Delia woke up the next morning next to another body. As the fuzz cleared, she remembered who it was and what had happened. The memory made her smile and feel horny again. She stretched and cuddled up to Neil, who woke up and went through his own awakening process. When he focused on her, she reached down and put her hand around his morning wood and said, “Morning, tiger. Will you play with me again with this thing?” She squeezed it gently and stroked it. He responded by kissing her. They kissed for a long minute. When he pulled back, she reached for the box of condoms and retrieved one. She efficiently put the condom on him, and he rolled on top of her. She guided him in. This sex wasn’t as fancy as the night before. He started a long stroking and kept at it. She climaxed faster than he thought she would, but that was fine by him because he needed to climax himself. Afterwards, they held each other for a while.

He finally said, “What now? Do we conceal this? Will your parents mind? Will I be able to see you again? I know that you’ve been staying somewhere for education.”

“Do you want to conceal it?”

“No. I want to continue. I want to get to know you. I just don’t want it to cause any problems for you.”

“I appreciate the thought. However, they get up earlier than this, even after a wedding night. When your mother didn’t find you in the room she deposited you into or anywhere else in the house, they probably figured out what happened. They didn’t storm in here, so they must not be too mad.”

“Good. What about seeing you after this?”

“That could be a problem. I volunteered for slavery to my father to avoid getting PPCed by a lying boyfriend. He decided that I needed to learn about slavery from the inside, so he sent he to a suck bar. I’m now a suck slave in that suck bar. My father asked them to send me back for a couple of days, but tomorrow morning I’ll be a suck slave again. I don’t know if I’ll be let out of the bar again for a while. The one way I can see you is if you come in and ask for me specifically to suck you, but there won’t be any other contact and we won’t be able to talk much, if at all.”

“That’s a problem. I’ll ask your father to arrange for some date times. If we don’t ask, we won’t get what we want.”

“We may not get it even if we ask, but you’re right.” She paused and looked him over again. “You want to keep seeing me in spite of difficulties. Do you always pursue your conquests so diligently?”

“First, you’re not a conquest. You started it. I wouldn’t have had the gumption to approach you for sex. I haven’t had that many experiences. I liked you when I met you, and my mother speaks of you in glowing terms. I liked the sex. Actually, I loved the sex. I’ll admit that a part of wanting to keep seeing you is sex. I’m not very forward with women, and finding one that seems to like being around me is a big deal for me. I could afford to buy a slave for sex, but I like things to be consensual. You being a slave throws a monkey wrench in the works, but as far as I’m concerned, not one about consensual sex or you being unsuitable because you are a slave.”

“Your mother could object.”

“My mother’s a slave too.”

They lay there for a while, holding each other, then he said, “I’m sorry to break the romantic mood, but I gotta go.”

She laughed. “So do I. I’ll get dressed. You put on your robe and go get dressed, then we’ll go downstairs and face the inquisition.”

“You make it sound like so much fun.”

She threw a pillow at him, and he put on his robe and left the room, laughing.

About five minutes later, she came out of her room and found him waiting for her at the stairs. “We who are about to die salute ourselves,” he said, offering her his arm. She put her hand in the crook of his arm and they descended the stairs. They found the foursome in the kitchen making lunch. They all stopped what they were doing and looked at the pair.

John spoke. “What are your intentions toward my daughter, sir?”

Neil got a puzzled and nearly scared look on his face. At that, John and his three wives all started laughing. Julia went to the two and hugged them. “Don’t mind him; he’s just messing with your mind. We were a little surprised this morning, but delighted. That is, assuming that this is a relationship that you both wish to continue?”

“Definitely. I do want to continue. There are some difficulties in doing that, though. Delia’s ability to see me is somewhat restricted.”

“That is definitely true. You have me slaving away in a suck bar, kept away from my true love…”

John said, “Now it’s getting deep, even though it is literally true. I was going to tell you this evening, but we might as well move it up due to circumstances. You will still be living and working at the bar, but not under quite so tight control. You won’t get a lot of time off right away, but you will get some. They will let you take some stuff back with you, too, including clothing for when you leave the bar, books so you can study, and your computer. We will get that packed up for you tomorrow morning and take it to the bar in the business truck. By the way, Mr. Johnson has been paying a contract-slave rate for your on-duty time. I had him put it into an account for you. You’ll find you have a nice balance.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

They all pitched in and got lunch going. As they ate, they had pleasant conversation. When they were done, they all cleaned up and it was done in short order. They took coffee to the living room and sat.

Julia mused, “We aren’t in our usual mode of dress around here.”

Delia took up the challenge. “What would that be?”

“Stark naked for the women, with high heels; whatever he wants for the male.”

“Don’t let us stop you.”

The three wives of John Thompson looked at each other, then looked at him, then rose as one to strip. Delia watched in amusement, while Neil watched in awe, or perhaps shock. John watched Neil. When the three were nude, they put their clothes aside and sat back down to drink coffee like nothing had happened. Delia grinned, rose, and stripped too. Neil had a strange look on his face, and he looked around as if he was trying to make sense of it all.

