Willow Chapter 14

Steve watched the slave girl getting fucked and felt the anger burning brightly within his mind. He felt his commitment to the cause growing stronger and better defined. While the rest of the crowd saw a girl dressed in black, he saw Dee and the night she died. This was what he had come to stop.

He wondered what the other slave, the one dressed in black but with her tits out, was saying to the bound slave? She was probably whispering encouragements and comforting words to the poor girl being abused.
There was not much time and still a lot to do.

Steve turned away from the spectacle and moved back to where he and his team had been setting up a St. Andrew’s cross. The crowd was growing. As the time for the banquet approached more people were arriving. The larger the crowd, the easier it would be for their plan to succeed. They needed to look busy until it was time to act. If security was alerted too soon it would be easy to sweep them up.

Getting into the Master’s Lifestyle Expo had been easy. They had created a phony company that sold slave devices and then asked to be a vendor at the show. They had found a place in San Francisco that would rent similar items that the company was pretended to sell. Using a plain panel truck, fake signs and business cards they had pulled off the infiltration without a problem.

The first crisis of the day had been learning to set up the displays. No one in his four man team had a clue how the heavy St. Andrew’s cross or pillory looked much less how they went together. They had fumbled around long enough for the vendor next to them to notice. Their ignorance had been explained away as simply “hired help.” The short, fat, and loud man, he called himself Master Lobo, was more than willing to flaunt his superior knowledge and show them how it was assembled. The little shit had suggested that using slaves for this work would be cheaper and better.

Steve was glad all of that crap would be left right where it was. It had been rented with a stolen credit card and he did not care if those things ever were returned. He was just glad he did not have to take them apart.
Steve had been put in charge of this operation. He provided the information regarding where the Fresno slave auction was and when it was held. He had not been told that they were going to use a bomb. His loyalty and commitment to the group had been questioned when they learned the operation he had planned had killed his mother. They had expected resentment. Instead they read relief and smug satisfaction on his face and in his words. Steve had clearly despised his mother and had never expected to see her again anyway. They considered the Fresno action to be a great success and he had become a rising star.

Yet he knew he would only be able to go so far within the group. It was called Boudicca’s Children, or simply the BC. It was an offshoot of a militant feminist group that had begun in Berkeley decades before. When that group proved to be too rhetoric based for some of the members, they created their own direct action cell named for the warrior priestess that had fought the Romans in Britain. They were small, well-financed and dedicated to the cause of ending, or even reversing, the institution of slavery.

To be a ranking member meant you had to be ‘identifying as some gender other than male.’ Yet there was enough of a need for strong backs, covert action and special knowledge that they did recruit a small number of men. Secretly, the men referred to the leadership group of the BC as the Bitch Cunts, but never out loud.

That did not mean the men were not dedicated to the cause. Every one of the men had lost someone special to the slave law.

Steve had left Fresno for Sacramento to go to college and get away from his crazy mother. He had left with his high school sweetheart Debra, Steve called her Dee. They had been so excited to get out of Fresno. They both had plans to be teachers. It would not make them rich but there were jobs available and they could, ‘make a difference.’

The second semester they were at Sac State, Steve had an altercation with some frat boys. A beer can on a car hood led to words that quickly led to fists. It became the frats mission that semester to ruin Steve’s life. The frat had some local cops in their pockets. One night, when Steve was working, Dee was arrested on a trumped-up charge of being intoxicated in public and for possessing an open container of alcohol. She was rushed through enslaved that night and sold to the frat. Hours later, when Steve heard about what had happened, he rushed over to the frat house to find Dee. They let him in the door and gladly showed him where she was. He was never sure if she had died from the beatings, the rapes, or if she had drowned in the tub she was in that had been filled with beer and piss. The police do not investigate the death of a slave.

Two things came of that night. In his rage, Steve tried to burn the frat house down and was arrested. The second was that the frat house made tee shirts with the capital letter D on them.

Kicked out of school and with a criminal record, Steve lived on the streets for over a year. Out of the blue, someone offered him a job driving delivery trucks. He found out later it had really been a job interview of a different sort. The owner of the delivery service was a founding member of the Bitch Cunts. The BC had been following Steve and his story. They used his anger at the slave law and slave owners to recruit him to the cause.

