Writer’s Guide

Authors are encouraged to contribute stories to this site that fit in our overall theme.  Anyone interested in contributing should send their story to Dark Erotic Fiction at this link.  If your browser does not support direct linkage, just copy and paste the embedded link into the address bar of your email.  (darkeroticfiction@gmail.com)

Rules for Writing

The general requirements for having a story posted are not particularly difficult. Spelling and grammar count.  While we won’t be anal about it, we want works that are not replete with misspellings and incomprehensible grammar.  Don’t sweat the occasional typo.  We all make them and even the most stringent proofreading misses one or two.  It takes another eye to finally catch them all, so that’s not fatal.

The stories must fit within our universe, however.  For all intents and purposes, it’s the world as you live in it now, but for one teensy difference.  Female slavery is legal in the United States and in most other countries.  The rules that follow apply primarily to the US, but that is not to be interpreted as meaning they are carved in stone world-wide.  In the original DEF there were numerous stories written involving slaves and the slave laws of other countries.  Sadly, those stories are gone, but that can be construed as meaning the laws for other countries have yet to be written.  Be the first kid on your block to enact national legislation for another country!

The original stories were written for a fictional city in Oklahoma: Eastlake.   (Tulsa, with a thin plastic veneer, as the old site put it.)  The reason that city was chosen no longer matters, and it is not important to set your story there.  Not that it ever was, it was only convenient to do so.  Plant your story anywhere you wish, nationally or internationally.  Keep it on this planet, however.

As new ground is plowed, including the creation of slave laws in other countries, assuming we accept the story, then, what that story establishes will become “canon” for the site, and all subsequent stories by any author will be expected to adhere to canon.  However fantastical the underlying premise may be, we want the collection of stories, as a whole, to be internally consistent with each other.  The direction you choose to go in; the topics you wish to cover; the characters you create and how they live, are all up to you.  If you wish to discuss a possible storyline before beginning to write it, feel free to do so.

One caveat to the idea of establishing canon.  We reserve the right to love your story and publish it anyway, even though it may violate an existing premise.  We will discuss it with you, and if a change to conform it to canon is not desired or not possible, it may be published with a disclaimer alerting other authors to the fact that what you have created is not to be considered canon, and therefore they should not adhere to it  We want to encourage contributions and creativity; not stifle it.  But we also want to remain true to our vision of the site and the world it describes.

The punishment, torture, and killing of slaves is commonplace in this universe.  The stories on this site will probably utilize punishment and torture heavily, however that is not a requirement, as such.  It’s only that we all enjoy reading it.  That’s why we’re here.

Logical extrapolations are permitted, and indeed, some are necessary.  Something such as The Torture Channel,  a cable TV channel devoted to various shows featuring the torture of slaves, was a continuing theme in the old Dark Erotic Fiction site.  While it was often referred to, it was never really developed as a storyline.  If a potential contributor is searching for a theme to develop for this site, The Torture Channel (commonly referred to as TTC in the existing stories) offers very fertile ground.  For instance: game shows can be devised; the lives of the people creating and starring in the shows can be explored; the lives of the slaves before, during and after a show; perhaps the lives of the free persons who become contestants; or maybe the life of a free woman who becomes a contestant and loses, only to become a slave herself and maybe tortured on the show she competed in… the possibilities are almost endless.  More than one author could write volumes on this single theme alone.

Shortly before the old DEF closed its doors, another author announced she was going to pick up that theme and requested that the other authors in the group send suggestions to her.  (See Author’s Network, below.)  She was looking for ideas for game shows, new ideas for torturing slaves, and ideas for other shows or events that a TV cable channel might create. She was particularly looking for novel and painful ways to torture and kill slaves.  I offered the suggestion of a show titled Horrible Things for Hotties.  (She liked it.)  Furthering that thought, I created The Game for her to use in that show.  I did not incorporate The Game directly into the Rita storyline, but only mentioned it in passing.  If another author wants to develop the TTC theme and can use The Game (to be published on this site at some point), I will happily give it to that author for their use.  If you want to dip your toe into the water, but are not sure you can handle going for an entire story, I will suggest you try developing games or shows that may be used by another.  We can set up a Category for games (in fact, as I write this, that sounds like a good idea, and a good way to put The Game on this site) in which these ideas are housed even though they are not stories, as such.

