Joan rushed into the slave chow hall, glanced around, found Delia, and went to her. “Delia, go get your shoes, then walk to your father’s business. You are getting a couple of days off at your father’s request. Also, tell your father ‘thanks for the invitation, but we have something in the works right now.’ The desk slave has instructions to let you leave.”

Delia said, “Thanks,” but Joan was already rushing off, apparently on a high-priority mission. Delia took her tray to the dish window and went directly to her room. Among the few possessions she had there was a pair of tennis shoes that Louise had retrieved for her earlier. She put them on and went to the desk at the entrance to the bar. “I’m supposed to have permission to leave,” she said to the duty slave.

“You do. Bon voyage.”

Delia left the bar and walked down the sidewalk. When she had been forced to be nude in public just after her enslavement, it embarrassed her greatly. She hardly noticed it now, though. Being handcuffed, nude, and sucking cocks in the bar had drained embarrassment over nudity from her. In fact, few people looked at her all that much; female nudity wasn’t that big of a deal any more. She walked the several blocks to her father’s business and went in. There was a woman she didn’t recognize at the reception desk.

“Hello, I’m Delia. I was supposed to come here.”

The receptionist smiled and said, “Yes. You are to go right on in and see Julia. Do you know the way?”


Delia went on in and came to Julia’s office, which was near her father’s. Her father’s office door was closed, indicating a meeting. She knocked on Julia’s open door, and Julia looked up.

“Delia, welcome back.” Julia got up and hugged Delia tightly, then had her sit. “Your father is meeting a customer right now, but I’m sure he will want to see you right afterwards. Do you know why you are here?”

“I was told I was getting a couple of days off at Dad’s request. Is there something special going on?”

“You could say that. We told you about the group arrangement when we visited you in the bar. We wanted to have a ceremony. There is no legal basis for a wedding, and most churches don’t want anything to do with something like that. We found a wedding chapel that does symbolic ceremonies for slave wives, and they were happy to have our business. It won’t be a big thing. It will be the four of us, you, my son, Rebecca’s parents, a few college friends of Rebecca, and a few close friends of your parents. Afterwards, we will all go to a celebration dinner. You’ll stay with us tonight and tomorrow.”

“So I’ll be going to my father’s wedding ceremony where two slave wives join the marriage, and I’ll go naked?”

“The first part is correct. The second part isn’t. Your stuff is upstairs. You can get clothes for the next two days.” Julia paused, then went on, “Does this bother you? The change in your parents’ situation?”

“No. I like it. I like you and Rebecca, and I think it makes Mom and Dad happier.”

“Good. Thank you. I love your father, your mother, and Rebecca, and I love you too. Thank you for blessing my joining the family.” Julia rose, as did Delia, and they embraced warmly.

“You were almost that before this.”

“But not openly. Come with me. Your father’s meeting will be going for a while yet. Let’s go up and get your clothes.”

“Yes, please.”

An hour later, Delia was dressed in a black, mid-thigh dress with black high heels. She was also wearing panties for the first time since her enslavement. She thought of that as a bit of a victory. She had also packed a small bag with the things she would need for two nights at her parent’s house and for the next day. Julia was dressed up, too, wearing a white dress that wasn’t a wedding dress, but had a certain undefinable nuptial look to it. “It looks like you are all set for this afternoon, Delia. Your father should be done with his meeting now, so let’s go talk to him.”

His door was open, so they walked in. He was waiting for them with Rebecca, who was casually dressed. “Delia! It’s good to see you again.” He gave her a big hug. “Did Julia explain what’s going on this afternoon?”

“Yes, she did. I’m happy for you.”

“Thank you. Let’s all go home so we can prepare. Julia, I see you already dressed.”

“Yes, I’m just getting a jump on it.”

When they arrived home, they found Mona in a dress similar to Julia’s. Rebecca went upstairs to dress. Mona told John, “I laid out your tuxedo on the bed. Go ahead and get it on.”

Mona hugged her daughter. “I’m glad you can be with us on this special day.”

John was in his tuxedo quickly and came downstairs with Rebecca to usher them outside, where a limo waited for them.

At the wedding chapel, there was an odd group of people waiting to witness the ceremony. There were several couples that were old friends of her parents; their presence didn’t surprise her. The minister of their church was there, and that did surprise her. She went to see him, and he greeted her warmly. She asked, “I wouldn’t think you would come to this … ceremony.”

“The church doesn’t sanction this kind of thing. They do tolerate marriages where the wife is a slave, but not polyamory arrangements. However, we aren’t in the church, this isn’t a church ceremony, and I like to be involved in the lives of my parishioners, especially happy events. I like to see John and Mona happy, and I like Julia and Rebecca. I’m here as a friend, not a pastor. Now, how are you doing? I know you volunteered to be a slave to avoid being enslaved by someone else.”