As Steve moved towards the hallway, a member of the event security team passed him moving towards the banquet hall. Security at the event had been heavier than expected. That was probably due to the bombing in Fresno. He had seen the bomb sniffing dogs outside and around the delivery trucks. It had been his suggestion that this action use something other than explosives.

He saw the other three members of his team converging on the entrance to the exhibit hall leading to the slave market. All were carrying backpacks or shoulder bags. They must have left the fake merchandise booth unmanned. They were going to have to act quickly before someone noticed.
Carl and the girls had retreated via the escalator to the upper floor of the convention center near where they had entered. All three needed to regroup. After they had taken Willow down from the bondage frame, Page had reinserted the butt plug and replaced the crotch strap. Carl then replaced the mittens on Page’s hands and the three had moved away from the merchandise area and away from the gathered crowd. No one had spoken.

After finding a quiet spot out of the flow of guests, Carl pointed to the floor indicating that the girls should kneel. Once in place, Carl dropped the reins, turned around and took a few steps away from them. He was near the edge of the balcony and could look down on the main atrium. The crowd was getting thicker the closer to the banquet it became. He was still amazed at the many different and exotic outfits and activities he could see.

Carl was deeply shaken by what had happened. He was ashamed at what he had done to Willow. He was angry with Page for pushing it. He was embarrassed that he had done that in public. But most of all he felt frightened that he had allowed himself to be swept up in the emotion and moment and had not maintained his cool detachment. That detachment was how someone undercover survived the job. He had given in to lust and excitement and had allowed himself to act out of emotion. It was the most unprofessional thing he had ever done. He began to think it was a good thing he had retired. If he had so little control over himself, then it would not have been long before he would have been killed or caused someone else to be killed.

But as a professional, he knew that they were not done until everyone was back at home safe. He still needed to be able to get away from the Expo with the lie intact. Now was not the time to drop their guard and have a heart to heart talk. Carl turned around and said, “I think it is time we were going.”

Page gave a small nod of the head. Willow did not move.

He took the reins in his hands and pulled them to their feet. He then remembered that he needed to call the limo driver to pull the car to the door. After placing the call, he looked at his phone to consider if there was anything else that he had forgotten. It was while he had his phone in his and the girls standing next to him that the screams began.

Hearing screams at the Master’s Lifestyle Expo was to be expected. What was not expected was that some of those screams had definite male characteristics. Carl, Page and Willow had an excellent vantage point from the second floor balcony to watch as a tidal bore of people poured into the atrium, mixing with and then pushing along those that were already crowding the room. Those flooding into the room were covering their faces and retching.

Smoke began to billow down the hallway where the panicked crowd had emerged. Carl’s brain, from years of law enforcement training, quickly processed what he was seeing and smelling. It was tear gas, mixed with something else like CS gas. More and more of the crowd began pushing their way out the first floor exits.

“Time to go,” he said to the girls and took a step towards the parking level exits where the car was waiting. But before he could take another step, Page said through the radio in his ear, “Look!”

Carl looked down onto the crowd once again. Skirting along the edge of the panicked crowd Carl could see four men, dressed in the red shirts of the event staff. They were running too, but not the same way as the rest of the crowd. They were headed towards the exits further down the hallway, the exits that lead to the service areas. Each man seemed to be pushing slaves along with them. But most interesting of all was that each man was wearing a gas mask.

Willow could not see their faces because of the gas masks, but she was sure that one of them, the last one in line, was Steve.

The search dogs had been looking for explosives, not tear gas and a vomiting agent called CS.

Steve had wondered what would happen if they were caught. Would they be charged with kidnapping? How can you kidnap property? Maybe they would be charged with grand theft slave? How ironic it was that he might go to jail for taking something that another person could kill without consequences. This sure was a fucked up world.

After setting off the gas bombs, Steve just grabbed the three nearest slaves he could. Two were wearing metal collars and high heels and nothing else. The third slave was wearing a black leather hood, black boots and had her hands chained to the back of the hood. It did not matter, they needed to be rescued and he was there to do it.

Two of the men with him were there to find and rescue specific slaves that they knew. One was rescuing his sister and her best friend. He had been able to locate them in the slave market area. Another was looking for his girlfriend but had not seen her. The deal was that when the gas started, they had to take who was close and run. Anything else would mean capture.

