Willow Chapter 13

Carl guided Page and Willow to the left side of the crowd. Master Lobo was speaking to a slave owner at the far side of the group and did not notice Carl and the girls moving away. Just as they were disconnecting from the crowd, they heard Lobo proclaim that everyone was invited to see the slave in the tube, the one that was gasping at the bottom of the container recently drained of water, expire by drowning in about three hours. Carl decided they would be gone before that portion of the Expo began. Lobo was loudly explaining how he had been inspired to create his instrument of death. Carl heard something about the drudgery of cleaning up after an execution but Carl was not interested in hearing more.

Carl began pulling the reigns again but Willow refused to budge. She was staring in the direction of a group of event staff. They were moving a large wooden St. Andrew’s cross into position in the next vender’s booth.

“Slave, Carl needs us to move,” Page said over the radio. But still Willow did not move.

Page said, “Carl, use the remote.”

The punishment dildo lodges in Willow’s pussy sprang to life. It was not set very high but was startling. Willow took a couple of stumbling steps then fell in rhythm with Page and Carl. Carl just wanted some distance between them and the Purga-Pipe crowd.

They moved further into the merchandise section. A few venders further down they came to a booth that sold odd bondage devices. One of the items was a bondage frame. A red-headed slave was fastened to the frame for demonstration purposes. Her arms and lower legs had been strapped to the other side of the frame grid. At the moment, the slave’s long hair was touching the floor because she was upside down. The salesman was explaining to a bystander that the frame would allow the slave to be positioned for many things. The slave’s hair waved back and forth as the salesman thrust his cock into her mouth. As the sales pitch continued, he stepped back and spun the frame so that the slave was now horizontal and facing away. Without a pause he thrust hard into the slave’s pussy.

“Master Carl, I was instructed to buy something for Master Blackmon at the show. I think this would make a good addition to the house. Could you please speak to the salesman and arrange for the purchase and delivery?”

Carl knew he could not respond verbally so he just he just stepped closer to the frame to indicate his interest. The salesman was inviting the other interested observer to test drive the bondage frame by fucking the redhead. As he stepped back to give him his place, the salesman saw Carl was interested and began his sales pitch all over again. Carl cut him off with a question about shipping and options.
While they discussed the details of the sale, Page glanced at Willow. Much to her horror, Willow was looking back again at the men working on the St. Andrew’s cross.
“Master Carl, please ask the salesman to demonstrate how the restraints work.”
Carl, without missing a beat, asked the salesman for a demonstration. As the redhead was already occupied, they stepped over to another model that was mounted on a U shaped frame and base.
“Slave, attend to your Master,” Page said to Willow. Willow was startled out of her fixation of the cross and looked for where Master Carl was learning how the straps worked on the frame.

“You see, the first step is to have the slave back up to the frame while threading the hands and arms through these holes,” the salesman instructed. He unclipped the reins from Willow’s mittens and forced her arms through the openings. He then led Carl to the other side of the frame to show him how the straps worked.

“Now tip the frame backwards until she is upside down. Don’t go too far or she might fall and dislocate both shoulders. Now strap the ankle and calf to the frame like this.” Soon Willow was secured. Her knees were more than shoulder width apart with her head, pussy and ass unobstructed except for her costume. He rotated Willow around again so that she was face up and facing Carl.

“See how free your access is to every part of her body,” the salesman said before returning his attention to the man fucking the redhead. He wanted to get that sale closed.

“Master Carl, please touch the slave. Remember the part you are playing,” Page said through the earpiece.

Carl ran his hand across Willow’s latex covered stomach and upwards to her breasts. Up till now he had been able to maintain his cool, a professional detachment, even though he was surrounded by many beautiful and very naked women. But now, as he traced the shape of Willow’s nipples under the thin latex garment, he felt that detachment begin to crumble.

Not more than five feet away the pretty redhead was getting fucked. The sight and sound of that was stimulating to say the least. Page closed the distance and was behind him looking over his shoulder and grinding her hips into his ass. She reached around to stroke Carl’s cock through his pants.

“Carl, you are a slave owner, squeeze harder,“ Page whispered in his ear without the aid of the radio. Carl’s hands closed on Willow’s breasts and began to knead them. He found the nipples again and gave them a pinch. Willow’s stylized horse head lolled back and began to move from side to side.

Carl’s hands no longer needed guidance or encouragement from Page. They began to explore Willow on their own. He ran his hands down to her pussy. Access to it was mostly obstructed by the punishment dildo and the strap holding it in place. He pushed and jostled them and ran his finger around the sides. Willow’s hips began to gyrate with the stimulation.

But there was a part of Willow that Carl really wanted to touch. He tipped the frame so that Willow was horizontal and face down. He then stepped to the other side of the frame so that he could have access to her magnificent ass. With both hands he squeezed and kneaded Willow’s striped ass. Like the dildo, he pushed and wiggled the butt plug to give her stimulation. Willow’s head hung down but was still rocking from side to side in response to the sensations she was feeling.

“Master Carl, help me off with these mitten,” Page said. He was reluctant to remove his hands from the object of his desire, but he had been following Page’s lead till now and it had been good. He unbuckled the mittens encasing Page’s hands.

Carl watched as Page took on the reins that had been attached to her gloves and clipped it to a ring at the top of Willow’s horse muzzle. She then threaded the leather rein through Willow waist belt. Page then unbuckled the crotch strap and began to move Willow’s butt plug in and out.

Still talking over the earpiece Page said, “Master Carl, this slave needs to be fucked. She is yours to enjoy and to use. Master Carl, would you like to fuck this ass? You have wanted it. Now, fulfill the desire. Fuck her ass.” With those words, Page pulled the plug from Willow’s ass.

Carl had secretly fantasized about anal sex. He had once mentioned to it his ex-wife, but that suggestion had landed with a thud. He never again brought it up but the thought still lingered in his mind and in his fantasizes. As he stared at Willow’s gaping asshole, part of his brain was not surprised that Page had read him so well. This was the crack in his armor. However at the moment but he did not care. Carl unzipped his suit pants and pulled out his hard cock. The frame was at a good height and he began pushing into Willow’s back passage.

At that same moment, Page pulled the rein that she had attached to Willow’s head and run under the belt at her waist. Willow’s head came up and was trapped there. Page knelt down near Willow’s head and began whispering in her ear without the aid of the radio, “Slave, this is your first real fuck. Your first real fuck and it is in your ass. How nasty is that? It is in your ass and in public too!”

Page began roughly mauling Willow’s breasts and tweaking her nipples. Every once in a while Page would tug on the leather strap forcing Willow’s head further back.

“Do you feel that cock in your ass? It is one of many to come. This is one night of many to come. Look how you are attracting a crowd! You wanted so badly to look around, to watch the people here, now is your chance. See how excited they are to watch you. They would be even more excited if they knew this was your first time. Keep looking at them. Watch their faces as they watch you.”

They had attracted a crowd. The master’s looked on in appreciation and lust. The red shirted staff looked on with envy. A few slaves showed sympathy, but most dared not have any expression in their face.

But Willow was only looking at one face. She could only focus on the face of one of the red shirted staff members that watched her ass-fucking. His expression was not one of envy or lust. It was more an expression of anger, or even rage. But that was not the most shocking thing to Willow.

What was shocking to her was that it was the face of her brother Steve.