“Yes, that’s what happened. You might want to step up the warnings to young girls to avoid sex, and give them a reason other than sin and disease to do so.”

“We already have. You aren’t the first. Are you OK? Are you happy?”

“I’m all right. I’m not thrilled about it, but I was saved from general slavery and I think my father will let me have a full life. Right now, he has me experiencing slave life so I’ll understand what I just barely missed.”

“Perhaps that’s good. Be well, Delia.”

Delia wandered around some more while they were waiting for everything to come together. Rebecca introduced Delia to her parents. When she was called to get ready, Delia was alone with Rebecca’s parents, and she asked them, cautiously, what they thought about the situation.

“We would have preferred a traditional marriage, with her not being a slave, but she is a slave. She was rescued from imminent death, the family she is joining loves her and she loves them, and she is protected. We like your family, Delia. We are glad that Rebecca is happy. Maybe we will even get grandchildren now.”

Julia came over towing a rather attractive young man. “Rebecca, this is my son, Neil. I’d like you two to sit together in the family row.” She bustled off to join the wedding party. Delia went with him to the family row, which had bright bows and a small sign identifying it. After they sat, Delia asked him, “I’ll ask you the same question that I asked everyone else: what do you think of this?”

Neil smiled. “I think it’s great. I almost lost my mother when she was enslaved. I didn’t dare try to contact her at that warehouse after they told me to stay away. I tried to use slave intermediaries once, but there was some failure in communication. When she found me after your father took her in, it was wonderful. I wasn’t alone in the world any more. I had cut myself off from my father after I graduated from college, mainly because he had sold mom out, but also because he seemed to want little to do with me. Now that she has a stable situation, is happy, and seems to be safe, I feel better.”

The ceremony began with John and Mona waiting at the front, and Julia and Rebecca walking down the aisle. When they reached the front, the leader of the ceremony greeted them all warmly, then delivered a short, saccharine generic homily about love, togetherness, and how hearts were to be united. He then said, “May I have the rings?” John reached into his pocket and produced two rings. He continued, “Julia, do you freely and gladly join this expanded union?”

She replied, “I do.”

The leader handed John a ring and said, “Julia, take this ring as a sign of love.” John slid the ring on Julia’s hand. The leader turned to Rebecca and repeated the question. John slipped the other ring on her finger. The leader said, “You may kiss the wives.” John did so.

There was a round of applause, and the witnesses came up to the foursome to congratulate and hug them. After five minutes of milling about, John raised his voice and said, “OK, everybody. To the party!” To cheers, he led the celebrating group out to the parking lot, where the limo awaited the wedding party. The others got into cars and drove themselves. The procession ended at an upscale restaurant, where they were escorted into a private dining room. The bar was open, and there was much merriment. The staff served a sumptuous dinner followed by a large chocolate cake. After that, there was a DJ that played light music for dancing, and the bar was still open. When 11PM rolled around, the guests were, for the most part, mildly tipsy. John arranged for those who were unsafe to drive to get taxis home. Julia saw that her son shouldn’t drive, so she took him aside and had him wait. When their guests were taken care of, the wedding party plus Delia and Neil got into the limo and went home.

After they had arrived, Julia showed Neil to a guest bedroom, and Delia took a shower. On her way to her old room, she walked past the open door of her parents bedroom, where there was much laughter and hugging going on. She went in and said, “OK, OK, hold down the riot.” That had been her father’s favorite line for telling her to quiet down.

The foursome laughed. John said, “Hey, it’s a night for celebration. Now, though, this room is reserved for women that want to be naked and chained.” They laughed again, not noticing the look on Delia’s face as she left. She was back in less than a minute, wearing only her high heels from her evening’s outfit. She picked up a pair of handcuffs on a dresser near the door and said, “OK, let’s get on with it.” They looked at her agape as she twirled the cuffs around two fingers. Mona recovered first and said, “Very funny, Delia. We need a little privacy now, so …” Delia smiled and laughed, and said, “The looks on your faces were priceless.” They all chuckled as she dropped the cuffs and left, pulling the door shut behind her. John said, “I thought it was bad when a little girl came in on preparation for sex. It turns out a big girl is just as bad.” They all laughed as they disrobed.

John surveyed the nude trio in front of him. “OK, I need to decide how to deal with this.” His erection was bigger than usual, and standing straight up. The women all looked at it more than his face, which made him smile. “I could park two of you on a pole,” gesturing to three pole-mounted stimulators at the side of the room, “while I deal with one at a time, or I could park you all on poles and get some sleep.”