Whether they had the right girls or not, it was time to run. Steve was the last in line and could see that the other three conspirators had eight slaves with them. They ran along the edge of the wall and towards the back service doors of the convention center.

As soon as they burst through the doors, Steve saw the panel van that was waiting for them just as planned. Security was not concerned with an empty van with its cargo door open. What threat could that be?

Within thirty seconds four conspirators and eleven liberated slaves were hidden in the back of the truck. Four minutes later, the van was on the highway going sixty miles an hour in the opposite direction of the fire trucks and police cars.

Almost before the van doors closed, Carl and the girls were seated in their limo. While the white van headed north and then west, the limo headed east and then south.

Page had tried to ask Carl a question but was immediately cut off when he quietly barked, “Later!” The rest of the ride to the office where they had changed was silent. Carl had removed the mittens the girls wore but had done so without comment. When the limo pulled away, Carl told them to grab anything they needed and get into the Range Rover without changing.

During the ride back to Rose House, Page took off the horse muzzle and hood. She then did the same for Willow. The only other change that took place on the road back was that Page removed the twelve needles that were under the skin of her breasts. There was one rivulet of blood that ran down between her breasts but that was all.

When they arrived Carl told the girls to get changed and cleaned up and that he would empty the car. When Page and Willow emerged twenty minutes later, Carl had taken off his suit coat and tie and was sipping a glass of what looked like bourbon. He sat in the leather chair that Page often used when training Willow. Both girls only wore collars, cuffs and shoes. Page’s blonde hair had been brushed and was down around her shoulders. Willow’s black hair was just long enough not to be standing straight up.

Page and Willow moved to the front of the chair and knelt down. Both had their eyes down and their hands behind their back. For the next few minutes there seemed to be a standoff between the three of them. No one said anything. Carl would take a sip every once in a while, but other than that, no one moved or spoke.

Willow’s voice broke the silence and tension, “Ma’am, may we use the kneeling mat?”

“Slave, I am your trainer. I am not the master here. Address your request to the proper person.”

“Master Carl, may we please use the kneeling mat? I..I have some things that I need to say and some things I need to understand. Please?”

Carl remained silent but nodded his head. After a few moments of activity the familiar red mat was in place. They positioned it where both Page and Willow were on it. The slaves returned to the waiting position.

Again, it was Willow that broke the silence. “Master Carl, my trainer has made it clear that a slave on the kneeling mat must speak the complete truth, and that it is not a place to deceive or omit information. But you might never ask for what I need to say. May I ask my trainer for guidance please?”

Again, Carl said nothing but again nodded his consent.

“Ma’am, I first must apologize for my loss of focus and comportment. I…I put us all at risk. I am sorry.”

“Slave, are you asking for forgiveness? Mercy? There is more in store for you than you can imagine. Any small mercy I extended to you now would be a drop in the ocean, quickly lost and forgotten.”

“Ma’am, I am not asking for forgiveness or mercy. I am trying to explain what happened. While we were there at the drowning girl display, I saw the men working in the next booth. I…I recognized one of them. I froze. I had forgotten that he could not recognize me in the costume. I was afraid and mortified.”

There was a pause for a few moments. Finally, it was Carl that said, “I was undercover working an organized crime case. We had learned that a lot of business was taking place on the morning train into the city. I had been tasked to sit close enough to the suspect to observe and maybe even hear something. I rode that train for weeks just so I could blend into the crowd. The suspect actually sat next to me a few times. On one of those days, my personal tax guy, an outsider that knew I was a cop, came into the train car and sat across the aisle from me! I froze.” The tax accountant had said hello and smiled at Carl. Carl followed up with a comment about taxes and then both went back to reading the paper. Is some ways it solidified his cover and a harmless commuter.

Page took a deep breath before saying, “I had forgotten how new you are to being a slave. You have been exposed to very few people and situations, so some of your failure was mine. We both have punishment coming. Yes, that is…”

“Fair?” Carl offered.

“No. Fair is not a word to use with a slave. Fair is never a consideration. To use words like that is confusing and more hurtful than a lash from a whip or a cane stroke. No, I was going to say it was good that we both be accountable for tonight.”

“Ma’am, Master Carl, there is more to tell. I saw him twice more. He was watching when…” Willow’s voice trailed off.

“When Master Carl fucked you?”

