In the morning, Penelope and Louise rose while Mr. Johnson slept. They both cleaned themselves. Penelope finally said, “You stay here and take care of anything he wants. I’ll make some breakfast.” Louise nodded, knowing that what Penelope expected her to be called to do was service him. He woke soon afterwards, but it seemed to be the smell of the cooking that roused him rather than the presence of a nubile young woman. He sent Louise to the kitchen and followed soon afterwards in his bathrobe.”Good morning, Penelope. That smells good.”

“Thank you, master.”

She served him his breakfast. He started in on it and said, “You two eat, too.” They ate at the kitchen table with him.

After he ate, he went and sat in the living room. The two slaves looked at each other, shrugged, and cleaned up the kitchen. After they were done they went into the living room and stood in front of him, awaiting his orders. He asked Louise, “Did you like the sex last night?”

“Yes, I did. I’d never been fucked like that before.”

“What about the enemas?”

“They weren’t as much fun, but there was some enjoyment. I know it was for cleanliness, but you wore a condom.”

“Yes, I wore a condom, but I like women that I buttfuck to be clean inside anyway. It enhances the experience. Sometimes I like to administer the enema myself. I make it a long, slow, highly-inflating exercise.” He turned to Penelope. “Did you like administering the enema?”

“Not as much as I like being fucked, but yes.”

“Would you like it if I gave you a long enema session followed by a buttfuck?”

She responded without hesitation. “Yes.”

“Even with a lot of water?”


“And a long cramping time?”


“I may have found my enema slave, then. A good enema session takes hours, with the slave upside down for a lot of it. Anyway, I need to get to the bar, and I need to get Louise going on being a green collar slave. I think I’ll put you in charge of the suck trainer. I am making the white collars use it a lot more. I’ll have you select some black-collars to use it too, and we will see if it improves the satisfaction ratings. If it does, we may get another one to train black-collar slaves. We’ll have them use it at the back of the pen line, so that they all get a training session every day. Penelope, you are going to the bar for another suck training session. Bring some clothes for your return in a bag. Both of you get shoes on and cuff yourselves.”

“Should we put on leashes?” asked Penelope.

“No, if you were going to run away you would have done it a long time ago. The cuffs are just because you are in sex slave mode now.”

He went upstairs to dress. Penelope and Louise gathered their shoes and the cuffs and prepared themselves for the trip. Penelope found herself hoping that she wouldn’t run into her sister on the way to the bar this time. When Mr. Johnson came back downstairs, he picked up Penelope’s bag of clothes and motioned for them to follow him to his car. He buckled them in the back, put the bag of clothes on the front passenger seat, and drove to the bar.

This time, on the way to the bar no one seemed to recognize the slaves. They just admired them. When they entered the bar, he unlocked Louise’s cuffs, handed her the bag, and said, “Get Penelope on the trainer. When she has passed the basic requirements for white-collar, have Janelle shave her again, and have her report to Joan. I will get Joan to set you up on your new official duties. Don’t forget that you have a regular clientele now, and that you will be sucking them and anyone else that requests you while you are on duty.”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson. I understand.” She led Penelope off to the suck trainer, mounted her on it, and went to get some coffee.

Mr. Johnson went to the office. Joan was there working on scheduling. When she saw him, she stood. “I see that you promoted Louise.”

“Yes, I did. Any objections?”

“None whatsoever. I assume you want me to get her started in her new role?”

“Yes. I told her to take charge of the suck trainer. I also told her that she still has to serve her regulars and anyone who asks for her. She should also get in some leading time, but I didn’t tell her that.”

“I agree. I’ll work with her. I have a list of black collars that I am considering recommending for promotion. The difference between black collar and white collar is smaller now, with the adjustment in the nooses and the noose suck policy change.”

“I was going to ask you about the reaction of the customers to those changes.”

“We tell noose-suck customers that the nooses are set to knock the sucker out, not to kill her, and that if the sucker doesn’t finish before she gets choked unconscious, we put a noose on a new sucker and have her start up as a part of the same fee. Almost all customers have accepted it. Some who wanted to try it but didn’t want to kill a slave have tried it now. We’ve only lost two customers who rejected the new policy. We’ve gained a lot more noose suck customers than that. The black collars seem to have figured out the change, but they aren’t slacking on the noose sucks because slaves that get choked unconscious get punished afterwards. I think we’re only going to lose the guys that want to see someone die, and that is a small group. It has had a small positive effect on the bottom line.”

