Joan opened the door to her room and led Louise in. Louise turned her back to Joan and put her hands behind her for cuffing, but Joan said, “I’m not cuffing you.” Louise turned to see Joan lie on the bed, open herself, and beckon Louise to assume her position. Louise joined her on the bed, then started a slow, steady routine of oral sex on Joan. Joan groaned in pleasure and relaxed. Louise was good at it. She could get a girl’s arousal up and keep it there for a long time. When Joan started humping back at her, Louise sped up and brought Joan to climax. When Joan was done with her spasms, she called Louise to lie next to her.

“You are so good at that. I suspect that you enjoy doing it.”

“I do enjoy it. I like it almost as much as having it done to me. I like doing it even more on clean women, like you, and women that appreciate it, which you made clear that you did.”

“I did appreciate it. I liked it so much that I’m going to do something that I rarely do.” Joan moved between Louise’s legs and started a long, slow licking.

Louise was amazed. She had never heard of Joan doing this for anyone. She quickly found that Joan was very, very good at it. Joan took her to the edge, then kept her there for what seemed like forever, then brought her over the edge. As Louise got her breath back, Joan lay down again. “Well, how did you like it?”

“It was awesome! You are better than anyone else I’ve ever had do that!”

“Thank you. Keep it to yourself. I have a reputation to uphold. I also have some news and orders for you. There are a bunch of boxes that were delivered to the dock with your name on them. They were brought inside. You will get several black collars out of the pens to help you move them to your room. You will be responsible for the behavior and return of those slaves. By the way, when you get black-collars out of the pens, you need to check them out, even for suck trainer time. The floor supervisor will walk you through the checkout procedure. After you get your boxes moved, you will dress and go to the bookstore to buy three copies of ‘Cocksucking for Idiots.’ I will give you a charge card to use. You will then return to the bar, strip, and continue with the suck trainer. Do you understand?”

Louise nodded. After a year of slavery and nudity, getting some of her possessions back was nearly overwhelming. Joan continued, “OK, then. Come with me to the office to get the card. After that, get your room assignment and go ahead with the rest of it. Let’s go.” Joan rose, and Louise followed her.

Joan was in the office after she sent Louise on her way. She was reviewing time reports when Mr. Johnson came in. She rose immediately. She noticed that he looked a little frazzled, maybe even upset. He saw her and said, “Come with me.”

She followed him through the bar, and ended up with him outside the Fuck Room. He fumbled for his keys; Joan slipped past him and unlocked it herself. She held the door for him, then followed him in. He closed the door and locked it, then turned to see her on the bed in a provocative pose. He looked like he was about to say something, then didn’t. Instead, he got his clothes off as fast as he possibly could, grabbed a condom from the table by the door, and went to the bed. He handed the condom to Joan, who applied it expertly and pulled him down onto her. It was a silent fucking; he didn’t say anything, which was unusual. Joan was worried. He was acting strangely. He was also actively fucking her instead of the slow sex he usually preferred. She matched his pace and did everything she could to make it good for him. When he came, he lay still atop her and waited until his breathing slowed, then rolled off.

“Thank you, Joan. I just came here so we could speak privately, but you obviously had other ideas.”

“More private than your office? I could tell there was something wrong, and I hoped that a little sex would help you.”

“It helped. I know my office would be private, but I get interruptions there that I don’t in here. As for what is wrong, I met my lawyer as we got out of the lunch meeting. He told me that the trace he put on company records at the state got a hit — the holding company that owns Janelle was checked out to see who owns it. They haven’t looked at the owning company yet, but he suspects they will soon. He also said that he looked into what Janelle told us. There were some women that were killed, they figure by the drug dealer she told us about, but they were slaves. However, there is one missing person report about a non-slave woman who matches the description of someone seen with the dealer and the description of the woman who Janelle gave. The cops don’t know yet whether they will investigate her disappearance as a murder. The lawyer is really worried. The records request came from a local law firm that is known for working with drug dealers; any appeal to their ethics will just be more information for the drug dealers. My lawyer set up the trace through another law firm, and communicated with the cops through another one. He is worried that there could be paid informants in both the state bureau and in the police department, and letting them know who is worried would tell the drug dealers where to look.”

