Delia sat at the table with her parents and her father’s slaves. She wondered why Julia and Rebecca were there, but she found herself wildly hoping that this visit was the end of her time here at the bar.

Her mother said, “Did your father send over some clothes, dear?”

Delia replied, “The word came in to get me in clothes. I think Joan knew what was going on. It turns out we are near the same size. This is her dress and her shoes.”

John signaled the waitress. He asked, “Delia, what would you like to drink?”

She told the waitress, who was looking at her slyly. The waitress knew she was a bar slave, but must have been given special permission to wear clothes. The waitress soon returned with the margarita she asked for. After the waitress left, Delia asked, with some hope, “OK, what’s the reason for this welcome visit?”

Mona answered. “Your father finally figured something out that we three had figured out a long time ago.”

Delia had a blank look on her face, then a growing awareness, then a smile. “You are all moving into one house, right?”

John said, “Right. We’ll figure out which house later on.”

“And will I be moving into it?”

John looked at her. “No, not for a while, anyway. The four of us need privacy. You need to come to terms with your new situation. I think you’ll be staying here for a while. For now, just enjoy the visit. Have a few drinks. Mr. Johnson told me you have the night off.”

Delia looked disappointed, but drank her drink and ordered another when the waitress came back. She was aware that she was still wearing the collar that Mr. Johnson had put on her at his home. That’s when she noticed that her mother and the other two women were wearing collars. “Mom! Were you enslaved too?”

Mona started, then relaxed. “Oh, the collar. No, that’s just part of a new wrinkle in our marriage. Your father got identical collars for Julia and Rebecca as a part of the … merger.”

John laughed. “That’s the best description of what we have here that anyone has come up with.”

They made small talk for a while, then Delia asked, “Was it this table that the order for three lickers was for?” The wide grins on the three women’s faces was all the confirmation she needed. “I heard an order for a sucker and another licker after that.”

“Those were for Joan and Mr. Johnson,” answered her father. “He ordered it for Joan, had her get a drink, and gave her the night off.”

“He loves that girl. She loves him and her new boyfriend. There’s another complicated relationship.”

They sat for three hours, drinking, talking, and laughing. After two hours, John ordered four lickers for the table. He found that Delia may have been wearing a dress, but they didn’t give her any panties. The slave licking Delia looked shocked to be licking a fellow bar slave who was wearing clothes, but she did a good job. After the lickers left, Delia said, “It’s likely I’ll be doing that for my roommate later tonight, so it’s nice to get some myself.”

John said, “Delia, I think you are probably upset that I’m leaving you here. However, I do think you need to learn the lessons that I sent you here to learn a lot more deeply. We almost lost you to slavery. You were enslaved, but we managed to keep you. Lending you out shows you a little of what could have happened. It could have been a lot worse, like what happened to Julia and Rebecca, where they ended up before coming to us. It could have been even worse than that. I talked to Mr. Johnson, and you will be staying here for some time. You’ll go to college when the fall term starts, and you’ll get the time, equipment, and clothing you need to succeed in school, but you will be staying here and you will be sucking cocks. I hope you understand.”

“I was expecting that, especially when I found out that Joan was going to college while she was a slave here.”

“I will arrange for a bunch of your stuff to be delivered when Mr. Johnson says he is ready for it. By the way, he sings your praises as a good worker, a customer pleaser, and as a bed partner.”

Delia was happy to hear that, but shocked to hear her father tell her, in the presence of her mother, that her boss liked fucking her. Her mother, however, took it in stride. In fact, she didn’t react at all to the news.

Her father and his harem finally rose to leave. Delia stood, too, and said, “Please don’t wait so long before you visit again.”

“We won’t. We were hoping to let you settle in. Mr. Johnson said that you were to go see the floor supervisor when we left.”

“I will.” Delia hugged her parents and the other two, then walked to the floor supervisor’s station. The four left the bar.

Delia asked the floor supervisor, “I’m reporting to you. What do I do now?”

“Go to your room, remove the clothes and hang them up so you can give them to Joan tomorrow, and take the rest of the night off. Watch some TV in the white-collar lounge or something.”

The four revelers got back into the limo and sat. Mona said, “You said you wanted to go to several sex businesses tonight. That was one. What next?”

“You’ll see.”

The limo pulled up in front of The Slave Store. They all got out and the women followed John inside. John spoke. “Each of you is to select one toy you want used on you, and one toy that you want to use or have used on the other two. Go looking.”

Mona went to the collar and electronics area and got one of the expanding electric dildos that worked with the collars. John knew that she wanted it used on the others. She wandered around a long time to find a toy for herself.

Julia got a double-ended dildo with a strap to attach it to the active partner. John wasn’t sure what role that toy was to take until he saw her pick up a remote-controlled vibrating egg that he was certain she wanted in her butt while she was being fucked.

Rebecca looked around looking lost. She finally selected a ring gag with a head harness that had handles at the side. It was labelled “Oral Rape Harness.” He thought it was to be used on her. He knew he was incorrect about that when she picked up a quirt like the one he had used on her.

Mona was still looking. She finally saw something she liked and selected it. It was a set of ankle cuffs that locked on and shocked the wearer if they got too close together, keeping the wearer spread wide and completely available, whether in bed or not. She smiled to herself and brought her items to John, who had already received the items for the other two.

John said, “Very good. Get three sets of handcuffs and cuff yourselves behind your backs. I’ll pay for these and the cuffs.” The women did as he had commanded while he paid. The slave who handled the sale said, “I compliment you on three well-trained slaves.”

“Thank you. I also own the slave that was previously in charge of this store.”

“You own Roberta? I only knew her for a little while, but I liked her. I’m glad she got a good owner.”

“You seem to be sure I’m a good owner.”

“I see those three and I know.”

“Only two are slaves. Can you pick the free woman?”

She studied them. Finally, she said, “No.”

John laughed. “I’ll have Roberta give you a call. Maybe she can take you to lunch sometime.” He paid his bill, picked up the sacks of merchandise, and left the store trailed by three women in long fancy dresses wearing handcuffs.