“I’m lost,” he said, staring at his nude girlfriend, nude mother, and two nude co-wives of his mother.

Julia took pity on him. “It’s all right, dear. We express our submission to John by being nude in the house. Since it’s only family here, we thought we would do what we usually do. Delia joined in, I suppose, partly because she’s used to it, and partly to see what your reaction would be.”

Neil visibly relaxed. “OK. I understand. I’ll just enjoy the scenery.” He put his arm around Delia and pulled her against him; she rested her head on his shoulder. He smiled. “Will I also be seeing group sexual activity, or will you confine that to behind closed doors while family is present?”

John and his wives laughed. John said, “I’ll admit, we sometimes play games around the house when it’s just us, but to spare you the unimaginable horror, we’ll keep it to ourselves while you’re here.”

Neil wiped imaginary sweat from his brow and said, “Whew.”

They sat and conversed for a while, until John stood up and said to Neil, “I know these four want to talk unimpeded by male presence, so let’s go drink some beers and play some pool. Come with me.” Neil gave Delia a kiss, then stood and followed John after looking Rebecca over from his new perspective. John led him to the kitchen for beer, then to the basement pool room. They racked up the balls and started a game of 8-ball. After a while, Neil asked, “What do you think of me becoming involved with your daughter?”

John considered his next shot, then said, “If she had been involved with you in the first place, this slavery and suck bar nonsense wouldn’t have been necessary. If you’re worried about me being angry about you having sex with her, consider where I’ve been keeping her lately, and what the suck bar owner likes to do with her.”

“The suck bar owner fucks her?”

“He likes it, too, and he told me so. I’m not going to stop him from doing it. It’s all part of being a slave. Will that make you drop her?”


“Good for you.” They kept on playing. Now and then one of the nude women would bring them some more beer. When Rebecca brought them some, Neil let his eyes linger on her as she walked out of the room.

“So you like the looks of my slave wife?”

Neil blushed. “She’s gorgeous. I hope you don’t mind me looking.”

“I’d think you were nuts if you didn’t. She is gorgeous, possibly more gorgeous than Delia.”

“No one is more gorgeous than Delia.”

“Good answer. No, looking at her doesn’t bother me. If you asked, I would let you fuck either of my slave wives. One of them is your mother, which could involve complications, but I can make her do it.”

“No, thank you, sir.”

“As you wish. Would you like to fuck Rebecca?”

Neil hesitated. “I’m sure I would love it, but I don’t want to mess things up with Delia.”

John laughed. “I think Delia would like to watch. Anyhow, I would suggest some time when Delia is at the bar. I mean it. When you want to, just talk to her.” John paused, then said, “Would it really have bothered you if I had sex with one of my wives in front of you?”

“No; I’d just have sex with Delia.”

John laughed. “I think you understand the slave-wife thing. When this game is over, I think you should have Delia dress, then have her drive you to get your car. You can have some private time with her in the car and after you get back here. I have something I want to do. We’ll be leaving for dinner at 6PM, so be ready then.”

About half an hour later, Delia was driving Neil to his car. He turned to her and said, “Your father is cool with me being with you.”

“I thought he would be. I wondered if you would freak when all the women stripped down. You handled it pretty well.”

“Thank you. When Rebecca brought us more beer, he saw me looking at her and I thought I was in trouble, but he thought it was fine. He offered both his slave wives to me for sex.”

Delia looked over at him. “He offered to let you fuck your mother?”

“He said he would make her do it if I wanted. I declined, like I think he expected. However, I’ve been called a motherfucker before, so maybe I should live up to it.”

Delia snorted. “Yeah, right.”

“He then went on in all seriousness to offer Rebecca to me. I told him I didn’t want to mess things up with you. He said he thought you might like to watch.”

Delia laughed. “Before this slavery thing, I would have been upset by a boyfriend fucking someone else. Now, after my enslavement and my experience in the bar, I look at it differently. When I’m available, I would like you to stick to fucking me, because I probably won’t get out all that often. When I’m not available, you might as well have an outlet, and Rebecca is safe because she’s already taken.”

“Wouldn’t she object?”

“I don’t think so. I think she would do it because he wants her to. On top of that, she’s always horny.”

Neil sat in stunned silence. He finally changed the subject. “Would you like to go somewhere before we go back?”

She smiled at him. “I would like to go straight back home and dive into bed with you. I know the others are having a sex session now. Rebecca is trying to get pregnant. I wonder if they are looking for extra sperm to speed up the process.”

“If I do fuck her, it will be with a condom on.”

“That might disappoint her.”