“Good. I forgot to tell you that I’m having Louise pick a few black collars to use the suck trainer. If they get better ratings, we should expand that, and it might lead to getting a second suck trainer machine.”

“It’s a good experiment. The computer system will accept suck trainer scores even for black collars, so we can track it.”

“What’s the status of the collar program?”

“The manufacturer has reduced the price on the radio collars significantly. It now looks like it would be economical to replace all the collars with radio collars because the communication and location functions would improve efficiency. The only problem is the need to recharge the collar batteries. The experimental collars are only on slaves we trust to recharge them. It could be a logistical problem to get black-collars to recharge collars that could shock them.”

“Think on it for a while. Maybe you’ll come up with a good solution. The vendor doesn’t have a solution?”

“Just suggestions that show they don’t understand a mass-slave business, like training them to plug in at night. We get black collars mainly because they need supervision and couldn’t last in the real world without it. The smarter ones aren’t the problem. In the meantime, we can rely on the RFID tag system. They still think we can locate them anywhere with those things in their butts, even though the range on them is only fifteen feet from a reader and we only have readers on a few doors.”

“Ignorance is bliss, or at least their ignorance is our bliss. How is the punishment business going?”

“No snuffs so far. We have gotten a few whippings, only one of which was public. The slaves I have in charge of it have gotten comfortable with it. I think it is the go-slow, no-advertisement start-up that is keeping demand down. Now that we have some experience, let’s get the word out.”


“Has there been any progress on remodeling the warehouse and expanding the business?”

“I have financing lined up, the architectural firm has the plans, and the building department has approved them. There should be no problems with zoning. The only problem would be if this was a class-1 adult entertainment business. The one and only such business in town would oppose us. We aren’t going to get that big, and they should know it. I just want a nice restaurant, a bigger bar, and a small fuck business. My lawyer is on it. We should know in a week or so.”

“That reminds me. I was quizzing Louise to see if she had any gift for business, and she isn’t bad. She had one suggestion: when you remodel this building, make a couple of apartments for slaves with families.”

He looked at her with a wide smile. “That’s a great idea! Would that influence your decision on staying with us?”

“Yes, it would.”

“Good. The remodeling of this building is part of phase 2, but I’ll put that in the specification file. Oh, I told Louise to have Penelope report to you after she reaches a reasonable score on the trainer.”

“And what am I to do with her?”

“It’s an experiment. Put a white collar with the in-training mark on it on her, then offer her for cut-rate sucks. I want to know if she is any good and whether anyone is interested in an older slave that can suck. I’ve heard that some places do good business with girls that look like the girl next door. More than one man has offered me his wife, who sucks good but he’s tired of. If it were to work out, we could get some cheap suckers that might be good, if anyone wants to use them.”

“I’ll give it a try.”

Later, at the suck trainer, Penelope was finishing up a medium-level program with good results. Louise was waiting for her to finish, listening to two white-collar suckers complain about having to wait. She finally got sick of it and told them to turn around. They complained louder at her when she handcuffed them, so she fastened them to the wall and got ball gags to put in them. The second one to get gagged said, “Drunk with power already?”

Louise pulled that gag strap extra tight and said, “No, just sick of complaining. You could have waited in comfort and silence, and now you wait in silence and discomfort.” Louise didn’t see Joan watching the interaction, or know that Joan had put them up to it to see how she reacted. Joan nodded approvingly as she turned and left.

After Penelope was done with the program, Louise took the gag out of the white-collar that had sassed her about being drunk with power. She put the slave on the suck trainer and set the training program to one that was well beyond anything the slave had tried before, and turned the punishment shocks up by 25%. She stayed to listen to the whimpers and watch the shock light flash on the machine, then led Penelope off to Janelle for shaving. “He said to do this after you were up to white-collar level, but I’ll do it while they are on the machine. You only have one more training session to pass to be at the minimum level for white-collar suckers. You did very well on that last program. Your improvement from your first session is amazing.”

Penelope grinned. “I went to a bookstore and bought a book on sucking. It’s not the same as the physical exercise on the trainer, but I got the concepts.”

“Good plan. What was the name of the book? It sound like we should have a copy or two around here.”

“Cocksucking for Idiots.”

“I’ll ask Joan to buy one.”

After Louise had dropped Penelope off at the dispensary and told her to return to the suck trainer, she went looking for Delia. She was on duty in the white-collar waiting area. Delia said, “Congratulations. I see that the rumors were right.”

