turned on. But watching this blonde chained up in front of all these people made her weak in the knees.

Their little group led by Master Blake was entering the premium slave area. This was the part of the slave market that was for the best of the best. These slaves were not simply chained naked to a metal pole. These slaves were decorated and displayed.

Even though there were more masters and slaves in this end of the hall, this area was much quieter than the other end so it was possible for Willow to hear what Master Blake was saying. He was pointing out how the slaves were not auctioned off. Owners of the high value slaves considered that to be rude. “That does not mean there is not lively, and sometimes heated, negotiations between the buyer and seller,” Master Blake was saying. “It is just that those discussions take place out of the ‘public’ eye.”

They had stopped in front of a display with a distinctly Roman theme. The white columns and long lounging beds were festooned with stunningly beautiful women. They were dressed in gauzy togas and draped with delicate gold chains. The ten slaves all had flawless makeup and hairdos. They also were smiling and beckoning the guests to come a sit with them. One was delicately stroking another girl’s thigh, while another slowly danced and swayed to unheard music.

Willow’s first thought was that Page was the equal of any of them in beauty, poise and desirability. Her next thought was how she was turned on by the idea of finding herself in such a display. She knew she was not beautiful like them; but the idea of being watched made her warm and fidgety all over. She was shy by nature and practice, so someone would have to make her do something like this. She realized that the bonds and ropes, something she had despised when first enslaved, had become a release, an avenue of permission, for her to feel and explore her sexual side.

As they moved through the area, they saw a section that was decorated to look like a harem, another that resembled something oriental and another that was Egyptian themed. One area was done with a science fiction theme, green skinned girl and all. All featured slaves dressed in provocative ways, and many included some kind of sexual act. One slave fucked a statue of a snake, the head appearing and disappearing between her thighs. Some featured some kind of punishment, but it was easy to see these were not serious. No slave owner would damage such prized slaves, at least not without being a part of the action. “These are not just about selling slaves,” Master Blake was saying. “It is a competition for some of the owners. They want the best display and the most beautiful slaves displayed. Many don’t want to sell any of their slaves, but will if someone is willing to pay the outrageous price they are asking. By the way, Jane’s is over there. It is the one with the Polar theme.”

The group headed in that direction. The space had been made to look like it was covered in ice and snow. There was also a pool of water. As they approached, a stunning girl with platinum hair pushed her way out of the water, her large breasts glistening and her nipples were diamond hard. She stepped down from the raised platform, and paused for a moment for everyone to enjoy the sight. Two other slaves came from both sides and began drying her off. It was done as part of the show; every area of her body was caressed with the towels and touched by the other slaves. Once dry, the attending slaves then applied oil to her skin. She slowly turned as the applied the gloss of oil from head to toe. After she was glistening, she began putting her collar, cuffs and high heel shoes on. It was very erotic to see her place herself in bondage. She must have been wearing waterproof makeup because that had remained perfect. She finished by slipping on a thin robe and then stepped out of sight to the left. But as soon as she was gone another stunning slave, this one a short haired brunette, emerged from the water to begin the process all over again. A crowd of master’s, both men and women, stood in groups to watch and whisper through each performance.

Master Blake chuckle, “It is crazy, but Jane keeps winning these competitions by having her slaves get dressed! One year it was a shower display and she got top dollar for every slave she had for sale. “There are rules to the contest. Only slaves are allowed in the display. No serious bondage or torture play; that would escalate out of control very quickly. The rule that banned mechanical devices was put in place after Jane’s shower. I must admit the pool of water is a clever way around the ban.”
Willow could see that Carl, like everyone else, was mesmerized by the Polar display. He brought Page and Willow up so they could see too, so Page knelt one his left and Willow on his right. “Slave, do what I do,” came Page’s voice in Willow’s ear. There was a lot of slack now in the reins that connected their mittens. Page had turned towards Carl’s left leg and was using her left hand to gently stroke his cock through his suit pants. Willow mirrored her. Carl had been embarrassed when he first felt the gloved hands stroking his cock. But after a minute of watching the girls emerge from the water and their hands on him he was getting aroused too.