“Yes ma’am. He was looking right into my eyes, and I in his. I had regained my composure by then, but I almost panicked again. I again was glad for the mask.

“I was terrified but I also was excited, you know, aroused. I have found myself getting excited by being out in public. The tailor and the shoe store were great. But tonight was my first fuck was in public, in the ass, and in front of my brother!”

“Brother!” Carl and Page said at the same time.

“Yes master, yes ma’am. It was my brother that I recognized. Again, he had no idea it was me. He was just watching a girl getting fucked. But I knew, and it was perverse and wild and…I came.”

Carl was still processing the comment about it being Willow’s first fuck. Page wanted be hug Willow and tell her how proud she was of her, and how relieved Page was. Slavery, especially sexual slavery, is a soul rending existence. Pleasure discovered in the harshness of enslavement was like finding an oasis in a desert. Willow had cum when being fucked in public! Pleasure could keep the mind and spirit from breaking, as long as it was kept free of hope. The image of her friend Carol’s broken body came into Page’s mind unbidden and unwelcome.

Page looked at Carl and asked, “Sir, were you feeling like you had hurt this slave?”

Carl said, “Yes. I was angry. I was angry that you had used me to hurt her, to humiliate her.”

“With all due respect sir, so what? Think about everything you saw there. What you saw tonight was the erotic jolt of wish-fulfillment without remorse. That is the function of a slave. You were surrounded by that and it affected you. The result was your wish, your fantasy, was realized. It was as it should have been.

“Master Carl, there is something that you need to know. Lord Blackmon gave me very clear instructions about tonight regarding you. He wanted to be sure that you were not left unfulfilled. I was to see to your needs. I was glad that it came at a great moment for both of you. It was a fantasy fulfilled, was it not?”

“Yes,” Carl said softly.

“Did you enjoy that moment?”


“We want you to do more of that. You are in a place with no limits, no boundaries. Also, we know a few things you might never have thought of. We trust you to keep us safe but we want you to indulge yourself. When you do, we know we are completing our purpose. We know that we are of value to our master and thus safe from harm.”

“We will see,” Carl said. He wanted to change the subject so he turned back to Willow and said, “You said you saw your brother three times. Where else did you see him?”

“He was one of those with the masks on at the end. I did not see his face then, but I am sure it was him.”

Carl was about to cross-examine the witness but Willow beat him to it. “I said I saw his face when we were fucking. He was not enjoying the show. He looked very angry. He was always an angry kid. He got into a lot of trouble when Dee, his girlfriend, was enslaved and killed. The Steve I knew would not have come to that event even for work. He was there for some other reason. I am sure he was one of those running away at the end.

“Should we tell the police?” Willow asked.

Carl felt grounded again after being adrift in a sea of sex, passion, and kink. This was something his brain could process and consider without being interrupted by his dick. “No, let’s not do that, at least not right now. Your witness statement would be suspect for a number of reasons. Only you identified him. The situation and lies that allowed us to be there would be a problem too. We have secrets that we want to keep. To talk to the police, at least in an official way, would expose all of that with unknown consequences to us and to Lord Blackmon. I can quietly find out what happened and tip someone off with his name if it is necessary.”

Carl looked a Willow and quietly asked, “Are you sure you are ok?”

“Sir, I am fine. My trainer has been training my ass with plugs and I was cleaned and well lubricated before we dressed at the office building. My trainer has also fucked my ass many times. But I was eagerly anticipating my first genuine one. Thank you for being my first experience with a man.”

Page decided to exploit this crack in Carl’s personal reserve. “Slave, present your ass for inspection!” Page said. Willow fluidly turned her back to the chair, knelt and placed her face to the floor. Page reached over and caressed Willow’s beautiful ass that was still marked by the cane strokes. They had continued to darken but were no longer raised. Page then gave Willow the “Spread” command. Willow reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart. It was a lewd display of pussy and asshole and Carl’s eyes were riveted.

Page scooted closer to Willow and ran her index finger across Willow’s puckered opening. “See sir, no damage done. It is as lovely as ever.” Page then popped her finger in her mouth to wet it and then slowly pushed it into Willow’s ass. Willow softly mewed as Page moved her finger in and out. Carl was leaning closer to watch.

