Joan was back in the office dealing with paperwork. She liked working on strategy and planning, but she was sick of the grunt-level minutiae that she found herself doing so much of. She was trying to find someone who could handle that for her, but it was slow going. As she worked on one particularly obtuse form, two well-dressed men walked into the office. Joan stood, faced them, and said, “Can I help you?”

One of them said, “I need to talk to the owner of the bar about his recent acquisitions.” Joan nodded, went to Mr. Johnson’s office door, knocked, heard “Come in,” and entered the office, closing the door behind her.

“I think the husband and father of the two new slaves just came in. I suspect the man with him is his lawyer.”

“He is the husband and father. I had the bouncer on the lookout for him, and he called me when they came in. I don’t expect any trouble, at least not physical trouble. Bring them in. I want you to stay in here.”

Joan opened the door, went out to the visitors, and said, “Please follow me.” She led them into the office, closed the door, and stood by the door. The two men approached Mr. Johnson, who had risen to greet them.

The one who had spoken earlier said, “I am Robert Rockers, the father and husband of two slaves you hold here. I am here to request their return.”

“Why? Do you claim ownership? I purchased them fairly, and the sellers claimed ownership and presented documents proving ownership.”

“I was enslaving them when they were enslaved out from under me.”

“Well, that’s the business of lawyers, but the way I understand it, the first one to the slave database wins. You lost. They are legally my slaves, and I plan on using them in my business and generating profit. Unless you have a very strong claim, I suggest you drop the matter.”

The man relaxed. “I didn’t think I would be able to get them like that, but it was worth asking. I am on the hook with my ex-colleagues to present them as slaves — a donation.”

“I heard about that. It was reported that the reason was for roasting. They didn’t like that, so they found a way to stay alive.”

“I admit, there was a faction that wanted them roasted, but I think I have them calmed down. They want them for instructors and for sex.”

“Well, that’s what I want them for, along with sucking.”

“I will offer you top dollar to buy them.”

“I was under the impression that you didn’t have top dollar any more. However, that’s irrelevant. Their asset contract and the sale contract prohibit their sale to you or to the school, or letting them come under the control of you or the school.”

The visitor sighed. “Well, that’s the end of that. Some of the school people wanted me to strong-arm you, but my inquiries about you brought me to believe that wouldn’t be useful. I would like to see them one last time.”

“Your daughter is in the middle of an important task. Your wife, or ex-wife, is available.” Mr. Johnson rose and walked out the door of the office, motioning Joan to follow him. “Come with me.” The visitors rose and followed; Joan lagged to close the office door.

When Mr. Johnson paused at the door to the punishment room, the visitor laughed. “I see you’ve already started what I should have done years ago. It would have saved me a great deal of trouble.” Mr. Johnson opened the door, turned on the light, and walked into the room. He stood in front of Doris and said, “You have a visitor. He wanted to see you one last time.” Doris suddenly looked scared; she had probably figured out who it was. When her husband stepped in front of her, she nearly whimpered in fear.

“Relax. I can’t do anything to you. I did want to see you in your new position, and I have to say you look good in it.” He walked around her and fingered the stripes on her butt. “I see they’ve started what I should have done. It looks good on your butt. Too bad I can’t get one last fuck”

Mr. Johnson smiled and said, “But you can. I can’t sell her to you, or put her under your control, but I can let you fuck her. One last time, for free, from me.” He gestured at Joan and said, “Joan, here, will stay in the room with you. She is in charge, so you aren’t in control of Doris. Doris will remain in the position she is in, so it will have to be doggy-style, and I must insist on you using a condom. Have a good time.” He looked down at Doris and said, “This is a part of your new life, sucking and fucking anyone we want you to suck or fuck. This one won’t be so hard because you can’t do anything, so you won’t be evaluated on technique or pleasing the man. In the future, you will, and it is very important to you that you satisfy the client and follow the rules and regulations.” He turned and left the room, followed by the lawyer, who looked like he would like to stay, but didn’t want to say it. On the way out, Mr. Johnson told him, “You can have a turn after he’s done.”