Mona laughed and said, gesturing at his erection, “What, and leave that untended? It would explode.” They all laughed. John continued, “I got some Viagra from my doctor. It will help me stay up longer, although only one of you will get the splash. Now I need to decide, switch between you all, or one at a time?”

Rebecca stepped in front of him and knelt at his feet. She looked up at him and said, “Please take me first and give me your splash. I’m in my fertile period, and I’ve been off the contraceptives long enough.”

John looked down, smiled at her, and said to the other women, “Do you yield priority to this youngster?” They both knelt in front of him and said, “Yes, master.” It was obviously practiced; it took him aback. Mona said, “We all thought that trying tonight would be a perfect way to start things out after the ceremony. It’s a new start in many ways for all of us.”

John smiled, pulled them all to their feet, and hugged them. “Of course. Rebecca, you go first.”

Julia asked, “Do you want her, or us, bound?”

John considered, then said, “Not tonight. Plenty of time for that tomorrow,” and tugged them toward the bed.

Out in the hall, Delia stood in her high heels, considering going downstairs for a snack, then discarded the idea. She walked toward her bedroom. As she approached it, Neil came around a corner, apparently returning from downstairs. He was wearing her father’s old bathrobe. When he saw her in all her nude glory, he stopped short and stared. Delia was used to it. She thought it was cute. She took slow steps toward him, putting her feet directly in front of each other, making her hips swivel provocatively. “Hello, my new … Brother? Half brother? Quarter brother?”

He was still distracted by her nudity, but he got into the banter. “I don’t think genealogists have a term for our relationship. Fourth strangers, twice removed, perhaps.”

She smiled, amused by his discomfiture. “I can tell one thing you are, though.” She brushed her hand across his crotch, where his erection was tenting the robe.

“Yes, I suffer from male disease, where visual inputs cause painful swelling.” He was smiling, getting over his initial reaction. She was obviously comfortable being nude. He knew she had been sent to a sex business to learn about being a slave. He was surprised by her forwardness, though.

“Oh, poor man. Did I do that to you? In that case, I should so something about it.” She had made up her mind. She had been horny all night, and the little encounter with her parents and family had pumped it up more. “Here, come with me.” She reached out, snaked her hand in the robe, took his cock in her hand, and tugged on him, turning to walk down the hall to her room. He followed, almost in shock, but with a grin spreading across his face. She pulled him inside, shut the door, and took his robe off. She then dug around in a dresser and found a box of condoms. She removed one, put the box on the bedside table, lay on the bed, and flourished the condom packet. “Are you coming?”

“I hope to.” They both laughed, a little self-consciously, and then Neil lay next to her on the bed. He put his hand on a breast, stroking her, and leaned over to kiss her. She returned the kiss, hard, then broke it off and said, “I appreciate you starting foreplay, but I’m horny, hot, and wet, and I just want you inside.” She unwrapped the condom in her hand and leaned over him to put it on. When she was done, she spread herself wide, visually inviting him. He stared at her for a few seconds, drinking it in, then mounted her. She steered him in. He bottomed out in one smooth stroke. She was tight, hot, and wet. He stayed still for a while, enjoying the feeling around his cock and the full frontal contact with the beautiful young woman. She hooked her feet behind his lower legs to give him leverage for pushing, then held him tight. She waited, then said, “Is something wrong?”

“No, this is wonderful. It felt so good going in that I just wanted to be still and savor it. You are so tight.” She tightened herself around him, producing a groan from Neil. “Oh, that is nice.” He finally started stroking, using medium-length strokes, going slowly. She matched him, pressing back hard. He sped up a little, taking longer strokes, then settled into a steady rhythm. She wiggled under him, which he enjoyed. He took the opportunity to kiss her hard. She seemed surprised, then participated in the kiss. She tried to break it off, but he followed her and started another. She got the point — he liked kissing while he was inside. It actually got her hotter. He went on for several minutes until she started shaking. She broke off the kiss to move some more air. He stopped to enjoy the clenching of her vagina. When her spasms were over, he hitched himself up so that his pubic bone was bearing on hers and started a short-stroke motion that was more like pressing himself against her and then letting off. She found it directly stimulated her clitoris. She had relaxed after her orgasm, but this got her heated up again quick. His cock was large and didn’t need a lot of motion to stimulate her. He was able to keep the action going for a long time, in coital terms, probably five minutes. She came again. He again stopped and enjoyed her contractions. When this longer, stronger orgasm ended, he adjusted himself again and started a long stroking that sped up as he proceeded. He was obviously planning on coming soon, and Delia kept up with him, pressing back and keeping her vaginal muscles as tight as she could. In a final burst of speed and harder thrusting, he filled the condom, and she found herself having a third orgasm. He held himself deep inside her, pressing himself inside hard. A while after his last spurt, he relaxed a little, letting off the pressure, but not withdrawing.

