After Joan let Delia out of the bar, a task she had almost forgotten to do, she went back to the office and found Louise waiting for her. “OK, Louise, this is your first time up for something big. We just got two new slaves. They are relatively famous, they were rich and pampered, and one of them has a reputation for being a gold-plated bitch. We have to get them into the right mindset to be suck slaves here. I suspect that Mr. Johnson wants to use them for other things too, but we have to get them going on bar sucking. They have been locked in a room overnight and will need the bathroom and breakfast. We will treat them like black-collars for a while, with continual chaining and supervision, like with Delia, but maybe more strict. Come with me, and bring two pairs of handcuffs and two leashes.”

The door to the new slave’s room was closed and bolted from the outside. Given the amount of public interest that this was likely to cause, Joan decided to have a lock put on the door, one that could not be operated from the inside. She made a quick phone call to set that up, then unbolted the door and went in.

There were two remarkably attractive women inside, both blond and shaved, and both tall, svelte, and well-endowed. They both wore white collars and nothing else. Both were chained to a bed by a long chain to an ankle. They were sitting on their beds, looking at her with some apprehension. “Hello. I’m Joan, the chief supervisor. I’m the head slave around here. I’ll be in charge of your bar duties and scheduling, and perhaps any outside activities as well. I just wanted to get a look at you and introduce myself. What are your names?”

The older one said, “I’m Doris.” The younger one, who did look like the older one’s daughter, said, “I’m Cherise.”

“Have you eaten this morning?”

“No. You’re the first person we’ve seen since last night.”

“I’ll take care of it. Who settled you in?”

“The owner of the bar and a slave named Charlene.”

“The owner, your owner, is Mr. Johnson. Louise, here, will be leading you to the bathroom and to breakfast. After that, we will orient you to the bar and to the Sucker’s way of sucking. Stand up, face away from us, and put your hands behind you.”

Cherise did as Joan commanded. Joan thought, this one may not be too big of a problem. Louise stepped up and handcuffed her in a smooth, gentle way. Joan was impressed with her technique. Doris, on the other hand, stood, looked straight at Joan, and bristled.

“I am a top-notch sucker. I don’t need any orientation, and I don’t need any handcuffs. I shouldn’t have been chained here all night. I’m doing this to escape being roasted by my husband; I don’t need to be treated like a common slave. I should be talking to the owner, not a low-level slave.”

Joan sighed internally. This one was going to be a problem. “You are a common slave, even if you are a corporate asset. You need orientation to see how we do business. I suspect you’ve never been in a suck bar. You need handcuffs because we keep new arrivals tightly controlled, and because I feel like it. You were chained all night for security reasons and I suspect you will be chained all night for the foreseeable future. You may be a top-notch sucker, but you are also being a disobedient slave, and disobedient slaves get punished. I might overlook one outburst, but not more. By the way, in case you missed it, I’m the chief supervisor. That means I’m the head slave, in charge of all other slaves, including you. Now turn around and put your hands behind you.”

The older woman glared at Joan, but seemed to think better of continuing the standoff. She was, after all, chained to a bed. She turned and put her hands behind her. Joan swiftly handcuffed her, making the cuffs tighter than she usually did. “OK, Louise, Get leashes on them and I’ll unlock their manacles.” Doris bristled again when Louise tried to attach the leash. “I’m not an animal to be lead around on a leash!”

Joan was impressed with Louise’s response. She held the leash in two hands with two feet of lead between her hands and whipped it over Doris’s head and behind her neck. She jerked the woman forward, then twisted the leash tightly and pulled upwards. Doris gasped. “OK, bitch, I’m going to fasten it now. If you give me any more trouble, I’m going to tighten this around your neck and let you struggle to breathe for a while.” Doris was still, whether out of shock or because she was convinced was hard to tell. Louise snapped the locking leash end to the collar and wrapped the leash around the silent slave’s neck twice, then held the leash loop. “OK, Joan, I think you can unlock her now.”

Joan finished releasing the pair’s ankles, took Cherise’s leash, and led the way to the toilets by the cleaning area. She stopped in front of one and directed Louise to get Doris in front of another. “OK, sit and do your business. We’ll get a wiper to come over when you are done.” They both sat and urinated, but Doris was openly glaring at Joan. “What, no privacy? You won’t take off the handcuffs so I can wipe myself?”

“Welcome to slavery. You get the privacy that your owner and his designated representatives give you, and I, his designated representative, am giving you none. Get used to it. You’re a slave. We could whip you in the street as a way of attracting people to the bar. You will be providing sexual services to complete strangers, and you will have no say in the matter. Now stand up so the wiper can do her job.”

Doris stood, and a green collar that usually ran a cleaning station came over to wipe the two off. Doris went on with her complaints, though. “I have an asset contract that protects me from these indignities!”

“No, you don’t. It keeps us from snuffing you or damaging you significantly, but it puts no restrictions on displaying you, making you provide sexual services, locking you up, or treating you in an undignified manner. It’s part of being a slave. The sooner you adjust to it, the easier it will be for you. You’ll be sucking cocks here for four years.”