Joan closed the door and latched it. “You now have privacy, except that I’m here.” She got him a condom, then said, “I’ll stand by the door and remain silent.”

He said, “Thank you.” He looked her over and then said, “I should ask to have you instead.”

Joan laughed. “That’s a compliment, but I’m not available.”

He smiled, the took off his clothing. Joan saw that he could use some help, so she got some hangers and hung up his shirt, pants, and coat as he removed them. He turned to her when he was nude. “Please put the condom on me.”

“My pleasure.” She knelt and unrolled the condom over his firm cock. Doris made a furious noise through her gag. Joan just looked at her and said, “He’s not yours any more.”

He got behind his wife and simply shoved himself inside her. It put a strain on her arms, and she moaned loudly. He pressed deeper and harder, putting on more strain, and her cries started sounding more like muffled screams. He thrust into her over and over, using long, strong strokes which always ended with a smack as his body pushed hers, and it always produced another muffled scream. He sped up and climaxed, then rested by putting some of his weight on her and leaning into her. Her screams were continuous.

He finally withdrew, removed the condom, put it in the trash, and slowly dressed. He walked around in front of Doris and addressed her. “When you get out of slavery, if you ever do, look me up. We were good together for years, until things changed, and we could do it again after you get some of the nastiness burned out of you by slavery. Goodbye, Doris.” He walked to the door, turned the knob, opened the door, and left.

The other man looked in, then said, “I decided not to take him up on his offer. She isn’t all that attractive like that.”

Joan said, “She needs another stripe. Would you like to give it to her?”

He smiled. “Yes, I would.” He came in, took the offered whip, and went over to Doris, who looked like she was nearly in a panic. He didn’t speak. He took a practice swing, then lined up on her and laid a stripe just below the most recent one. It was an expert act. Joan looked at him approvingly. “Nice work.”

He handed Joan the whip and said, “I had my own woman problems, but I got her enslaved properly and got my problems solved. My client waited far too long. Years too long.” He took one more look at Doris, then walked out of the room.

Joan looked at Doris, then said, “I’m horny, but you get all the fucking around here.” She put the whip on Doris’s back, turned out the lights, and locked the door behind her, leaving Doris alone in the dark once again.

When she returned to the office, Mr. Johnson was waiting for her. “Did he have a good time?”

“Yes. She didn’t. I think she can take that position until lunch, but then we’ll have to change to some other punishment. I also think we need to get more advanced collars on them so we can track them, as well as automatic punishment.”

“I agree. I just got a package from that collar company that you’ve been working with. I think it has some early versions for us to try. I was going to put them on cooperative slaves first, like Louise and Delia, but I think it’s more important to get them on the two new ones, even if the daughter is unlikely to be a problem.”

“I like it. It would also mean we don’t have incompatible collars around. I was going to suggest getting some retail collars from the Slave Store, but this would be better.”

After another hour of mind-numbing paperwork, Joan took a break. She found Louise at the suck trainer with Cherise. They were seated and having a pleasant conversation, while a black collar slave was using the suck trainer. Louise stood as Joan approached, and Cherise followed suit. Joan smiled at them. “Showing her the suck trainer, I see.”

“We were done with the orientation and tour, and the break you prescribed. You need to take a break like that, too. She is very good at it.” Cherise smiled. “I got a low-ranked black collar out and got her going on the trainer. She didn’t need as much work to get her going as that other one, so she may not show quite as much improvement, because she started out better.”

Joan got a whiff of defensiveness from that. She said, “Make sure Cherise is secured and let’s talk down the hall a bit.” Joan walked to a table and chairs that had been put in an alcove and sat, waiting for Louise. Louise checked that Cherise was securely leashed to the wall, then followed. She stood by the table and looked at Joan.

“Please, sit.” Joan gestured at a chair. “I spoke with the floor supervisor and she told me about the slave that was about to become a nooser that you helped. She also told me about your reaction to her inquiry about the improvement.”

