Historical Note: This chapter was written years ago just after a scandal occurred at Oral Roberts University, a school based in the same city that Eastlake, the home grounds of the community of writers, was based on. The son of the founder had used money donated to the school to live a luxurious lifestyle. This story turns the religious school into a sex study institution that would fit better into the culture of our imaginary world. The Big Dick is the analog to the huge Praying Hands stature at the entrance to the real-life school.

This statement is provided like the footnotes at the bottom of historical books (like the Divine Comedy of Dante) where unless you read the footnotes you won’t understand what the text is describing. End of education — beginning of smut.

That evening, Joan was sitting on Jim’s couch with him, watching the news. The lead story for the night was a scandal at a local college, Oral Rockers University. The school president, the son of the founder, had been accused of misusing the school’s money for a lavish life style. The report recapped the accusations, the known evidence, then came to the new news: he had resigned and had announced that he would recompense the school, first by donating his wife and daughter as slaves. After that, the station switched to another reporter who had breaking news. “We just learned that the wife and daughter just mentioned have volunteered for slavery to an unnamed party and are now asset slaves with protective contracts. Their whereabouts are unknown. The statement that was released, which has not been independently verified, said that they did this to avoid being live-roasted, which they claim was the purpose of the donation that the ex-president announced. They said they had learned of the negotiations between the president and the school and found out they would be meat soon, and took action to avoid that. We are trying to find their location and the person who owns them. The school refused to comment on this news, saying that as far as they knew the ex-president was processing enslavement papers to donate them, and they also refused comment on the live roasting plan that the statement alleged. The widely-known school did tell us that their work will continue and that their commitment to advanced sexual research and training would continue. Back to you at the station.”

The anchorman said, “We have another breaking story from the campus. We’ll go to Don at the big statue.”

The scene switched to a view of a man standing in front of a statue — a two-story tall phallus with a glowing neon-red outline of a pair of lips around the top, with no apparent support. “This is the world-famous symbol of Oral Rockers University, the Big Dick. It has stood here for over a decade as a symbol of the work the school was founded for. After the resignation of the president of the school, the statue changed. The lips are slowly moving up and down over the shaft of the statue instead of hovering over the top as they have for years. Sources on the campus say that this wasn’t designed into the statue as far as they can tell.” The reporter stopped talking and let the image of the slowly-moving lips moving down the shaft of the statue tell the story. “Campus maintenance workers are looking at it, but can’t say what is going on. Back to you at the station.”

The anchorman was clearly amused by that last piece. “We’ll pass on any news we get on this emerging situation as we receive it. In the meantime, Don, I’d get away from that statue.”

Joan and Jim were laughing. “I’m glad I’m not going to that school.”

Joan stopped laughing and took out her cell phone, then called her owner’s cell phone number. “Hello, Mr. Johnson. I just saw a news report that the wife and daughter of the Oral Rockers president have volunteered for slavery. I remember a story from some time ago that they had both been through the advanced sex training at the school. If you could get hold of them…”

Her owner laughed and said, “Joan, for once I’m ahead of you. They went to a lawyer and got a contract written up real fast, while some friends of theirs got some of their stuff out of the house and got their bank balances moved. They got a slaver to make them asset slaves to the law firm. They don’t have enough money to not work, and if they get freed, they can be converted, so they needed a gig. The lawyer called me, and I called my lawyer, and they are now asset slaves of Suckers Bar, and will be for at least four years. They will be delivered to the bar in less than an hour, and shortly after that they will be wearing white collars and chained to beds in a room in the white-collar dorm. We will have to be careful about introducing them to the public as suckers, though. There may not be such a thing as bad publicity, but an overload of reporters and one-time customers could cause us a lot of problems. Don’t let it out.”

“I think Jim has caught on, but he won’t tell anyone, especially if he can be a test subject for their skills.”

Her owner laughed heartily. “That would be great. I’d pay him a beer for taking on the job. Tell you what. You have him show up here tomorrow with him tasting like your pussy, and we’ll get him right in.”

Joan laughed. “I’ll get right on it, literally.” She hung up. It took several minutes for her laughter to subside enough to explain to him what her owner had requested.