Products invented, designed and marketed for the torture and control of slaves is another logical extension. A fashion industry for slaves (fetish fashions were used in the Rita story) present another line for exploration.  This site supports inclusion of pictures, so if you can devise sexy slave attire and illustrate what you devise (preferably filled by hot models), all to the better.  Hot models in bondage while modeling your creations is purely optional, but it wouldn’t hurt.  We’re here for that too.

What would not be permitted is a magical device that does something found only in science fiction stories.  We do not want to turn this into an extraordinary universe containing things that may not be invented for another 200 years.  Development of new applications of technology is fine, if its reasonably within the levels of current technology.  The waveform punishment chips used in Rita are an example of that.  While they could conceivably be created today, no market exists for them, so no company is going to spend millions developing something there is no market for.  There is a market in the story universe.

The enslavement of women was primarily an administrative action, not a judicial one.  There were rules for effecting an enslavement, and an enslavement could only be done by a licensed slaver, but getting a slaver’s license was comparable to getting a pistol license in many states, only slightly more expensive. (Later stories in the universe included a requirement for a training period with an established slaver.)  To get one, you fill out the paperwork, pay the license fee ($5000, then $1000 per year thereafter), and you’re a licensed slaver.  If you fail to follow the enslavement rules, you become a convicted felon.  Or if you were a female slaver, you become a slave.  (See the Rules for Enslavement, below)

Writing No-No’s

  • NO KIDS !  The minimum age for enslavement of a female is 18.  This is an erotic writing site.  Some would call it porn.  We do not do kiddie porn an any way, shape or form.  No discussion on this point.
  • No animals.  Bestiality may be a turn-on for some, but it isn’t for the three owners of the site.  Besides, there’s no reason to go there.  There are too many other themes that can be developed without the need to go down that path.
  • No male slaves.  The White Slave Act of 2000 (WSA2000) provided for enslavement of females only.  (Read the About section for more on that.)  We will not deviate from that fundamental point.
  • No male homosexuality.  All LGBT are welcome just no boy on boy sex scenes. This site is devoted to stories about the enslavement and torture of females.  That includes the sexual use of females in every way imaginable, including girl-on-girl.  Myst, one of the owners, doesn’t like girl on girl, but she was outvoted 2:1  (Truthfully, there was no vote.  I’m her master, and I said we would allow it.  But Og would vote for it, I know that even though I didn’t ask him.  He writes it too, same as I do.)
  • No politics.  No religion.  Leave controversial topics to blogs devoted to such topics.  We’re here to have fun and hopefully get a sexual thrill… that’s fun, right?  Torture your slave however you wish.  Don’t expect to torture us with your political preferences or your religious ideology.  An excellent rule of thumb in to not have a character higher in political rank higher than a Mayor.  Mention priests, senators or the president in passing, but nothing deeper.
  • Just to make sure there’s no misunderstanding on this… no kids.  In Chapter 9 a sixteen year old boy got a blowjob from Rita on his sixteenth birthday.  Sixteen is the age of consent for males in Oklahoma, so he wasn’t a minor.  To check the age of consent anywhere in the world go to this chart. The rule stands.  NO KIDS.

Wasn’t that easy?  There are fewer no-no’s than you expected, right?

