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Delia sat on a couch in the white collar common room. She watched TV. She was bored out of her mind. She was idly playing with herself when Mr. Johnson walked through the room. He saw what she was doing, and asked her, “When are you on duty?”

She rose to stand before him and said, “I was on duty this afternoon. I’m off until tomorrow.”

“I saw Louise in the break room. Go find her and have her bind you in the Fuck Room. She is to remain in the room.”

“Yes, sir.” Delia left immediately in search of Louise. She thought that getting tied up and fucked by Mr. Johnson was a lot better than what was on TV that night.

Delia found Louise still in the break room. “Mr. Johnson wants you to bind me in the Fuck Room and stay there with me.”

“OK. I was hoping he would pick me. Go ahead to the Fuck Room. I’ll have to get one of the green-collars to open the room up.”

Louise went to the floor supervisor and said, “I need someone to open up the Fuck Room so I can prepare a slave for Mr. Johnson.”

The supervisor looked around. She must not have seen what she wanted to see because she shook her head. “They are all off doing things.” The supervisor unlocked a drawer in the dispatch kiosk and took out a key. “Here. Keep this safe. I’ll log it as issued to you. You can turn it in tomorrow, but make sure that the supervisor on duty logs the return of the key.”

Louise knew that being issued a key was a big deal in the bar. A black collar slave found with a key was guaranteed a whipping. Very few white collars ever touched a key, even though Louise was authorized a handcuff key for dealing with Delia. Now that Delia wasn’t cuffed all the time, she figured she would have to return it. Louise went to the Fuck Room and found Delia waiting there.

“Did he tell you how he wanted you bound?”

“No, he didn’t. I suppose you should do it like you did it before.”

Louise unlocked the door, and the two of them entered the room, Louise locked the door from the inside, then turned to the cabinet that held the bondage equipment kept in the Fuck Room. “I’ll get things arranged. You use the toilet and get ready for a long binding.” Delia went off to prepare herself while Louise looked in the cabinet.

Louise noticed something that she hadn’t before when she had looked in the cabinet. There was a sheet of paper on the inside of the cabinet door with the title “Binding Guidelines.” Louise read it. It had definitions for what various bondage positions meant and how to set them up. There was also a section titled “If Bondage Not Specified.” It said that if the master didn’t say what in position to bind his slave, the binder was to roll a die and use the number rolled to pick one of the six first positions described on the sheet. Louise looked in the cabinet, and there was a die in the back of the cabinet. When Delia came out, she saw Louise holding the die over by the coffee table in front of the couch.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“It appears that if you weren’t told how you were to be tied up, there is a random selection process for choosing a position. Here, roll this on the table, and the results will determine how I tie you up.”

Delia rolled the die and got a 6. Louise looked at the sheet and whistled. “You just got the double-Y.” She didn’t explain. She started digging through the cabinet, and brought out leather ankle and wrists cuffs. “Here, put these on. I’ll lock them on in a minute.” Louise then dug out a leather belt and several lengths of chain. She got out another box that contained keyed-alike locks, all unlocked. There was no padlock key in the cabinet. When Delia was ready, she applied padlocks to all the cuffs, then handed the bondage belt to Delia. “Put this on.” Delia did so, and Louise locked it on also. “Lie on the bed and put your hands up by the headboard.” There were already chains there to attach wrist cuffs to, and Louise made short work of locking Delia to them. After that, she got two longer chains and locked one to each side of the belt, then locked the chains to ring bolts at the lower corner of the bed, stretching Delia’s upper body out on the bed, leaving only her legs free to move. Her next step was to connect chains to the headboard near where the wrist chains were attached. That brought the final step in the binding — connecting the ankle cuffs to the headboard. Shortly after that, Delia was bent double on the bed with her ankles spread wide about even with her ears. She was wide open for anything. It was the most strenuous bondage position that Delia had ever been in.

“Well, Delia, your die roll chose it. I’m sure that Mr. Johnson will like it. I’ll get you ready for him.” Even though Delia had complained about the position, Louise noted that she was wet, and it didn’t take much to get her moaning with pleasure.

After a while, Mr. Johnson unlocked the door and entered. He watched Louise working on Delia, and thought that perhaps he had the wrong slave chained down for sex. He had preferred Joan for sex for a long time, but was trying to diversify so she wouldn’t be kept from her new beau. Louise was almost as good as Joan, and had the potential to be a good slave for the business as well as the sex side. He undressed and sat on the bed next to Louise, who looked up. “What is your pleasure, sir?”

He thought, trade places with Delia. He didn’t say that, partly because Delia was no slouch in the sex department. “Warm me up.” Louise moved over to him and started a slow, gentle suck that got his already-erect member as hard as it got. “Guide me inside her.” She moved back and around to the side, and when he moved over Delia, she used her hand to put him at her entrance. He slid inside and started a slow fucking that he kept up for quite a while. Delia was tight and wet, and she trembled around him several times before his climax. He withdrew and told Louise, “Clean me off.” She licked him clean with long, slow strokes that almost got him erect again. “Let her loose.”

