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Sara was on her back, handcuffed to her brother Kevin’s bed. Her husband, Al, had just secured her there nude. She objected when he lifted her leg and pulled it up toward a waiting restraint fastened to the headboard.

“Quiet, Sara, or instead of waiting for Kevin spread wide and doubled over, you’ll wait for him that way with a gag too.” He secured the leg, then lifted the other and secured it the same way. She was now spread wide open with her ankles up almost to the level of her ears. She knew it wouldn’t be comfortable at all, especially if Kevin didn’t arrive soon. “OK, I’m off to my meeting. Kevin will appreciate me getting you ready for him.”

“He might not get here for hours. Why don’t you just cuff me to the bed and let him do this?”

“Nope. He’ll be here soon.”

Sara didn’t go through the tired old argument that her husband chaining her up for her brother was sick, or that being a slave half-owned by her brother was sick, or that her brother getting her for sex two nights a week was sick. The two co-owners had struck an agreement, and she had no say in the matter. She had no say in who had sex with her or when. She had learned in the months since her rescue and marriage that making sex enjoyable for the men was very much in her interest.

He took advantage of her helplessness to play with her pudenda. After he knew she was wet, he got a vibrating dildo and inserted it into her. “Just for your entertainment.” He left the room, and she heard the apartment door close and its deadbolt being locked. She relaxed and let the vibrator do its work. About half an hour later, she heard the door open and close, and someone approaching the bedroom.

“Ho, sis,” said Kevin as he walked into the room and saw her. “Al did a real good job in the presentation. Yummy.” He started taking off his clothing. Sara didn’t say anything. She knew there was no point in trying to talk him out of it. Actually, once she got past the initial problems she had, and let the fact that she was his slave, or at least partly his slave, sink in, she started to enjoy it. He almost always took her in bondage, but he was gentle and he made it good for her.

Kevin lay beside her and played with her. He loved playing with her nipples almost as much as with her pussy. He left the vibrator alone. Sara came in a sudden burst of wiggling, much to Kevin’s surprise and delight. He paused, then started again. Sara sighed. He liked that so much that he often put her through four orgasms before he mounted her.

After her second orgasm, Kevin kept up the genital stimulation, but lighter and slower. “You know, I never asked you much about what happened in the bar you were at. Tell me about it.”

Sara didn’t like to talk about it, but the two orgasms and the continuing stimulation reduced her resistance. Well, that and knowing he had a remote control for the shock function of her collar. “It was dull. Very dull. The black-collar slaves, like me, didn’t get much to do but suck cocks. We got to watch TV sometimes, and there were magazines and newspapers, but not much else besides some old board games. We spent a lot of time pleasing each other, 69ing, licking. There was a pecking order for licking other slaves. The longer-term slaves and the better lickers were at the top. When we were on duty, we were handcuffed except at the cleaning stations, and we were gagged while we waited for jobs. The result was that the actual sucks were the most interesting part of our existence. My problem was that the customers, in general, didn’t like my sucks too much. I started getting assigned to the noose sucks more than regular sucks.”

“Noose sucks?”

“They put a motorized noose around the sucker’s neck and start it constricting. If the customer the slave is blowing comes before the slave dies of strangulation, the slave gets to live. That sped me up considerably. They came before I died, but they still didn’t like it much. I ended up in the noosers. That was a group of slaves that were the first choice for noose sucks, especially for men who paid extra to set the noose speed higher. I think I might have lived another month if they hadn’t picked me for the snuff demonstration and let me have them call you.”

“What is a black-collar?”

“The slaves that can be put in noose sucks. The better suckers in the black collar group never got put in noose sucks. The white collars were just suckers, like us, but were better and were exempted from noose sucks. The other colors of collars were specialized workers. Black-collar slaves were little better than meat.”

“That reminds me, I’ve never had you suck me.”

“I wasn’t all that good.”

