Directory II

Carmella – The Alternate Future

Carmella – Author’s Statement


Retirement Retreat



Rub a Bust Bust

7 thoughts on “Directory II”

  1. Few weeks ago, someone complained about the lack of feed-back. I admit Iá a lurcher, but I did try to get some feed-back to the authors I like most (for, really, everybody here is good in their way). But now I see that nobody has posted anything from quite some time. I wonder…

    • Costin, if you’ve been lurking and reading you know what decision I made and why. The why doesn’t seem to have materially changed so I’m not inclined to change my decision. Despite my decision I’m working on the sci-fi version of an Origin. Vaati, you might like it. But ‘working’ isn’t completed.

      All I know for sure is that Davina has made the same decision and now both her story and mine are in the hands of the same publisher. She had to make significant revisions to her story before it was released to the publisher. What’s available there isn’t what you read here. Given the work she put into the rewrite and the unchanged atmosphere here, I don’t see her changing her decision either. Chapters in my story changed too, but not so materially as hers.

      I haven’t had contact with the other authors so I can’t speak for them. Given that the two chapters recently added met with almost resounding silence I think you will come to the same conclusion as I have. We shall see. It’s been made abundantly clear to me that readers don’t care if we write or if the site continues or it dies. Either way there’s too much free writing available that they don’t need to lift a finger or bother to say thanks. So they don’t.

      I do find it amusing to see that we are faulted for abandoning our stories in midstream. I haven’t abandoned mine its growing way beyond what was posted here. But maybe it no longer being free counts as abandoning it.

      • My last post gathered few comments. I wasn’t all that motivated to post again. I decided to try one more time, but I am not all that optimistic. It may be that Delia’s time is over.

  2. It’s sad to say this, but unfortunately I fear I won’t be here much longer; the site feels ill, diseased, dying. I started reading an awfully long time ago – over a year, and made a few comments on Shadow. Unfortunately, that seems to have been too little too late. I left for a whilile, but picked up again in Carmella AU and in the latter chapters of Delia. Unfortunately with the loss of Shadow a lot of content is protected, and I’m afraid that as we lose Carmella too, much of what was best here will vanish as contributing autho dwindle with readership, It’s entirely possible you will never see me again.

    Best of luck to all of you, and all the best.

    Vaati, The Wind Mage.

    • Goodbye Vaati, thanks for having come and commenting. Don’t take it on yourself for commenting “too little and too late?. The site never gained the interaction and vibrancy we hoped it would and that is what is causing the demise.

      Sadly, I agree with you. I’ve felt for quite some time that the site would slowly atrophy and it seems like thats exactly what’s happening. I too will miss it.

      You have my best wishes. I hope you find more of what you like to read in your searching.

      Shadow: The Disappointed Author

  3. llinda carter said:

    congrats love the new site .. but do you still have some of the old archives from 2006 going to current… misplaced some of the stories from back then and wanted to reload in to my tablet so I can read while traveling

    • Linda, this is a duplicate reply only because I wanted you to know that both of your comments were received and read.

      Yes, Rita is available from the beginning up to (so far) Chapter 27. Many, many more will become available, I’m adding them slowly rather than releasing the entire trove at one time. It’s progressed even beyond what had been available here.

      Have a great trip, wherever it is ytou’re going.

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