“If you are so worried that she will be attacked, or that the bar will be attacked, why not sell her?”

“Her contract makes that difficult. Even if she approves a change, the payout clause and the near-term freedom clause makes her less likely to sell.”

“You could escrow the accrued payout. What about selling her to a holding company registered in another state, that is owned by a holding company in yet another state? Or even a private consortium that has no ownership disclosure requirements? She would probably agree to that if the rest of the contract remains in force.”

“Not a bad idea. If they are still interested, they would still find the path back, but it would be a lot harder and take a lot more time. And there is another problem. Even if they think I sold her and had her shipped elsewhere, they would just come here and force us to disclose where. I thought about falsely reporting her death, but that would trigger questions about snuffing in violation of contract terms, and it would lead to her discovery by the state and to them complaining about the false report.”

“What snuff provisions are in her contract?”

“The general provisions that almost all such contracts have, like snuffing being an option in the case of escape, physical attack on owner or associates, crimes against the business, and any act that might expose the owner or firm to a criminal charge. I don’t know that creating an exposure to violence is covered, especially for acts prior to enslavement.”

“Entering a contract while knowing the danger would follow her brings it into the slavery.”

“What are you getting at?”

“Have your lawyer look it over. See if you can snuff her.”

“That would make life easier, but I really don’t want to snuff her.”

“Even if you don’t, you can enter into the record a contract-compliant snuffing, and even tag another slave as her when disposing of a body. When you free her, she would have to take another identity.”

“I’m not sure that would be legal, but I’ll ask the lawyer. There are a lot of things that you can get away with slaves. We could even say later that it was an erroneous report, switching slave identities, and let her have her real identity back.”

“In the meantime, let’s take a few defensive actions. I’ll have her dye her hair and change its style to something different from what she had when she came here. I also think we should unchain her so she can run.”

“I agree. Chaining her in the infirmary and in her room was more a punishment for bringing this in than anything else.”

“We may also want to get some armed slaves. I have been thinking for a while that having a few might be good, and this only makes it more important.”

“I should get you trained so you can be armed.”

“Perhaps, but the need is immediate. We should also look at making building access more secure. The loading dock is one vulnerability. We should look at ways to make it harder for a customer to get into the non-public areas from the bar.”

Mr. Johnson considered that. “You are right, of course. The building layout wasn’t designed for that. Sometimes I wonder if it was designed at all. I’ll have the architects from the expansion project look at it, and have them consider the security problem for the new building. I’ll talk to the bouncer too. We really need a security group. I guess I’ll be buying more slaves.” He dressed as he spoke, then opened the door. He and Joan left the Fuck Room and went back to the office; Joan noticed a few knowing looks from green-collars that had seen her leave the room with her owner. She smiled back sweetly.

While Joan had been copulating, Louise had been busy. She went to the dorm coordinator and got her new room assignment, then went to the floor supervisor and asked how to check out black-collar slaves from the pens. The supervisor showed her the appropriate screens and actions on the computer. Louise immediately selected three girls that she liked that happened to be checked into the black-collar slave pens, checked them out to her, and went to retrieve them. She got the handcuffed and gagged girls out of the pens, made sure the gate was closed, and told them, “Follow me.” She led them to the back of the building to the store room next to the loading dock and found Melly from Operations in her makeshift office. She asked Melly, “You had some boxes with my name on them?”

“Sure do. Follow me.” She rose and led them to the other side of the jam-packed storeroom where the boxes labelled “Louise” were stacked. “I see you brought muscle. Good.”

“Thanks, Melly.”