In his bedroom, John was on top of Rebecca. Her wrists were chained to the upper bedposts, as were her ankles, leaving her spread wide and open for him. His other two wives were on their poles with their hands cuffed behind them, enjoying a vigorous stimulation program. He was relaxing, taking a break from vigorous thrusting and enjoying Rebecca’s tightness. He kissed her and she returned it hungrily. He started up a slow thrusting. She pushed back as well as she could, which was limited by her bondage position. It was a strenuous pose, but she was young, healthy, in shape, and used to it, and she liked being bound for sex. She knew he would leave her like that for half an hour or so after he was done to keep the semen inside her so it could do its job. He was taking his time, which was a little different; she had noticed that he liked fucking her fast and Julia slow. He took his first wife both ways with no apparent preference. She didn’t care; either way it was sex. She climaxed for a third time during this intercourse. He felt it start and stopped to enjoy her climax, then started again, fast and hard. He wasn’t sure whether she came again, but he sure did. He stopped moving and stayed on top of her with his cock embedded in her. When his breath slowed, he kissed her again.

He asked her, “How do you feel?”

“Like your adoring, grateful slave, stretched wide around you.”

He laughed. “Cute.” Still inside her, he looked at the other two. “How are you two doing?”

Mona was in the middle of an orgasm, so she didn’t respond right away, but Julia looked far more relaxed, having had one a minute or two before. Julia replied, “I’m fine except for feeling jealous of Rebecca.”

Rebecca said, “When I’m swollen and unattractive, you’ll have more of him.”

John said, “You won’t be unattractive, and unless there is a medical reason, you won’t get out of your obligation to fuck me.” He turned to Julia. “You are always jealous of the one getting fucked.”

“Unless it’s me.”

Rebecca chimed in, “Then we’re the jealous ones.”

John knew it was all tomfoolery. His wives got along famously.

“Well, if it is scarcity of penetration that’s your problem, I offered Neil free access to my slave wives. I didn’t tell him he could have Mona, but she’s available to him too, once per calendar month. I don’t think he would enslave her as a PPC, but I’m not taking the chance.”

Rebecca, still impaled by his cock, said “Wouldn’t Delia object?”

“She’s my slave too, and I doubt it. Would you like it?”

“Yes, if he wears a condom. I’d like to try for at least a few months to have your child.”

“That’s fine. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind that simple requirement.”

Mona finally spoke. “You’re less possessive than I thought you would be, offering your women to Neil.”

“He’s a good kid, I think he’ll be good for Delia, and she probably won’t be available enough to satisfy his libido. I also know you three would like more sex.”

Julia finally spoke after his revelation. “You offered to let him fuck me?”

“Yes, I did. He declined. He showed more interest when I explicitly offered him Rebecca. Be that as it may, if he requests that you have sex with him, you will. You might want to be bound.”

Julia was quiet for a while. John finally softened and fell out of Rebecca, so he stood up and freed Mona from her pole. “Suck,” he commanded. She knelt and took him into her mouth. He didn’t expect to get hard, but he wanted some submission, his cock cleaned off, and some gentle stimulation.

Rebecca said, “Why did you offer him Julia?”

“It just came out, and on reflection, I didn’t see why I should restrict it. First, he almost certainly won’t ask for it. Second, Julia is my slave, and she needs to submit. Third, she could use more sex.”

Julia spoke again. “I won’t like it, but I will do as you require. I don’t think he will ask me.”

“Probably not.” John reached for a remote control on the headboard of the bed, making Mona strain to follow him and keep him in her mouth. He pressed several buttons and turned up the intensity of Julia’s pole. She immediately started to groan and writhe on the pole, her reservations about being offered to her son temporarily forgotten.

When Delia and Neil returned to the house, they went to her room immediately, stripped, and fell into her bed. They played with each other, trying to become more acquainted with each other’s bodies. He played with her, stroking her body, caressing her breasts, and lightly stroking her pussy. She finally said, “I appreciate the foreplay, and in the future I’m sure I will appreciate it even more, but right now I’m way beyond horny and I want you inside me. Please, come in.” She reached for a condom and rolled it onto him, then rolled onto her back and spread herself enticingly. He looked at her for a long moment, savoring the view, then moved to penetrate her. She guided him in. The sex was slow and prolonged. He had taken her twice in the last 18 hours, and it took enough out of him to let him have a lot more time inside her. She climaxed twice before he sped up and came. He remained on top and inside her.

Delia finally said, “Thank you.”

He replied, “I really must insist, thank you!” They both giggled a bit, then kissed long and hard.

After a while, she asked, “Is this how you like to make love? Missionary?”

“It’s fine by me. I’d like to try doggy style and some of the other, more adventurous ways, but this is great.”

“I’ll let you do it any way you want, including back door and oral. You know I suck in a suck bar, but you haven’t had me suck you. Why?”

“I’m not done feeling out the inside of your pussy, and I may not for a long time. I will have to try a suck sometime, though.”

“What else? Do you want me tied?”

He looked embarrassed. “That’s one of my fantasies. I won’t make you.”

She rolled her eyes. “I didn’t want to hear about what you are reluctant to make me do. I’m a slave. I’m used to all kinds of sex acts, and I like a lot of them. I wanted to know what you want, so I can tell more who you are. I like being bound for sex.”

“Wow. This could be heaven.”

She pulled him tight to her. “I hope so.”