“I can’t take this treatment for four years! They were supposed to find me a safe place to earn some money and not be eaten! This is horrible!” Joan quit listening, but she kept on ranting. Joan got a ball gag from a supply cabinet and went to Doris and said, “Shut up and open wide.” Louise yanked the leash to tighten it around her neck and get her attention. Doris, realizing her precarious position, complied, but glared. Joan pushed the ball into Doris’s mouth and buckled it unnecessarily tightly. She took Cherise’s leash and told Louise, “Bring her.”

Louise tugged Doris’s leash and kept pressure on it. They followed Joan to the Punishment Room, where private slave punishments were done in the slave-punishment business. When Doris saw the sign on the door, she stopped and started making noise around the gag. Louise just pulled harder on the leash and forced her inside. Joan hooked Cherise’s leash to the wall, then lowered a chain from a hoist on the ceiling and locked it to the chain of Doris’s handcuffs. She raised the chain with the hoist, putting Doris into a strenuous strappado. When she was bent over and obviously uncomfortable, Joan got a long spreader bar and fastened it between Doris’s legs, making the position even more strenuous.

“You brought this on yourself. You were warned. You could have had breakfast and a reasonably pleasant orientation, but you had to try and act like the big-shot free-woman bitch that you used to be. You aren’t that any more. You are a slave. You are a slave under my authority. You are a slave that is subject to punishment. Later, I’ll get you a collar that is more suited to controlling you, but for now, we’ll punish the old-fashioned way.” Joan selected a quirt from the wall and placed two stripes on Doris’s butt. Doris screamed in pain through the gag. Cherise looked stricken, but stayed quiet. Joan put the quirt on Doris’s back and told her, “Don’t let that fall off.” She turned to Louise and said, “Bring her.” They left the room, and Joan locked the door after turning out the light and leaving Doris in darkness.

They went to the chow hall. Louise locked Cherise’s leash to a table, then left her there to get food for the two of them. Joan got herself some breakfast and went back to join them. Louise placed Cherise’s food in front of her, then removed the handcuffs. “Eat hearty.”

After Joan had eaten most of her food, she asked Cherise, “Is Doris going to keep acting up like that?”

“I think she will. I thought she would have a hard time being a slave, but she’s not even trying.”

“Why did you two accept being sold to a suck bar? I would have expected you to try to become some rich man’s harem slaves.”

“That’s what we expected, but this is what they said was available. I wouldn’t doubt that the lawyers were irritated with her bitching and sent us here for humiliation. Is it true that our contracts don’t have much protection in them?”

“Didn’t you read them? No, there are very few restrictions on what your owner can do.”

“I looked it over. There was a lot of stress at the time.”

“That’s when it’s even more important to pay attention. Now, on to other matters. You had extensive sex training, didn’t you?”

“Yes, through the school. I was trained in sex and in teaching the advanced sex techniques that the school teaches in seminars. So was my mother. I was wondering whether the barbecue was to get even with her or for eliminating any possible competition for sex training seminars.”

“We may use your teaching experience to help improve the oral sex performance of our suck slaves. I don’t doubt that Mr. Johnson is considering having you teach outside groups. I’m reasonably certain that he intends to rent you out for sex, especially your mother; there are a lot of men that seem to want to fuck her. I also think that you will bring a lot of people into the bar when it gets out that you’re here and sucking.”

Cherise took this in stride. “I expected all of that. Our training makes us valuable for the bar, and our ability to teach it makes us valuable to rent out. I expected that I would be loaned or rented out for sex no matter who bought me. I’m naturally submissive. I think it was partly a result of having to rather dominant people for parents. I think it will make this easier on me.”

Joan said, “I think you’re right.” She turned to Louise. “This morning, I want you to orient Cherise. Go over the white-collar guide with her, show her that orientation video we cobbled together, then take her on a tour. Try to get the tour in before we have a lot of customers in the bar. After that, take a break and let her lick you. I have a volunteer coming in around noon to test out her suck skills.” Joan stood and said, “I have to deal with Doris again,” then left.

Joan returned to the Punishment Room, unlocked the door, and went in. She turned on the lights and saw that Doris had let the quirt slip off her back. “Bad move, Doris.” Joan picked up the quirt and gave her two more stripes. “You were going to get another one, but you bought yourself two.” Joan put the quirt back onto Doris’s back. “Don’t let it drop again.” Joan then went and got leather wrist cuffs from a cabinet, put them onto Doris’s wrists just above the handcuffs, and locked them onto her. Joan then unhooked the chain that was forcing Doris’s arms up from her handcuffs and attached it to the leather wrist cuffs. She left the handcuffs on. “The new cuffs will keep you here and uncomfortable without the risk of damaging nerves or cutting off circulation.” Joan turned out the lights and left the room, locking it behind her.