“Sure thing.” Melly went back to her desk, and Louise uncuffed the black-collars. “The gags stay in for now. Each of you grab a box from this stack and follow me.” Louise put the cuffs on top of a box, picked it up, and hoped that they wouldn’t fall off. She thought that she needed to get a green belt, like she had seen on others. She led the way to her new room, pushed open the door, and put her box on the floor in a corner. The others followed her in and put their boxes down, too, as Louise put the three sets of handcuffs on the bed. “We won’t need those, will we?” She looked at the three girls, who all shook their heads. Even though they were still gagged, Louise could tell they were enjoying not being cuffed, even though they were carrying boxes. “Let’s go back for more.” She led the way back. After four trips, including some with two girls carrying a heavier box, all the boxes were safely stowed in Louise’s room. Louise led them back out, then locked the room door. She had been surprised that the room had a door lock — very few slaves had locking doors, except for bolts on the outside to keep them in. She led the girls to a bathroom and told them, “Go ahead and use the facilities. I know from experience that you probably need to.” They all gave her thankful looks as the took her up on her offer. When they were done, she cuffed them all again, then examined them. They all had quite a bit of pussy stubble. She led them to the dispensary and looked in. Janelle wasn’t busy. “Hey, Janelle, do you have time for three quick shaves?”

Janelle looked up and said, “Sure. Bring them in. Get the first one on the table; you know where the hollow for their cuffs is. You can ungag them in here; I like to talk to them to see about health concerns.” Janelle paused to examine Louise. “That will be four shaves.”

“Not with these three. I have something I have to do. I’ll be back later, I promise.”

Janelle smiled. “The longer you wait, the longer I’ll take to shave you.”

Louise smiled back. “Then I’ll wait until midnight.”

Janelle laughed, “Not that long.” She turned her attentions to the first girl, and with long-practiced efficiency used hot water, towel, and razor to shave her smooth in just over a minute. A few questions about her health, and Janelle had her off the table and the next one up for her shave. Louise wasn’t surprised by the speed. Janelle had shaved her often enough, usually in a special chair in the black-collar dorm with dozens of others. She hadn’t been shaved in the dispensary until she had made white-collar status. As she waited, Louise chatted with her friends, answering their questions about her promotion. When they were all done, Janelle helped Louise put the gags back in. As Louise led her charges away, Janelle said, “Don’t forget — you need to be shaved too.”

“I won’t forget,” answered Louise with a smile. She was looking forward to the shave. When Janelle wasn’t in a hurry, it could be a very pleasant experience.

After she checked the three back into the pens, she went to her old room and removed the few possessions that she had in it, then took them to the new room. She dug through boxes and found clothes. Putting on underwear was a thrill; something that used to be so commonplace for her was now a delight. She dressed in a casual outfit, put on the tennis shoes that the bar had purchased for her, and left the bar through the front door. She expected to be stopped and questioned, but it appeared that either green-collars weren’t questioned about leaving or Joan had told them to let her. She decided that she needed to learn all of the new protocols, such as for leaving, so she wouldn’t get into trouble. She had been a black collar slave for a year, and she liked her new status and privileges, and didn’t want to endanger them.

She remembered where there was a bookstore downtown, and she was able to find it after just a little exploration. She entered the store, found the sex books section, and searched for ‘Cocksucking for Idiots.’ Before she found it, a clerk came by to see if she needed help. Before Louise could tell her what she was looking for, the clerk said, “Louise!” Louise recognized the clerk as Stephie, a girl who had been enslaved at the same time as Louise. They hugged each other.

“Louise! I was so worried. There were ten of us enslaved in that travesty, and I found out what happened to eight. I thought you might have become meat. Now I know nine of us are still alive. Your family doesn’t know where you are, did you know that?”

“Yes. I’ve been nude and confined for almost a year. This is the first time since that raid that I’ve had any clothes on. About a week ago I was able to call my brother, and he dropped some of my stuff off for me.” She paused. “Are you still a slave?”

Stephie sighed. “Yes. My family looked for me sooner and had the idea to check out slave dealers. They found me and bought me back. My father decided to let me stay a slave. I’m almost a SINO, but not quite. I’m not employed here; I’m rented to them. I haven’t gone to college, but he might let me later. He’s taking my purchase price out in sex. My mother didn’t stop him. Where have you been?”

“I’ve been sucking cocks at Suckers a few blocks from here. I got promoted to asset slave and given a better assignment and some privileges. I’m here to get some books that were recommended.”

“You spent the last year sucking cocks, nude all the time, and not able to tell your family where you were? That’s terrible.”

“Not as bad as riding a spit. I did good work and got treated better, then promoted. I’ll be able to get out every once in a while now. Do you still have the same phone number and email address?”

