“Strip her,” he ordered as he leaned back in his chair and inspected his latest purchase.

The guards untied her hands and unzipped her coat, then pulled it off her and set it carefully aside. Then they ripped off her Tshirt, bra and panties, leaving her nude but for her boots, jewellery, and the bag covering her head. She did not try to resist them; instead she concentrated on breathing slowly and calmly. She had been told to expect this in the orientation before the sale. Intellectually she understood that stripping a person of their clothes was meant to strip them of their confidence. Still, knowing that didn’t make her feel any braver right now.

He examined her body at length. As was increasingly common for the bulk government sales it had been a blind auction; this was the first he was actually seeing his purchase up close and personal. He had seen she had large breasts, but seeing them uncovered was fascinating. He’d never seen such large nipples before. He craved to pinch and stretch them out, very glad that he’d brought clamps for later. The breasts and particularly the nipples are a very sensitive area for a woman. He would enjoy a slave so amply endowed.

Her full and muscular body was foreign to his experiences but nevertheless appealing. Not only did it arouse him, but it would serve his purposes well since she could suffer longer before she reached her physical limit. Only her neatly trimmed pubic hair repelled him. Unlike this slut, his slaves cleanly waxed their pubic hair.

Though he knew that he should wait longer to let the humiliation of standing nude before unseen men play upon her, he couldn’t wait to see her face. Half afraid he would find an ugly hag, he ordered the bag removed from her head. He was pleased to find a beautiful, mature face framed by reddish brown hair.

She remained standing tall and defiant when the guard pulled off the bag. Confident or a good actor? he wondered. Neither would matter, but it interested him.

Unaccustomed to the bright lights, she could see nothing at first, blinking until her eyes adjusted. There were two men in front of her. One was seated; he was a clean shaven man about her age, wearing a well tailored suit of a cut she didn’t recognize. Standing behind him in the classic flunky position was a younger, bored looking man in a shabby uniform. Kerry could sense the presence of her guards behind her but she ignored them all, concentrating on the seated man.

He gestured. The younger man standing behind him spoke, “You are in the custody of the security services. You have been illegally imported into this country. Your former owners’goods have been forfeited and you have been auctioned as an asset. I am an agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and Slaves legislative affairs office. I am here to ensure your Master is happy with his purchase and sign off some initial training. Your only hope for future good treatment is to cooperate fully. You should respond with ‘Yes Master’ when spoken to.”

She smiled, “There seems to have been a mistake.” She reflexively touched a hand to her chest. “My name is Kerry Dressler. I was kidnapped from my home in England and shipped here against my will.” She hugged herself, “Thank you for rescuing me. I would really like to call my family now. “

It sounded a little pompous, but Kerry was just pleased to have gotten through it without her voice breaking. She had to make this man understand that she was someone he couldn’t push around, even if she was naked.

At a nod of the seated man’s head the guard to her right jabbed her hard in the kidney with a short wooden club, sending her to the floor doubled up in pain. As she lay there, she dimly heard the man in the chair talking to the standing man. Another order had the guard haul her to her feet by her hair.

The standing man continued, “To be clear, we did not rescue you. You have been illegally imported for sale and so have been seized and subsequently sold. You are now the property of Mr Carter here. A part of the services offered during asset auctions is some initial training for new slaves. This has all already been explained to you during your orientation. And now you will respond, ‘Yes Master’.”

Kerry continued to ignore the trainer as she glared at the seated man. “My name is Kerry Julia Dressler. I demand to speak to the English embassy.” As she finished her reply, a nod from the seated man again brought a painful jab from the guard behind her. She kept her feet this time but saw stars.

As she resumed her position of attention the man left his chair and stood in front of her. To her disgust, he began running his hands over her breasts, weighing the heavy globes in his hands. As she clenched her fist in helpless fury, he smiled unpleasantly and spoke to her, giving his words emphasis by twisting her nipples. “You are a very foolish woman. You now have little power, but you do have the power to make the next few hours relatively pleasant or extremely unpleasant.” He placed both hands on her shoulders, the possessive gesture somehow making her feel more trapped than the presence of the guards.

You willbe punished for not listening to your orientation, you willbe punished for not addressing me as instructed, and you willbe punished for not welcoming my touch. I think you’ll not be so uncooperative after the guards have finished with you.” He nodded, “I think the guards will enjoy raping you. I would guess it to be the best part of their poorly paid jobs.” He placed a hand on either side of her head, capturing her face. “Remember that you are totally in my hands to do with as I wish; legally you belong to me and no onecan or will help you here.”