Louise finished eating, let Cherise finish, and then handcuffed Cherise and led her off to the room used for orientation. They went over the same guide that Joan had taken her through when she became a white-collar. The video was an amateur production that showed the process for satisfying a customer, starting with the sucker preparing her mouth and getting handcuffed and going on through being led to the customer, kneeling, sucking, swallowing, cleaning, and rising again. It also showed the correct displays of submission required, and the cleaning process afterwards. When it was over, Louise said, “Any questions after that?”

“No. It’s a relatively simple process. It didn’t have anything on proper suck technique, though. I learned it. How do you teach it here?”

“They used to make new suckers suck dildos with an experienced sucker watching. Now they have a suck training machine that takes care of the technical details, but doesn’t take into account the feedback that a good sucker takes from the man she’s sucking. We have started putting together a video, and we have a few commercial training tapes we show suckers. I figured that you don’t need to see those. Let’s go get that tour in.” Louise led the handcuffed girl through the preparation area, showing her the prep station and the white-collar waiting area, along with the black-collar pens. They went out into the bar with Louise leading her on leash, then back to the cleaning stations.

“Is there anything that isn’t clear? If we were to put you on suck duty now, would you be able to do it?”

“I understand. I think I’ll be able to do what you want me to do.”

“Great. Now, for my break. Let’s go to my room.” Louise smiled, anticipating a great licking. This girl was supposed to be good.

Joan was in the office, checking financial data and operating reports, when Mr. Johnson came in. She stood immediately. He smiled at her strict adherence to the rules, even though she knew she was his favorite and wouldn’t face any consequences for failing to do so. “Come into my office. We have things to discuss.”

She followed him in. He sat, and she followed suit. He started things off. “Did you meet the new slaves?”

“Yes. I arranged to get a strong lock on the door to their room, operated from outside only. Cherise, the daughter, is obedient and submissive, and shouldn’t be a problem. I have Louise orienting her, but keeping her out of the public eye. Doris, the mother, is a bitch. She mouthed off, refused to cooperate, required strong handling to get her to do things, and demanded that we stop insulting her dignity. Explaining that she didn’t have any dignity didn’t help. I finally gagged her and put her in the Punishment Room in a severe strappado and whipped her butt. Four stripes so far, and I wasn’t going to stop there. I’d like to know what you expect to do with them. They cost too much just to suck. I’m sure there will be demand to rent them for sex. I plan on having at least Cherise teach our suck slaves in suck technique, and perhaps more. Were you planning on renting them out as instructors for sex technique seminars?”

He smiled. “You’re right on top of things, Joan. You are correct about my plans. Especially at first, there will be a lot of men, and not a few women, that will want them. Having them available will bring crowds in for some time. I thought about the teaching business, but I’d probably have some company that already does that take care of it and rent them from us for that purpose. I’m not surprised at your experience with the mother. She was holding it together last night, but I could tell it was an effort. Can you tame her, or do we need outside help?”

“I’ll try for a while. I won’t rule out the need for an instructor or slave breaker.”

“You know, I’m horny, and I have an expensive and beautiful slave in a vulnerable position. Should I go visit her?”

Joan grinned. “As much as I want your business, I think she should get it this time. She needs to learn her place.”

They went to the Punishment Room, where Joan unlocked the door, opened it, and turned on the light. She walked over to where Doris could see her, and Mr. Johnson walked behind her, got a condom from a cabinet, dropped his pants, and put the condom on. Joan said, “OK, I have a treat for you. It’s a peek into your future. It should start any time now.”

Mr. Johnson looked at her and was glad she was tall. It made this easier. He came up behind her, put his left hand on her hip, and used his right hand to guide himself into her. When he was inside, he put his right hand on her hip, then thrust himself in. Doris gasped. She wasn’t really ready for sex, but the lubrication on the condom allowed him in. He took a few short strokes, then found she had lubricated, and started a hard, pounding fuck. When she rocked forward from the impact, it stressed her arms more, and she grunted. The sex didn’t last long; she didn’t climax. Mr. Johnson withdrew, threw away the condom, and pulled up his pants, then walked around in front of the severely bound slave and said, “Hello again, Doris. I understand that you’ve been a naughty girl this morning. My other slaves don’t need the aggravation, and Joan especially is one you don’t want to cross. She tells me that you are due more stripes, and I leave that to her. We’ll discuss your duties other than sucking patrons of the bar after you have accepted your slavery.” She was looking at him with pleading in her eyes. He took off her ball gag and asked, “Do you have anything respectful to say?”

“Yes. I’m sorry about the trouble. This hurts like hell. Please let me out.”

“I’m sure you will be a good slave, but like I said, I’m leaving it to Joan. She’s the one that will have to be around you and put up with you, so she’s in the best position to decide your punishment.” He put the ball back in her mouth without any trouble, and Joan figured that she was softening up under the strict bondage. He buckled it, then said, “Bye, Doris,” and left the room.

Joan said, “At least you didn’t drop the whip this time. I don’t think you understand your position yet, though, so you stay that way. And you get this.” Joan took the quirt and laid another stripe across Doris’s butt, then put the quirt back on her back. Doris was crying and moaning around her gag. “Bye, Doris. See ya later.” Joan turned out the light and left the room, locking it.