“Yes. I’d love to talk to you more and fill you in on the others. That shit that got us enslaved bragged about it for weeks until my boyfriend pounded him.”

“I didn’t get to do that, but I was able to get him kicked out of Suckers after they confiscated his forged driver’s license.” They laughed at that.

“Well, before the manager notices that I’m chatting, why don’t we look for your books? We can fill in the gaps with more talking. What are you looking for?” Louise told her. “I guess that ‘Cocksucking for Idiots’ would be a useful book in your bar. As you can see,” she said, gesturing at the section of the store they were standing in, “we have a lot of sex books. After the WSA, it started being less suppressed. I think what you are looking for would be over here.” She led Louise to another set of shelves and quickly located the book. “Here it is.”

“Are there three of them?”

“Yes. Do you have to go back right away? I’m due for a break in half an hour.”

“I’d better get back. I think that the supervisor is using this as a test of my dependability, and if I take a long time to do a simple job, my worth to her will go down. I don’t want that to happen.”

“OK. Let’s get you checked out.” Stephie led her to a register, accepted the bar charge card, processed the purchase, and bagged the books and receipt. “Here you go. Thanks for buying from us. And thank you for showing up. I thought you were dead, and it bothered me.”

Louise gave her another hug. “It was great seeing you, too. It reminds me that there is still life outside that bar. I’ll look you up again when I can. Thank you.”

They parted, and Louise walked back to the bar with her purchase. When she entered the bar, she stopped at the desk and spoke to the duty slave, a long-time green-collar slave. “Were you told to let me leave, or do you just let green collars walk out?”

The duty slave smiled. “I was told ahead of time, and your records were posted with a notice in the computer that you were on out-of-the-bar business. Some green collars, and most higher-ranking slaves, have notations that they can leave when they are off duty. A few can leave at any time.”

“Where do I look to read up on rules like that? They aren’t in the green-collar guide.”

“Most of them are in the floor guide. It includes a lot of the slave-management stuff.”

“OK, they just gave me a copy of that. I’d better read it.”

“It would help. Welcome to the green-collar crowd. I think you’ll be a good addition. The more competent green collars we get, the less pressure I feel.”

“I’ll do what I can.” Louise went to her room and stripped off her clothes. She had considered going to the office to deliver the books first, but she knew that slaves on duty were to be nude in the bar, and delivering her purchase would be duty. She took the floor guide with her and went to the office.

“Hello, Joan. Here are the books.”

“That was a quick errand. Is your stuff in your room?”

“Yes. I was amazed that my door has a lock and that I got a key to it.”

“Consider it a gift. You’ve been rising fast. It brings rewards, and dangers. Remember when I told you about the promotion trap? It is still a danger.”

“I know. I don’t want to endanger the gains I’ve made.”

“I think you’ll be fine. You’ve done what you’ve been assigned to do, you didn’t take a long time on your trip out of the bar, and you didn’t complain when you sucked after your promotion. OK, go ahead and supervise the suck trainer. Would you like to take one of these copies with you to read?”

“Yes, thank you. The receipt and charge card are in the bag.”

“Good. I’ve got them. Returning things like charge cards without being reminded is also a good sign. Keep it up.”

“I will. I’ll get back to the suck trainer now.”

“Good.” Joan paused. “I told you that I would authorize a leave so you could meet your family. Finish up at 5, call them from the office, and dress. You can have overnight. Be back here at 9 AM. If you are back on time, you get a good-conduct mark. If you aren’t, you become a fugitive slave with an electronic collar locked around your neck, and major trouble when you get back here, including the possible loss of asset status. Asset status doesn’t really mean all that much unless the corporate slave rules protect you, or the asset contact protects you. You don’t have an asset contract, so you would be in deep trouble if you violate.”

Louise took a deep breath. “I understand. I’m not stupid. I know my chances of getting away are nearly nil. I wouldn’t try; my life has gotten a lot better in the last few weeks. I hope to follow your path, if I can. I think I’m smart enough and persistent enough to succeed. I want to be valuable enough to be kept well.”