They remained coupled; he remained hard. They were silent as they caught their breath. She kept her legs twined around his and held him more tightly, not wanting to separate. He moved his head, and she wondered if he wanted to get off of her. He didn’t; he just wanted to kiss some more. She responded, and they spent a while in a long kiss as he softened slowly, then fell out. When he was out he rolled off, then reached out and stroked her body gently with his right hand. It made her shiver. She liked the gentle touch. The sex had been better than the anonymous fucks that she had been subjected to in the bar, and was even better than Mr. Johnson, or at least matched her preferred style more closely. He continued touching her, caressing her breasts, her face, her abdomen, her legs. He avoided her pubis, other than passing his hand almost out of contact with the skin over it.

She lay still, breathing hard and shivering from his touch. She finally spoke. “Thank you. I needed that.” He smiled and kept stroking. “Thank you. I needed it every bit as much. Finding you in the hall like that was a big surprise.”

“I doubt it was as big a surprise as what I did next.”

“Yes, that did throw me. I managed not to freak out and went with the flow, and it worked out.” All through the conversation, he kept up the stroking.

She finally said, “I hope you can deliver on the proposition you are making.”

He grinned, playing with a nipple. “What proposition?”

She moaned as he pinched the nipple, then rolled it between his fingers. “The implicit proposition that you want to continue physical relations tonight, implied by the playing you are doing.” When she finished speaking, he moved his hand to her pussy and stuck his middle finger far into her vagina. She gasped.

“My, what a formal statement from such a hot and wet young woman.” He stroked upwards between her labia and found his target nubbin, then gently kneaded her clitoris. She gasped louder. “I do want to do that. It will take a little while, and I need to get this thing off and replaced first. Until I’m recharged, I wanted to play with you.” He abandoned her pussy and went back to the slow tantalizing he had been doing. She moaned when his touch left her clitoris.

He played more, slowly stoking her level of arousal. He reached down with his other hand and pulled off the condom, then told her, “You should think about getting a new one.” She reluctantly moved to the side of the bed and grabbed another condom and hurriedly applied it. He moved his hand to her clitoris and gave her rapid stimulation. He rose over her, and she guided him in again.

This time he didn’t do anything fancy. He just started a slow hammering with long strokes. She matched him, and this time she started the kiss. His first climax had slowed him down; he lasted a long time with his gentle rhythm. He slowly sped up, finally climaxing. She didn’t have another orgasm, but she had enjoyed the second round every bit as much as the first. He rolled off, then put his arms around her and pulled her tightly to him.

After a silent period of recovery, he sat up and said, “Let’s take a trip to the bathroom. I’m exhausted.” She rose and followed him. They were both nude, but she doubted any of the others would leave the master bedroom; it had a separate bathroom. They both cleaned up a bit, then he followed her out of the bathroom and back down the hall. At the door to her room, he hesitated. She smiled again and said, “After that you don’t want to sleep next to me?”

“I do. I just didn’t want to presume.”

“Get your ass in here.”

They closed the door behind them and were quickly asleep.

In the morning, John and his harem slept in after their night of gymnastics. Rebecca had slept as she had been fucked, with a pillow under her bottom to elevate her pubis and keep the semen inside. They got up, groaned, and started the usual morning activities. Julia knew the bathroom was crowded, so she left the master bedroom and used the other bathroom. After that, she looked in on Neil, and was surprised not to find him. His clothes were there. She didn’t find him downstairs. She was puzzled. Then an idea came to her, and she cracked Delia’s room’s door open and peeked inside. They were both there, nude, cuddled against each other. She quietly closed the door, then stood and thought. Her son and her owner/husband’s daughter? Was there any real legal relation between them? Then she realized that Delia was a slave just like she was, and that it didn’t matter as long as her owner didn’t mind. Julia thought she could convince Delia’s owner to let them. She shook her head and went back into the master bedroom.

John put on a robe. The women were all nude, wearing only high heels. After a while, Julia spoke. “I didn’t find Neil in his room or downstairs. I finally did find him.”

John cocked an eyebrow at her. “You obviously think that finding him is in some way significant.”

“Yes, I do. He is in Delia’s bed with Delia, and there clearly was sex involved.”

They were all silent for a moment, and then Mona smiled. “That’s great! That is, if it lasts and isn’t just an after-the-party romp.”

Julia said, “I suspect it is. Neil isn’t very forward and wouldn’t just jump in for fun with his mother’s owner’s daughter.”

John groaned. When they all looked at him with curious expressions, he said with a wry smile, “This just keeps getting more and more complicated. My slave and my daughter involved with my slave’s son. What next? Aliens?” They laughed.