“I’ve never had a really good one, so I might not be displeased. Maybe after I get done fucking you.” He sped up the genital stimulation and started sucking her nipples again. Sara was already highly aroused, so the third orgasm came quickly. He sped up again and got a quick fourth orgasm out of her, then stopped his rubbing, put on a condom, and mounted her. He began a moderately fast stroke, increasing the strength of the pushing. He quickly got to the point of slapping his body against hers. For a fast pace, he lasted a long time, and Sara had another orgasm before Kevin came. He pulled off and rested a bit, then uncuffed her ankles and removed the condom.

She asked, “Why do you always put on a condom? I’m on the pill.”

“Even on the pill, accidents occur. I want it to be Al’s baby if there is one.” He removed the cuffs from her wrists and said, “OK, suck me.”

He laid down, and Sara reluctantly put her mouth around his member and licked it clean, then started moving up and down it. It came to a half-erect state, but wouldn’t get any harder. He finally said, “You can stop now. That was good, but I’ll have you try it sometime when I’m more ready. Put some clothes on; we’ll go out to eat.”

She jumped at the chance. After she was dressed, she asked, cautiously, “I thought you were strapped for money?”

“I was, but it seems that having you as my slave has given me luck. I got a better job. We’ll get a nice dinner and drop by a bar.” The smile on his face made her wince. She knew he had a scheme going, but didn’t know what.

Dinner was at a sit-down restaurant, not a fancy one, but a nice one. Sara relaxed and enjoyed it. Whatever he had up his sleeve wasn’t about dinner. After dinner, he drove them downtown. The area and the parking lot gave her no clues. She didn’t figure out his angle until they turned a corner and she saw the sign for the bar β€” Suckers.

Sara winced. She stopped on the sidewalk, and Kevin stopped beside her. She wailed, “I don’t want to go back in there!”

“It’s OK. You are clothed, and you don’t belong to them. I’ll even buy you a licking.” He took her arm and led her into the bar. She knew she didn’t have a choice, but it scared her.

After they were seated at a table, Kevin ordered drinks for them. They watched the activities in the bar. Sara recognized most of the waitresses, leaders, and suckers. None of them seemed to recognize her. Kevin said, “They have great-looking slaves in here. I should bring you here more often.” She rolled her eyes. When the waitress passed by again, Kevin ordered a sucker and a licker.

A few minutes later two leader slaves brought out two black-collar slaves who knelt in front of the siblings. They had already prepared for the arrival, so the slaves were able to start right away. Sara recognized both of them, but neither had looked at her face. She was especially happy about the slave that was pleasuring her, because she had been senior to Sara and had delighted in making Sara service her. Sara let her mind drift and enjoyed the sensations. When she came, she considered acting like it hadn’t happened so the girl would have to continue, but discarded the idea. As the slave stood, up, Sara said, “Denise. Good to see you again. I liked that job you did.”

Denise was startled to hear her name. She glanced up and saw that she had just serviced Sara, and looked shocked. Sara said, “Tell the gang hi for me.” The leader slave tugged at Denise’s leash and led her away to the cleaning pens. The slave that had sucked Kevin snuck a look at Sara, too, and looked amazed. Sara recognized her as a relatively friendly girl, so she said to Kevin, “Tip her. Roll some bills up and push them into her pussy.” Kevin smiled and took out his wallet. He rolled up a ten dollar bill. The leader slave waited as he fumbled in the sucker’s crotch, longer than Sara thought was necessary, and pushed the rolled-up bill into the sucker’s vagina. The leader slave then led the sucker back to the cleaning area.

“Did that happen to you?” he asked.

“You forget β€” I told you earlier that I wasn’t a good sucker. It looked like you enjoyed her services.”

“I certainly did. I wasn’t able to afford a place like this before, and I shouldn’t do it often now, but I’ll make the occasional trip here for that.”