Joan smiled. “I think you will do all right. That’s a just a set speech for the slaves we let go out as a reward. If you let anyone fuck you, use a condom. Don’t have a hangover when you return, and get your clothes off promptly when you return. You’ll be on the suck trainer tomorrow. Go on about your business.”

“Thank you, Joan.” Louise turned and left. Joan didn’t bother to check up on her. She had a good feeling about Louise being a good asset for the bar.

Louise went back to the suck trainer and found that there were no white collars using it and none scheduled. She left her books at the trainer, went to the floor supervisor’s station, and checked out a black-collar slave, one of the slaves she had used to carry boxes. She pulled the slave out of the pens and led her to the trainer. This slave didn’t look scared; the others that Louise had taken from the pens had been returned unharmed. When Louise had her at the trainer, she gave the slave the spiel about the trainer, its purpose, and how she should interact with it, then mounted the slave on the machine, ungagged her, and told her to start. As the experienced black collar got started on the program, Louise got out the floor manual and started learning the rules she needed to know.

When the slave on the machine was finished with the program, Louise put down the book and helped her dismount. “Do you think you learned anything?” she asked.

“Maybe. It wanted a lot more motion than I usually do. Is there any more?”

“Yes. We usually make new users repeat the initial program, then start them on other programs that teach specific styles. You are already trained to a degree by repetition, and you do get good reviews. The trainer may make you a better sucker. I’ll get you on it again. Running this thing is my job now, and I want to help my friends in the black-collar pool advance.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now, come with me to the bathroom. We’ll get you gagged again after that and back in the pens.”

Shortly after that, Louise was getting another black-collar slave out of the pens. She considered getting someone other than one of her friends, but most of the better suckers were friends of hers. She decided to use the computer to sort the black-collars in the pens by suck rating, and to get someone she knew with a lower rating. She selected one, checked her out, and removed her from the pens. “Come with me.”

This one was scared. She knew that Louise was taking girls from the pens, and that they came back later, but being taken in this direction scared her. Maybe she hadn’t heard about the suck training, or maybe she had been told a false story. That happened a lot in the black collar ranks. Her fear didn’t decrease when they stopped at the suck trainer, and increased when Louise had her kneel in it and attached the rope to her collar. Louise smiled at her, then said, “I don’t know what you think is going on. This is not a bad situation for you. This is the suck trainer. This display,” she pointed, “shows you where your lips should be on the dildo, and this display tells you how much suction should be applied.” She went through the rest of the indicators and what they required the slave to do. She saw that her trainee’s fear went down until she got to the part about the corrections via the shock dildo. “Calm down; it’s not pleasant, but it’s not horrible either. I’ll get it inserted, then I’ll take out your gag. I’ll let you ask questions before I start the program, because then you will need your lips on the dildo. When I take out your gag, don’t yell. OK?” The girl nodded, looking a little less scared. Louise lubed up the shock dildo, inserted it into the girl’s pussy, then removed her ball gag.

“I was told that the shocks were really bad.”

“They are not pleasant, or they wouldn’t be corrections. They aren’t too bad, unless they are turned up on purpose, and I’m not doing that. The purpose is to make you a better sucker, to make the customer happier, and increase your ratings, which will make your life better. OK?” The girl nodded. “All right. I’m starting the program. Get your lips around the dildo like the display indicates.” The trainee did so, and Louise started it up. She watched the training for a while. The girl had low ratings, and the trainer showed that. Louise had started a slow program, trying to get the girl started out, and she was trying, but not keeping up. Louise let her go for a while, then pressed the Hold button. “Let’s try something else. I’ll put it on manual. You follow the lips indicator, and I’ll move the indicator. I’ll turn off the shocks for now, but you must try.”

The girl looked up, took her mouth off the dildo, and said, “I will.” She put her lips back on the dildo.

Louise had found the manual for the machine while she had been shepherding Delia, and had read it out of sheer boredom. It was turning out to be handy now. She switched the machine to a manual mode, turned off the shocks, and used a slider on the screen of the controlling PC to move the indicator that showed the trainee where to have her lips. When she moved it slowly, the girl was able to keep up. Louise then started moving it faster, and the girl adapted. Louise then put it into bobber mode, where it just went up and down, and the girl was able to adapt to that. Louise sped up the oscillations, and the girl was able to keep up until it got too fast. Louise slowed it down, then turned on variations. The girl again adapted. Louise stopped the machine again, and asked her, “Do you think you have it now?”