“Do you hear her sir? She likes this. It feels good.” Page went deeper and a little faster with her finger. “Do you remember how good it felt to push your cock into this ass? Was it tight and hot? Could you feel her ass squeezing and pulsing?” Carl could only nod at this point. His mouth was too dry to speak.

Page removed her finger and shifted her position again so that her face was right over Willow’s upturned butt. “Do you know what also feels good?” Page prompted. She then licked Willow’s asshole. It was slow and deliberate with lots of spit involved. Willow moaned louder and pulled her ass cheeks further apart. Page looked at Carl’s face and saw lust blooming.

However, Page wanted this to be a training of sorts for Carl. She did not want just the impulsive fuck that had happened at the Expo. She wanted him to be comfortable with them as sexual toys and to be willing to play with the toys. She stopped her anal tongue bath and leaned over to softly tell Willow to put the kneeling mat away. They clearly were moving on to other things.

Page then turned back towards the leather chair. “Master Carl, would you check on me too. I need you to look at my breasts, you know, where the needles were.” Page knee walked closed to Carl and used her hands to present her breasts for his inspection. At Page’s words he had torn his eyes away from Willow and had locked on to the proffered tits. Page used her fingers to caress the patches of skin redden by the needles. “Do these feel rough or swollen to you?”

In the past Carl had maintained a distance from Page. She was such a beautiful woman that he was quite intimidated. He also respected her a great deal. He had tried not to stare at her breasts and ass, but it had been a titanic struggle. She was naked all the time! At the shoe store his resolve began to crack when she had placed his hand on her left tit. That moment, that touch, had been echoing around in his brain. He so wanted another feel, but could not figure out how to do that and maintain the professional distance he thought they needed.

Now she was offering her magnificent tits for his personal inspection and caress. He slowly reached out and ran his fingertips lightly over the reddened area where the needles had been. It was raised and swollen and he could feel the bumps where the points had entered and exited the skin. He moved his hand to the other side of her breast where the needle had been, and brushing across her nipple in the process. He felt Page shutter.

“Yes, these spots are a little swollen. Do…do they hurt?”

“No sir. Not really. In fact, the slight stinging sensation I feel when you touch them feels good. Use your other hand and do the same to the other one.” As Carl brought both hands in play, Page leaned forward, pushing her tits into harder contact with his hands. His hand began to wander away from the wounded areas and caress her like a lover. Page continued to inch forward until her stomach was pressed against his hardening cock.

But Page was also concerned about his remorse earlier. She thought there was a good chance that any moment he might bolt away. She wanted to keep him engaged in the moment, for Willow’s training as well as for her pleasure.

“I have a game I want to play,” Page said. “For the next hour, we can only use one word statements for what we want, what we feel or what we need. You can point, but you can only use one word. Let me show you.”

Page looked at Carl and pointed to her right nipple. “Touch.” Carl ran the back of his finger across her nipple. It became hard. Page closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh. After a few moments, Page opened looked at Carl and raised her eyebrows as in “OK, your turn.”

Carl froze for a moment, then pointed to his lips and softly said “kiss.”

Page pushed herself upright and met Carl’s lips on their way down. It started as a quiet, friendly kiss but soon became wet, sensual and primal. Carl’s hands had become bolder and were exploring Page’s tits with abandon.

It was Carl that rose up and broke the kiss. Page could see the fire behind his eyes now. She wondered why he had broken the kiss but her answer came quickly. Willow had turned her head around enough to watch what was going on. Carl looked a Willow the way she had looked at him. He was including Willow in the game!

Willow looked to Page for permission. Page smiled and nodded her head.

She looked at Carl and said “Kiss.” Part of Willow’s training, the part that surprised Page, was that Willow did not know how to kiss with passion. Page had given her a description on how to kiss and had practiced with her, giving her feedback on pressure, tongue, mouth and other elements. But the reality was that the only person Willow had ever kissed was Page. Now Willow got to broaden her horizons.

Willow turned around and stood up. She walked, just like Page had taught her, to Carl and straddled his knees and sat on his lap facing him. In this position her head was a little higher than Carl’s, so she bent down to meet his lips. They both started slow, like with Page, but soon they were in their own world. Carl’s hands found Willow’s ass began stroking and squeezing it.

When Carl’s hands moved to her breasts, Willow let out a soft moan and whispered, “Yes, just like that.”