“I’m sorry if I upset or insulted her, but …”

“No, you didn’t. You did exactly the right thing, as did she. It was a startling improvement, and it was good to look into it. She was impressed by what you said about keeping your believability. She was happy to find that you were telling the truth and made a point of praising you in her report. You sounded like you were worried about any improvement that a black-collar would show would be questioned. Don’t worry about it. You have proven yourself to be a dependable slave that works to improve the bar and its suckers. I have developed some faith in you. I must remind you of the promotion trap, but I think you have cleared that hurdle. I’m planning on getting you some training, and depending on how that works out, perhaps a lot more. You are too smart and capable not to use you for more important things than sucking. You will continue to suck, by the way. I think that all the slaves in a suck bar need to keep that up. I just want you to know that I consider you to be valuable. You should know that most slaves that get to go out of the bar much are above green-collar, but I think I’ll be giving you more freedom. You have shown good sense, some loyalty, and you came back after a trip home. I know that you considered running, and you are smart enough to have escaped for at least a while.”

Louise sat silently, wondering what to say. Yes, she had considered running, but knew it would be hard to stay free and alive, especially with a metal collar locked around her neck that identified her as property of Suckers Bar. She also knew that things had gotten better for her and probably would continue to get better. She had figured the odds, and decided that being a good slave was her best bet. She looked up at Joan, wondering whether she should say any of that to the head slave. She saw that Joan was watching her and smiling.

“Yes, I was guessing about the considering running. After I said it, I could tell from your face it was true. It isn’t a problem. All slaves think of running. You didn’t do it.”

“Do you think of running?”

“No. There are some exceptions. I wasn’t sold out, or judicially enslaved, or trapped somehow. I got into it with my eyes wide open and with carefully developed contracts to protect me. Your protection is that you are a valuable slave that behaves and provides value. The more value you provide, the more protection you have. I am looking for someone to offload a lot of the paperwork scut work onto. I’m going to have you take an online office skills course and have you work on that stuff. It may turn out that you may be too good to use for that, so I’m looking for slaves with skills in that area. You will continue with the suck trainer at least part time. On top of that, I suspect that Mr. Johnson now thinks of you first when he thinks of fucking a slave. That’s good for you, too.”

“I thought you were his number one.”

“I may be, but I’m gone more now. He’s looking to diversify. You are a good fuck. I’d do the Kegel exercises to keep your pussy tight.”

“My ability to please him sexually is part of my value?”

“You had better believe it. Being valuable to the business is more important, but his personal sexual pleasure is also important. Keep yourself fit and trim. And don’t get any notions about wanting him to value you for your mind. It’s the whole package, and you aren’t in a position to complain about your sexual performance being part of your value. Remember that your meat value is part of your value, too.”

Louise nodded. She understood that she was property now, and that her value to her owner was whatever her owner valued about her.

Joan looked up at a display on the wall. They were all over the bar, showing numeric codes that meant a slave needed to do something. One of the codes was for Joan to go to the office, and it was on the display.

“OK, Louise. I wanted to tell you that you aren’t in trouble, and that you are a valuable asset to the bar. I’ll meet with you later about your development plan. Right now, I have to go to the office. I suspect I’ll be coming back here to get Cherise, so don’t move her. I have a suck tester coming in to try her out.” Joan stood and left. Louise went back to the suck trainer.

“You’ll be getting a guy to suck here, apparently. I was going to put you on this thing after she was done on it, just to see what would happen, but that will have to wait.”

Joan found Jim in the office, as she had expected. “Hello, beautiful,” he told her.

“Hello yourself. We need to be circumspect here, at least until we get to the Fuck Room. Please come with me, sir.” He smiled and followed her. The first stop was the suck trainer.

“Cherise, this man will be testing out your sucking skills.” Joan unfastened Cherise’s leash from the wall and led her toward the Fuck Room. Jim smiled at Louise as he went past and said, “Hello, Louise. It’s good to see you again.” She smiled back at him warmly. He had given her a great deal of pleasure and had treated her like a real human.

