I am thinking of to archiving some of the early chapters of my revised series to DEF.  Some of you will have read the original series of Carmella – The Alternative Future.  The new series is called Daresbury Slaves and has been altered to remove the links to Shadow’s great series on Rita.  There are some totally new chapters; revised chapters and over twenty chapters that have not yet been published anywhere.

Although the series will continue to be published commercially, I will keep this free version running at about six months behind the commercial series, for as long as it is wanted.  I’m anticipating that. if there is demand, the first Chapter will be posted in early September and further chapters will follow at the rate of one or possibly two a month, to ensure that it doesn’t fall further behind than six months nor get more up to date than that gap.

So let me know if you are interested and if there’s sufficient demand I’ll start posting next month.