Page had anticipated Willow breaking the rules. She had quietly picked up the crop that was always near the chair. She landed a moderate stroke across Willow’s ass. It was hard to tell who was more startled, Willow or Carl.

“The rules are ‘just one word.’ Break the rules and you get a stroke.” Page then slowly laid the crop on the floor in front of the chair. “But I just broke the rules too. I need a stroke too.”

Page thought that to ask Carl to punish her might push him too far too fast, so she said, “Slave?”

Willow’s eyes were wide with surprise. She had never hit Page ever! She slid off of Carl’s lap and bent down to pick up the crop. In that moment, Page had taken her place facing Carl with her knees on the chair and her hands on the back. She began kissing Carl again as Willow moved to the side and took aim at her trainer’s unmarked ass. She held it there for a moment thinking about how hard to strike. She realized that Page would expect her to wimp out and not hit her hard. Page would be…displeased if that happened.


Page arched her back and sucked her breath between her teeth. A bright stripe was appearing across Page’s ass.

Carl decided he was not going to break the rules.

He was also sure he had never been this turned on in his life.

Page took a moment to compose herself. She slid off the chair and stood straight legged with her feet together. She bent at the waist, reached down and slowly gripped Carl’s erection through his trousers then looked him in the face and said. “Suck.”

Carl’s eyes grew big as Page unzipped his fly and brought his cock out through the opening. Without preamble she slid her lips across the head, down the shaft and to the root. She held it there for a count of ten and then slowly pulled back to the head. Down she went again and, after a pause, back up. Carl could feel her tongue working the underside of his cock with each pass. He had never experienced someone who could deep throat and it was incredible. Page never took her eyes off of his face.

Willow was mesmerized by the sight of Page sucking Carl’s cock. With each passage south, Willow’s mouth involuntarily opened. With each trip back up, Willow swallowed. She had decided to ask to suck Carl’s cock too when it was her turn. But before she could, Page came completely off of Carl’s dick and turned her face towards Willow. “I need another one,” she said, then turned back to the task of sucking.

Willow had forgotten about the crop that was in her hand. With more confidence, Willow stepped to the side again and took aim. Page still had her feet together and her legs straight. She was bent at the waist so her ass made a perfect target.


A muffled scream escaped from Page’s stuffed mouth. She began to pick up the pace too. After a few moments Willow thought that Page was going to make Carl cum so she reached touched Page on the shoulder. Carl’s dick came out of her mouth with a pop.

Willow looked at Page’s face, trying to read anger or displeasure there, but only saw excitement. Emboldened she reached across and touched Carl’s saliva covered dick. “Fuck,” was all she said.

Page stepped back. Willow moved forward and again put her knees on the chair outside of Carl’s hips. She then lowered herself onto a man’s cock for the first time. She had practiced this position many times using a fake member suction cupped to the floor, table, kitchen chair and even the fireplace hearth. But this was different. This was alive. This was hot and throbbing and thrusting back. It also felt different from when Page had fucked her with a strap on. This was the real thing and Willow wanted to feel it all.

Page watched as Carl and Willow both became lost in the moment. She considered finding a way to interrupt so that she could play some more. But instead she waited quietly and watched. But were so keyed up it would not take long. Willow came with a squeak just before Carl forced her down on his cock once more before erupting inside of her. Page waited for a minute to let the glow dissipate.

They were not done yet.

Willow’s hair had grown out just enough for Page to get a grip on it. Without a word she pulled Willow up and off of Carl’s receding member and threw her roughly on to her back. Page forced Willow’s knees apart and then knelt down. “Lick,” she said looking at Willow’s dripping pussy. Page attacked it with a vengeance, sucking and licking in and around it. Within moments Willow was almost overwhelmed with sensation as Page kissed and caressed her well-fucked pussy.

Without warning Page stopped what she was doing and sat up. She moved to Willow’s head and looked down at her. Page then opened her mouth and let the contents roll out. She had cleaned up what was in and around Willow’s pussy and held it in her mouth. Now she was letting it drip and run all over Willow’s face, a mixture of cum, pussy juice and spit.

As soon as she had emptied her mouth, Page spun around and squatted over the teenager. “Lick!” she commanded before lowering herself on Willow’s mouth. Page began to rotate her hips, grinding her pussy into Willow’s face, lubricated by what she had dripped on it. Page slid back and forth, from chin to forehead, Willow’s tongue busy with every passage. Page came twice before she let Willow stop.