After Joan let them all into the Fuck Room, Joan said, “OK, Jim. You sit there,” pointing at a chair, “With your pants down. This is Cherise, our newest suck slave. She will suck you and you will give me your opinion of her sucking.” Jim was visibly impressed with Cherise. He dropped his pants and shorts and sat. Cherise knelt in front of him and asked, “Do you have any instructions for me?”

“No. Do whatever you think will please me.”

Cherise looked at his engorged cock and thought, almost anything would please a man this aroused. She licked her lips and plunged her mouth over his cock, then pressed her lips to it and pulled back, exerting moderate pressure with her lips. She caught the salty, musky flavor and knew he had fucked someone before coming here for this. She suspected it was Joan, given the way they looked at each other. It wasn’t an unpleasant taste. She varied her speed, her suction, and her lip pressure, and picked up on his rapid breathing, the way his body and legs tensed, and other subliminal clues, trying to make it last and give him the maximum pleasure. She knew very well that her performance as a sucker would determine, more than anything else, how she would be treated here. She finally could tell that he wouldn’t last much longer, so she sped up for a wild finish, getting the head of his cock down deep in her throat as he started to ejaculate. It was a massive ejaculation. She swallowed as he pulsed, making her throat muscles stimulate him. When he was done, she waited a bit, then withdrew, licking him clean as she slowly drew her lips along his cock. She sat back on her heels and lowered her eyes to the floor.

Joan didn’t speak for a little while. Cherise could hear Jim’s rapid breathing, and figured that he was so worked up that Joan didn’t think he would be able to talk. After a while, his breathing slowed, and Joan asked, “What did you think of that?”

“That was incredible. I’ve only had one better than that.” He smiled at Joan, and she smiled back. They both thought about the first time she had sucked him, in the bar when he met her owner over a beer.

“OK, Cherise, the second part of this test is how you deal with pleasing females, specifically, me.” Joan went to the bed and sprawled onto it with her crotch at the edge and her legs spread wide. Cherise knee-walked over to her and started a slow, careful licking, giving a great deal of attention to the inner labia before travelling on to the clitoris. She took it slow and easy, getting Joan up to the edge and then backing down. Jim got hard again just watching it. After a long, rapturous time, Joan finally climaxed, then lay there on the bed looking exhausted. Jim came over; he had removed his clothes. He motioned for Cherise to move from her position, then mounted Joan and started fucking with wild abandon. After a little while Joan got into it too. She climaxed relatively soon, given the massive orgasm that Cherise had given her. Jim didn’t climax, but he loved every second of it. He withdrew and presented his cock to Cherise, who immediately cleaned it with her mouth.

After several minutes, Joan spoke. “You can both join me on the bed for a rest. I need it, and I think Jim does too. Jim, take my keys and remove her cuffs, please.”

He looked at Cherise, then took a detour to the bondage supplies cabinet, where he took out a padlock. He had Cherise get on the bed, then locked the end of her leash to a hold down point on the headboard. After securing her, he unlocked and removed the handcuffs, put them and the keys on the cabinet out of Cherise’s reach, then moved onto the bed between the two women. “If it wasn’t too much work, I’d do the same for you,” he told Joan. She smiled. “Thanks anyway, but not right now. It was good that you tethered her. Thank you.”

He used both hands and played with both women. Joan seemed to enjoy it but was too fatigued to respond much; he got a much stronger response from Cherise. He played with her until she climaxed, then closed his eyes.

About an hour later, Joan woke up and found that both Cherise and Jim were sleeping. They were all covered with the bed sheet. Joan started to rise and go to the bathroom, and found that she was tethered to the bed with a leash and lock just like Cherise was, and her keys were out of her reach. She thought to herself, Wiseass. Then she reflected that she was now under his control, and that meant that she could keep resting. She closed her eyes again and waited for him to rise. Fifteen minutes later, he stirred and hugged her.

“Thanks for chaining me up, Jim.”

“No problem. I figured you needed a rest, and that was one way to make sure you got it.”

“Wiseass. Please unlock me.”