She replied, “I’ll need the key.”

He went to his pants and got out a key ring and showed her the key to use. She efficiently unlocked all the chains, but when she was about to remove the locks that held the cuffs and belt on Delia, he said, “Leave those on her. Delia, don’t wipe the semen off; I want you to wear it until bedtime tonight. You can return to the dorm now. Louise, let her out and stay here. Lock the door again after she leaves.” Both Louise and Delia looked bewildered by these unexpected orders, but they carried them out immediately. When Louise locked the door, she turned to her owner and said, “What are your orders, sir?”

He sat and looked at her. She was lovely. She was good at sex. He knew she had been enslaved unjustly, but that didn’t make him consider freeing her. It did make him more likely to trust her. He finally said, “Put on a ball gag, put a blindfold on your head, and handcuff yourself to the headboard.” She immediately moved to the bondage cabinet and got the items she needed, then gagged herself, put the blindfold on just above her eyes, and used two pairs of handcuffs to attach herself to the headboard. He pulled the blindfold down over her eyes, played with her nipples and pussy, then got up, got dressed, and left the room.

She was thinking as she heard him leave, Did I displease him? Having Delia leave with the cuffs on was odd; restraining her and leaving her there when he had just fucked Delia was even odder.

Mr. Johnson went to the office and got on the computer. He brought up Louise’s records, noted that she had good ratings in everything and no disciplinary history. He made a change in her status, picked up a key and another item from a supply cabinet, and returned to the Fuck Room.

Seeing her there brought his cock back to attention, especially after the licking she had given him to clean him. He undressed and mounted her. It surprised Louise, but it made her happy. She liked being fucked, she liked Mr. Johnson, and she liked him fucking her. This sex was much faster and harder than with Delia, and it ended sooner than she was hoping, but she was still glad he had done it. She heard him dress, and then she felt him unlock the cuffs from the headboard, leaving them on her wrists. He helped her stand, then turned her back to him. She had a pair of handcuffs locked on each wrist; the other cuff of each pair was open. He locked each open cuff on the opposite wrist, leaving her wrists connected by two pairs of handcuffs. He led her out of the Fuck Room by putting his hand over her pudenda and hooking his middle finger into her vagina.

He led her somewhere; she thought it was the cleaning area by what she heard. He took his hand away from her vagina, and then she felt him attach a chain to the handcuff chains with a padlock. She was standing in the middle of the back-stage preparation area in a place that almost all of the on-duty suck slaves, including the black collars, could see her. She was getting frightened. She could not think of any reason that a white collar slave that wasn’t being punished would be in the situation she was in.

She heard Mr. Johnson order another slave to lick his hand clean. She knew he had his semen and her juices on the hand that had steered her to wherever she was standing. Then he heard him say, in a voice that would be clear throughout the back-stage area, “Your attention, please. I have an announcement. I am changing the status of Louise, here. He pulled the blindfold off of her head, and she saw that she was indeed near the cleaning area. All the on-duty slaves that weren’t out on the bar floor were watching her. Mr. Johnson pulled something out of his pocket and held it in front of her. She recognized it as he continued to speak. “She is no longer a white-collar slave. I am promoting her to green-collar.” There was applause. He put the green collar in his hand around her neck. He looked at her and said, “This is a temporary collar. We will have the metal radio collar painted green later.” She nodded that she understood. He turned and spoke to the floor supervisor. “Have the cuffs that Delia is wearing removed at about 10PM and have them returned to the Fuck Room bondage equipment cabinet. Check Louise out of the bar and mark her assigned to me. Put a leash on her, unlock her from the wall chain, and have someone lead her to the front door and hold her leash there until I arrive.” He looked at Louise, said, “See you in a few minutes,” and left.

Louise was elated and mystified. Being promoted again so soon was unusual. She was wondering why he made the announcement with her chained up and gagged, and then left her chained up and gagged. She figured he was taking her home with him, and she had been handcuffed when he had taken her to his home before, but not gagged.

A few minutes later, Mr. Johnson met them at the front door. He was carrying Louise’s new shoes. He took the leash and handed the shoes to the attendant slave. “Put these on her.” Getting the shoes on was awkward, but Mr. Johnson didn’t offer to free Louise’s hands, and the attendant slave struggled through. When they were on, he tugged the leash and Louise followed him out of the bar to his car.

It was a quiet trip. He didn’t explain anything, and she couldn’t ask. She didn’t understand why she was so wet. It didn’t seem to be an arousing situation, being bound and gagged without knowing what was to happen to her. When he led her inside his house, he called for his housekeeper. She arrived promptly. “Take Louise to a bathroom and give her an enema. Keep up the enemas until she is cleaned out. Leave the gag in and don’t mess with the handcuffs.” He went to his den.

