Julia entered John Thompson’s office and sat on a chair.  “You called, boss?”

“Yes.  I’d like to have an update on how the new warehouse slaves are working out.”

“We’ve had the four of them for two weeks now.  The warehouse chief is happy enough with them.  We chose them more for strength than brains, but that’s fine with him.  He has assigned them their jobs and hasn’t referred any of them back to me for discipline.  They are nice enough; we checked that out before purchase.  They have been doing their share of chores without complaint.  I think their life here is easier than they thought it would be.  One of them has been … entertaining … one of the warehouse men in her room after work hours.”

“She knows that sex is voluntary?  That he cannot force her?”

“I told her, and she knows it.  She just wants to.”

“Who is the apple of her eye?”


“He’s an OK guy.  I think he’s just horny.  I know he’s single.  As long as it doesn’t cause a problem, I don’t care.”

“Good.  And about sex being voluntary …”  She grinned at him.

“Except for you and Rebecca.  You gave that up.”

“I can still volunteer.  I’d like to see you at noon in the play room.”

John made a show of looking at his appointment book.  “I think I can pencil you in.”

“Just be there, or I, as a slave wife, will give you The Look.”

John gave a reasonably good imitation of a shudder and said, “No! Anything but that!”  They both started laughing, and Julia rose and left the office.

About an hour later Joe, one of the warehouse workers, stopped at John’s office door and said, quietly, “Got a minute?”

“Sure, Joe, come on in.”

Joe entered and closed the door behind him, then sat.  He came right to the point.  “I’d like to buy Josie from you.”

John sat and looked at him.  He finally said, “Josie, one of the new warehouse slaves?”

“Yes.  I’ve been seeing her, and I’d like to buy her.”

“She would be expensive, Joe, and she belongs to the business, so I have to take the needs of the business into account.”  John looked up some records on his computer, and said, “I paid over a thousand dollars for her.  Can you come up with that cash?”

Joe sat.  He said, finally, “No.  I’d like to make a deal somehow.”

“Mind if I ask why?”

“I haven’t had a lot of women.  Even with slaves, I don’t bother.  But Josie got to me, somehow.  I feel good when I’m with her.  I’d like to be able to take her home.”

It was the most emotional speech that John had ever heard out of him.  John reflected for a while, and said, “There are others who I must consult.  If they agree, what about a rent-to-own arrangement?  You take possession, pay the business some amount every week, and she works here until you pay her off.  After you pay the purchase price, you rent her services to the business.  That way we keep a worker and you get a little more money, once you pay her off.”

Joe thought about that.  “I like it.  It depends on how much a week.”

“I’ll tell the bookkeeper about it.  She will work up a few plans and talk to you about them.  That is, after I talk to the others that must approve it.  In the meantime, if she is willing, take her home with you.”

Joe looked surprised.  “She can go home with me?”

“Yes.  After working hours the slaves have residence chores at times, but other than that if they are here and working during working hours, they can leave during their off hours.”

“I don’t think she understands that.”

“I’ll have it explained to her.”

“Thanks, John.”

“Sure thing, Joe.  I’ll get back to you.”

Joe rose and left the office.  John waited a minute, then called Julia.  “Hello, Julia, I have another complication.  Would you come in here, please?”

Julia arrived in a couple of minutes, and closed the door at his request.  “What’s up, Boss?”

John said, “Joe just came to see me.  He wants to buy Josie.”

“I’m glad for her, but that seems like hassle now that we have them working.”

“I agree, but Joe has worked here a long time and I would like to accommodate him.  First, what do you think of the relationship?  Should we sell her to Joe?”

“I think she’s fallen for him.  It is early in the relationship, but it feels right.”

“So she would go along with it?”

She looked at him.  “Not that it matters if you decide to sell her, but yes.”

“I’m trying to keep an employee happy and keep a valuable asset working.  Even slave emotions should be taken into account.  I’m surprised you said that.”

“I’m just giving you a hard time.”

“And you want me to give you a hard time back?”

“As long and hard as possible.”

“We’ll see about that.  I suggested that he buy her on installments, on a rent-to-own basis, and that he should rent her back to the business after he gets title.”

“That should work, as long as you make him agree that she doesn’t get pregnant until he has title.”

“Good point.  I’ll have Willow work up some financials and I’ll pass it by the lawyer.  In the meantime, I told him he could take her home with him if she agreed.  According to him, she didn’t know she could do that.”

“I told them that we would let them do it, with prior notice and after we got to know them.  I think we can let her go with him.  He’ll bring her back with him before starting time, so it should work just fine.”

“All right.  It seems odd, almost like acting as a matchmaker between a warehouseman and slave.”

“The burdens of the high executive.”

“Yeah, right.  See you at noon.”

At noon, John entered the apartment upstairs.  He didn’t see anyone, but he knew they were probably in the kitchen so they wouldn’t interfere with him getting to the playroom.  It was standard protocol among the slaves, now augmented with four warehouse workers, a new receptionist, and a housekeeper/cook.  He opened the door to the play room, stepped in, and immediately came to a halt.  Julia was hanging from the top of the whipping post just like Rebecca had.  He finally closed the door and walked over to her.  “What’s going on?”

“I saw how much you liked whipping Rebecca, and I’m offering it to you too.”

“It doesn’t sound like your style.”

“I want to please you.  Please!”

John took off his clothes and picked up the quirt.  He didn’t think this was a good idea, but she had asked him to do it.  He gave her one stroke on the stomach, a light one.  She almost managed to suppress the scream, then started crying.  He dropped the whip, kicked the step under her feet to support her, and held her as she cried.  She finally stopped and said, “I’m sorry, master.  I wanted to give it to you too, but I can’t, not willingly as she did.”

“That’s OK, Julia.  I did enjoy whipping and fucking Rebecca because I knew she wanted it and got pleasure from it.  I know that you don’t.”

“But I’m your slave, and I should be able to do what you want.”

“You are more than just a slave.  If you were just a slave, and I were an asshole who just liked to inflict pain, I’d whip you regardless.  I’m not.  It’s not something that gives you pleasure.  I like it when my slaves submit to me, sometimes even more when it isn’t something they want to do, but it is a mutual thing between us.  Now don’t worry about it any more, and don’t ask me to whip you again unless you really mean it.  For right now, though…”

He backed up, looked at her, and felt her crotch.  Even with the crying, it was wet.  He kicked the step out from under her, spread her legs, and entered her.  “I’ll take the second part of the offer.”  He kissed her, and she returned it hungrily.  It was a relatively short fuck, but both of them came.  He pushed the step back under her feet again, then released the straps that held her wrists to the top of the whipping post.  After she was free of the post, he went to the door and opened it, and said, “Come in, Rebecca.”

Rebecca came in, stark naked, and went immediately to Julia.  She looked her over and saw only a small pink mark on her stomach.  She turned to John and said, “So you didn’t whip her.”

“She couldn’t bear it.  I tried one easy lick and it was too much.  She’s not into this.  I suppose you tried to talk her out of it?”

“Yes, and you know how much good that did.  I think she just had to find out the hard way.”  Rebecca stopped and looked down at Julia’s legs.  “I see that you played act 2 out, though.”

John laughed.  “Always.”  He hugged Julia and Rebecca.  “Let’s all get dressed and get some lunch.”  Rebecca pouted.  “I don’t get any?”

“Whipping or fucking?”


“Sorry, no.  One is all I can do this time.  You’re up next, though.”

“I’ll hold you to that.”