“Yes, and I’m drunk with power, according to some.”

“Please have mercy, oh mighty one,” said Delia, making a mock bow.

Louise drew herself up and said, in a haughty tone, “Bow down before me,” before starting to giggle. Most of the white-collars present laughed too. They weren’t afraid of Louise getting promoted. It gave them some hope.

“I see they got the cuffs off of you.”

“Yes, and then they let me shower. I was all sticky. Am I going to lose you as roommate?”

Louise shrugged. “I don’t know. This was a shock to me and I don’t know what will happen now.”

Just then the floor supervisor came over and said, “Delia, we have a customer call for you. Louise, are you available to lead her?”

“Yes, but just once. They put me in charge of the suck trainer, and I need to be back when the girl on the trainer gets done with her session.”

“No problem. You are a green-collar now, and you need to be seen on the floor leading suckers. It’s a lot more fun than being led.”

“I know that much. They tried me out on it once.”

“OK, go ahead.”

Louise got Delia ready with the mouth rinse, the handcuffs, and the leash, and led her to the table on the assignment ticket. She watched Delia expertly suck off the customer, received the rating of excellent from the customer, and led Delia away from the table. Another customer at another table called, “Louise!”

Louise turned and saw one of her regular customers at a table. “Yes, sir. What can I do for you?”

“I see that you’ve been given a different job. No more sucking?”

“I am available to suck at your request, sir.”

“I request.”

“I’ll have to take this sucker back to the cleaning area, then get cuffed and led back for you. It will be just a minute.”

“No need for the cuffs. Just come on back.”

“Yes, sir.”

Louise led Delia back to the cleaning area and removed her handcuffs. “I gotta go.” She quickly entered Delia’s customer rating into the computer system and went to the floor supervisor. “I was leading Delia back and a regular customer of mine requested that I suck him. I told him I had to bring Delia back here and then get cuffed, and he told me there was no need for cuffs.”

“Most customers like it, so we cuff suckers by default. It isn’t required. We do require a leader, though. I’ll get you one. Get your mouth rinsed and come back here.” When Louise returned, an experienced green collar that had led her many times was waiting. “Ready to go?” Louise nodded, and they walked to the table.

The man who had requested her services had exposed himself. Her leader didn’t issue any orders, so she knelt and began to service him. She didn’t know what do do with her hands because she had always been cuffed for sucks, so she folded them behind her and applied her considerable skills the way she had been all along. When he gushed in her mouth, she cleaned him off and stood. Her leader asked the standard question about how he liked the service.

“It was fantastic, as always. I wondered why she didn’t use her hands, but I guess she doesn’t need to.”

“Would her hands have made it a better experience?”

He sat and considered. He finally replied, “I doubt it. I’ve never gotten a suck here with the sucker not handcuffed before. Not to worry; she was great.”

The leader took her back to the cleaning area and entered the rating in the computer along with a comment about sucks with the hands not cuffed and customer expectations. “Good job, Louise. A lot of suckers that get promoted balk at sucking afterwards, and you did fine. By the way, you get a cut of the price of the suck now; it’s deposited in your account. Your suck price is higher than most. Did you know that?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“The better the sucker, the higher the price. Most white collars are at a common price, but you and Delia were at the highest price level for white-collar sucks. I don’t know if your price will change now. I know that Joan’s suck price is very high. You need to read the floor guide. It has a lot of stuff that isn’t in the green-collar basic book. They should give it to you at the same time, but they don’t.”

“I didn’t even know there was a floor guide.”

“I’ll put in a request for you to get a copy.”


After she was done with the cleaning, she went to the suck trainer, where the white-collar she had stuck in the machine was struggling mightily not to get shocked. For getting an unexpected higher-level program and enhanced shocks, she was doing remarkably well. When the program ended, Louise took her off the machine, stuck the ball gag back in her mouth, left her cuffed, and told her to report to the floor supervisor. The chastened girl nearly ran to get away from Louise. Louise then mounted the second girl on the machine and took out her ball gag. “Any more smart comments?”

“No, Louise. None. Please don’t do that to me!”

Louise smiled evilly and said, “Get your mouth on the dildo.” She started up the program that would be the next logical program for the girl and did not turn up the shocks, but the girl on the machine didn’t know that and was expecting the same treatment as her predecessor. When she found it wasn’t as bad as she had feared, she glanced at Louise with gratitude in her eyes, then missed a directive from the machine and got a good shock.