He was smiling widely. “I love it. I get some of the best of this,” stroking her crotch, “and then I get to sample what’s supposed to be some of the best of sucking.”

She stood and pulled him up. “Let’s get on it. I don’t want to wait till later because I want you recharged for a morning repeat. You can come into the bar at noon for your oral treat.”

“Won’t the taste wear off?”

“It doesn’t. Not until you shower. That day I sucked you in the bar, I tasted myself from that morning. Rather, I tasted us from that morning. It was a pleasant, salty-musky flavor.”

They entered the bedroom, and he undressed. She had undressed as soon as they had entered the apartment, even though he hadn’t asked her to. She uncovered the bed and sprawled on it with her legs open. She said, “You haven’t tied me up for sex lately.”

He said, “I was worried I was overdoing it.”

“You weren’t. I like it, especially the way you do it. It makes you more alive. I take it like a long hug. I know that you love doing it.”

He reached under the bed for cuffs, ropes, and other equipment. “I do love it. I just think we should take a break now and then. OK, break is over.” He used leather cuffs on her wrists, rejected the ropes, and used chains to connect her wrists to the headboard. He left her feet free, as he usually did. He had read King’s “Gerald’s Game,” but he didn’t fear Gerald’s fate.

The sex, as always, was sublime. He moved slowly but continually, raising her to heights of arousal she lusted for, and making him as aroused as he could be. He finally ejaculated, filling her, and said, “OK, if I don’t clean off, you don’t clean out.”

“Not fair. You just get a little on the surface. I have that whole flood deep inside me, and it drips out.”

“Not if I stay here and keep you plugged.”

“That would be nice, but you won’t stay in plug shape for very long.”

“OK, you can wipe most of it off, but I want to see some goo there.”


They were soon fast asleep, fatigued by their exertions.

The next morning they slept in, making the planned morning sex a quickie. Jim dropped her off in front of the bar at 8. “See you around noon,” he said.

“When you will have some fun and I won’t.”

“Jealous? You volunteered me. Just make the one that sucks me lick you.”

“Sounds like a great plan.”

When Joan had stripped and put on her collar, belt, and red high-heel shoes, she went to the office. Mr. Johnson wasn’t there yet, but she found a copy of the asset contract and Mr. Johnson’s agreement with the law firm that had arranged the sale. Mr. Johnson had left it for her to check over. She read it carefully. The bar couldn’t snuff or disfigure them, or take the stuff that they had salvaged from their previous lives. There was an escrow payment setup to accumulate money under the care of the lawyers, and the agreement would end with their freedom at the end of four years, unless extended by mutual agreement of the subjects, the law firm, and the bar. They could not be sold without the permission of the law firm, and they were never to be sold to the ex-husband and father, or put under his control, or sold to the school or put under its control. There wasn’t a lot more. Compared to Joan’s contract, it was bare-bones, and it was done by a prestigious law firm. Maybe they didn’t do a lot of slave law. It gave the bar a lot of leeway.

Joan had heard that the wife and mother was a real bitch, so she got on the internet and researched her. It became clear that she really was a real bitch, with a sense of superiority and entitlement. She must have been in dire straights indeed to enslave herself, and to a suck bar, no less. Joan doubted that the woman had ever been in a suck bar. She was in for a real awakening. Joan grinned; this might be fun. She stopped grinning. For the money Mr. Johnson was paying, they needed to work this out and be profitable.

Joan looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 9AM. She looked in the check-in log and didn’t find Louise logged back in. She sighed. She had put a lot of hope into Louise; it would be a shame if it were for naught. Joan suddenly figured out where Louise was. Joan was right; Louise was standing in front of the locked front door, trying to get the attention of someone inside. They hadn’t told her how to get back in.

“Hi, Louise. We’ll have to brief you on getting back in. Go get your clothes off and meet me in the office. How was your trip outside, by the way?”

Louise was all smiles. “It was great. I had a big party with my family and some friends. I told them some of what I’d been through. There was some talk about trying to buy me, but I told them it was unlikely. Thank you for letting me go.”

“It’s a reward for good work. Keep it up. Now off you go. I have a big project in the works that I want your help on. There will probably be no suck trainer supervision for you today. I’ll assign someone else.”