He gently stroked her hair back from her face, “If you do not obey me, or the ATF trainer here, we will do terrible things to you. Nothing you can do can prevent the punishment you will receive for your previous misbehaviour, but that punishment can get much worse. For your own sake now, thank me for my understanding and call me Master.”

Kerry hesitated. She didn’t know how to react to his crude and direct approach. Things were moving too fast for her. She felt she had to slow things down, pretend to give in to gain time.

She replied, “I’m sorry Sir. I’m trying to understand what you want. I’m from from Cambridge, in England, and I’ve been in a shipping container for weeks now.” She gave a nervous half smile to show willing, “I’m having a hard time following what’s happening. I was on my way to work when someone hit me. I need to be clear. I am my husband’s slave. So, you can’t have bought me. I’m stolen property.”

She paused and dropped her head so she was looking up at him through her lashes. “I’m sureif you contacted my husband he’d be happy to compensate you for any expense you’ve incurred.” Kerry’s face burned as she spoke. She was ashamed of the submissiveness of her words; but since it was all lies she just hoped that it would make him contact her family who would move heaven and earth to retrieve her.

Matt Carter listened to what the slave had to say and considered the information he’d read in the pre-auction info pack. He turned to the trainer who responded to Kerry with a chilling smile. “You’re a poor liar. We areprofessionals; we do full checks on allproperty before auction. We have seen the story of your disappearance in the news, and the reward offered by your family. No mention of a husband though, and oddly, your national insurance number was not flagged when we registered your transfer of ownership. Your Master now intends for us to teach you a lesson in what happens when you lie to him.”

Matt returned to his seat and nodded to the guards. They grabbed her arms and dragged her to a long bar hanging from the ceiling. A sharp blow to the stomach precluded resistance on Kerry’s part as they secured her hands in manacles at the ends of the bar. Then the two men grabbed her toned legs and bent them back until the lower legs were a foot above and parallel to the floor. A sharp order to the trainer sent him to help the two guards by tying a rope around her booted feet and then to the ends of the bar.

In a moment, Kerry hung from the ceiling, her muscular arms supporting her entire weight, with her legs tied like the short leg of an “L” behind her. As she cursed the guards, one of them held a bottle of clear fluid to her mouth while the second guard used his fingers to close off her nose. As Kerry choked and sputtered, they poured the vile tasting fluid down her all the while laughing. Even the trainer seemed amused as he told her, “The bottle contains a powerful laxative. Now perhaps you’ll not be so full of shit.”

The guards then gagged her with a rubber ball gag, patted her ass, and left; Matt remained. He stood in front of Kerry, caressing her prominent nipples again. He began twisting the sensitive flesh with his strong fingers as he stared into her face. He worked on them one at a time, twisting and squeezing the nubs until they hardened involuntarily. The twisting was no more painful than foreplay but it was humiliating to have this man use her body so casually.

When he was satisfied with the erectness of her nipples, Matt brought a pair of small metal clamps out of his pocket. The clamps had serrated teeth and a powerful spring. He placed each carefully over her elongated nipples and then released both at once. The sharp teeth bit down into the tender flesh of Kerry’s nipples, drawing tiny drops of blood almost instantly. Kerry screamed into her gag as the two clips bit in. The pain was overwhelming; for a moment she thought her nipples had been cut off. He chuckled to himself. “Look at that, they must be at least an inch!”

Then Matt took a roll of thick green tape from his pocket and tore off a strip about six inches long. Without a word, he smoothed it down over her pubic hair.

Looking her in the face, he ripped the tape off. Kerry’s head went back as the sharp pain shot up her body. Dimly she realized that he was pulling her pubic hair off.

Matt confirmed this for her as he held up the tape with a handful of her short hairs attached and grinned. He varied the way he pulled each piece of tape off; sometimes pulling slowly so that she felt every hair pull out and sometimes quickly so that she didn’t feel the pain until he was holding the tape up for her inspection.

Eventually he was satisfied by the now hairless vee between her spread legs. He tore off one last piece. This one went over her anus so that she couldn’t excrete anything until it was removed.

He took one final look over her and then he left as well, flicking the lights out as he closed the door, leaving Kerry alone with her pain.