Louise wandered down to the dispensary looking for Penelope, who she figured would be done by now. She looked inside the dispensary and found Penelope on her knees licking Janelle. She smiled and went back to the trainer. It wouldn’t disrupt any operations if Penelope came back before the twenty-minute program the current user was running ended.

Long before the second white-collar was done, Penelope came back, still handcuffed, with a remote smile on her face. Louise asked, “Did you enjoy your time with Janelle?” Penelope blushed almost down to her breasts. “Don’t worry, that happens a lot, and it’s OK. This one will be done soon, and you can deal with a simulated male organ rather than a real female.” Penelope’s blush deepened. When the program ended, Louise got the white-collar off the machine and clipped a chain to her collar, then mounted Penelope on it and started the final white-collar qualifying program. After that, she turned to the white-collar she had restrained and asked, “What was all that guff about? I didn’t do anything to you two.”

The white collar was less afraid now because Louise hadn’t given her a rough program. “Joan told us to do that, and the words to use. She said she would ‘compensate’ us for any punishment you gave us. You didn’t give me any except a little scare.”

“Oh, she gave me a test. I wonder if I passed.” Louise unlocked the handcuffs and took the chain off the slave’s collar. “Go back to the white-collar waiting area for assignment.” She grinned. “I’ll see if anybody wants a whipping slave.” The white-collar took off quick, before Louise got any more bright ideas.

Louise knew that there would be about ten minutes before the program Penelope was using ended, so she went to the black-collar pens and found one of her friends from the black-collar dorm who was also a good sucker. She hauled the black-collar out of the pen, hooked a leash to her, and led her away. The suck trainer was out of the sight of the pens, and it was on the way to the punishment room. The girl was scared. When Louise stopped by the trainer and hooked the leash to a wall hook, she relaxed visibly. Louise removed the ball gag from her friend’s mouth and buckled it loosely around her neck. “So how is it in the black-collar world?” she asked.

“A little better recently. We heard that the nooses are set not to kill us, just to choke us unconscious. They whip a girl that goes unconscious. We also heard about you being promoted. It gives some of us hope of living and maybe getting a little better treatment when you go up the ladder.”

“I’m glad. I’ll tell you why you are here. This is a suck trainer. It teaches better suck technique. They are going to have a few black-collars use it and see if their ratings go up. I picked you because you are already pretty good, and if your customer ratings go up it might help you get promoted. There is a display that you watch that tells you what to do, and a shock dildo that goes inside you to let you know if you aren’t doing it.” Just at that moment, Penelope gave a grunt and sped up her mouth action. “She just got an electric correction. I’ll show you the display and how to read it when she is off the machine. When the program ends, the collar rope will pull you down onto the dildo and force it down your throat. I hope you can deep-throat, because that’s what it requires at the end.”

The girl said, “I can handle that. Are the shocks bad?”

“Any shock in there is bad, but these aren’t all that painful.”

“Do I have to be handcuffed?”

“Yes. It is a standard part of sucking in the bar, and you know that black collars are always controlled on duty.” The suck trainer buzzed, and they both looked to see Penelope deep-throat the dildo. Louise said, “Just a minute.” She walked over and looked at the display, which showed a remarkably good score. Louise told Penelope, “That book must be something. You got a great score.” Louise had the machine release the collar rope, detached it from Penelope’s collar, and said, “Stand over there next to her. When I get her going, we’ll get you to your next appointment.”

Penelope stood and watched Louise mount the black-collar slave on the machine, explain the display, and start it. Louise waited for a few minutes to make sure her friend got going all right, and when she was satisfied that she would be OK, said, “OK, Penelope, follow me.”

Penelope was still wearing the handcuffs. She asked, “Must I still be cuffed?”

“I didn’t get any instructions to remove them, so yes. Joan will know what to do.”

Louise didn’t find Joan in the sucker preparation area, so she took Penelope to the office. Joan was there reviewing financial reports. “Joan, Mr. Johnson told me to have Penelope report to you when she was done. She did very well on her training sessions. She told me she read a book, ‘Cocksucking for Idiots.’ It improved her technique. I think you should buy a copy or two so we can look it over.”

“That’s a good idea. I’ll send someone down to the book store later. I saw a message that you should get a floor guide. I printed one for you.” She handed Louise a loose-leaf binder with a quarter-inch-thick document in it. “Read this. I have updated all your computer authorities. I saw that you have a class 1 key now. We’ll get you others as you progress. Here is a key ring. Put your handcuff key and the other key on it, and use the hook to attach it to the leash loop of your collar.” Louise did that as Joan leashed Penelope. “Do you have anyone on the suck trainer?”