Willow then noticed another group of owners to Carl’s left, just past Page. A man and woman were entranced by the water display, but they were not just watching. In front of the man, a bound slave was sucking his cock. Her arms were tied behind her back and her elbows were tied together. His hand was on her head and it was forcing more and more of his raging penis down her throat. She was gagging and drooling all over her chest. Once when he pulled back, she recognized the girl as the one that had been strung up and examined. Now Willow was so excited she rubbed Carl harder and began humping his leg slowly, trying to drive the dildo and plug she was wearing deeper. Carl noticed the change and reached down to pet Willow’s latex covered head. What she was doing felt good and was very erotic.

“Your slaves are well trained, looking to satisfy you at every opportunity,” Master Blake’s words cut through the sexual fog clouding Willow’s brain. Carl took a step forward then turned to his right to follow after Master Blake as he moved out into the hallway. Page and Willow were pulled up and along behind. “You have time to look through the merchandise hall before dinner is served. I have to tend to some final preparations, so I must leave you here. Is that satisfactory?” Master Blake asked.

“Sure. Thank you for the information and your help,” Carl said in a voice that unintentionally reflected his arousal and embarrassment. He was also trying to walk in a way that did not make his erection as noticeable.

As they approached the merchandise area, the number of slaves and masters increased again. Willow passed one mistress leading a tiny blonde girl, she could not have been more than eighteen or nineteen years old, that was wearing very harsh nipple clamps tied to weights and bells. She wore a sign around her neck that read “Ring for service.” As Willow watched, an older man pulled on one of the nipple/bell cords and rang the bells. The mistress turned and handed the leash to the older man and walked away. The man took the blonde to a bench near the wall and made her kneel on the seat with her head turned back. As Willow and Page entered the merchandise hall, Willow’s last look showed the grey haired man thrusting his cock into the slave’s asshole. He had not said a single word to her.

Page knew she needed to find a present for Lord Blackmon. She had planned on Willow being that present until he had instructed her to find something at the Expo. Page had been thinking about that and wondered if she could find something that could combine the two.

The merchandise hall was the largest of the rooms. Many of the displays were large, so there was only one path that went around the room in a large circle. This allowed plenty of room for displays and demonstrations on both sides of the walkway. There were plants arranged just inside the door that directed the shopper to the right. The displays varied a great deal. Some were filled with many items, like a sex shop display. Others focused on a handful of products or even just one.

Just inside the door on the right side was a vender that specialized in cages made from thick metal bars. Some cages were made to look like dog cages while other were long and narrow. The short dog cages would not allow the slave to straighten her legs while the long ones would force the slave to keep her legs straight or stand for long periods of time.

Carl wanted to ask a question so he moved Page and Willow up so that they stood in front of him. The three of them looked straight ahead at the cage display while his left hand fondled Willow’s bare ass while his right reached around Page to squeeze her right breast. This positioned his head in between theirs so he could whisper to them.

“Are you guys doing ok?” Carl whispered. Willow slightly nodded and Page answered through the radio, “Doing fine.”

“Good,” Carl said. “Page, have you ever spent time in a cage like this,” Carl nodded towards the closest dog cage.

“Yes sir, but I have spent more time in one of the upright cages. We have one at Rose House, except Lord Blackmon made it himself and it includes…improvements.”

“What is the point, I mean, why would some put a slave in one of these?”

“Punishments or tortures sometimes involve a great deal of pain. Sometimes they involve less pain over a greater period of time. These cages are endurance ordeals. Some time ago, Lord Blackmon responded to an argument between two slaves by locking us in his cage facing each other. We were pressed together and touching almost everywhere. I had my thigh pressed into her pussy and hers was pressed into mine. He fed us and gave us water, but other than that he left us alone. We were there for three days. We never argued again.” Page could still remember they had been pressed together so closely that Carol’s tears had to run down her own cheek.

“I will ask more questions later. If you are ok, let’s move on.” They continued down the aisle.

There were venders that specialized in electronics, both for pleasure and for pain. Other venders specialized in clothing, leather goods, and even erotic art. At each booth or display, there was someone trying to get their attention. Sometimes that included the display of a naked, or near naked, slave. Sometimes that slave was moaning in pleasure. Sometimes as they approached there were screams of pain and pleas of mercy.