Rules for Enslavement

  • Judicial:  With the passage of the law, prisons for women were abolished.  Women then serving time were simply enslaved.  For violations after the law was passed, slavery was the only result.  The intent of the law was to create slaves, not to be fair or constitutional.  If a woman broke a law, she was enslaved.  Speeding; public drunkenness; bouncing a check… it all resulted in enslavement.
  • Voluntary:  A woman over the age of 18 could enslave herself.  All she had to do was request it (of a slaver) and pass the pee test to prove she wasn’t pregnant  The pee test also checked for drugs to ensure she really was volunteering of her own free will.

A woman might do this

    1. because she is inclined to do so by her nature (extreme submissiveness)
    2. because she is going to be enslaved by someone else, and she is working out a better deal with her chosen new master.  (This is the mechanism for enslaving Michelle in the Rita story.)
    3. she is enslaving herself to a trust or corporation that she (or someone she trusts) controls and she is protecting herself from a more “difficult” enslavement.  These are known as defensive enslavements. See Delia.
  • By a Person of Personal Contact (PPC)  This is where the three vaginal sex in thirty days rule operated.  If she was videoed (which was the usual way) by her boyfriend, he could present the time-stamped videos to a slaver as evidence and have her “converted”.  “Converted” is the term commonly applied to the act of “converting” a free woman into a “person of limited rights”, as the law named them.  The law specified that sex in this context be uncompensated.  That exempted porn actresses and hookers who were being paid for the act.  Two dollars was specified as the minimum dollar amount needed to satisfy the exemption.  Women took to having their boyfriends sign and date two dollar bills to document the exemption.
  • Marriage.  As long as the husband is not drunk or on drugs and she is not pregnant, all he need do was say so.
  • Parental. In a similar vein, subject to the same rules, an unmarried daughter between the ages of 18 and 21 could be enslaved by either of her parents simply at their request.  If the mother was already a slave, then she could not cause the enslavement of her daughter.  If you’re thinking of doing a parental enslavement, the window of opportunity opens at midnight on the day of her eighteenth birthday and closes at eleven fifty nine PM on the day before her twenty first birthday.

I got into an argument around the point of three incidents within thirty days with the owner of the previous site.  It centered on the definition of “an incident” of vaginal sex.  He contended that if while she was being fucked the guy’s cock slipped out, then he reentered her, that was two incidents.  I said that was bullshit.  It was his site, he made the rules.  If that needs to be resolved here because an author wants to use that for some reason, we’ll decide then.

Three incidents need not be with the same man.  If the evidence is produced, whoever has it can have her enslaved.

Voluntary enslavements had to be notarized to document the signature of the woman.  The signature of a father or husband enslaving his daughter or wife, respectively, had to be notarized by a notary unconnected to the slaver. The requirement for notarization was to prevent, say, a man bringing a woman along to a slaver, asking that she be enslaved, and having her use the name of another woman.  An interesting sidebar to this is that it was decided that if a woman was enslaved improperly and it was proven to have been done in error… she remained a slave.  She would not automatically be freed.  The only exception to this was the allowance that a free person could petition the courts on the slave’s behalf, and obtain her freedom that way.  The slave could not initiate that action on her own behalf.  Slaves had no rights.  Bitch of a world, isn’t it?

Two general exceptions to enslavement existed.  These were:

  • Pregnant women cannot be enslaved.
  • A woman caring for her natural child under age 16 could not be enslaved under the PPC or by her husband requesting it.  She could still be enslaved judicially or by her own voluntary act.

Author’s Network
The old DEF had a section in it that was reserved for use by its authors.  In it, we discussed everything imaginable pertaining to the site, including new and existing storylines.  Ideas were offered, suggestions made, help was requested and decisions were made.  If we get enough authors interested in doing something similar here, we can set it up somehow.

Last Thoughts

Any inconsistencies, contradictions, or overt failings (hey, we’re human too, we fuck up), will be decided by the three owners.  See?  There’s an inconsistency already.  Myst’s a slave and I said she was part of the decision process.

We hope you enjoy the stories and will help us make this site bigger and better by writing for it.

Shadow                Og                Myst

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