“Yes. There were no white collars scheduled, so I started picking out black collars to put on the trainer. I’ll need to be back there to get her off of it.”

“That’s fine. I was going to ask you whether you called your family to bring you the things I authorized.”

“No, I haven’t done that.”

“Sit here and use this phone. If you don’t want to see them nude, you can have them leave it at the loading dock. I can authorize a leave later on so you can dress and meet them outside the bar.”

“Thank you.” Louise was nearly crying. After a bit, she recovered a little and said, “Joan, Delia had a question: Are we going to continue to be roommates now?”

“A lot of green collars are two in a room, but you can have your own room. It may piss a couple of them off, but that’s good. You’ll need it for your stuff and for … other purposes.” Joan did not elaborate on that, and Louise caught it. “Delia will be staying here for a while, and she will be going back to college as well as continuing to suck, so she will need more room for clothes, books, and study area. She can stay in the room you share, and you get a new one down the hall. The dorm coordinator will set it up. Delia should be pleased; she won’t get leg-chained at night any more. Now go ahead and call and then get back to the trainer. Keep it busy with black collars. Record their scores like any other trainee. Have the ones waiting for it lick you, if you like. It is your due as a green collar, you know.” Joan put a leash on Penelope and led her toward the suck preparation area.

Louise picked up the phone book and got her brother’s number again, then called it. No one was home. She left a message: “Hello. This is Louise. Ben, if you could pack up my clothes, computer, and books, and drop them at the loading dock of the place I told you about in my last call, I’ll be able to arrange leaving this place for a while and meeting you with clothes on. If you return this call, you won’t get me. If you need to talk about something, call this number and ask for Joan.” She hung up, sighed, and went back to the suck trainer. On her way back, she pulled another black collar out of the pens and took her to the trainer. This one was scared, too, especially because the first one she had taken out of the pens had not returned. This one also calmed down when Louise clipped her leash to a hook by the suck trainer, and she could see the other black collar slave on the trainer. Louise removed the newcomer’s gag and buckled it around her throat, then said, as she sat down, “Lick me.”

Joan led Penelope into the suck preparation area. As they walked, she told Penelope, “Mr. Johnson told me to put a sucker’s collar on you and have you suck customers as a trainee. It is an experiment for business purposes, not a new role for you, as far as I know. It would be to your advantage to please the customers that you suck.” Penelope didn’t say anything. She was rather disturbed to be made to suck strangers, but she had asked for more sex, and she knew there would be a price to pay for it. Joan fitted a white collar on her, fastened her leash to a chair in an area with others wearing white collars, and removed her handcuffs. “Those will go back on during sucks.” Joan summoned another white collar slave to explain to Penelope the rules and procedures for sucking on the bar floor.

On her way back to the office, Joan was struck by an idea. She had been thinking about how to recharge the batteries in radio collars on black-collar slaves without their cooperation. They could lock bigger batteries onto the collars, which would recharge the collars. They could be put on when the slaves were put in the pens and removed when they were taken out of the pens. The removable batteries could be charged overnight. She went back to the office and emailed her idea to the collar vendor she had been negotiating with. Much to her surprise, in less than an hour she had a response — they loved it, they would do it, and they would put her name on the patent application. Joan was skeptical that it would get a patent, but she wasn’t going to turn them down. They also offered the bar a nice price break on collars. She smiled, and forwarded the email to Mr. Johnson with a recommendation that he accept the price.

Joan worked for several hours on financial data and reviewing the bar’s results for the last week. It was dry work, but necessary. Around lunch, she was brought back to the real world by a phone call. “Joan, this is Melly from Operations. Someone left a pile of boxes on the back dock labelled ‘Louise’. What do I do with them?”

“Get them inside. I’ll have Louise take some black-collars and get them out of your hair this afternoon.”

“OK. I just wanted to know if you expected them.”

“Yes. Thanks, Melly.”

Joan stood, and briefly considered asking Mr. Johnson if he was in the mood for a nooner, then remembered that he had gone out to some business organization’s lunch meeting. The itch in her pussy left unscratched, she walked toward the slave’s chow hall, stopping at the suck trainer.

“How’s being a green collar, Louise?”

“Great. I’ve managed to keep my domineering tendencies to a minimum today. I found out that you set a test for me, those two mouthy white collars.”