Penelope led Louise to the basement. They went to a basement bathroom that was a bit larger than the upstairs bathrooms Louise had seen before. “Louise, please stay here while I go and get the stuff I need to clean you out. I’ll be gentle.” Louise nodded. Penelope left and closed the bathroom door. Louise reflected that with the double cuffs there was nothing she could do. She realized then that she had a handcuff key tucked inside her collar. Should she try to get loose? No, she decided, it would be a lot worse if she escaped. She wasn’t even certain that what he planned for her was going to be bad. He was just more masterful and less communicative than he usually was.

Penelope came back naked and carrying a box. First she sat Louise on the toilet and said, “It would be best for you to get out as much as you can before we start with the water.” Louise nodded and did the best she could. Afterwards, Penelope got a standard enema kit out of the box, the kind that had pump-up bladders to keep it tightly sealed against the pressure of the water. Penelope helped Louise kneel and bend over, then lubed up the nozzle and slipped it inside. She then filled the reservoir with warm water, hung it on the shower curtain rod, and opened the valve. At first it wasn’t unpleasant, but as she filled up, it got more and more uncomfortable. Penelope massaged her stomach and back to ease the cramping. After all the water went in, Penelope said, “We won’t put any more in for this first rinse. Later rinses may require more volume. We’ll let it soak and do its work for ten minutes.” As they waited, Penelope stroked Louise’s sex and helped her keep her mind off the bloated feeling. When time was up, Penelope said, “I’ll have you stand over the toilet and I’ll deflate the bladders. You try to keep it in after I get the nozzle out until I get you sat down on the toilet. OK?” After Louise nodded, Penelope did what she had described. Louise managed to keep the water in until Penelope told her, “Go ahead and let it out, dear.” Louise thought she would lift off the toilet from the jet blast of the water,

Penelope reached over and flushed, then helped Louise rise and wiped her off. “There wasn’t as much … waste as I expected, so we may be able to make this shorter. Kneel down again and we’ll do the second flush, this time with the cleanser added.” Louise bit down on the ball as she was filled again with warm water. Penelope filled the reservoir a second time and the bloated feeling got worse and worse. This time, Penelope only played with her for a few minutes, then had her repeat the expelling exercise.

“That looked pretty clean. We’ll try a rinse cycle, and if it comes out clear, we’re done.” Louise groaned to herself as the third load of water, and a refill of the reservoir, filled her up. This time Penelope rubbed her for a full ten minutes, and massaged her front. “OK, let’s get that out of you and see where we stand.” Another expelling, and Penelope said, “Good news. It was clear. Let’s get you cleaned up and your hair brushed so that you’ll be pleasing to his eye.” Louise nodded again and let Penelope see to her beautification.

After that, Penelope led Louise to Mr. Johnson’s den. “Sir, she is prepared as you ordered.”

“Good. Take her to my bedroom, put her on the bed, and stay with her.”

Penelope led Louise upstairs and had her kneel on the bed with her head down on a pillow. “I am reasonably certain he will take you anally, so I will lubricate you and try to stretch you out a little. Have you ever been taken anally?” Louise shook her head. Penelope rubbed lubricant around and inside her anus, then added a nozzle and injected a good amount inside. She lubed up a metal dildo and pressed it to Louise’s anus, and pushed it inside. She pushed it in slowly, getting the widest part in and leaving it there to stretch her out a little. When Penelope heard Mr. Johnson come up the stairs, she removed the dildo and put it in the bathroom.

“Louise, I’m going to try something I haven’t tried in a long time. I used to do it a lot.” He disrobed, then turned to Penelope and said, “Put a condom on me.” She rolled one on quickly, then he climbed onto the bed, knelt behind Louise, and took Louise anally. It was a long, slow fucking. He didn’t push inside too fast, making it clear at least to Penelope that he cared about not causing any more pain than necessary to get inside. Louise moaned several times after he started moving faster, Mr. Johnson told Penelope, “Reach under her and play with her clit.” Penelope moved quickly to comply.

After five minutes of thrusting, he shuddered and stopped, then withdrew. He went into his bathroom and came out shortly afterward minus the condom. He got a handcuff key out of a drawer, handed it to Penelope, and said, “Remove the cuffs and the gag and have her use the bathroom. You can both sleep in here with me tonight.”

When Penelope had Louise in the bathroom after removing the two pairs of handcuffs, she unbuckled the gag and removed it and motioned for her to sit on the toilet. “Are you all right? ” she asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. I was scared for a while at the bar when he cuffed, gagged, and blindfolded me, then put me on display, but that was to announce my promotion. Then he brought me here handcuffed and gagged and had you give me enemas. That concerned me, but he didn’t hurt me.”

“I heard you moaning and I didn’t know how to take it.”

“It felt good. Those were moans of pleasure.”

“I’m glad for you. Are you ready to go get some sleep?”

“I’m exhausted. I’m glad he wants to sleep.”

“So am I.”

They went back into the bedroom and found him snoring, uncovered, on the bed. They turned off the lights, got in on either side of him, and drew up the covers.