A few minutes later, after everyone had caught their breath, it was Willow that moved first. It had been a night of firsts for her and she had one more to explore. She moved from where Page had fucked her face to kneel in front of Carl. His cock, soft from having cum twice that night, was still peeking out of his soiled suit trousers. Willow softly closed her hand on it and whispered, “Suck.”

She eased her mouth down onto it while her hands began unbuckling his belt. Being very inexperienced, she struggled to get his pants off. Page came to her rescue and took off Carl’s shoes and socks then eased his pants down while only disturbing Willow’s task momentarily. At first Carl did not respond, only watching what she was doing with hooded eyes. Soon however, his member began to revive. Willow felt it began to grow long and then hard in her mouth. She began moving up and down on it and lightly stroking his balls.

After her assistance in getting Carl’s pants off, Page sat back and watched. The hours Willow had practiced were doing her, and Carl, a lot of good. More than that, Page was pleased with Willow’s attitude. She was making a connection in every way she could with Carl. She was acting the part of the sex slave that Page had been training her to be.

Willow’s oral administration continued. She was not trying to make Carl cum, but exploring a new world. This was another first for her. She had practiced on plastic and now had the real thing to work with. She was reluctant to give it up.

It was the mantel clock that broke the spell of the game. As it chimed the hour, Carl looked over to it then to Page. “Times up,” He said. He gently pushed Willow off of his cock, and then stood up. “Enough, I have had enough. I have to stop.” He looked at Willow and said, “I could not cum again if I had to.”

Willow stayed on her knees in front of him while he gained his balance and bearings. Page began, “Sir, would you like us to join you…”

“No, no thank you. I need to…I need to rest.” A small smile crossed his face, “And thank you both for…for an eventful evening.”

Page just nodded and said, “As you wish,” and watched him pick up his pants and shoes and stagger towards the guest bedroom.
The night was still not over for those at the Master’s Lifestyle Expo. Once the fire department had determined that there was no fire and no toxic gas release, they used big portable exhaust fans to clear the gas out and then left. It was noted that a few firemen had disappeared for a few moments with slaves into the banquet room then returned with big grins. They had not been filching cake.

The police lingered. The gas canisters that had been used were bagged as evidence while interviews were conducted. No one had seen much, just some men running away with gas masks on that seemed to be stealing slaves. There would be an accounting of missing staff and slaves, but that would take a while. It was thought that 19 slaves were missing. After the initial information was gathered, the police left too.

It was only then that the Expo senior staff went to work in earnest. There was a great deal to do before morning. The slave market was a mess. The CS gas used causes vomiting and the slaves chained down could not run. Three had choked to death. They had been moved to a box out of site of the police for later disposal. They would just be reported a missing and added to the crimes of the attackers. In this case stealing was worse than killing. Hoses were used to wash the rest of the mess out the loading doors.

There were similar messes in the other areas as well, just not as extreme because there had been fewer slaves. The venders had not been allowed back into the market area to pack up their merchandise. That would wait until a more complete accounting of who was there and who was not was made. They were convinced the attackers had come into the show as workers for the merchants. They wanted to know who had let them in. When they found out, it would not be pleasant chat.

But the most pressing issue had been hiding the body of a slave owner. While the staff searched the building trying to account for whose slaves that had been stolen, those that had just fled, and those that were hiding, the body of William Straus, slave owner from Reno, had been found shoved behind a drape in the slave market room. He had not choked to death. His head had been caved in by a wrench that had been used to assemble the slave pens. The wrench was found six feet away still covered in hair and blood. It was determined that two of his slaves were among those missing.

This would be a public relations nightmare if it got out. Throughout history slave revolts had been a constant concern. A little smoke at an event in the convention center would not make much noise. The murder of an important man from out of town would be news. That the murder took place during a daring and successful slave rescue would be headlines.

A cover story was concocted. Later that day, a man named William Straus, a tourist from Reno, would die from a fall at the cliffs near Half Moon Bay. His death would be ruled an accident and his slaves listed as missing.

In the minds of the Slave Trainers and Owners of California group, stealing slaves was one thing, but murdering a master was something else. They were determined to find out who had done this and make it right themselves. They had the resources to make it happen. And when the people responsible were found, it would get very painful.