“Yes, and you did fine. Did you really turn up the juice on the first one?”

“Yes, I did. It was a harder program too. Funny, though, she did very well. Maybe the more powerful shocks gave her more motivation.”

“Maybe. And I saw that you led Delia once and sucked yourself once.”

“Yes, one of my regulars saw me and wondered if I was available, and I of course told him I was available at his request. He requested. He also told me that cuffs weren’t necessary, so I sucked uncuffed, but didn’t know what to do with my hands. Should I have used them?”

“If the customer was happy, you did fine. You can ask the customer if you don’t know what he wants.” She paused and looked at the black-collar on the trainer. “How long until this one is done?”

Louise laughed. “About a minute. I timed it so I could go to lunch.”

“Good thinking. Have you used any of them?”

“One. It was a blast being able to do that.”

“Feel free when you have some down time. Try not to be too heavy-handed, though.”

“I wasn’t. The girl I picked was one I knew was good at it and liked doing it.”

Just then, the program ended and the machine reeled the slave down into a deep-throat. Louise released her from the machine, told her, “Good score,” and started leading her back to the pens. Joan said, “Is this one a friend of yours? I know she was on your list of potential promotees.”

“Yes, she is.”

“Take off her cuffs and she can come to lunch with us.”

The black-collar was stunned. She had been there for two years without any exception to the routine of the black-collar slave. She hadn’t been uncuffed and unchained on duty or moving around the bar in all that time. She didn’t speak, but smiled brightly when Louise took off the cuffs. Joan said, “Come on, let’s go.” She led them off toward the chow hall.

They all sat at Joan’s table, the one reserved by convention for her. Joan asked the black-collar slave, “So what’s the hot topic in black-collar land these days?”

The slave looked a little lost, then said, “Mainly the change in noose sucks and Louise getting promoted. Letting some of us get fucked by customers was the big subject before that.”

“Oh, yes, the reward for customers and slaves program. Were you fucked?”

“Not yet.”

“What do you want?”

The slave looked stunned again. Joan waited patiently for an answer, which finally came in a small voice. “I know it’s useless to hope for freedom, but I would like to be a white-collar. I know I suck really well and that I could help with a lot of things, and maybe even be as useful as Louise.”

Joan smiled. “You are one of the top group in black-collars. No discipline problem, good sucker, apparently smart and easy to get along with. We watch these things. I could look it up, but how did you become enslaved?”

She looked down, apparently ashamed. “My father sold me and my sister when he thought we were too much trouble. The trouble was staying here and keeping a job to pay for education, clothes, food, and housing. He just wanted to leave. I managed to get my high-school diploma, but my sister didn’t. I think she’s a home sex slave now.”

Joan said, gently, “That happens a lot more than people think.” They ate in silence after that. When they were all done, Joan said, “Well, you should be getting back to the pens. Louise, cuff her.” Louise and the black-collar rose, and Louise put the cuffs she had removed earlier back on. When Louise started to re-insert her gag, Joan said, “Leave that out.” She looked at the black-collar and said, “Will you go straight to the floor supervisor and tell her that I got you lunch and that you are to return to duty?”

“Yes, I will.”

“Then go ahead. You need to be un-gagged to say that. They’ll plug you up when they put you back in the pens.” The slave turned and left.

Joan waited until she had left the room, then picked up the phone on her table and dialed a number. “Hi, Leah. You’re the floor supervisor now? OK. I just sent a cuffed black collar back to you. I got her lunch. She’s supposed to report to you in the next minute or two to be back on duty. If she shows, mark her record with a proper-conduct check, and if she doesn’t hunt her down. What’s that? Oh, you see her coming? Good. Bye.”

Joan hung up. Louise said, “So that was all a test?”

“No, I let her come to lunch with you and me as a treat. I asked questions to get the mood of the black-collars. Returning by herself was a test, but almost everything around here is a test. You leading or running the suck trainer is a test. Any sucker sucking is a test. If it can be observed and recorded, it is a test that all slaves would do well to pass. Not that all failures are going to bring bad consequences. I actually expect failures when slaves try something new. It’s when they don’t try, or deliberately mess things up that I get angry.”

Louise absorbed that. Joan asked her, “Are there any slaves scheduled for the suck trainer?”

“There are two high-rated white collars over the next hour. They can get on it themselves.”

“Good. I have an itch, and you are the scratcher.” Joan rose and beckoned Louise to follow her. Louise followed, anticipating doing a long, slow licking.