They each drank another drink, enjoying watching other patrons being served drinks by nude waitresses, and watching suckers serve men. There didn’t seem to be much call for lickers. There were a few women in the bar other than the bar slaves, but not many. Near the end of her second drink, Sara looked up and saw Joan standing by the table. “Hello, Sara. Visiting your old stomping grounds?”

“Hi, Joan. Kevin, my owner, wanted to come here. I enjoyed having Denise lick me.”

“I heard the gossip in the cleaning area. It’s good to see that you have come up in the world.”

“Please, have a seat. Kevin, this is Joan, the chief supervisor. You remember her, I expect, from buying me.”

“Yes, I do. It is a pleasure to see you again,” he said, scanning her magnificent nude body as she sat. “This is an excellent slave you sold me.”

Joan laughed. “You are predisposed to like this one.”

Sara told Joan, “It’s good to see you again.”

“That’s odd, given that I was the one that selected you for snuffing.”

“True, but you also called my brother and let him buy me. It bothered me a little that another girl died in my place.”

“Don’t let it bother you. Didn’t your brother tell you about her? She stabbed two people and volunteered for slavery to avoid a big trial. She was stupid enough to be nasty to the slaver and his staff, who just wanted rid of her.” Joan paused, then noticed something. “Is that an engagement ring?”

Sara extended her hand. “Yes, and a wedding ring. I married my old fiance, Al, Kevin’s best friend.”

“So you are a free woman.”

“No, I’m a slave wife.” Sara pointed to the collar around her neck. “This is my second wedding ring. Kevin and Al each own a half-interest in me.”

“That sounds complicated.”

“It is. Kevin gets me two nights a week.”

Joan was surprised to hear such personal information from Sara. It sounded kinky, so Joan loved it. Sara was his slave, so nothing else applied, and he could use her as he saw fit. Kevin was grinning after Sara made that revelation.

Joan asked, “So why did you come here? I would think this wouldn’t be your first choice of bars.”

“Kevin wanted to see the place. It made me nervous, until I had Denise kneeling in front of me.”

Joan smiled. She knew what a bitch Denise was, and how that would keep her from getting promoted to white-collar. “Well, show him the place. Go ahead and go into the preparation area and show him the dorms, if you like.”

Kevin spoke up. “I’d like to see that.”

Sara rose, and reluctantly led Kevin into the backstage area where the suckers waited for their time to suck. She showed him the cleaning stations, the black-collar pens, and the black-collar dorm, where the early shift was resting. The black collar slaves that recognized her kept quiet; Sara spoke only to two of the slaves she had been closest to while she was there. She finally said, “Kevin, please, just being here is very hard on me. Let’s leave.”

He nodded, and they started toward the bar floor. Just before they got there, they encountered Joan and Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson said, “It’s good to see that you have done well, Sara. Joan told me that you were visiting.” Sara recognized him, but she had never spoken to him when she was a slave at the bar. She replied, “Thank you.”

Mr. Johnson turned to Kevin. “You are her owner?” They shook hands.

Kevin said, “Yes, her co-owner. I sold a half-interest to her old fiance and they got married.”

Mr. Johnson smiled. “That sounds complicated. Co-owners, one her brother and one her husband.”

Kevin smiled back. “It’s more complicated than you think. We share her in all ways.”

Mr. Johnson laughed. “That makes my situation sound simple. Good luck to you, and thank you for bringing her back here. You are always welcome.”

“Thank you.”

A few minutes later, they were back at Kevin’s car and on their way back to his apartment. “I don’t think we had to explain the sexual access side of the relationship.”

“You were nude and sucking cocks there for almost a year. How could you possibly be embarrassed?”

Sara thought for a moment and replied, “You’re right. Are you going to exercise your sexual access rights again tonight?”

“Wanting more, Sis?”

“I’m horny. I was depressed in the bar, but getting out of there seemed to rev me up again.”

“Not right away, but before you leave in the morning, at the very least.”

“Give me a rub?”

“If you cuff yourself to the headboard.”