“Hmmmm. Calling the guy that can get the keys a wiseass. I question the wisdom of that approach.”

“Oh, dear master, please release this humble slave so she won’t have to piss all over the bed.”

“That’s better.” He gave her a kiss, which she returned warmly, letting him know she wasn’t really angry. He rose and got the keys, then released the lock that held the leash to her collar. She went off to the bathroom while he unlocked the leash from the headboard and unlocked Cherise’s leash from the headboard, then returned the locks to the cabinet. He dressed. Joan came back out and sat on the couch while he dressed. “So, how good was that suck?”

“It was unbelievable. This one is a prize. The next time you go off with your owner and you give me a consolation prize, please make it her.”

“Not Louise and Delia? They will be disappointed.”

“Just once. Well, maybe, just once.”

“Right. Will you be recharged later tonight, or do you need a rest?”

“I think I need a rest.”

“OK, I’ll stay in the bar tonight. Do you need to get back to work?”

“No. I took the afternoon off.”

“Good. Mr. Johnson owes you a beer for testing her. Let’s go.”

Joan rose and woke Cherise. “Come on, sleepyhead. Back to the real world. Use the toilet before I cuff you.”

Cherise stumbled off and returned shortly. Joan cuffed her expertly and led her out of the Fuck Room. The first stop was at the suck trainer. “Louise, did you have lunch?”

“Not yet. I was going to get this one off the trainer and take her to lunch with me.” Louise gestured to the trainer, and Joan saw it was one of the better black-collar suckers.

“I thought you were going to deal with the worst suckers first.”

“I was, but they were all off or out sucking.” Just then, the trainer buzzed. Louise rose and got the girl off the trainer.

Joan said, “Go ahead to lunch, and take Cherise with you. You can uncuff one or the other of them to get lunch, at your discretion.”

“Sure thing.” She looked at Jim and said, “Don’t be a stranger.” She gathered up two leashes and led the two girls under her control off to the lunchroom.

Joan turned to Jim and said, “Before I take you to Mr. Johnson for your reward, help me with a bitch, will you?”

“Sure, Joan.”

Joan led him to the punishment room, unlocked it, opened the door, and turned on the light. Doris was a pitiful sight, bent over, drooling around her ball gag, and whimpering. She looked over at Jim and got an expression of horror on her face. Joan said, “Jim, if you will remove the spreader bar, then release her cuffs from the hoist, I’ll set up her afternoon punishment.” Jim went to work while Joan got some things out of a cabinet and unfolded a device from the wall. Jim brought the wobbly woman over to Joan, who said, “Let’s get the leather cuffs off of her.” That took a minute, then Joan said, “Get her sitting in front of this and snap her back collar loop to this snap hook.” Jim got the woman sitting, using his hands on her body liberally. When he had her situated, Joan fastened Doris’s legs wide to extensions of the device. “Looks good,” said Jim.

Joan said, “Yes, we know she looks good to men. She just needs to learn that she’s a slave and that she needs to do what she’s told without any back talk.” Joan grabbed Doris’s hands and yanked them to the side, resulting in another muffled scream. Joan unlocked and removed the handcuffs, then grabbed one hand. “You grab the other one, and we’ll fasten them inside these wooden restraints out to the side.” Jim got the wrist entrusted to him fastened just after Joan got hers in the restraint. Doris looked relieved and seemed more comfortable. Joan looked at her and said, “You’ll wish you were back in the strappado soon.” While Doris looked anxious, Joan took out a dildo with a cord, lubed it up, and stuck it inside Doris. Doris immediately started squirming. Jim looked at Joan with curiosity. Joan grinned and said, “Salted lubricant. It irritates, and it conducts electricity better.” Joan pressed a sequence of buttons on the box at the end of the cord, and Doris’s whole body seemed to contract. She screamed and shook, with her back arched. After a few seconds, she seemed to collapse. “Doris, that was a mild one. You will be getting shocks like that, or worse, all afternoon. Maybe by dinner time you will be in a more cooperative mood.” Joan turned away, led Jim out, turned out the light, and locked the door.