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John had the limo driver take them home. After the three handcuffed women were out of the car and all the bags had been removed, the driver drove away and John led his harem into the house. He had three elegant women in nice dresses and heels handcuffed in the living room. He looked at them and felt good. He sat and said, “I just want to look at you.” All three of them started showing off a little. Rebecca was the boldest; she pulled up her dress to show him her pussy. John laughed. “OK, all of you, sit down. Let’s go through the toys and see what we have to play with.”

The first thing he pulled out was the fancy dildo that Mona had selected. “Who picked this out?”

Mona said, “I did.”

“You already have one.”

“It’s for you to use on one of them.”

“A capital idea. Rebecca, come over here and bend over and spread your legs.” Rebecca did so, presenting her backside to John. He pulled up her dress and put in the dildo, then picked up the remote control and expanded the dildo. “You’ll find that it won’t come out easily, and the collar will alarm and shock if it does. The dildo also has a clitoris shield on it. Here, let me turn on the vibe. You can sit down now.” Rebecca sat, and got a far-away look on her face as the dildo did its work.

“Julia, now you do the same thing.” Julia stood, came over, and presented her backside. He pulled up her dress, caressed her vulva, and inserted another dildo that he pulled out of the bags. After he had expanded it and started its vibrator, he said, “Wait there.” He pulled out the vibrating egg. “Did you pick this out?”

“Yes, I did. It’s for me.”

“OK. In your butt it goes.” He lubed it up with some lube he kept in the living room and pushed it gently inside her. He used the remote that came with it and turned it on. Julia was now getting low vibrations from two sources. “OK, you can sit down.”

Mona chimed in. “I only got one of the dildos.”

“I know. I got another one. I figure that all three of you need one. OK, lets see what else we have.” He pulled out the quirt. “Rebecca, this is yours, is it not? Who is it to be used on?”

“Yes, it’s mine, and I want you to use it on me.”

“OK, but not tonight.” He sat it down and brought out the oral rape harness. “My, my. A ring gag harness with handles on the sides, designed for allowing the control of a woman’s head during oral sex. Whose is this?”

Rebecca spoke again. “Mine.”

“And who did you want it used on?”

“Anyone, even including me.”

“All right, we’ll put it on you first. Come over here.”

Rebecca came to him and leaned over to receive it. He inserted the ring, making sure the leather-covered ring was behind her teeth, then rose to buckle it behind her head. He tightened the straps so that it held her securely. He grabbed the handles and saw that it would indeed give complete control to the man holding them. He said, “Comfy?”

She nodded. “OK, sit down. That leaves two things.” He pulled out the double-dildo and harness. “I like this one. I’ll have to watch you using it sometime.” Then he pulled out the leg cuffs. There were two cuffs that locked on, but they had no chain between them. “These would be yours, Mona?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Come over here.”

Mona rose and stood before him. He put the cuffs on her ankles and picked up the remote that came with them. “So many remotes. I have to see if I can get the collar remote to run this stuff, or have the collars control them.” He pressed buttons that locked the cuffs, then pressed more buttons. Mona jumped. The cuffs were shocking her. “Ankles two and a half feet apart, dear.” She quickly separated her feet.. “Now go sit down.” She tried to walk normally, but got shocked, so she had to waddle with feet wide apart.

“All right, people. Did you enjoy our night out?”

Mona and Julia replied, “Yes!” Rebecca nodded.

“How about a group whipping in the morning?”

Julia and Mona were shaking their heads, hoping he was joking, and Rebecca was nodding, hoping he wasn’t. “No, no whipping. Not yet, anyway. I promised Mona that she would get her turn for fucking, and it is now. Rebecca is all set to give me my warm-up. While I’m tending to Mona, the fancy dildos will be tending to you two. Those may become standard equipment; I’m not sure yet. Wear them during the day for a few days. Also, the no-panties rule is now in effect. Unless I say otherwise, you two, no clothing inside the house. Mona already does that. I liked the high heels, so you can all wear those. Turn around so I can get the cuffs off, and we will continue the festivities.”

After they were unchained, they went to the bedroom and removed the glamorous dresses and touched up their appearances to be nice for John. When he appeared, they helped him out of his suit. “Shall we bathe you, master?” asked Julia.

“No. Maybe in the morning. Right now I’m just too eager to get inside something. Julia, handcuff Mona to the headboard. Rebecca, I’m going to use your mouth. Julia, first handcuff Rebecca.”

Julia handcuffed Rebecca, who immediately knelt between John’s feet as he sat on the bed. She looked at his swollen member, thinking there was no need for a warm-up, but she appreciated the opportunity to be of service. She waited until he took hold of the oral rape harness handles and guided her mouth onto his cock. He kept complete control of her head. The other two women watched with great interest, knowing that they could be in the same equipment soon. He finally decided that he had enough of a warm-up. He pulled her off him and reached for the remote control for the collars and dildos. He turned the dildos in Julia and Rebecca to medium vibrating power, turned the clitoral shields up to medium vibrating power, and had the dildos deliver flickers of electric stimulation up and down the shaft. Julia and Rebecca both moaned in pleasure. After he was done with them, he climbed onto Mona. Julia reached over and guided him into Mona, then collapsed to enjoy the sensations flooding her.

Mona was having a great time. She wondered why he wanted her chained, when he had taken both slaves unchained earlier, but wrote it off to a desire for variety. He soon put slow stroking behind him and started a pounding fuck. Given the amount of sex he had experienced in the last two days, even with the fast and furious fucking it took him quite a while. Mona didn’t complain. When he finally came, they kissed long and hard before he finally got up and unlocked her handcuffs. They embraced.

He finally said, “Should I just leave those on inside those two tonight?”

“Dear, that would be mean, and you didn’t put one in me.”

He smiled and said, “I can put yours in. But you are right.” He unbuckled Rebecca’s gag harness and removed it. “Would you like that to continue all night?”

“I love it, master, but not all night.”

“Very well.” He grabbed the remote again and turned off the dildos and set them to come out. When Julia and Rebecca had relaxed from the stimulation, they withdrew the dildos and placed them on the bedside tables. “I’m beat. What say we all go to bed?”

The women all nodded assent and tugged him to the center, and cuddled up around him.