It was at the merchandise booth near the center of the room that they saw the blonde slave that had been purchased in the slave market. It was the same slave that Willow had seen blowing the man near the Polar display. She was in a clear plastic tube more than six feet high. It was long and narrow with lights in the base of the unit illumined the girl inside. As they watched, the tube began filling with water. Over the tube was a sign that read, ‘Mission Valley Accessories.’ Below that was another that simply read ‘The Purga-Pipe.’

Willow recognized the man behind the display table as the man the slave had been sucking earlier. He approached Master Carl with his hand extended, “In some religions, a person can escape the torments of Purgatory. Now there is no reprieve. Hello sir, I am John and I am with Mission Valley Accessories. We have an innovative line of punishment, torture and execution devices. Tonight we are featuring a new concept in execution devices called the Purga-Pipe.”

The whole time he had been talking the water level inside the clear tube was rising. The slave inside the tube clearly was panicking, pounding on the sides of her clear prison, but the impact of her hands made no sound outside. She was also screaming, but again no sound could be heard through the enclosure.

“One of the issues with executing slaves, whether for punishment, as an example to others, or strictly for entertainment, is what to do with the remains afterwards. This is often a distasteful task and involves blood cleanup, body fluids, smells and other things that make it unpleasant to have in the home. Our Purga-Pipe concept allows you to permanently deal with a slave without having to deal with the aftermath.

“The basic unit is the Purga-Pipe itself. With its purchase comes free removal of the remains. So that, with a simple phone call, our truck will come and our team will remove the Purga-Pipe, with the remains inside, quickly, cleanly and quietly. But how that slave dies is where our engineers have really created something exciting and valuable to every slave owner.

“How do you wish the slave to meet her end? Here we have one example; drowning. The slave is placed in the Purga-Pipe and water is added. There can be many variations of this. Our product allows the slave to be bound or unbound. There is no escape. How fast the water enters determines how long the ordeal lasts. When the water gets to the plastic grill at the top, even an unbound slave cannot get air.

“Now, we are not allowed by the event rules to snuff a slave in the Merchandise area. This slave will not die here. We will move this one to the Finale Area after the banquet and complete the execution there. She is here so you can see how it will look and the terror it causes.” The water was near the slave’s waist and still rising.

“Maybe you do not want drowning, but hanging. We have an accessory option that includes and noose and controls to remotely control a platform inside the Purga-Pipe so that the slave is slowly strangled. The platform can be remotely controlled so that the process can be prolonged by raising the platform again to allow the slave to breathe, then repeating. Remember that all of the unpleasantness of hanging, the bowel and bladder release, the cutting down and moving the body, all are handled by the Purga-Pipe. No smell escapes the thick plastic tube and everything is contained inside to be removed by our technicians.

“Some really enjoy electricity. Again, Purga-Pipe has a factory designed electrocution accessory to accomplish it cleanly and simply. The unpleasant smells of things burning are contained within the tube and it also acts as a safety device because the plastic tube is an insulator. We are currently perfecting an accessory package that is a combination of water and electricity. It promises to be even more exciting than either alone.

“There is another advantage of the Purga-Pipe system. A slave can be displayed, both before and after the terminal event, for extended periods of time. The smell of decay is contained and, if the idea is to make them an object lesson for other slaves, this can be done within your home for days at a time. Just the presence of an unused Purga-Pipe on your property can be a deterrent to misbehavior.

“Purga-Pipe comes with free delivery, and pickup. Each unit is good for one termination, the method determined by the accessory package you purchase with your Purga-Pipe system.

“Now, I would be glad to answer any questions you may have, but I see our inventor and company owner is approaching and I am sure he would be more than happy to explain any portion you did not understand.”

Willow could not look away from the blonde girl, now struggling to cling to the sides of the plastic tube in an effort to rise as high as she could to get a breath of air by pressing her face to the holes in the end piece. Just as it seemed that she would drown, a faint pumping sound indicated that the display model had begun to empty, lowering the water level and allowing the slave girl to have room to breathe and live, at least a few more hours.

Carl had turned to see the individual that would invent and market such a machine. He was not surprised to see Master Lobo waddling towards the display with a look of pride on his face.