“Yes. I don’t always catch on quick to instructions or to pictures, and what you did helped a lot.”

“OK, put your lips on it and I’ll start the program up again. I’ll wait until you seem to be doing better, then turn on the corrections.” When the indicators started changing, the girl followed them. The machine display showed that she was close enough to the mark to avoid corrections, so Louise said, “OK, corrections are on now.” Louise watched for several minutes and saw that she was doing a lot better, and not getting as many corrections as most first-time users. She went to get another black-collar slave for her next trainee. This time she was going to pick a good cunt lapper to fill the time until the girl on the machine was done.

While Joan was copulating and Louise was busy, Penelope was intermittently busy. She had been trotted out to service a few customers that had requested a low-cost suck, and they had been satisfied. After the second one, she was requested immediately by two men who were sitting at a nearby table. Her leader brought her back out to service both in the same trip. When the leader asked about their satisfaction, one of them said, “She was great. I really enjoyed being sucked by someone who reminds me of my wife. She won’t do it.” The other man said something much the same. After that, others began requesting her. It seemed like the word spread slowly across the bar. She got a slack period after about ten sucks, but half an hour later was requested as “the one that looks like a wife.” One of her customers had called a friend and told him that someone who looked just like his wife was sucking at Suckers, and the man came in because he was curious. “They were right. The could almost be twins. I’d like a real energetic suck, please.” That had been one of the suck trainer programs, so Penelope applied herself to the suck, and the man was speechless for a minute afterward. He finally said, “Wow. If I could get my wife to do that, it would be great. That was fantastic. Here, give her this tip.” It turned out to be twenty dollars.

By the time 5PM rolled around, Penelope had done 25 sucks and gotten good reviews on all of them. Per the instructions she had received, the floor supervisor had Penelope taken to the owner’s office at 5. Joan was in the office, and took charge of Penelope when she was brought it. “Can I dress now?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Your clothes are in Mr. Johnson’s office. He will make the decision.” Joan took Penelope’s leash and led the cuffed slave to the door of his office, then knocked. “Come in.”

“Mr. Johnson, Penelope is done. She got very good marks and was requested a lot.”

“Thank you, Joan. Come on in, Penelope. Please close the door, Joan.” Joan smiled and withdrew, closing the door behind her.

He asked her, “How was it?”

“It wasn’t torture, but I wasn’t thrilled by it. I guess I’m not into sucking cocks.”

He gestured for her to join him behind the desk. “What about this cock?”

His pants were dropped. Penelope noticed that the desk had a slave mounted inside it, with her pussy at the height of his cock when he was standing. He was sitting now, fully erect, and his cock was wet with what she supposed was the lubrication from the girl in the desk. “How would you like to suck this one?”

She dropped to her knees and took him inside her mouth. The taste of the slave in the desk that remained on his cock wasn’t as unpleasant as she had expected. It was musky and salty. She started the standard blow job that she had learned from the suck trainer. She noticed the signs of pleasure that the men she had sucked on the bar floor had exhibited, and adjusted her performance as she thought would fit his reactions. He took longer than most of the men in the bar, but he finally came with a large amount of semen. She swallowed it down and cleaned his clock as she withdrew lips. She looked up.

He smiled. “That was great, Penelope. You’ve come a long way. You got good reviews from customers. Don’t worry about becoming a bar suck slave. I have the opportunity to buy some about-to-be-discarded wives that supposedly have good suck skills, and I wanted to know whether there was any call for services from women who are older than most of my current crop. It appears that there is. Now about liking sucking. Did you mind that last one?”

Penelope looked up from her kneeling position and said, “I loved it. You know I want to have more attention, and if I can’t get fucked, I’d like to do that for you.”

“But you didn’t like doing it out on the floor?”

“I’m not used to being nude, and I’m not used to sucking strangers. It wasn’t terrible, but not something I’d like to do like the suck slaves in the bar.”

“Would you mind doing it for guests of mine?”

“My wishes are immaterial, master. I would suck anyone gladly, though, at your request.”

“Well said. Sucking up, I’d say. Well, you’ve been busy today. How about going out for dinner with me?”

“That would be great, master.”

“OK, get up.”

Penelope stood as Mr. Johnson did the same. He took her leash in his hand and walked toward the door to his office. She hung her head and followed without complaint. When he got to the door, he stopped and turned to her. “Just kidding. Turn around so I can take off the handcuffs. Your bag of clothes is in the corner over there.” She turned, and he removed the cuffs.

“Thank you, master. What about the girl in the desk?”

“Oh, she can stay there so she will be ready for me in the morning.”

There was a muffled gasp from under the desk. “Just kidding, but you know you are not supposed to make any noise when you are in the desk. That will be one minor misconduct. It won’t cause a whipping, but it will add a stroke to any whipping you get for other reasons. Penelope, there is a system set up for tracking slaves on duty other than in the bar. She will be taken care of.”

Back at the suck trainer, Louise got the slave who had started so poorly off the machine and got the next one on it. After that, she waited a few minutes to make sure the new one would be OK, then gagged the previous one and led her back to the pens. However, instead of putting her in the pens, she led her to the supervisor and said, “I’d like to know how this one does on her next suck.”

“Lead her out. We have a request for a low-cost suck at table 15. Get her ready and go, and you can get the report yourself.”

Louise took her to the prep station, took out her gag, and had her rinse with the warm water-and-olive-oil mixture. A minute later, Louise had her kneeling in front of a customer. Five minutes after that, she had a customer with a broad smile and a glowing evaluation for the girl. Louise took her to the cleaning station and turned to a computer to enter the report. She added a note about how she had helped the girl at the suck trainer, then had her finish the first program, and that she recommended that the girl get additional suck trainer sessions. She finished with a note that she expected that her performance after the training started would far exceed her previous, rather dismal results, and that she thought the girl was trying, but obviously didn’t get the point easily and just needed more closely supervised training to become a more valuable slave. She finalized the report, then went over to the toilets near the cleaning station and relieved herself. As she was finishing, the floor supervisor came over to her.

“It’s an enormous improvement that you reported for that sucker. She was so bad that we were considering moving her to the noosers. Was the customer really that happy?”

Louise stood and faced the supervisor. “Yes. My credibility and ability to keep what I’ve been granted recently depends on me being believed. I want you to go ask the customer yourself.”

“I just wanted to verify…”

“If there is a question, I want it settled. Please.”

The supervisor shrugged and walked out onto the bar floor. Louise saw her have a short conversation with the customer, who fondled her while he spoke. When she returned, she told Louise, “He’s even more pleased than you stated. Your working with that girl really helped. I’ll add a note to her record following yours that the customer was really pleased with the suck. Sorry to question you.”

“I understand why you did it. That’s why I wanted it followed up and confirmed.” Louise paused a moment, then said, “I would like to have one of those green belts that some slaves wear. It would make carrying stuff a lot easier, given no pockets.”

The supervisor grinned. “That’s a disadvantage, isn’t it? Some slaves like them and others don’t. They are in the office; just go and ask for one. If I were you, I would always have a pair of handcuffs hanging from the belt. I’d also keep your keys on your collar unless you get a really heavy collection.”


“No problem. If I were you, I’d concentrate on improving the skills of the lower-rated black-collars rather than improving the better ones. The others you had on the trainer got a little better ratings, but a few major improvements that salvage a slave would be more impressive, especially at the beginning.”

“That’s a good idea.”

Louise noticed that it was just after 5PM. She decided that she would get the last black-collar off the machine, get Janelle to shave her, then make the call that Joan had told her she could make. She was excited, but scared, too. It was a big change for her. After she had checked the slave back in, she went to see Janelle.

“Decided not to wait until midnight, huh? Good. You hop right up here and let Janelle clean you right off.”

Louise noticed that Janelle wasn’t chained to keep her in the dispensary any more. “You lost your chain.”

“No, they took it. I think they wanted to control me for a little while after that … episode you were involved in. Let’s not talk about that.”

Louise could agree with that last statement. She shook so much from the orgasm that it was really good that Janelle had finished shaving her long before.